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The host of the Line and Good Life talks about the importance of the verse "( Best Oma Never brought out for mankind" in relation to achieving Islam's goals. They also discuss the loyalty program at Sam's Club, which covers topics like privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy, privacy

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Sita una de ma

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moon and

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kita de la Cana for you on

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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world. I'm joined by a very special guest today in the studio. He is the man who brought you the inevitable journey. He is the man who brought you brought you the righteous companions. He's the man who brought you the stories of hedge and most recently, building a better future. That's right, he's back. I'm back. You're back. We're back for an all new series titled nation of goodness. You've seen him on guidance TV as well, of course on YouTube, Islam 7071 as well as my YouTube channel, I'll be one of law. That's me. You've seen him on his own website, which you can check with him and get his latest thoughts and Friday sermons which is www

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dot three Ws dot Karim abuse a.com. Of course, now you know who I'm talking about. So without any further ado, let us welcome our special guests back to the hotel TV screen. Assalamu Aleikum see Karim Allah who Salama la HumanIK thank you for giving me this opportunity to be with you again. chickering. I'm grateful to Allah subhana wa tada then to the to the to yourself for having me once again. Thank you very much wanted to mention to you briefly, that you're still building a better future receive so much positive feedback from mothers, fathers, husbands, sons, wives. It was a truly overwhelming response. I thank you for that. But now let's talk about this series Shea cream.

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Why have you titled it? nation of goodness, where are you going? Can you give the viewers a roadmap where we're going in this series Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Chateau

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in Allahu Allahu Allah, Rashad one na Mohammedan Abdo or Asana,

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the viewers, I'm so happy to be with you once again. And zachman La Jolla and for your feedback regarding building a better future.

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I asked a Lost Planet Allah in that first episode of the new series, nation of goodness, that this act is devoted to Allah subhanho wa Taala and begging Allah subhanho wa Taala for sincerity, that this act is sincerely done for Allah subhana wa tada so that we will see it in our scale and the Day of Resurrection. Please make dua for us that we continue to possess that pillar which is necessary for the act to be accepted which is sincerity.

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nation of goodness, Malik is a thought based on the verse which the viewers already heard at the end of the show, saw that lm Ron, verse number 110.

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And I want to let you know that I always find pleasure reciting the Quran and it brings about tranquility and peace and serenity.

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And this confirms what Allah subhanho wa Taala says LLB decree law he taught me

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that whenever you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala your hearts finds that serenity and tranquility. But I find special joy, special happiness, special feeling when I decide this verse, and I hope the rest of the viewers feel the same way. Because Allah subhanaw taala speaking about you and me and that verse,

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quantum higher Mateen digit leanness

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You're the best oma ever brought out for mankind for people.

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I know this comes at a time when really you grieve over the condition of the Muslims.

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It comes at a time when you really feel sad, because

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the weakness the amount of of bloodshed in the Muslim world, done by Muslims themselves against other Muslims or,

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you know, other forces or the flood. I'm sorry, the hunger that drought brothers in so my brother in balma brother in Syria and Syria.

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And it's it's very grieving.

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But you know, when when we read that verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala still telling us we are still the best people

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brought for mankind.

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We are the best people brought out for mankind and we have to believe that and there is a

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Small analogy here that I would like the viewers to, to to grasp, you know the story of use of the story of Joseph, you know, the whole story, don't you? From the moment that he was born,

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and then his brother thrown him in a wheel somewhere. And then later on, he was picked up. You know the story, you know, the ending of the story. What happened to you? So it's positive in the end? Yeah, it starts like, you see, if you look only at one angle of that story, if you just look at the time he spent in jail with into grief, of course, wouldn't you be sad, an innocent person in jail for so many years? But if you know, the end, if you know the final outcome, you're not going to grieve as much. And this is what the viewers need to get tuned with now, that you are the best oma ever put out for mankind.

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No question about Coon tomb, high your own nothing.

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And who is saying this? Who is saying this? Allah, Allah, not a human being not another? You see human beings they change I can breeze you today, Malik and tomorrow, my heart could change against you. I could say other things. But when Allah Subhana Allah breezes, someone,

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it's over.

