Waleed Basyouni – Eid ul Adha 1435 Khutbah

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of religion and the prophets of Islam is emphasized, along with fulfilling obligations and praying for their Lord. The importance of dressing up as a role model is emphasized, as it is necessary for individuals to show support and love for their Lord. The importance of creating channels for the Muslim community to express one's views and empower young people to express their political views is emphasized, along with educating youth about its implications and setting up groups to direct the political movement. The speakers emphasize the need for unity among Muslims to avoid violence and empower young people to express their political views.
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Hi Nina Mendes de la

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washa dawanda Muhammad Abdul

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah.

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Subhana Allah who cannot tell? Well I'll see you that Allah hold on Komodo chanukkah

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wa kulu

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it should be

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loaded him to fill out

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all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and we'll handle it so Allah audio send them these last seven final messenger Allah Subhana Allah said in sola tonight a verse three and ilma commanded to the moon Dena Kumar, near Mati

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Nina nesara. To la sala mahalo, he was sending them a field me offer we're headquartered in LA he also attended

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NASA via Leon via unknown linea

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de la Shariati Janina, what are sorry, what?

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This verse where is it how to Allah told Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and it was revealed when he was standing in alpha. When he was doing his hydrosol Eliza. He delivered this in the greatest sermon ever done by the prophet sallallahu Sallam in his lifetime.

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This day of our son, I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you. And I have chosen for us now as your religion.

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This is a verse where the declared the ending of legislation, people will look at your legislation after religion or religious teaching after the prophets of Allah and His

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it also indicates that the profits are setting them as the last and final messenger and there is no message or a book after an order on there is no guidance after the guidance of Prophet Mohammed salah

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and whoever seeking true guidance, who ever seeking true meaning of happiness in this dunya and in the next slide, should

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should only adhere to the prophets of Allah adiva synonyms way to the book of Allah and to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Salam audio segment, because it is as I was sent, what temperament Kenny matoran because supercon Wagner, super confident smile.

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It is our Paragon, his words and message are absolutely true. And it's absolutely wise and fair and just unjust. That's why Lemmy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that any innovations in religions is a misguidance because the true guidance and the teaching of Mohammed some A lot of us have them. And even Malik used to say and so many others as well. Canon Malik was available Australia, Kowloon, Monza 15 common nefa Sophie, anyone add to the religion, it's exactly as if he

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hasn't taken from him. You can add to it, you can cancel anything from you take it as sisters of Allahu Akbar Allah.

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You had Muslim in the

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team before the hustler wavefront who will inada where Adam should be the greatest obligation upon us as Muslims, it was towards our Lord. It is by being sincere by us by praying to Allah alone, by worshiping Him alone, enough to take any partner with him not to take any kind of partners with him in any form of worship. The prophets of Allah Allah He was circumcised men che Nana nyla in law Congress on behalf of the final agenda, whoever testify that was the only one worthy of Fortune sincerely from this department from itself.

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or her heart intergender in Allahu Allah Allah nah man para la ilaha illa Allah forbade the person who says Laila Allah wa to enter or to remain in helpfile, loving Allah, feeding Allah, having hope and trust in Allah, depending on him, believing in Him, honoring him, submitting yourself to Him. It is the true meaning of for shipping Allah subhana wa. And this should all be done sincerely, and only to our world. Then after that, one of his greatest rights upon us, Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, are the pillars under great obligation is on the top of all of them are SATA. It is it was the last advice. The last reminder, the last words were heard from the prophet SAW Allah

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Azza wa barakaatuh a man who

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moved to some little audience in them in his bed in his dead dead

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at bensalah level audio segment, right before he died, he was saying a salatu salam anyhoo Susana kilku Sora. One of the mamasan

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the prophets are saying I remind you of the greatest obligation upon you which is a sought out half hour massage spa we're all Manila a panty guard is strictly a law saying that prayer, especially the middle prayer, which is awesome. We don't want to be as Allah subhana wa tada describes some people by saying 400 a month above Ababa select

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have come after them. A generation who

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didn't learn or who rejected or it did not practice the prayer did not do it. Don't practice on time or prefer performing properly. Allah subhanho wa Taala said that he is expecting for them. And it really means a great form of punishment. care about doing the salon on time, not missing any salon. Make sure that you fulfill the obligations of the salon, fulfill all the conditions and do as much as you can of fulfilling the summit, that of the salon the recommended and during the salon. Make sure that you care about the recommended prayers, like the sin that we pray after and before each and every salon. Make sure that you have Sherif pmla in the night prayer before you go to bed. God

