Karim Abuzaid – Beware Of Psychological Defeat

Karim Abuzaid
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Sisters in Islam remember that statement on top of your loved one when he was walking to be handed over the keys of international AXA Aveda said something to him basically be concerned about your prestige. He said no. It's not about the prestige, couldn't

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comin we were the most humiliated of mankind in the face of this earth.

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For us and Allahu Allah, Islam, Islam, given us that dignity, the honor that status

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whenever we seek dignity and honor in anything else other than Islam will be humiliated.

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There is a promise, which Allah subhanho wa Taala passed on to us in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that this Deen this religion of us will regain its strength again and it will become the one and only religion in the face of this earth. And we have evidence for this who Alevi our Salah Rasulullah who Beluga y de Neil happy Leo Hera who Allah de Nicolay one okay Carrie Kuhn in Al Hamdulillah. nama do who want to stay in who want to stop

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when we let him in Cerulean fusina amin say Dr. Molina de la bufala Malala

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woman your little fella ha de la

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ilaha illAllah who have the who la sharika

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why shadow Mohammed and Abu Omar Sulu.

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Yeah, yo la Vina mundo de la Hakata hottie he will tell Mouton. Illa to Muslim moon.

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Yeah, a Johan de Pura vida como la de Holla

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jaha seminggu Marija Lang Cathy around one is

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what de la la de

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Luna de Waal our ham in a la Cana de Kumara peba.

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Yeah, yo holla Deena Amano por la la kulu colon's de de useless la comme la comme la ku Bochum woman, a la hora Sula, who fucka differs 1000 Avi ma,

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ma about to in the cul de sac Allah mala hiral Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was alum was Chevelle Morimoto de to her wakulla modesetting bidda wakulla beat the atom Allah Allah wakulla Allah Allah tin finnur

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brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a difference between being righteous and calling people to righteousness.

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Later Khulna sorry hon vivatic or muslin lyric, that you strive to be a practicing Muslim,

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and you help others around you to be

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also striving to practice the religion as well.

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And this is what the oma needs at this time.

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In a verse in Surah, telara

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Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about those two will levena you must seek una de como salata.

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In learn or D or add your most Lehane, Indeed, those who strive to hold fast to the teachings of the book to the revelation, you must see qunar you have that feeling, grabbing on it, it's like holding that piece of fire in your hand, you must see qu Nabeel kitabi what are called masala kata, and that is del Sala, and they establish the Salah, the sign of them holding fast to the religion of Allah, that they are performing the Salah, what are called masala data that is being righteous or striving to be righteous. Here is the second part in learn will do agile mostly in Indeed, we will not waste the reward of those who strive to reform the people around them.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, one of the greatest obstacle in the face of those who strive to heal Muslim communities or Muslim individuals to come back to the deen that you sense that psychological defeat

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in your congregation.

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It's a big problem that we have in the oma right now.

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It has even navsea

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being psychologically defeated as a Muslim.

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What are we gonna do?

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shift since I came to this world, I've been hearing these verses. I've been hearing this Hadith, nothing changed. What will change?

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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If you examine

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the 30 chapters, more or less because there is a debate regarding the number of chapters of the Quran revealed in Medina, if you examine the 30, or the 28, to the 30 chapters based on the debate here, which were revealed in Medina, 16 of them talked about the hypocrites, and this is their language.

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And this is what they would say.

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This is the language of hypocrisy in the madonie peran. Because we know the Quran in Mecca never addressed hypocrisy, because hypocrisy never existed in Mecca. It only existed when the Hydra took place, and the Muslim community was established. Therefore the Quran treated it dealt with it. And this is the language of the people who do not want to reform the condition of the Muslim oma, rather, they want the Muslims to continue to be defeated psychologically and never, never adopt the whole, the whole which Allah subhana wa Taala given to them in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a scholar

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called a blue Dune. He wrote a book, a book called The history it Teddy.