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It's over. You asked me a very interesting question what this show is about, of course, insha Allah in the episodes to come. We really want to give evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah for the fact that we are the best and why.

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Why are we the best oma in this world? And what will happen to this oma interleaf resurrection and in gender and what is our status

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in the life to come? This is number one, and we want to talk about our status in relation with the other nations because there are other nations. You see there is a beautiful Hadith the mustard ultimate Hadith bears ignore Hakeem and Avi and JD and his grandfather is more are we able to hide? And he is so happy la Sahaba

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says unto to a foreigner, Sabina oma,

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we the followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, make the number 70 in the number of nations before us. Like there are 69 nations who existed before us We are number 17 Okay, now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and tomb hi yo Ha, ha, Allah, Allah, you must you are the most honorable, the most dignified in the sight of Allah. You are fair, we will approve to the viewers first of all to begin with. Why are we good?

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And give the evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah.

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After that,

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I'm going to have to say that our

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status is a condition on one okay?

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You see the verse read?

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From Hira matin Oh, honey, Jacqueline says, You are the best oma brought out for mankind. The verse is not over yet.

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three conditions. The Morrow Nebula Who? You wondering what is good, what and how non human come and you forbid what is evil? What? Oh, no, Neville.

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And you believe in Allah.

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You know what Omar says? Mr. Malhotra.

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The end of the verse, the beginning of the verse cannot be

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achieved without the end.

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If you want to belong to the best oma, you must come up with the conditions.

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And we're gonna prove that to the people. We're gonna say that. Yes, you are a nation of goodness. But with these conditions, you are you are a nation of goodness, not because of your color because of your race. No, no, not because of No, not because of your tribe. Not No, because you do those three, nation of goodness. So you must fulfill the three conditions. And the Judas they say when there is a ruling Hope you're the best arm above this hope is tied to us. Either only Haku us Finn.

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You see you must enjoy God forbid evil believe in Allah in order to be the best in the roster. physic condition was failure condition if the condition is absent, okay. It's like if clause, right? If you do this, you get this. So we're gonna be talking about this throughout this series. Yes. So

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Do we have about a minute before the break? Do you believe people have doubted that we are the nation of goodness, and that people deny these conditions? Why address this? Why is it necessary? I think the

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the inferiority of this is the writer. Is that is that right? Yeah. I think you suffer from this a little bit failure, right?

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The Muslims are not big enough because they still feel defeated inside, right. And it's time to bring that spirit out. Okay. And this is why we need to show x we need this we need to get people back to to who they are. But at the same time, they adapt them to what they need to do. Excellent to make this happen. This seems like a wonderful program. I can't wait to get more into it. Shake the market. take a quick break, you guys. Stay tuned for more nation of goodness with demand cream.

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We're fans of Islamic media meet

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Salam Alaikum Dear viewers, welcome back to our program nation goodness, of course, I'm joined by the man cream. Jose, thank you for being with this shake cream. In the last segment you were talking about the roadmap so to speak of this program. Can you recap that for possibly new viewers in about a minute and then tell us where we're going from here Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Chateau La ilaha illallah wa, ala Muhammad and Abdul Rasul.

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Basically Malik the whole idea and the last. In the next episode, we will not start in a good note that we are a nation of goodness. You see, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always says Vishal wala tuna Pharaoh give glad tidings always make this your spirit. So in spite of the condition of the oma but yet, we want to give the glad tidings that we are a nation of goodness. But at the end of that episode, which is the next one, we're going to make sure that the viewers understand that it's a conditional goodness, it is not unrestricted, goodness, it's restricted to certain things that you have to do, which will take us to the show, the series, you see, the show is

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called nation of goodness, it's beautiful. But really, we're going to be talking about Phil Emery, Bill Maher, our roof, one net, and in a non car, how do you enjoy in good with good and forbid evil without evil?

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That is the core that is the subject. Basically, we're gonna cover the conditions which makes us nation of witness, which is enjoining good and forbidding evil.

