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But I really would like you to memorize the slide.

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I wish

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I can translate it into English properly and precisely.

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Hello suniti Well, Gemma

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yesterday Luna, from Maya Takeru.

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Should I say this again?

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Lucia novel Gemma.

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They seek the evidence

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that they lead, then they formulate believes and actions.

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So first they look for what

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evidence so they build up the evidence.

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And on the basis of the evidence, they see we believe in them we can do that. We cannot do that.

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Look to the contrary.

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laxer the opposite will rule however, the people who follow their desire

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the people who follow the whims of beta,

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they do the opposite. Exactly. Yeah. 30 Duna

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home bias study.

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So they build up

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a certain belief

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on false

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or Let's be polite on

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unfounded evidence.

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No foundation

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and then they look for an evidence.

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Where's the evidence for that?

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I'll cover I will arroba Lee, is that the law? He will kamisha Yeah.

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There are five foundations asuna Aldama follow five steps they follow in order to establish beliefs and actions.

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A short introduction. Allah tada

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como rasuluh. Juana Hackman.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says whatever the messenger commands you to do, do and wherever the messenger bans you from doing do not do it. Well hold on a de Sala la vida de la cima fragile email Muslim men Hadith. Mina, Chateau de la man. Marina haddam Allah salmon.

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Whoever introduces something into the religion, that was not part of the religion, it will be rejected. We'll call him me Malik Rahim, Allah kulu new

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era in Sahaja. Yoga Malik is the amount of dollar vigilante Medina. He says everyone you can say no to him. Every shave, every man, every school.

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Anybody can tell him No, this is all except Who? The one who was buried in the screen while called Eva and he said, Rahim Allah Melania Cooney oma, even Dina Fela yaku Leo Medina. If it was not a religion at the time of the Prophet and his companions, then it shouldn't be

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Dina something that is new that should not be the

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burrito selfie.

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sahab, burrito Tabby of is that a no salsa shower here they follow the following four steps.

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Number one,

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you must provide an evidence from the Koran all the authentic hadith. that's step number one.

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That's step number one.

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Can you have an evidence just from the Hadith? a masculine Can you monkey the

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monkey? Yes, you can have just an evidence from the Hadith in the Hadith

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Because the Hadith what is a revelation from Allah Subhana? Wa? Well, Angelina alayka vichara Lee to Burkina leanness so number one step number one what you must provide an evidence for the subject, you're asking me to believe in all you're asking me to do. masala Talia labuda data data sheet add a ticket

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for our

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to look at the second step here, you must combine

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all the evidence related to the subject method.

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So, there is a mention on the subject in Surah Al Baqarah you must bring the verses in sort of Mr. He must So, you must come in that had if you So, you must combine what

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all the evidence

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and you place it together. So, this is step number two, he cannot just take one evidence you may reach the wrong

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conclusion exactly you will be what manipulating the text you will be you will be taking it what what out of context to free to delille I mean CRP

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to live in a min CRT.

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I'll give you an example here.

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And this is why some of the people

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some of the Egyptians limbs they came up with the Father masa de nandina

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ello Lilia Buddha Masada douche

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why the Jews and the Christians are not performing hajj like the Muslims and he provided the evidence. What is the evidence? Whereas in finesse he

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will hygiene Yeah, to Khadija

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world left he he actually provided to evidence when he left he Allah.

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Allah inerrancy in the Arabic language, if you place the article of definition, which is what in English, the nRb What if l joins a noun? That means what coolness Hello muscle

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jelly and let's

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see what did this person do?

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This person taken? He only pleased he only took work. We haven't sold it over.

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Yeah, you have Lavina Manu enamel, mushy Kuhn nudges for

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the army him had Oh, you believe indeed the polytheists are impure.

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So they should not come near what?

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for what this person? That's why we say what we say well, you have to do what you have to combine all the evidence. And this is why anybody who comes up with a we verdict in Islam now he is taking it out of context. He's not compiling what.

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This is the art of art of research. That's ABC research. ABC research. And I tell you sometimes sometimes you can take you can take a verse from the Koran out of a context of a hadith.

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The famous verse Fox News repeats all the time.

