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Islam mashallah from the deen of Islam. There are many different aspects of culture that we learn with in our faith and with our religion that illuminates the message of Islam, the diversity of Islam. And I think one of those illuminations is

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those elements. Illumination is the diversity of Islam in the diversity of culture. And how when we noticed the diversity of culture under one faith, one umbrella and believing that Allah subhanaw taala is one that is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Seeing that articulated in different ways is something that I think exudes the beauty of Islam in sha Allah and Hamdulillah we have a guest here Masha Allah has noted Dean Masha Allah may Allah Subhana Allah bless him. He's surprised he doesn't know that I'm calling him out but it's individually here mashallah has a huge place in Islamic history and took off at Islami. At the beauty the opportunity of meeting him a couple of

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times in Houston years ago. He doesn't remember who I am but mashallah his work speaks for itself. He's a calligrapher, well known calligrapher. MashAllah throughout the world and humbly live land Amin and I'd like to kindly ask him if he could give us a couple of words taken about the Kenny mathema show on

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radical offy confabulation.

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and then you say the GID then, our Amara Zorro. hydrometric Jimena. Mashallah, so he said he's very happy that this is his first time visiting this semester.

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Leon Bedava to tour Sammy Jose de well Gabriella Masha Allah Asha Santa Rosa Siddiqui, masha Allah is it Dr. Sam rice has been his friend for a long, long time more than 10 years ago. And from the command out of Anahata Doha the RMB hola que negativo Lara be beautiful have seen he's seen he know that as you know that he's a calligrapher he writes in Arabic handwriting calligraphy but he writes it with the Chinese I guess you say style and style. Well, Eliana J Murphy Jaya ways I never had heard about anamod McKenna Yahoo the Avila me a mama who Aktobe Aisha and Martha guide me.

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He said this is a surprise. Surprise nice the next time I come maybe I can come and write something. Well, egg Tober hotter Araby zu Silversea ne yo Makino Truffaut. HalleluYah tele Cynthia Allah O Allah wa Larrabee

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Lulu northall RV

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he writes he said he's talking about his method he writes into Arabic calligraphy, but it's with the scene Senia Chinese handwriting as well. And then there is the hula scene yeah couple of Elvis hola Samia Sena. He said because he entered China more than 1300 years ago. Yeah, and yeah hotter the Sydney whereas in Sydney theraphy hotter RMB Shalida. He said the Chinese writing hence scripture was affected by the Arabic writing in Scripture. It has come on out here for Harper RW Manawa Hello Kofi are hotter summers will happen the nests will hurt on the deewani will have to be one jelly oil after Sheva if women can handle mashallah he's saying as you know the Arabic handwriting it's it's a

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discipline within itself. He mentioned like five different nessa and different types of methods of writing and if you see Arabic calligraphy, it's written different ways. So he just mentioned about six Hello coffee Phil I am LaSalle sallam said you know why? Subhanallah he said that the coffee and scripts in Kufa was that was it was written that is the style that was written that there why he was written down, recorded? Well hopefully

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the Madonna saba hartron Nazca Liana Nesco Khurana Karim Behala nessa, nessa Khattab, Khurana curry, he say in the hot nest, Nest means like to

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to copy to abrogation, but to like copy so this is this is the this is the handwriting that the Quran is written with. So the Quran that we see that is the nessa style in a skh

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Wow Anahata the masala Koudelka wa collimators is Nene Kusa and an evening because I think because he said he has two stories to tell. Okay, so oh one column two min min xili OSA the Sami Bill rip has always had the same era who has a kilometer our human family Sammy, the columella come in Elizabeth Sura was Samantha Kalama. Chris has

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He says he has two stories. He said he mentioned the first story a doctor sent me his house and he's a doctor sent me tell this story

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the first story that he said, It's your house

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you have to help me shake up in the English. Professor.

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Just tell me just tell the story. He told you

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let's do because of

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Oh, gosh.

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Yeah. Okay. Okay.

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Have you heard the story before? I know, but you're a good storyteller.

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All right. So there's,

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there's, this is a story about cooperation and the importance of cooperation.