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So in the next episodes, we will not what is that? What does it mean? What is who defines what good is and who defines what evil is? Is it your culture? Is it your ancestors? Or is it Quran and Sunnah? What is it? We need to define this? And we want to ask a question, what is the ruling regarding enjoining good and forbidding evil? Is it optional? When you see something wrong? Do you have a choice to change it or leave it or you have to change it or when the ruling once we say what is the ruling, then we want to basically explain to the viewers, is it mandatory? Is it recommended? Is it permissible? Is it disliked? Is it haram and we will explain these words. Okay, so I just want

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them to become attached to our

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suspend. Then. We're gonna find out where enjoining good and forbidding evil fits. Okay, in these five in these fives are gonna find out that at

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In the first one,

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at least with one side, which is the heart, okay, and we're gonna detail this for the viewers, okay? And then now we want to look at the condition of the Muslims regarding this command. Okay? We are commanded to enjoin good and forbidding evil to forbid evil, or the Muslims doing it. Okay? We're gonna find out that the Muslims are three categories once it comes to this, which are number one very few who are doing it right. Very few are doing it correctly correctly, but they're very few very few need to increase the number rulers people have knowledge students of knowledge, they are doing it right, but very few. And the evidence, the fact that it's very few because you see a lot of

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evil bright all over the place. The fact that you see a lot of evil is a sign that only few people are doing it because I was also a lawyer, Salah told us that there will always be a group who are on the tooth, lattice Alto, California Hello Muslim. Hi, my name is Sofia, viola one that is taught to me by

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a group of my oma a group does not mean a sect Okay, okay. A group of people will always possess the tools will always enjoy and good and forbidden. Those are the strangers to Berlin, Florida, but they are strangers, very few. But let's come to the other two segments of the oma the large one, the large one abandoned, joining good and forbidding as

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they say, I do not see. I do not hear. I do not speak. They see evil in their homes. They will do anything about it. They see it in the street, they will not do anything about it. They see it in their community, they will not do anything about it. They see that word they do not do anything about it. They even know. But you know what? Malik. I love my brothers. I love my sisters for the sake of Allah. I really mean that. And I'm telling you, you're abandoning it because of some misconceptions that you have. We call it shabu hacked.

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And I'm going to list five misconceptions for the medic. Let's do one of them is personal freedom. I hear this one so much. Yes. What are your success is not my business? Yes. They see the brother or the sister doing their own thing which will take them to hellfire. Why don't you speak to him to her? Oh, it's personal freedom. It's liberty. I should not be in it. I should intriguer said that the verb in trigger is a verb like this. I should I should get into their business. I should not stick my nose. No, I should let that we're gonna we're gonna refute that for you. And they actually they use a verse. Go ahead, quote the verse verse, let it be crafted in there is no compulsion

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religious and you're gonna clarify this, this reading and check here also in the Middle East people use this as well, not just in the West they say. They say what do you say Mark?

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Yeah, I actually are actually translated literally, personal freedom as a personal life. It's personal. I should not be getting. So this is number one. Number two misconception is they say well, I'm not good. I'm not going to tell people what to do. And I'm not bad right when I am bad, right? And the owners use also Khurana

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Juan una casa de la Taku. Kinshasa do you ask people to do good when you're bad yourself? While you're reciting the book? Have you no sense that the thing here this can be refuted as well? Okay, we need to refute it. Yeah, that sounds like a strong. Oh, yeah, we're gonna have you actually use another verse, which is very strong. And then I'll give them the verse number in Sharla. Yeah, you're Latina? manohara

00:18:46--> 00:19:22

Oh, you who believe be concerned with yourself as long as you're guided? Don't worry about those four bs guys. You're gonna have to address the Oh yeah, we're gonna refute all of this for them this misconception You see, I want to give my brothers and sisters who abandon the job, abandon the task of enjoying good and forbidding evil, the benefits? Yeah, they are not doing it because of these misconceptions. We want to refute it we want to defeat it. We want to make sure that they understand no in spite of these verses, which you have, which really it's a twisted understanding of it. made them think this way about it. We're gonna clarify this for them. This is number three. Number four,

