Ashura: A Day that divides Sunni & Shia

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The transcript describes the story of Ben and Moosa, who both gained rank after their brother Moosa lost his family. Moosa later lost her family and becomes the king. The segment also touches on the importance of trusting Islam's teachings and avoiding selfish behavior.

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The story begins quickly.

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Ben is raw, he entered Egypt initially during the time of Prophet Jews, if you're,

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you know used for sold in slavery in Egypt

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and he gained that rank

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of being the second man in command. And he was brought knees to the leadership.

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Use of if you read the end of the story, he said to his brothers, if you have will become an alcoholic jabya te da Sierra, to ni b alikoum. agma. In bring all the family to Egypt, bring Jacob Israel, he'll bring all the children of Israel into Egypt.

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The attention to this if you read surah Yusuf, you will find Allah subhanho wa Taala referencing

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or referring to the ruler to be a king, not a pharaoh.

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But meanwhile the story of Musa the ruler is a field.

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If you read the story, the ruler in Surah Yusuf is a king wacol al Malik and the king said, the scholars they say after discovering the history, the ancient history of Egypt, and this is something that I started to, by the way, the school I happen to study after they sold the Rosetta Stone, you know, the hajus Rashid de Rosa, and they were able to read, they found out that Egypt was occupied during the time of use by a power from the east

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called the horseshoes and that's when use of existed. So for the Egyptians use if and his family existed at the time of occupation, as if they help the occupier

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because use have really helped them go through the crisis of the seven years and the seven years when Egypt was liberated. The Pharaoh and his people started enslaving Benny's right come you gotta pay for that. You guys help the occupiers. So they started enslaving them,

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turning them into slaves.

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One night the pharaohs sleeps and this is by the way taken fee after after after live in our best fee soon an inner meanness a beautiful, beautiful added greedy ritual ah

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NACA Fortuna mahadi telephoto. eautiful it tells you all that story. I'm going to tell it in short because of time

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the pharaoh goes to sleep and he sees a dream of fire came from Jerusalem, entered into all the homes of the Egyptians burned me and burn the home and never entered the home of an Israeli of a Muslim man.

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So he woke up what's going on? What is this guy's they said to him? Listen, Benny Israel are talking about the birth of a child who will destroy your kingdom.

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What should I do?

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slay all of them. Kill all of them. Imagine talking about slum phobia, brothers, Muslims, Islamophobia and all the talking about Islamophobia. You know, when a woman is breckland they know what

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they have a record of them and they know when she will deliver. And when they stand by the law in that time to deliver a seat they stand by the door when they go

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in front of his mom.

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Like this.

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lobby Allah Allah Shia istockphoto if at a minimum, you'd have to have no more you're stuck in his house.

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You that

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she has she has that you then

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Subhan Allah He kept doing this four years. Now when he is trying to teach children physical world the slaves. They used to serve the Egyptians.

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So they started lacking slaves. We don't have any more people to make tea for us. And of course the people living in the country they came complaining to the pharaoh Listen, you're killing the slaves who's going to serve us? What should I do? Look at this. Look at it. Look at the scheme of things now. Alternate slay them one neat one here. Let them live one year.

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slay them one year. Let them live when you're sick chances yet. Look. Online. I love this verse. And whoever receives an email from me that's what I have in my email one more who or even Allah and what I can Allah has full control of his imagine. Here is Allah subhana wa Tada. Having moves to be born in the year he slays the children.

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By the way, how would you ever hear anything about Harun being thrown somewhere Aaron being thrown

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Because Haruna was born in the era when the children are spirit. That's why you don't hear anything about his birth and any drama because but Moosa is to be born in the eve that he's slaying the children. This is not only not only this, and new Pharaoh will bring him up for me.

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You will bring him up, and you will pay his mom to breastfeed him and you will teach him for me.

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This is the message that we get from Asha. You gotta trust Allah subhana wa Tada. And that tells you also that any oppressed nation, they have to place their focus on the next generation, on the children. You see when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, when we do and nomina Allah Latinas today fulfill Obi Wan ajala.

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Allah spoke of a baby, now mother,

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like you and me, we have to focus on our children. This is the means that children that

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Prophet Musa made

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Prophet Musa alayhis salam and Harun made against the field and the DA

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or Kala moose Musa set a banner in Mecca.

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Xena, Marlon Phil hayati, dounia. Robin.

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Robin of Masada. Um, well, he was

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basically the eyes. Yara left the Pharaoh and his people lose did was and do not allow them to believe until they die until he dies. And how did the pharaoh actually said I bear witness right? He said

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until he's about to drown.

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And now hula Illa Illa levy

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Amina Muslim, Allah said to him,

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No, too late. But this was the daughter of Musa alayhis salam wa sallam

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reliance upon Allah. Imagine the sea.

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Bani Israel arrived at the Red Sea

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and in front of them is the sea. The Pharaoh discovered their escape. And he brought while I read in one of the Athar 1,600,000 1,600,000 army

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in harsh terrain in relation to Cali Luna in de la la.

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here is very similar in Moosa. What are you gonna do? The army is right here and the sea is right here, in Nanaimo dracoon. Look, look at the reliance upon Allah. You seek the means you do your best. Your heart is connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at the confidence Moosa salatu salam had in his Lord, Allah, Allah, he said, Nay, in my era, dsid My Lord will guide me, Allah subhana wa tada commanded Musa alayhis salam to strike the sea with his staff. And that turned into a bridge, likewise, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I want to ask me something, you know, the weakest moments in the life of this religion of Islam.