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It's a traditional Chinese story. And there are, there's

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this is all from hygiene, or he told us this just moments ago, and he said, there's a there's a key and a lock. And they both belong to the movie or the manager of a company. And one day the key says to the lock says to the key, you have such a lovely life, I wish I could live your life, you go out, you're in the pocket of the of the manager, you're close to him, you go all over the place, it's so wonderful that your life and you go, you go visit the the parks, and you visit the the restaurants and you visit the mosque, and you visit all these different places. And I just sit at home. And all I do is I have this house around me all the time. And the king says no, he says I have to go out and

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I'm in the rain, and I travel and I'm tired. And I have to be with this guy all day long. I'm embellishing a little bit now.

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And the end he says you've got the nice life resting at home and taking it easy.

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And so one day the manager has to go out and the key decides he's had enough

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and he hops off the table and hides himself underneath the couch as the managers got to go out manager can't find the key and figures it must be somewhere so he just takes the lock and he locks the door and he runs off it's like a padlock.

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And he comes back from work

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key he doesn't have the key and so he takes a hammer and

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a pic and he smashes the lock and he breaks the lock and then he gets in to the house and he finds the key there on the table because the key had hopped out and went back on the table while he was gone and he finds the key there he says what use is this key so he takes the key and the lock and he throws them both in the trash

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and so now neither the key nor the lock has any benefit whatsoever neither in the house nor out and about So the lesson is to cooperate because without cooperating and each of our roles were pretty well worthless and garbage

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Subhanallah camminare for an hour in Mohammed did them or bandana Muslim on or Adams anymore why lesson tau one tau and how the same him for the Niger half the toffee green he said in the From this we should know the cooperating is very very important and as Muslims it's very very important for us to work together. Well good says a sign yen Hola, amigo Amana

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The second story is about being trustworthy Amana, Mr. Nicola Mohammed did that now hand over Emma Anna ha Mina Islam. He said trustworthiness is very very important and this is Islamic. This is from Islam. How's that? Qlm gabble Amir Center. This is before one this is 100 years ago this story you white, red yellow ha ha generally low. There's a man story about a man that was a he used to spy he used to sell pearls.

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Mommy Leser haghighi

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He said he asked me is this a real story is a true story. He said no. This is a story story. Is it true? I

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mean, for less Yeah. And told me a hurdler kisses ya Ruffo Mirza Tao and ever higher than a Muslim moon Mars at Tower for the higher the home has a Maqsood camminare for Allah careful. wollemi Fatah microcolumn have the main carrier column

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He's saying he's saying the story is just like the ship except for the lessons is for the lessons is what do we learn from the story he said you know that a key doesn't jump and go under a table you know that so the lesson that we get from it

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you know, Todd you're a be a lower lower,

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lower lower

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Bahadur Raju famous killer Muhammad killer and the whole why he the Binti Murphy

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wallet is a story about a man that has he buys and sells pearls and you know there's a lot of money in that but he has one problem he only has one daughter No no sons has ever seen you can atari for cooler you read the word nimasa worries all Amenti by the Cobra to dissolve What shocks your Rohilla Mozilla are lacking by then had the Mr. McCarthy well yeah Tina man

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he say he's saying you know in China the men used to want boys because the daughter when she grows up she's gonna go to another man because she's gonna go to know the man and that money that he has where it's gonna go but as a Muslim is a Muslim

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man is not Muslim. The money the man that the daughter goes to he said the man was most of you probably give the money to the masjid. Now. Why did the hell of bindi

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bindi Kabira Isla wasa montager Sana Sasha Lezama Yep, hacer la ruta. Yeah and you have the El RAS Zawada well let him manage Kebler selesa center was you'll get the why the shop yeah.

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He said that this daughter this girl she gets 16 1718 years old. She's older now so it's time to fight for her husband. But she's not she hasn't found one. It's about the senior he said that was the main reason why the shop why the shop? sure Mr. Menzel. Oh, there's a young boy that worked there from for a period of three years. That's a whole year Truffaut had Alajuela Amana has a wallet Yeoman Kino now how well hello availability at Joe's Nam there man sees it this guy this young guy he seems like a good guy maybe we'll have I'll see if this individual this young man or marry my daughter that is that tayong had that attacher printed he had a sharp masala sharp ASA never shows

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the lead seen the ILA EULA an activity yeah go law Lee. Helen Helen Ted the home ribbon to follow our cannon inside the mind let's say Mr. Kelly, Marcia.

