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How happy the mother of Abraham it is. Mary qu.

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The King of the kings took her son for a friend

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down in San Diego Bay Hill and

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a person would be boastful once you have somebody in the dunya in the ranks of dunya he has some wealth or some position in the dunya Oh, he's my buddy, he's my friend, Allah.

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took Ibrahim for friends,

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there is why you find

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the three religions cleaning

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the religions in earth claiming him

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and once we talk about religions, by the way,

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religions are

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the basically Judaism

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Eliyahu de nos Rania al Islam.

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The three are claiming Him

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you will find that Jews are saying Abraham is ours.

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The Christians are saying Abraham is ours. And here we are claiming him

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and Allah subhana wa tada address this issue in the Quran As a matter of fact.

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And so that Allah

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Allah subhana wa tada is addressing the Jews and the Christians in the sutra he said, Yeah,

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people have the book meaning the Christian and the Jews. Lima

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Why are we talking about Abraham Why do you talk about Abraham?

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in JIRA 11 badly

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wounded and injured were revealed after him Have you know, study history.

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Ibrahim, the father,

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Ishmael the son is half the fun. out of his half

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came Jacob yaku or Israel, Israel.

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Out of Israel out of yaku can use of undertow 12 songs, the story of whom is mentioned in Surah Yusuf

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our of the offspring of those 12 k Moosa.

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The one who introduced

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the camera which is the origin

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but with Ibrahim and what is Musa

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This is the offspring of Abraham and he is between them. Double ingenious easy to prove, angel came with a Christina Luna is a fella Taku

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have you know sense reason study some history here.

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The vs Makka Ibrahim yahudi Rania

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a boy was not a Jew, Nora Christian

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wacking Karina hanifa Muslim. He was honey Muslim wanna can Amina was tricky.

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And he was not of those who sets rivals with Allah. Here's the statement in our hula Naseby Ibrahim Latina Abu

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Dhabi, Valentina Amman, la Who are you meaning the people who have the right claim to Ebrahim

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is the believers

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and this prophet, Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those who followed them.

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I do if you want to be a follower of Ibrahim follow the messenger Mohammed

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a Christian you want to be a follower of a follower?

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Follow Mohammed if you want to claim Ibrahim

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whenever you find everybody talking about him positively, the only character

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that there is no dispute over Subhanallah and he did this by the way

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he needs

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an Allah Subhana Allah mentioned this Dr. Shara. He said what john Lee said I've said the thing will actually

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make the later generations or Allah the people who will come towards the end of time speak good about me speak the truth about me.

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And Alonso this his friend,

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and so Han Allah, Allah has chosen him to build his house to raise his house that he uses the word build here does not fit

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Because the house is always there, he just raised the foundation.

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I look

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at him

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we know that there is a house also in the seventh heaven.

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What to what it'd be nice to feel rocked in Manchu while they move. There is a there is a house for Allah in the seventh heaven Rasul Allah Allah Salim is a Muslim 70 angels daily, they go to perform Hajj there

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are ombre

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and they it's once in a lifetime visa they don't return the game because another 70 angels have to take their place tomorrow. So you only get the chance one time. Rasul Salalah alayhi wa sallam when he said, I mentioned that the story of his ascension Hadith NSP Bukhari

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in some of its wording, hinted Ebrahim. They're

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leaning to that the wall of that house.

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And he's sitting out in the seventh heaven and leaning to the wall of the house. So Panama

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We were commanded to follow the role model of Ibrahim to adopt his role model. His example.

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Also messenger Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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Jani, the ultimate example for us is Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. But yet Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to follow the example of Abraham

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in more than 111 place in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says what

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hyena he like any military, Ibrahim hanifa then we reveal to Mohammed to follow them in the way Milla means the way of Ibrahim, one Academy then with

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us also, we were commanded to follow the example of Ibrahim alayhis salam,

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or they can at Lacan, shorten Hassan atunci.

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Allah addressing the believers in Ibrahim and those who believed with him, you have an example to follow a role model to follow

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the Quran Allah confy him bushwacking Hassan.

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in order to

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the way of a role model in your lives,

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you must get to learn about them.

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unethical Amanda Sahaba, Nicola Malindi

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was supposed to be practice what the brax that is why it's so necessary for you to learn about them. The same thing goes with Ibrahim

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the God of Ibrahim Ali Salam is throughout his busy, very busy journey.

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And this is something that you should really live with, especially the days to come talk about because Hajj is about Ibrahim

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and the family of Ibrahim.

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And a lot of people who go to Hajj

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they go without that story in the back of their heads.

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It's the story of the family.

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In Shama today in the 10 minutes, I still have, I want to share with you one clips

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from his story

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and how can we adopt it? How can we practice it?

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Ibrahim Ali Salam was born in Iraq.

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He migrated later on to Philistine Allah and you're either having meaning Where are you headed? Well, era era bellami.

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Look at him now. He was so young.

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And he came into this world.

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He finds his people are worshipping idols, some of them and some are worshipping the stars.

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And look at the fitna. Now here, the test here. His father

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was the maker of the items.

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So hard Allah I cannot imagine that somebody whom Allah Subhana Allah blessed with the with the understanding of the DEA.

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And you understand that alcohol is haram as a Muslim, and you really hard on this one and your father sells liquor and his two

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is very tasty. He is Allah subhanho wa Taala giving him the truth. Allah subhanaw taala By the way, given the truth to Abraham in a very early age, when Tina Ibrahima, Rue de who

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we're given a blank the understanding that these idols are haram it's only Allah very early in age.

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So he went to his father

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whose name is Arthur, by the way

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found some of the people of the sea they say no that's not his name is

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called Ibrahim Ali Abbey as of

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Lee at the

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regula ibnr locker in

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the movie

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theater in LA is the internet at lala land. If you call your family members to Islam and they do not accept Hamas, you should not feel disgrace

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or you

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had an illness the whoever recited this verse.

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You heard a hottie fish.

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Oh, yo Luca Ibrahim

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will meet his father.

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And in the face of Arthur will be rakata for his father, his name is

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what I

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found his father other

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rather, making these idols his the message to you brothers today. Today.

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Please give me your heart for five minutes because this is the message of my hotbar today how Ibrahim Alayhi Salam called his father to the truth.

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I have never seen any kind conversation between a believing son and a disbelieving father than this.

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And I really address our youth.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed a lot of our youth which is good with the truth.

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And the first people who deserve who are worthy of your knowledge is your father and mother and family members.

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They realize this, but how they go about it is the wrong thing.

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He goes to his father, you're wrong.

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You're not

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you will go to the Hellfire father,

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this is your father, he will not actually this is your mother, he will not accept from you, when you call in and incunabula free.

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Some of you will try to give the truth to some people but they will turn them off you end up turning the person off because of the delivery.

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He said there is the truth

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and there is the delivery

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you may have the truth,

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but you may not possess the delivery.

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And when Allah commanded you to deliver,

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he said

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the condition of the delivery although Allah Sadie of Baker

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This is the delivery This is the command, but here is something that we do not we do not get or we do not wish to practice bill Heckman

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and you got to use the best khatma with your father. The problem is he looks at you like your child like a child.

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And I want my child tells me to do something. Come on What is this is telling

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me the best wisdom Oh handle jihad, jihad.

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And the word jihad is mentioned war fighting bombing. You had actually used in Dawa

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and Allah subhanaw taala actually called Jihad will kill him is that our Jacobins call