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In the introduction of this book, he mentioned one sign, one sign of psychological defeat, you know what, what was it? It is always the habit of the defeated nations, that they mimic and imitate those who defeated them.

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And this is what is happening with the Muslim world. We are all found of the culture of those who defeated us.

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And you can sense this amongst our youth. It's very sad to see youth dressed in a way that has nothing to do with Islam. It's only to look like these nations because they admire them. Brothers and sisters in Islam. I didn't come here to nag about that psychological defeat, rather to share with you that even in the midst of the hardest of the situations, which the Muslims encountered. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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Always, always given hope to the oma. And this is why I'm here. And I'll share with you just one or two beat me later either

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when the Muslims were attacked by 10,000 will equipped

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army called the zap and it was called in a zap for a purpose the Alliance for a purpose. Why? Because all the evil powers in the face of this earth at that time, even though they disagree amongst themselves, but they finally had a common agenda is to wipe Islam from the face of this earth. They came marching, and there is a whole chapter in the Quran, which was revealed regarding this a chapter called Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala described this army and describe the reaction of the Muslims to this army.

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Of course, the number of the Muslims at the time,

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including children, including women, may be 4000 maybe 5000 if you're ambitious, but army wise 3000 there is no way you can face that army Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam held a Shura Council held an assembly of Shula and this is how Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would conduct his business related to worldly matters. And here is how Islam benefits from everyone. Regardless of your race, regardless of your ethnic background, you can always offer something to this Deen in order to bring it back to the front again. sellman l faricy. Have a loved one, someone who came from birgir He is not an Arab. He was not even a member of the Arabian Peninsula.

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He said to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam all messenger of Allah, when we are attacked in birgir by a force that we cannot fight, or even encounter, or face, we used to dig a hole in the ground we call it a trench. And this is another name for this battle. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam immediately adopted this opinion and he divided the Muslim Ummah at the time into groups in mahadji De Anza. Sometimes in hours, sometimes has Raj and look to honor Solomon Ravi, Allah one because Solomon was not an immigrant, nor he is uncertainty. So they said where the Solomon belong to Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Sandman Amina to honor him for that suggestion for that

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opinion. For that hill he offered to the Alma sell man Amina llv share hit the witness here. Brothers and sisters in Islam the point of witness Eonni

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while they were digging the trench, one of the groups came across a huge rock hidden beneath the sand skald aka Baca Ooh, here they are working hard to break it is not breakable. No, they can progress with their diggin. They immediately went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and reported the matter to him. Your rasulillah we cannot progress anymore because of that huge rock hidden beneath the sand. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself brought an axe and he came and he decided to break that huge rock by himself. And you know when the rock and metal collides, sparks of fire come out. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahu Akbar.

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Look in this situation. 40 hukou Sham

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look at in that situation.

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In that situation, the balances of the Roman Empire will become Muslims in that situation,

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What verb 40 hot. Oh 404 is that balances of birgir will become Muslims in that situation. Allahu Akbar 40 hakutsuru leannon

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the balances of Yemen will be in that situation. Imagine this, to the extent that the hypocrites who were heading amongst the Muslims, they would say, look at these guys, they cannot find their own enemy. And here they are digging a trench in order not to face the enemy and they are saying they're gonna take over Virginia. They're gonna take over the Roman Empire, and they're gonna take over Yemen.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verse, only lahoma Malika medical model to kill model Carmen, Tasha wattens, the old model came in and Tasha is lumen Tasha to the lumen Tasha big calcifies in Nicola Galicia in Korea say, Oh Allah, you own the kingship. You're the one who allows who to take over and who not to take over your kingship and Earth. Brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the attitude of believers, even at the hardest and the most difficult moments we go through as an Obama we're going through as an Obama, a very difficult time and very trying time, which quite frankly, quite frankly, we brought it in.