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By then who am I a column my column now

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so the man goes to the boy he says I see this boy cause a boy to his office. This is the the trader the one that does sales pearls. He calls him to the merchant. Yeah, he calls him to his office. He says you know I like you. What do you think about my daughter? Do you like my daughter in the boys scared? Worst case? Not going to answer. He said but no, the guy will say Oh, yeah, of course. Like nowadays they'll just say yeah, yeah, hi. They said about well hello man. Can you say kinda had a tidier Fokker has a li at the shop human can let's say wafak

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Well, Alicia the sunny Kalama who SL shucks the signing Kalama had a sharply legal and a VA fog mama

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mo dear

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delta t and she didn't know so the owner the merchants you know them we dear the merchants he sees that the boys not responding so maybe the boys not interested so then the merchant tell someone else to talk to this boy the boy's name is Lee by the way this is in Chinese whose name is Lee was that a young had an integer yet the URL halili met Tabby eunuch T Martha Sonya was Sakura Bob a call Allah home SLS well hello Angie the Herban P and the VA folk warfare Ebola Canada

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Hawaii Hello us and our folk so the merchant tries one more time he calls him because of course it I'm scared I'm not gonna see I like the merchants daughter I'm scared so he called me to his office one more time. closes the door locks the door I said I'm gonna ask you one more time do you like my daughter? He said say that do this if you like her and do this if you do that if you don't So Lee what does he do? He just puts his head down. Oh yeah go low or bad animal philosophy had a kulula mo Alia

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hada neck tube as well like if he muscular warhead, l Binti here for married. Married. So he said look, if you marry my daughter, I'll give you all of my estate. I'll give you all of my money, everything but there's one issue. My daughter is sick. They're gonna Ma Ma here, Marie. Here marry the fella caller.

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He said what is it? What is her illness? The merchant says she has an illness in her heart. Because the here you

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Makino Madonna Ahmed here kinda amaro ha Asha Cena was suited to tour tutorial you are to you are to have a large ma who allege Houma Yamato alleged to be a huge the one who doesn't do so perilous and Duke module dark halophilic Jahaz here are cable Allaha toughness rear Mr. Haji Raha shame Kulu co lo Hi, I'm Tasha yo, and tell them the love affair. Sara Samaras de la ilaha Saba and UCLA and the PSA, is that Allah Kulu Hamsa Colonia Gula news. The House of N l'affaire. selesa mirage in Hoonah here at the high to high Yasha

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pastor Hardaway Shane's Rudy Manawa laughable X is a level yet remote is it look this is how you take care of her Lee he's a look there is a G has the doctor gave her a small box like a G has small box a device that every Camille hamentashen every 15 days you have to turn you have to turn this little dial safe on those three times. So relax 360 degrees three times 123 You have to do this every 15 days if you turn it the opposite way she'll she'll die here die

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Yeah, yeah go holla mom can

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because the hardest lesson Mahira truthful here later info here if you had the merit there are two computer cooler ham tertiary yo and Taylor warfare be Giambi, Yamaha Kailasa, a Yamaha Yamaha Gouda, Hollis and Bella Cobra whereby the service and what had a tachometer Wolfie hope. Burnett Capilla del Cobre home with a Wi Fi Yeah, and if it's a watch, cooler, cooler ham tertiary home has a kind of hamata who is Idaho Illa has a word of it. Beloved, equal, Hakka, Hakka Hakka Sara Murad fine, fine automata Wafi

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so is the merchant he died three years later after this so the word Kenny so we call us on Yanni he would do it every 333 times three times. So the merchants died after that three years after that. So he said hammer to hammer to muhammad shah, Mohammed.

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How am I

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Ah, so

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I'm back to

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match who I am. So the mother of the girl the mother of the girl would help him the LI but the girl doesn't know the girl doesn't know that her husband disguise is doing it all this time. He says she cannot know. She cannot know that you're doing this every 15 days get bombarded Valiquette Sarah Salawat ha ha Jeremiah's Are you two kilometer Wolfie Ella boggy has a li ma Bucky had Binti has a lovely say they have Mr. The colleague, Kala kala modular Anna Connie kinda Ferrara but the whole carnival Libby Daya Jada about the new center for your * I'm gonna do the same here. Even can tell algo hulless has married him Can I walk them into Wolfie and Nicola was broken?

