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Karim Abuzaid
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Let's recreate

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Alhamdulillah How are you doing? Name, name, state and question please.

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My name is Daniel I am in Virginia in America, Mashallah. Mashallah, how are you, brother Daniel hamdulillah. Talk to you to get a hold of you.

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inshallah, go ahead. Yo, we do have a lot of people watching. So be careful what you ask him.

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To Be quick. Okay. Go ahead. And

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five years ago, I bought a house. And I want to I've learned recently about ribeye and stuff like that, and my wife and I decided to do something about a change that were in that situation. Sharla. So did some research. We wanted to maybe refinance it with an Islamic financing, but my research kind of permanent debt and as some local imams around here and kind of getting confused and answer so two part question, the question first would be, what do you what options do I have at this point? Is there Islamic financing? And if not, what happens with the money that I invested in the house five years ago? Let's have Daniel

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so Pinilla from Virginia, may Allah subhanaw taala reward your brother for, you know, asking such a question. He purchased the house five years ago, he was not aware of the ruling on mortgage, that mortgage is simply usury. Because what is usually that somebody gives you a loan, and in return, you pay him with an increase. That's what usually is all about. I take $1,000 from you when I give it back to you 1500 or 2000.

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And the longer I keep the money the more you get. So he did not know this. Now.

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He is asking a way out May Allah reward you not too many Muslims brother Daniel, at this time and age are willing to do what you're doing. You should praise Allah subhana wa tada to begin with, for having the courage and having the

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the man the faith. That here you are trying to explore an exit and I want to give you the glass hiding. Brother Daniel. Man Takashi lilla had a hadith Jani Sabbath. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, mentor Akashi Allah Allahu la Haldeman, Whosoever leaves abandons something for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah will replace him with something much better than what he left. Now, after this introduction, what should you do? I am not aware of something called Islamic finances in the United States of America. But again, I'm just a single person. Maybe there are other schools easy for an institution to be labeled to be an Islamic financial

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institution, or this loan is a good loan. You need jurists, you need schoolers to approve that. I'm not aware of any quite frankly, and in my opinion, all these institutions in the United States, which do claim that they do financially

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they do islamically finance,

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the purchase of homes or the purchase of other businesses and so forth.

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I you really have to verify and the only way to verify this is look at their board of directors, Board of Trustees and see if they do have a figure. And I mean by a figure I learned scholar who approved their contracts and their financial business transact business business transactions, if they do and you trust the knowledge of that school,

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because unfortunately, there are some scholars who sold the case.

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You know, there are a lot of Muslims rely basically on on the view of schoolers who rule that it's okay to buy a house using mortgage. But that that ruling is wrong. Because at the end of the day, regardless of how big your turban is, or how flashy Your name is, as a student of knowledge, or as a schooner, kulu huduma illa rasulillah. Everyone you can say no to accent

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when I rule, when you ask me a question, and when I give you a religious ruling, I must have an evidence for the ruling, which I reached, as simple as that, therefore, brother Daniel,

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that's one way out. The second way is to simply rent the house and get rid of that mortgage. But now, I always advise the brothers and sisters to do this wisely. Don't throw your family in the street tomorrow. Don't do this. Just go ahead. And you see brothers and sisters in Islam, everything begins with the heart in MLR melbournian, the fact that Alhamdulillah you're in your heart, determine that you want to come out of that area of disobedience. And you want to migrate to the area of obedience. You already initiated this with your heart. And here you are, you're seeking the means. Here you are, you're you're sitting in front of me and you're calling me trying to find out

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how to go about it. This is by itself is rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. But now you need to complete the task. Now, as you complete the task, come out with the least amount of damage, financial damage, that you know, make sure that you know you don't end up with your family in the street and make sure that you have you're not throwing the money away. But what you could do is

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handle your money. Do your best bid Mila hit Allah, even if you have to get rid of that mortgage and rent the house. But again, do this wisely. Please brother Daniel, I asked Allah Subhana Allah by the virtue of his beautiful names or lofty attributes to grant you strength steadfastness and success in achieving such a difficult task. But Allah will make it easy on you obey the law he tala

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