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That if actually, any failure would have led to this appearance of Islam from the face of this earth. Of course, this is not the wisdom of allow the will of Allah. But what I'm trying to say is the weakest moment was the time when Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and Abu Bakr were inside the cave.

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Imagine if this believers would have captured them everything would have died, would have everything would have done.

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Imagine they were able to find their place and they stood out they stood out there very similar to that scene. Very similar to that scene. Imagine if the sea would not have turned into a bridge for many years right?

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The whole the whole story would have been what

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out of order out of shape like they say, but look, they are standing out there avak kills the Prophet says la hora de la la, la, la, la, la, la la la and imagine they are standing like this. If one of them does like this, he will see us look at the confidence like like most Yeah.

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What do you think of to Allah is the third

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Melvin Luca with naini Allahu Allah subhanaw taala who, listen, you seek the means you do your best

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Your lines on a lot, Leave it, leave it to Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the message that every Muslim must get from Ashura. Brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah will give this Dean victory one day, Allah will give this Dean victory one day. But I want to tell you something, that victory does not happen have to happen in your life. And I always say, Don't be selfish, contribute to it, plant the seed, the seed is your child. The seed is a project like this. The seed is something good that you do for the oma that can produce later on, but contribute to that victory because it will come. It will come one day, Islam will rule this world and guess who will be the ruler aisa Jesus, the son

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of morion, the Muslim one aku holy Hara was stopped for Allah Allah Allah.

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Very positive, moving forward. So panela the wisdom of Allah. The tint of Ashura happened to be the day when the grandson of the prophets are Salah Masekela

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or the Allah one, one law, we love.

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We love them dearly. We love the family of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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We love them from the depths of our hearts. But we love them the way that we're asked to love people. And we love the righteous of them, because the family

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is a family of the Prophet. So not all of them, but we love those who are righteous and pious. So it is, you know, you find people coming out and slapping yourself themselves, bleeding themselves.

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I had a very interesting conversation with one you know, and she had, by the way, I want to tell you this, she are like Christian and Jewish, we should give them the power to we should be very kind with them, giving them that we're talking to them explaining to them linear, what you need to understand this. The scholars, our machines are not good for our view of the opinion of the majority of the scholars that the scholars Yeah, because they know the truth. But the general public, they are victims of their imams of their, you know, their teachers. They deserve to receive power from you. I was talking to this individual who was talking about this slapping things and said, Okay, how

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in the world are you said for someone who's in gender?

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I don't know whether I'm going to gender or not. You don't know whether you're going to Genoa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in an authentic hadith, Al has no one who say no, say either Shabaab.

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Al Hassan, Al Poseidon will be the youth leaders. You know, like we have youth leaders here. The youth leaders Indian. Imagine it. So here you are crying, slapping yourself and doing this for someone who's in gender and you don't even know.

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And after all, this is how you should express your grief

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his own son died and he stood out there next to his beds

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and teas came out of his eyes.

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Another companion by the name of Abdul Rahman of now was standing next to him. Your rasulillah you cry now

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in a lie in

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the eyes cities. We're in this my son. This is my son. This is a natural otherwise you're not naturally not normal. We're in

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the Hargreaves Wallen

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I that tongue will not utter thing one thing that Lim will not show anything that expresses your discontent. Your dislike of Qatar Allah subhana wa Tada. This is federal law. Listen.

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Husain was killed and just unfazed but had another rule. This is what was written for him. And if we're gonna follow that sooner, what about his own father?

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How come we don't do things like this for Alibaba?

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How come you tell me how come What about automatic knife and he was killed? What about Oh?

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Come on. It doesn't make any sense. And he'll look at the message here. He is the Rasulullah saw Salah is connecting us with the Muslims. What is it 6000 years ago? 6000 years ago.

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These they come up doing these things, cursing the Sahaba talking about

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that the people of knowledge when they are asked about it to speak about it, you know what they say? This is a fitna that Allah protected our hands from indulging into it. Now I'm not going to enter my tongue into it.

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Till can fitna awesome Allahu

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Allah protect Allah does not create me at the time of

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the Sahaba for one another, we know it.

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Allah protected my hand from indulging into this. Now I'm not going to indulge my tongue into this. Another

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tilaka on Mattoon, Patara la casa de, what a comeback is up to Luna Mecca. This is a time that past they did what they did. Allah will hold them accountable for what they did. Why do I get involved into it? Why do I go out there and cry and divide the oma and Subhanallah the media? Yeah, and he draws this. A lot of Muslims By the way, do not do this, that Shia Islam is 7% of the Muslims, Shia Islam.

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When one a one 8 billion Muslims, I understand that there are other people who are out there that I'm talking about, but 75 million,

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which is 7%, let's say 10%. But look at the media as a 5050 Sony Shea 50. And whenever we go on and get asked about Sunni and Shia as if it's like 5050 and all that stuff. But again, this is a warning. Shia Muslims deserved our they deserved our if you happen to talk to one of them, talk to them about the way of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. This is the divine wisdom behind Ashura. Allahumma furlanetto Vanna White Salafi. emelina What's up with them and Ensenada? COVID cathrine Allahu Medina haka Hakuna Matata