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Yamaha Nana Saffer mother Narmad Hello moto Hollis.

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I knew this was gonna go

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I knew he was gonna happen. Okay.

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So so so his mother Lee, because that's married to the sick girl that has the sickness in her heart and she doesn't know that he's been doing this every 15 days.

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Her mother and father dying father already died. Right? Her mother died as well. So now Lee has been doing this for how many years? Three plus years every 15 days. He's turning the dial three times. Right. So he's in the beginning he was good. But now time is wearing out Danny so he's thinking this is kind of being a little stressful. I can marry another marry another woman right? And I have all this money anyway. And if she dies Yeah, sure. Haha Billa helluva Amana Karna Wafaa Muhammad Allah Yen's

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How are you *er Hollis. Well, hello, Mara Debbie. Gera Homer Bhatia mela Max Yeah Bill AX Amara.

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Here for crow con anima Yanni Hammadi Karna module their fee Intifada less than Maha cada LSDj again, okay. Okay. Yeah, man. It's time. Yeah, man. Yeah, my blocks Amara was semi Yeah. Mellow. Barbra Mirage Illa.

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Garza now Hey, so

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So he would.

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Yeah, so what he would do is he started today. Okay, I would do it clockwise and then I'll do once counterclockwise mirror counterclockwise. If you did it counterclockwise, what would happen? She would die. So he's doing it clockwise do a counterclockwise. He's trying to show that this is not a man. This is not a person that's being trustworthy. He's testing the limits. Now. He's saying this is not good. You know, my mother in law, you know, this is what was going on. So if I turn it clockwise, counterclockwise, he's testing the boundaries about

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how you *er last Malamud. And then I'm added to the X Homa Delaila eg Illa warfare, Yamato the X Y Heat Map Image killer is named mom's Kayla Salazar Maria Amell uj the huddle up the huddle, huddle Ebro yoti The owner

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Amanda Kearney had a title you *er either had a wallet let's say Jada or promote an episode

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killer for Amana sarahan Allah

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subhana wa meet

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since and

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so the so the shop the young boy Lee.

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It was after three months I think he said so he went to the little box. Remember his wife never knew about it. So he turned it once.

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Nothing, turned it twice.

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Nothing. Turned it for the third time. Two pins came out from it. Needles came out and poked him in the eye.

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And hey, hello.

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No, no so so the father in law the merchants he said to himself in the beginning when he made his jet, he said if my son if my son in law is really trustworthy, fine if he's not, he's going to kill himself. Hi, Jerry Binti mafia Amory, Selim

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I had no heart problem whatsoever mafia Amory.

00:22:22--> 00:22:33

Has a wallet mafia Mr. hodda. musky, there was no problem with the girl from the very beginning she had no heart problem. This is Alana, Amana cathedra, NASA mafia man

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has a muscular isa inside mafia, Amana.

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He's saying that

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you say trustworthiness is very important to us. We as Muslims, it's very important to be trustworthy. You know, if we're not trustworthy, then we haven't fulfilled the ultimate objective. So that's the story

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of what I meant to.

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Say and she also said that there's a verse in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal does not love the ones that betray trust nomina and the Sheikh said that trustworthiness and cooperation these are two basic elements that everyone needs for community needs

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you're gonna have

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no energy to I'm gonna feed websites

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okay, we want to see his work I'm asking where can we find his work if we want to we can put on the chat group this was two weeks

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ago what

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three W

00:24:17--> 00:24:38

he has a two week and um he's not gonna He's not gonna ask him to say but he has a two week seminar mashallah come starting tomorrow. We'll put it in the WhatsApp group inshallah. Again, this is calligraphy learning how to write calligraphy. This is a tree. I mean, this is a skill. You're learning. This is not someone that's Mariani. He's well known worldwide. I don't want to be full of in front and he's well known worldwide. Take my word for it

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now I'm

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Camila Sarah Sina. Limit the actual Shahada.

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Karuna kamatera

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wait to spend your time

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Are you kidding me?

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Allah Sacra bots

00:25:12--> 00:25:14

Manzini Hello net to

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on up

00:25:21--> 00:25:28

rather this this is he wrote the whole Quran in 10 months when he was in COVID He wrote the whole Quran in 10 months during COVID

00:25:30--> 00:25:34

Yes, exactly, exactly, exactly.