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they say you know what, I've been calling people and they have not been listening. They do not listen. They You know, I've been trying over and over and over and over and over again and I gave up and I give up. So this is not number four. Number five Malik they say I don't want to get myself into fitness. You know, women who my yakou the Leola destiny. So what happened at the top of the prophets, Allah one of the you know, the people says, give me permission do not expose me to fit now a lot of Muslims right now. They see the evil before their eyes, but they don't want to do anything about it because they're afraid of what of being

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tried and tested by those if they tell them this is all. So again, I'm really trying to give my brothers and sisters who abandon this task, which is a condition for us to be a nation of goodness, the benefit of the doubt, five misconceptions, we're going to detail those, when they refute each one of them, keep watching the test. Now let's go to the third segment of the market. People who do enjoy in good, but without good

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and forbid evil.

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But with ease, okay, this is totally wrong as well. Yes. Although they may have a correct intention. But yes, they have the correct intention, how they go about it, they cause more damage, right, I think.

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Right. Now, the mission of the series from that moment on in sha Allah is how can we reform? Number one, I want to mobilize that segment of the Omaha abandon the staff, there's a biggest segment, yes, they are the largest segment, they abandon this task. We need to mobilize them, okay, we need to get them going. Because if we want to really become a nation of goodness, people who can benefit people, this is what we have to do. We need to revive that pillar of enjoining. Good and forbidding evil. And we want to reform. Yes, the third group, the third group, right, and they form how they go about. You see, very, very quick, and we're going to cover those in details. Maybe later on, listen,

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you must do this for Allah.

00:21:33--> 00:22:12

Unfortunately, a lot of the people from the third group, they do it because it fits their personal agenda. Right. Like, there is a personal issue between me and Malik and I see, I see him doing something wrong, then I pick on his issue that happens. I've seen that right. It's my intention is not to help Malik. Right. I'm not doing this out of compassion for Malik. Yeah, I'm not hoping that Malik is going to become a good person. No, I'm trying to put Malik down, but I'm doing it under. I'm enjoying a good and forbidding evil. You know, I get a lot of calls on that. Don't have a let's talk about it live show and Goddess TV. What else your show I have this brother in my community who

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sells pork and cigarettes in his thing? Should I mobilize the community against him? And I asked the brother, let me ask you and by Allah, you're going to tell me the truth.

00:22:23--> 00:23:02

Do you have any issue personal issue with the brother who said yes, I do have personal issue the problem? I said okay, don't do it. Why shake because then it becomes under that umbrella. Okay, don't do it. Leave it must be done sincerely. Okay. Very quickly, you must have the knowledge before you approach the person about the subject and knowledge about the person himself. Okay. You must do it with kindness, tenderness, and you must have patient patience afterwards. So inshallah we're going to focus on how you should do it. And what are the intention that you must possess in your heart in order to enjoin good and forbid evil, and this is actually the core or the backbone of our

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series, B dilla. He died at the end, inshallah, we're going to talk about

00:23:08--> 00:23:50

some advices and we're going to give life examples from our daily life, this person is doing this How can I go about enjoying good and forbidding evil with that person, and inshallah the show should be very exciting and interesting for people to watch inshallah and so I think it can be beneficial for a lot of people I think, like you said, like, we can mobilize that first group by reforming and educating the the latter two groups I'm looking forward to Are you up for 29 more episodes, inshallah, if we can get it out of you? Well, I'm not sure if it's going to be 29 but we're looking at maybe 1315 hours inshallah. I think we'll just leave it open as we go. But the most important

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thing is we need to remove any misconceptions that people have regarding this subject. Excellent. Thank you very much for joining me. I'm Kareem, you guys. Thank you for watching don't miss the next episode. Episode Two was a brand new program, nation of goodness. So until then, we leave you in the care of Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Sita una de ma

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de la Cana for you on

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me min.

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Well, I

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mean, who knows?

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