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an abuse of power and he was setting them inside

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a man city avasarala Well, I want to be in your company in paradise. What was the advice he said offer. Help yourself to reach that level by offering as much as he can from our prayers and even failing to volunteer prayers. Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, dear parents, you have a great responsibility upon your shoulder towards your children to teach them the salon to tell them about the virtue of the salon. The importance of the salon how to perform the salon, according to the way of the profits are suddenly because he said Son Luke and my wife Tonio suddenly pray as you have seen me pray and we have been when hamdulillah as Muslim Allah documented for us the Sunnah of

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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alter your family to commit to the salon to prefer the salon and even Halima nirsa mermin emptiness sobre la jolla family, Pinochet in Colombia, Argentina fukuhara were in the Muslim Imodium.

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In the humble manner in Montana, what are you wish?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said anyone Allah have given him or her responsibilities or responsibility and they don't fulfill that responsibility. they betrayed their responsibility. Allah subhana wa Taala said they will not intergender they will not allow for baynton upon them that means they have to be punished first. What's can be more betrayed, what can be a greater responsibility, then your responsibility towards your fan to teach in the salon to make sure that they pray on time. Your children are a tourist also Canada giving them to you as a tourist to see

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How you called to treat him and take care of them. Taking care of their education is good. It's not good enough to make sure that they are familiar with the salaat. You take them to the mustard, and you encourage them to perform it always on time, the sister of the Select a sick out, and unfortunately, a lot of Muslim they don't care for this account. They don't care to calculate it correctly. They don't care to know who did deserve it, who didn't deserve this account to be giving to a lot of people. They don't ask that people have knowledge that they can be trusted to help them to calculate it accurately to be given every year. A Pima salado attosecond Amani for thirimanne,

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initially in America more than 20 times our older us to perform the salon and to give this a cat together. And not only the obligatory donation, it should be given also the volunteer ones helping your messenger when you pass by a donation box or an opportunity of fundraising, don't hold back your hand, make this as an opportunity for you to grow

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and opportunity for you to come closer to Allah. Fasting the month of Ramadan, and performing hajj are also among the Pillars of Islam, that the Muslim should care for, and fulfill that pillars and fulfill this obligation upon them every time they come. And they have to suddenly obligation in Union lifetime, once once in your lifetime.

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And after that, after the rights of horse

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comes the rights of the human beings. And I couldn't think of any human being has more rights upon me and you upon each and every one of us, like our parents, Allah subhana wa

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Allah mentioned the parents right after mentioning his rights to be worshipped than the rights of parents to be will treat their rights to be obeyed, to be respected, to treat them well. To be generous with them, to support them, to be nice and gentle. And to keep in touch with them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three kinds of people will not entertain him, and he will not entertain them until you will be punished means a person who is addicted to alcohol, what to do on a day, the team he will share his or her parents in a bad way and abandons what the youth, the one who sees his family practicing in decency, and he will approve it. Report.

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After your parents, your spouse, your children, your family, your kids need you, Father, kids sneakers, they need the mother, mothers, their kids need to see the parents as a role model. Kids need your presence more than your presence. Kids spell love as they always say, ti and V time. That's how kids still love, not just by the hugging and the smiling and the gift and bribing them. The kids need from you to spend time with them to give them your full attention. Your kids might sometimes not listen to you, but I guarantee you they are watching you very carefully. Make sure that your role model for them school, putting them in Islamic school is not enough until the Islamic

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school start from the home unless they see that the parents putting an effort and joining their children so many activity and become closer to one another. My sincere sisters, my dear wife, your husband has a great right upon to respect to obey, to honor him to cooperate with him. And also dear husband.

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Also your wife has a great right upon you to be generous to her to show her love to show your support to show her your full attention and appreciation.

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whatever you expect from them, they should expect the same from you. Your parents or your relatives have great also right upon is it Isn't it enough that Allah subhana wa tada promise those who will keep their time with their kinship, that Allah will keep his ties with keep his ties with them, and also cut off their country alone cut them off. In a lie a signalman will say, Well,

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this is an opportunity you need to reach out to your uncle's from your father's side, your mother's cousin, relatives, brothers and sisters, maybe you have not talked to them for a while. It's a time to forgive and to move on your need.