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We caused it because of our lack of knowledge. Because of our lack of trust and reliance upon Allah subhanho wa Taala the condition of the Muslim Ummah is there for you. You can see it you can tell. But this cannot invite you at all to disbelief. Rather, you should have hope. Especially if you're amongst those brothers and sisters in Islam, who are working hard to help your small circle. It can be your family. It can be your school, it can be your classroom, your small circle to come back to the deen brothers and sisters in Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fill Hadith well, Hadith sahelian blusa tabaka compiled it if you say you see the Day of Judgment taking place right

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now in front of you. Either format is set to and we know when the hour is here you can see the destruction you can see the sun is routed The moon is

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the moon is shrouded The sun is dimmed out the the skies break in the mountains are moving around you imagine you're seeing a lot when you see this Wi Fi aha do confess ILA and you have a baby bone tree in your hand planted,

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planted. It's not your business. It is not your business, whether it's gonna grow in your time or not.

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It's not your business, whether it's gonna give fruit or not. Your job is to plant the seed somewhere for this oma and you got to have that strong will that seed can be your son said that seed can be your daughter. That seed can be your wife. That seed can be your husband. That seed can be your brother. If you can plant a seed some way for the sake of Allah because listen, listen, there is a promise, which Allah subhana wa Taala passed on to us in the Quran. And in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that this Deen this religion of us will regain its strength again, and it will become the one and only religion in the face of this earth. And we have evidence

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for this. Who will levy our Salah Rasulullah who bill who there were de nil happy? Leo's hero who eyelet de Nikolay wallow. Karissa. helambu shikun Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who sent his

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messengers with the Absolute Truth in order to make it rise above all religions.

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And Hadith newzoo Isa explains this, the Hadith that talks about the descending prophet Esaias, salaatu wa Salaam, into Earth again, we know that Prophet esala salam will abolish the jizya the tax which is collected from Jews and Christians living in a Muslim country.

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acerca de Salam will no longer accepted Islam or nothing, Islam or nothing. The religion of Islam are nothing brothers and sisters in Islam. But there is a promise out there for this Deen to regain its strength again, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The question is, will you be part of this? That's all? That's really the whole thing. Will we be part of this? Can we contribute to this? Can we?

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Can we? Can we plan to see, Listen, don't be selfish. You don't have to see it in your lifetime. Brothers and sisters in Islam just to drive my point across

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the children of Israel

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went through exactly

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what we are going through.

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Exactly. They were the Muslims at the time. They went through regarding the quality of faith. And they went through the trials and tribulations slama phobia. Imagine your enemy, your enemy takes your baby. Not separate them from the mom and the dad to do what

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you that been

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emerging in the Faroe Islands fill out Viva La Shia

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look, one of the things that he will do your stock photo if at a minimum, you

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imagine your wife if she's pregnant, someone recording the date on which he will deliver.

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And when she is delivering. There are policemen standing by the door. Imagine this. As soon as they hear word. They grab the baby in front of you.

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Separate the body from the head. This is how far they went through.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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won at Venezuela

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to regain

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their status again, the promise

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Allah Subhana Allah spoke about this in a chapter called the cosmos. When we do an

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ad in Studio A fulfill all the owner jhala home in meta one ajala homeowner in our new makin Allah whom fill out. Now we want to settle.

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We want to bring justice here. We want the Muslims at the time benissa ill to regain the power in earth again, and to show the Pharaoh and his helpers her man qarun what they were afraid of look at this brothers and sisters in Islam. Look, look at the next verse. What our hyena Ella Mimosa and He will reveal to the mother of Moosa to blend the seed

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breastfeed Moosa

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million Allah subhanaw taala is the one who wants Bani Israel to regain the power in earth. Unlock and could do this in a second be but he's teaching you and me The sooner the way for things to change. It takes generations. You know between Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that I want Bani Israel to regain power in earth again, and the time it happened 50 years

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50 years. Moosa was born and you know his story he was thrown in denial, backed up by the pharaoh brought up in the balance of the pharaoh accidentally killing the Egyptians and then he is running away to matthean then he is marrying this this Daughter of this righteous man and having to pay for the dowry 10 years and he's driving back with his family after he started a family already. And then he sees that burning fire coming out of a tree and Allah calls upon him moose and now go and bring bunnies Rayleigh 50 years.