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To Lucia kina hifu was to move the fox news in fmdq sobre la la

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shahara made it feels kill the infidels. What do you find that this verse is taken out of context? Exactly. Because there is hardly fish one and in NASA regarding the story behind this verse that tells you this, this particular command has to do with the time being

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the time being

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not something that there is work to be extended. What beyond that, because this was special circumstances and we don't have time to get to that. But this is in brief taking things out of context. So what's step number one here, we said for step number one.

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Evidence one evidence to combine all the evidence number three, you must establish the authentic

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intensity of the evidence.

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Number three, you must establish who said that this hadith is authentic. Of course the Quran is all

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authentic. But now, regarding the Hadith, who said a lot of the people who come up with these weird fatwas in Islam, they bring about what we had if

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you Bella Buddha, and descubra, man Sahaja if you tell me the Muslim,

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who do we take, but if you tell me tell me the Buddha dilemma is no magic no Hepburn, no Santa, Rosa, Abuja, Alamo city, all of these, all of these, you must provide the authority of an expert of a hadith who said this hadith is what is authentic. So this is number three. Number four, which is the most difficult and it really takes a school

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is sorting out

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the evidence. Because sometimes there is a general evidence and there is what

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Bing, I am false, there is unrestricted.

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Exactly like the one who steals What are we supposed to do with him?

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Cut off the hand, you know what the hand means inaudible yet.

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So had a Muslim. So from where is with

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the Hadith explains,

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for me, and also the Hadith explains how much and the criteria to prove that this person is guilty of theft, before you even go and do that. So you must sort out you must sort out the also there are things that abrogated in Islam

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particular cam that got swapped, lower NASA holy women, so if you have an evidence that canceled out what and existing evidence, so you must be able to understand all of this. So these are the full rules which a person must follow in Islam in order to establish let's apply this to practical time now.

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four, we said number one is provide the evidence number two,

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combined all of the number three,

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establish the authenticity of the evidence, if it is a pseudonym, number four, establish the fact that this is what it means by going through these multiple evidence on the same subject to sort out the general from the private, the restricted from the unrestricted, the abrogated from the abrogating you understand for you, let's be practical here in closing, next Tuesday, the Muslims across the globe

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are going to celebrate the birthday for

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you Matera

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Salalah. Holly,

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can you provide one of these?

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Can you provide just Can you just give three four of these provide one evidence that this happened?

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provide one, one evidence.

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No, no soon, no. Ah, man, we're gonna come next time to a what is the evidences for and we're gonna go through the agreed upon evidence and the disputed evidence? None.

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None. There is no reference whatsoever in the Quran in this room on in the practice of the Sahaba that none of them I there is a piece of document that circulating on social media which I loved reading, I don't know if you came across the four questions. Yeah. What are these questions? Can you please tell me the first question is,

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this is a quiz regarding celebrating the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so that you show that you love the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so so I will I will

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come maraca Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Medina

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How many times did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam celebrate his birthday? This is the first question.

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Tell me Sadie, this

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Question. Let's look at the next one. How many times did the Sahaba celebrate the birthday of the prophets?

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What is the other questions?

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Yeah, it's fine. Look at this.

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Is it true that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was born on the 12th of

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Falun socket and maybe you must not be allowed

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in the toilet

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and died. So Pamela Coleman and formula de Sala Lavalle I am in feed Yo,

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Bell una camisa Lola there are some of the scholars who said who was born in Ramadan. I'm Phil Babu on a Monday. There are others who said in Shabbat.

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And of course there are said who said In

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other words, this is de la deja vu Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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This is the religion of Islam

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and how we establish it and how we be saved and how we move with it. But this Hirsi and

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made up things in the religion. So Pamela

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so Pamela

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Holla Holla Holla

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cola Hello. And then I must run out of steam moon

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Sun Moon,

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sun and moon or Gemini moon the horse of the moon in Egypt and the camel of the moon so Pamela furnace Allah Subhana Allah Subhanallah

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by Dr. Nasir often

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when as

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Illa de una una una de him salani

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Jackman la hora will continue in sha Allah will * but again we're gonna build up a little bit in sha Allah to you're gonna enjoy the the algorithm that I'm gonna follow in the second lowfield also kind of alone will become the Casa de la la land. A stop to the from the delay behind me