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Hers has also great right upon you in Islam. mythology, you seen him in a jar had

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I thought that was asked me to count the neighbors to be among those who inherit the disease, because they have great rights upon, but actually alone, being good and kinda nice to your neighbors

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that will lead to what your idea

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increase your lifespan and make progress on the community and the society. And there is no doubt your rights who live next door, your neighbors who lives next door, they have rights upon your neighbors in your work. Also, they have arrived upon the least he can do that he should not expect from you anytime for

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people in general, they have rights upon us as the prophets or send them in love for others, would you love for yourself, to call them to what is good to help them on doing what is right is to guide them, to give them and to share with them the guidance that I'm giving you to say nice and complimentary things. I was so happy that day, when I saw a brothers in front of me in Starbucks. And he just saw the lady or the guy who offering him the coffee. And he was so nice and complimenting the guy about the way he talks. That guy you just mean that guy's there. Because that is nice word just a nice compliment. That is such a beautiful thing. So many times, I know friends

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of mine, when they go when they're in the drive thru, they might pay for the person next to them. And they won't be surprised. That's just an act of charity, an act of kindness. That random act of kindness is something that was kind of out of order us to do to say the best while

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we do this, while we keep our eye on the water last panel to Allison, what are our

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What are to

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help one another, to do what is good, and do not tell one another and what is evil and what is wrong? our community, our society, here in Houston, in the state of Texas, here in America, it has rights upon us as a Muslim community, we have a voice to be heard, we have a contribution to be made. We not only have people who asked him for the rights and not fulfilling their duties, when other people always complained. And we don't do anything in this society, when other people only who complain and cry

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over what happened to us. But we are a people who contribute and who participate and have a plan and will have a contribution to make to the community. We have to be responsible and making sure that our society remain good society, pure society, a good society, a safe environment for our children to grow. We live in today in a season of elections. We live in today in a in a time where people seeking your vote, your voice and your vote. And you need to need to know something very well. That's the most powerful thing in this country is your vote if it was used properly, and it was collectively used in a way that it will serve the common good in the society. We're not asking for

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something especially the common good between believing that something will guarantee prosperity and goodness safety for everyone around us. My brothers and sisters, it is not right, that it should be only among the categories in the society in the community saying what happened. It's not right to be among only the group who always watching things happening. It's about time for us to be among the people who make things happen.

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And that will happen when we collectively work together. help one another. We made sure we're not going to be passive, because Bad. Bad luck. Officials are alerted when good people like yourself. Download this latest news from a group that they claim that they're presented Islam and was presented Islamic State represents the beautiful religion and

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we all know that they represented nothing but themselves. They're everything. Nothing from the mercy of this religion and the justice of this religion and the purity of this religion. They are just people who are motivated by hate, motivated by hate and anger and frustration misguided by misleading and unnecessary

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sending the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah. And the misreading of the Sierra, the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu said, I always asked myself, you can, as always be extremes. But why we see people will adapt to that, why we see young men and woman from our community and which will be denial. If we say that no one ever joined that or do that? No, we do have young men in our community who are thinking about joining. And some of them, yes, it's a very small percentage, but it's growing and we look in the western social sphere, it's wrong. And it was hard as well. And ask yourself, why people will ever think about why you will think about joining such extremist groups.

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And no doubt the political vacuum that we living in as Muslims today have contributed tremendously, to find that this is maybe a solution for those who are seeking justice, for those who seeking to be protected for right and protected. They don't see a solutions in the civil and the political ways, in their countries, a way that they might think of a good living that they will earn. So they thought maybe that's the way after so many other than shutdown, so many other legal ways, but also because the fake banners that the they have also because of the ignorance of our youth, ignorance of our religion, ignorance of the prophets, or sometimes life, ignorance of the concept of jihad, and

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the concept of lava and the concept of

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ignorance, pure ignorance, we have not taught it, we have not

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have in our Islamic schools,

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programs that talk about moderation, that something that will teach it in our Sunday schools, in our homeless in our massage in our community, to make sure that under our children, and our youth will understand Islam in the right way. Also, sometimes it's just because the empty words, then inspiring speech, the fire speech, that when you say it, you think you have fulfill your rights, and all what you did, you have made people so angry, rage and frustration, and they don't know how to release these frustrations that can might lead some people toward the wrong directions. What do we need to do, we need to create channels for our Muslim community, for our youth, to channel their aid, their

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frustration with they have every right to express it in the legal way. We have to accommodate them, and transfer this power to be something positive that contribute to the society instead of getting wasted. With such extremist groups, my brothers and sisters, we all as a community have to line up together against anyone who tried to hijack our religion. And to do it in the name of origin, we say no, we have to fight any form of extreme views, or extreme ideologies that creep into our community and our society. And to be very vigilant about that.

