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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now gives us valuable information in his next lecture on the 5th and 6th wife of the Prophet ﷺ - Zaynab bint Khuzayma RA and Umm Salama RA.

Zaynab bint Khuzayma RA

She belonged to the Hawashim tribe. Her mother was Hind bint Awf ibn Al Harith and Maymunah bint Al Harith RA and Umm Fadhl RA were her stepsisters. Her first husband is Tufayl Ibn Haritha RA and he is a prominent figure in the history of Islam with him being the first to die a Shaheed in the way of Islam whilst returning from the Battle of Badr due to worsening of his cut off leg.

Her marriage to the Prophet ﷺ  took place in the month of Ramadan 3 H, just a few weeks after his marriage to Hafsa RA. her Kunya was Umm Al Masakeen. This came to be because she would always feed the poor and orphans. She died in the month of Rabi Ul Akhira , 4 H of natural causes and just after a few months of her marriage to the Prophet ﷺ. We have zero narrations from Zaynab Bint Khuzaimah RA in the Seerah. Zaynab is the only wife whom the Prophet ﷺ prayed the Janaza for and she is the among the first to be buried in Jannatul Baqee.

Umme Salamah RA

Her actual name was Hind Abu Umayya ibn Al-Mughira. She belonged to the tribe of the Banu Makhzum. Khalid ibn Al Waleed was her cousin. She was married to Abu Salamah who was from the tribe of Banu Asad. She had four children: Salama, Umar, Zaynab and Durrah. Abu Salama died after the Battle of Uhud.

When she was proposed for marriage by the Prophet ﷺ, she did not accept the proposal immediately citing reasons of age, jealousy and existing children. A beautiful reply was given by the Prophet ﷺ and makes for a mesmerising listen.

At least 2 verses of the Qur'an came in the house of Umme Salamah RA. What are they? Please do listen carefully. The famous incident of Umme Salamah RA wisdom is depicted in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

The last of the mothers to pass away is Umme Salamah who dies in 61 H during the Khilafat of Yazid Ibn Muawiyah and is the second most copious narrator of Hadith. She was the only wife of the Prophet ﷺ to be alive when the massacre of Hussain RA happened.


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