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Will you have patience as Muslims without being psychologically defeated? Will you have patience while contributing to it? Will you have patience while you're planting a seed? If you want to be part of this

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that's the question that we got to ask ourselves brothers and sisters in Islam and work on it. Aku Kohli had our stuff.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa will handle Hassan or Santa will Jamil shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa sallahu la sharika yaku

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Seville shadow Mohammed and Abu rasuluh sallallahu alayhi wa early he was hired, as well as filming in Manitoba home BSN in LA Allman Brothers and Sisters in Islam. I was invited to spend the weekend with you lectures after fudger and between Muslim Anisha. And when the brothers asked me, What should we talk about? I came across that beautiful book. It's 140 pages all together one of these small tiny ones. pages are not as big Islamic guidelines for individual and social reform. The author of this book is from Sham chef Mohammed Jamil zino, may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on him, who passed away actually eight years ago in Mecca, and Subhan Allah.

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He is one of those people who is very keen on writing short, concise and precise instruction in order to help the oma to reform themselves, whether on individual level, or whether on a family level, or whether in a community level, or whether in a school level. SubhanAllah one of the most amazing things that I read in this book was this morning, you know what it was? A short sentence. You believing in your heart

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with certainty, without any shadow of doubt that the main factor for your success in this world and the here after the fact that you're a Muslim? Do you believe that?

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Do you believe that?

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Are you believing that Islam is my way to be successful in this world? Islam is the way to be successful in the hereafter. Do you believe that? If you don't believe that, there is a psychological defeat in your lives?

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If you're ashamed of being a Muslim, if you're afraid to say I'm a Muslim,

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if you hide away, your Islam, there is a psychologic if you find bride in anything else other than Islam, there is a psychological defeat that you got to treat. And you know what, if you don't treat it, it may get to your child may get to your wife may get to your son

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may get to the community around you. And you may fall into that rank of hypocrisy, which the madonie Koran warn against brothers and sisters in Islam. Remember that statement? Omar Abdullah, Ravi Allahu and when he was walking to be handed over the keys of international Aqsa Aveda said something to him basically be concerned about your prestige. He said no. It's not about the prestige, couldn't

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comin we were the most humiliated of mankind in the face of this earth.

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For us and Allah who will Islam, Islam, given us the dignity the honor that status, man

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is that fee law whenever we seek dignity and honor in anything else other than Islam will be humiliated. That is the message that I wanted to share with you brothers and sisters in Islam today. Hopefully, we can help ourselves and we can help the oma

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Listen, listen as much as you can. The test is hard on all of us. No question about it. But there is always room for you and me to do something that could change the condition of the Muslim ummah. ness Allahu la v Belarusian Kareem Jasmine hasna was effectively Lola and useless while muslimeen aimim Allahumma fitna LMS raheb both Allah Allah has been our senior LLB taqwa Allahu Mansour de una caja sonatina de vida de como meaning Allahumma stamina nyada Bella al amin Philo Sati he had been he had he was me a big Muslim in Milan. I mean Allahumma Allahumma furlanetto lubaina What is seraphina Marina was a bit of them and on sadhana alko mil Catherine Allahu meridional. haka ha Kawasaki

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nativa Marina Bella Bella Terra Nova zucchini, Tina Allahumma in Nana Oui, kameena Phaeton, Mahara? minha oma Bhutan, Allahu Allah. The novena, Tina was Maria Tina, he had his villa was me a Villa de Muslim inaudible alameen Allahu akula. Muslim Isla de la then jameelah niobrara lemon, Allah ma e him Papa Dean, Wahid Mehta, Dr. Amin, a hula Kohli Harada was stuck for LA Halle, wanna come?

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