The Greatest Sacrifice

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The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the use of shiny objects to distract people from fulfilling command tests and the use of tables to make shiny objects. They also mention the use of shiny objects to symbolize success and the importance of not stepping on anyone's feet. The speaker emphasizes the need to not turn around and not do anything that is not important.

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Here is somebody a father,

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who's old, was given a son, at an old age,

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was commanded through a dream.

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And this is a form of revelation

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to slay the son, his own son. And he said what Santa Ana

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was upon Ma, this is the religion here, what is the religion? The religion that you believe what you're told, and you act upon what you're commanded. And our Deen has all at the other end, imagine that Allah tells you certain things about information you believe in, because the knower of the present and the future and the past is the one who's telling me this.

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And Allah commands you certain commands, you say, I hear and I obey. This is the religion

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that you fulfill the commands and you believe with certainty, what you're told,

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look at the son, my son Do as you please that will be the one that when he wanted to slay his son, he placed him on his back. He said no, my father booed me on my face was a little fella as lemma what Allah who will jabeen

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immediately when the knife was about to cut, it was a command test Bella vana

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Ibrahim Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the command.

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We wish he will.

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to sit

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in Kedah nica Nigel masini look at this in

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Bella movie. And this was in my opinion, the the hardest of the tests. The fire was a test. His wife being taken by the oppressor was a test. Oh, this is the part of the life harder. He was commanded to take his son and his wife to the desert and leave, leave them there was a test. This is the hardest

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that you are to take your son to slay. But you see, that's what Islam is that you submit to Allah Subhana Allah that a command from Allah you fulfill it.

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Matter of don't stop. The problem with us now lay, we stop at the commands we see. But we'll either understand it, maybe it's this maybe it's that, of course we read the F word. In ramiele Jima and this is when we we come just to show you all the rituals are linked to that story that every man is a lamb. So these dreams in the area of Minar.

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And shaitan kept trying to distract him from fulfilling the command.

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And he would use tables to to drive shaitan away.

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He kept following him in these three places. Jamal Cobra rooster, and every time he will throw, that's why we also have the rituals of a but you're not throwing the shape. And when you go there, you're just

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a lot of the Hajaj Unfortunately, they assume that they are actually throwing the pebbles at the shape of them. And sometimes they take the shoes off and they beat the shape on the Don't do that. Don't do that is not really the physical character of shaper. It's a metaphor in a way, a metaphor in a way for you

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Subhanallah look at Allah subhana wa tada

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rewarding you

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your willingness to give up

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your own son to fulfill the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't only keep your son but I'll give you what

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another son and not only

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This not from this wife, but from the other wife who sacrificed. Sarah sacrificed.

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You know a wife telling her husband to go and marry another woman. I mean, this is one in a million. You find that

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look how a lot

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later on in the story

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you're gonna have a bash shell now who is hacker one moonwalk is how Chi aku and that this by itself really refutes

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the notion that the sacrifice son is happy, because the glad tidings for his heart came right after him.

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After his male being placed to the test with his father, being

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Rahim Allah Salam was commanded to sacrifice is my alehissalaam

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so this is the first trip the first trip