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couldn't carry

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on he was having

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operate due to a lot of people investing, last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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This morning

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is a commentary on Sora I mean Shiraz, sola,

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which is the 95th chapter on the Quran.

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And this chapter like the one that we have been commenting on the past sections of the class session is also from the meccan period.

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As you know, or may not know, the

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period of profit

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was divided into two sections,

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the meccan period and the muddiman period, meaning that a part of the London life is spent in Mecca as a profit. We spent 13 years there. And the latter part of his life, the last 10 years he spent in Medina,

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migrated from Mecca to Medina. migration is what is known as the hedgerows.

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And this is where the calendar we talked about the Israel calendar comes from a date from the year of that migration. So,

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the prophethood is divided into two sections,

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the meccan period the first 13 years, and the Medina and here is the second 10 years. Why this decision was made was for the purpose of

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putting the laws which were revealed

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in chronological order,

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in order to be able to apply them most

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effectively, after the time of the Prophet, God's peace and blessings be upon. The Prophet didn't derive

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his profit.

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It was done by scholars in the generations that came after that said, to better understand how to apply the law. Because the revelation, the quants did not come down in one book, as it came to profit before number of departments before I came down in one check it in the case of the crime, the final revelation of God, it was revealed over that 23 years from the beginning of the prophethood, right up until the very last year of the prophets life may God's peace and blessings be upon him before it was being revealed.

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And the verses,

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much of them address

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issues which existed in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, bison and life

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in Mecca, or in Medina, which had for the most part, universal values,

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address issue which has universal by Universal in the sense that the issues which were faced by Muslims in Mecca, and by Muslims in Medina,

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some of these issues are relevant to us today.

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Those were, were addressed in Revelation,

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direct revelation which became the core of

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the final book of Revelation which was to be amongst mankind until the last day.

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The things which were specific to the time of the Prophet Muhammad May God

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will also addressed in Revelation but not in the Quranic

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things didn't have universal values. Most of those things were just addressed to direct revelation to the Prophet, Angel Gabriel,

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in which he would say certain things or do certain things to deal with the issues of the time.

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this chapter, chapter 94, is from the early

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And as you said before the Mexican chapters generally speaking, address

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the difficulties which were being faced by the delivered in Mecca. They were under a lot of pressure

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They were a minority,

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those who ruled the society were pagans, worshipping idols, who were opposed to the message of Islam, and who were trying their best to question.

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So Muslims are under a lot of pressure. So many times the verses of this period would address the problem that Muslims are facing,

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giving them advice,

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how to handle it,

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to have to stay firm holding on to Islam, and that ultimately victory is with the miniver.

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Also, these revelations address

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the oneness of Allah.

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Because this was perhaps the most significant break with the pagan practices of Mecca. They worship God

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in many different forms, whereas the final message

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as the first message from God taught, that God

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indivisible, without Father, Son,

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or any other relatives,

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but a single guy.

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So this chapter begins out there in a shape on the rajim

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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I seek refuge in a law taken

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in the name of a law is indifference, the Most Merciful.

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Prior to meeting grants,

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we are instructed in the Koran to seek refuge in Allah from Satan.

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Because the Quran

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the pure source of guidance for mankind.

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And the satanic forces

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would strive their hardest

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to stop, stop human beings, believers from benefiting from that.

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So we're instructed, Allah says local and whenever you respect to

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seek refuge in Allah

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protect us

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to ensure that you will gain the benefits of the final revelation

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alumnus Ross Nakamura

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have we not opened for you?

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the opening of the

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opening of the chat

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has both a metaphorical meaning as well as a literal

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metaphorical meaning

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a person

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when problems are removed from them.

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It is often referred to in different languages as getting things off one

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because of the fact that when problems occur, one actually feels a physical heightening of the like you feel people when they have problems. You see them always

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taking deep breaths because if they're having trouble breathing, there's a tightness in the chest