Ramadan Reminder – Will Allah Pardon You

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah will shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa The who lashari Allah? Will shadow Mohammedan Abu rasuluh the brothers and sisters in Islam community members As salam o Allah como wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is another edition of The Daily Ramadan reminders.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam today, I want to explore with you that beautiful Dora,

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which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told our mother Asia above the Allahu Allah to make on the night of destiny on the night of power on the Night of Decree

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am referring to Hadith, our Isha about the Allah one which was compiled in Swindon, in in amateur MIDI, was Sunil amendment necessary, that I shall be a lot more unhappy, asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what if all messenger of Allah, I coincide with the night of power, which though I should I make, what should they say?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her hooli say, Allah hum innaka our full moon to have Bulava fasani.

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Now, I'm not going to translate that because sometimes you would read the translation for this to be one of those two, Oh Allah, you are the forgiver you love to forgive, forgive me. That's one.

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Here is the second one in the people how they translate this law, or Allah, you are the partner you love to pardon. So Pardon me.

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Now, there is a difference in Arabic, between the name of Allah, Allah for which the partner is the closest to that. And the name of Allah, the forgiver.

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And the evidence,

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the name of Allah, the pardoner Allah who

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was mentioned in the Quran five times

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four of them

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that name was mentioned with the name Allah foo, the forgiver. So have both names mean the same exact thing, they would not have been mentioned together.

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Rather, they would mean different things.

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Now, let's explain both names. So for you to understand why we use a phone the partner, even through the English does not

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provide the wealth in the Arabic

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list. Let's begin with the name Allah foo What does it mean?

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The Name of Allah, Allah for the forgiver derives from elaphe

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you know, the, the,

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the thing which the fighter bought in their heads, to protect themselves from the arrows melfa

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sola four means the one who veils who protects you from being disgraced,

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that you would commit a sin

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and Allah Subhana Allah would veil you.

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He does not disgrace you

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and he does not punish you, provided that you ask the forgiver to forgive you.

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But yet the impact of the sin still there.

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enough that Allah Subhana Allah still unhappy with you,

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displeased with you. Even so, he veiled you, even so he may not punish you for that sin.

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But he had the impact still there, that Allah

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is still displeased with you. Or the angels still record the sin in your books of deeds.

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The evidence

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This by the way,

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in the Day of Resurrection, Allah subhanho wa Taala would speak with each one of us

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as it was authentically transmitted in Hadith Adina Hatton Nabila Juan Sahih Bukhari now the believer Allah will reveal him.

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And this is Hadith Abdullah hepatoma called Hadi to Nigeria, the secret conversation between Allah and His servant.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala would remind that believer with his sins.

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Remember I told you that he veiled you in the dunya that he's not going to punish you for it but yet, the sins are still recorded in your books.

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And Allah will remind the believer at death choreo mcheza work other than the Kava Kava.

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Do you remember on this day you committed that sin and bribe it? No one saw you I saw you.

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The servant of Allah that believer will say now I'm era I did it, I did it.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala based

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on what has been recorded in your books of deeds, in your book, of say, acts of sins, Allah will repeat the same question and will name each sin

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and then Allah Subhana Allah will say to the believer, the Merciful the compassionate

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listen subtly to holography dounia I did not disgrace you in the world.

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And today, I will forgive it. Go you're forgiven.

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So this is the forgiver

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What about Allahu?

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for you to understand the meaning of the name of Allah hella foo.

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Because that word Pardon? doesn't give anything.

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You know, even in our day to day language, pardon me? What is Pardon me?

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and pay attention to this, I'm still explaining the name Allah Who?

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The partner. That's the English. That's all we got. I hope we can come up with a better term or better name in English. But the laffel

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Here is how you understand it.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his beloved companion Abu Bakr so deep love your loved one, while hiding in the cave, in their way to Medina

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during the migration,

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the daughter of a de Vaca Saudi Arabia Lavanya, a smell

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used to bring food

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to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and her father.