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This has nothing to do with being a conservative Muslim, a practicing Muslim, never was an evil to an extremist person. There's a big difference between the two fathers and mothers. I'm telling you, as a sincere brother and advisor to you. Make sure to know what your teenagers and your kids watch, learning who they are learning from, especially in the social media, because most of those people who've gone straight toward the direction they've been recruited through social media.

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My brothers and sisters, make sure that you're closer to your kids, talk to them, see what kind of concerns they have. Don't think that the kids anymore, their teenager, their college students, maybe now you need to look to see what their political views are. And don't enforce on them anything but listen to them, talk to them, make sure that they will participate with you and go into the messaging. Go to the header to the classes to the activities that are provided by the society in the community allow the law La la la, la,

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la La,

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la, la la la

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la la Kabbalah Kabbalah Cabeza de la, la la la batalla de la and

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my brothers and sisters

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our Ummah have suffered

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during this year, from war and aggression and us and attacking our brothers and sisters there. And now there is a civil words almost in every corner of the Muslim and there is a political unrest wherever you live.

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And we are even here. We have enormous debates over elections and things, how it's going to go. And unfortunately, in the midst of all this, in the midst of balls, and also the appearance of the extremist group, and so on, in the midst of all this, we see now the news is starting, bringing a town that we kind of familiar with war on terrorism, and using this as a tool to be a war against some of the media outlet, to be a tool to attack any conservative communities, any practicing Muslim communities, and to be a tool to direct them to the narrative tour. And we should not give up into this, I think the Muslim community is much stronger than it was after 911. And I think we can face

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this, if we unify our if we come together collectively, and join our basically our efforts and be unified. Number two, when we were clean, clear, and our vision, and our goals, our methods, what do we want to be and will be established, and what we want what what is the purpose of our existence here? Number three, when will all be out from the average Muslim community, to the leaders of the community, we will all be active as organizations as massage, as activists in engineering. And also, we remember what was said, industrial water, whatever who can keep your machine. If you have patient, and you have to have the last panel, you will harm by their plot alone.

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My deal was sons, brothers and sisters, stay away and abstain from all the forbidden things that have afforded, especially the things that violate those rights or other human rights. My brothers and sisters, there is nothing the Muslim can do today, more beloved to Allah than sacrifice the animal.

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a goat it has to be one year old, a sheep it has to be six months old account, it has to be two years old. Two years old. You're not allowed to sacrifice any sick animals, or an animal that is limping swords. The profits themselves are an animal that is so skinny, or an animal that does one either Well, you can do though, you have to choose the best of the thing that you offer as a form of being grateful and thankful to Allah subhana wa, eatery do here and you can do it today. And three days after, according to the strongest opinion among the scars. You make sure that you do this while you're remembering that sacrifice that Ibrahim did to save themselves to be grateful to Allah to

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Allah for saving him and his son from a great trial. So that might save you and your family from a great trial as well.

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Remember, that is the point is the taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah May Allah Subhana Allah grant us success in the dunya and in my brothers and sisters Enjoy your eight the prophets of Salaam said these are days of remembrance of Allah enjoy an eating and drinking and

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this was coo coo coo coo

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coo coo

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coo coo coo coo, coo

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coo coo

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raffia oswegatchie him for

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a low maintenance

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filter, what are you after you? Yeah, they're generally when he

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was in dunya Hello Makino Oh, la

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la la la

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la, Minnesota. Okay.

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And to TNF in vinyasa of inactivity. Catarina Domino wa salam o Amina Mohammed Ali Hassan he was sending to Steven Kenny RA, Allahu Allahu Akbar, WA.

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And congratulation for eight. I wish you shall know the best thing ever was ceremony for me to love.

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