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So in her way from Mecca to the cave,

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her feet would print on the ground.

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Rasul sallallahu alayhi wasallam would command Amitabh nadie for Hira, the freed slave of Abba back to follow us, Matt, and here is what he he commanded him to do.

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Oh, foo, fly,

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her food print,

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erase it, remove it completely. Leave No Trace, leave no impact.

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Remember, the profit used the verb or food or food or food LFO.

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So now we know what LFO means. The one who erases wipes away all your sins,

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leaves no trace whatsoever.

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Not only this, he will be pleased with you.

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You're Allah, He will be pleased with you. Not only this, he will give you of his boundaries

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Leanna hoffa?

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Because he is awful.

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So lavo the one who erases all the sins, wipe away all the sins and the traces and the impact of the sin. The sin will have no existence, whether in your book of deeds, whether in the memory of the angels, nor the impact of the sin or new as a believer or other. Allah subhanho wa Taala will be pleased with you if he pardoned

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If he offer

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Not only this, he will give you

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and this is by the way

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they asked you Oh Mohammed yes aluna Canada, una cola Laugh,

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laugh with the increase that allowed actually give you guide you.

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So this is what you're asking Allah subhana wa tada every single night in the last 10 nights of the month, because every single night is a potential the night of the night of the decree, the night of destiny. That is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded it Chateau de la Mancha to make this da O Allah, you are allow phone. Again, you know what it means? I don't have to use the partner now. To have a laugh. You love to do awful you love to erase. Why, by the way,

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the sense of your servants, faff one D, grant you grant me, your F we are Allah.

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This is the DA and this is the essence of this.

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These meanings should be reflected upon when you make that.

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I believe you just saying Oh Allah, you're the partner. You'll love to pardon. Pardon me, will not serve it. That is why you need to dig deep into the name of Allah. Allah for

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Something that you notice in the Quran.

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Allah subhana wa Taala used a laugh

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the pardoning again. That's the only English I got them sorry. Think of another name and I will use it. Just inform me

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with humungous sins since you since.

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When Prophet Musa alayhis salam went to speak to Allah, the children of Israel

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worship the calf. In his absence, Allah said

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I pardon you.

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Well, it was a dinner Moosa in LA Latin from the heart to Malaysia, lemon body. He went on Bali moon, some Asana and

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Asana and we are going to share it

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when the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam disobeyed him on the day of offered

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the archers 40 of them abandon their post this obeying the command of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when a casa de la de who it was tsunami his knee He had either official to Martinez atom Phil Emery was a member of the Morocco Metro a boon Ming Kuma URI to dooney amin Kuma Yuri Farah, Summa Masako, man whom Lee epithelia come here is the witness wild card the alpha code

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of law alpha. Again, that is a message to those who use this incident to go after the Sahaba Allah erase the sin.

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What they committed of this obedience on this day has no trace.

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In the records with Allah with Allah, Allah Whoa, now you human being when I put them to judgment, come on, shame on you. If you do this.

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There is a message here that regardless of how great your sin is, how much you have done.

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Remember, Allah, Allah home.

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Remember, Allah, Allah will

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come with a sincere heart. Every night make the door

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Allahumma inika are foon to help Bulava fasani one last thing

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you know, when a name have a meaning.

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It's also important that you part in others.

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If you want the partner to part of the new

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as an LFO is in every sort of Lavalier cell the music analogy

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Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says it'll have a woman fill out the hammer

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Memphis Center, the merciful to those who are in earth, that one in the heavens, Allah will be merciful to you. Malaria Hamlet You're

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the one who does not show mercy will never be showing mercy by Allah. Likewise, if you want Allah Allah foo the partner to part of the new, take the initiative, be strong

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and pardon others.

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Forgive them, let them go.

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I love you all for the sake of Allah and I part in all of you. And please pardon me.

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A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Imam Kareem Abu Zaid.