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Ibn Hajar on Mawlid celebrations

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15 minutes, five minutes for the moon in the Dark of the Moon

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and five minutes for

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five minutes for just some I was in California and I came across a scene.

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I don't know if you ever seen that video of the woman driving her truck with horses in the back through the fire. And he was just calling upon God help me God, you know, there is a pilot in California really bad. Did you ever see that? Yeah, so inshallah, it's just related to the verses with

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the psychic and sorachi

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especially the last verse inshallah.

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So, we begin with the five minutes of the bedarf. Among

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those rumali they always mumble

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with the fact that

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palani approves of the practice. And I'm going to read to you what if No, Father Himself said,

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US law harmony.

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This is the statement of Mahajan. We know what the right you guys know who they must call or

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no one, just to show you. No one had the courage and the guts to explain Sahil Buhari after him because of the work that he did.

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Because normally, if you're going to go and produce another work,

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or repeat another work, you need to come up with work.

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So you look at his work and he just

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schoolers, they have that line there. He durata battle said

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there is no word for he's a very famous scholar, even though we

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again, like we always say, no scholar is perfect. We always have to invest my head he the infallibility, which Allah subhana wa Taala protecting what we say what we convey, was buried with the Prophet sallallahu.

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No human being is protected. You know, people could reach the wrong conclusion because of multiple reasons.

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But he said, Here is what he said regarding the big data of

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US law. I'm a little nollie DB da. So the first statement,

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the origin of the practice will normally be done. London called an ad in Minnesota soil, mineral kurunegala never been transmitted, or never been reported that any of our righteous predecessors from the first three brace generations exercise this.

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Here is the thing. Sure, well, Eric in

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this is Jani, his approval of some of the things about it. My daily cash team Allah, Allah mahasin What did they

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even do the practice itself has some

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good and some bad

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femen Taha Rafi Ahmed el mahasin, whoever makes sure that he is seeking the mahasin the good things, what the agenda

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and he is avoiding the opposite can be the attune hustler.

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And we respond to that by saying what there is no such thing. Remember the last session we said what there is no such thing what could be done. There is no such thing in Islam. We say this to hypnagogia with respect and we tell him we love you to you and we say that to him with love and respect. But without him there is no such a thing called beta hassle. Because our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used receiving the ball with cool lubic the itin Darla and

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Every single Sim, every single innovation is what is amiss guidance.

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So here is that number one. Number one.

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So we responded in the in the previous session regarding will be the AlHassan. If you remember women shatavari, JJ, Jerry, Abner Abdullah, and women's and also the story of a tarawih. You remember that right? So we don't have to go that we need to move forward, forward here. Here is another thing that we can take on it, Roger. But I really want your attention to grass this

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even with a bigger house and a lower list,

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which is one of the disputed evidence in the Sharia, as a source of legislation called a bit AlHassan lower status and that you think that this low at the discretion of the school that this is something good, this is the description of hypnagogia even that you must have an us from the Koran or us to from the sooner you understand you cannot make this Christian this conditional goals of this is proper English.

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On Bayes lists,

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you have to have

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some evidence where you can derive that is the accent from that discretion.

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So what is the foundation which Abraham

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had, ah, festing Ashura.

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ha de

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vous Ashura? ismart Galahad.

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warfare aloha Allah de Moosa workers sapitwa me it

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was amazing that Geeta Hasina, which is I'm referring to, provided that you don't know you don't work. You don't believe that the Prophet is present in that gathering. You don't believe that you don't sing you don't have mixing. Look at it now. He said we need to avoid that 100% that you could go ahead and maybe gather in the masjid and and talk about the prophet and yet without avoiding. So this is number one. Number two, on the page report. This is a bit that has no

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one asked Bluefin le ha ha de moussaka, Sakuya Nia Ashura

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II, such a mushara Moosa. He is the thing.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and others, a few disciples, when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam migrated to Medina, he found the Jews fasting

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the day of Ashura, why are you fasting?

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Well, this is the day in which a loss of China what Allah has seen Moosa and Benny is wrong in from the field.

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For sama, Lu moo shu Quran lilla.

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Moosa fasted this this day in observance of gratitude in to Allah to show that he is grateful to Allah subhana wa tada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his companions, well not know aku Salman whom we have more right to claim Moosa than them and he commanded his companions to fast that they as well.

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Where is where is it dilemma here?

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What is it Delilah, Delilah, meaning what? Allah Masha Allah you know, in any text, there is a certain word one or two words that you derive or did use the ruling from

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in that Hadith I'm asking you

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what is that what is the what in what area in this Hadees is if Mahajan deriving or deducing the premise that we could do that

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moves fast thing that they to show that he is grateful to Allah for saving Benny Sora from the field.

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So much Raji.

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It is lawful, that you show gratefulness to Allah for something that happens to you.

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By what?

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By fasting.

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By what? Bye festive. Now he said

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what are codman alojado minidoll

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fiio maynila nebby min is there in

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a loss of Hana what Allah has blessed us with the birth of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam so this is what this is about.

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This is a bounty right? This is a bounty right Shall we

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should show that we are grateful. But we have two issues here with that evidence.

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Issue number one,

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we don't know when the Prophet was born.

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You see, Ashura is known. The day fashola is what

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is known.

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But do we know when the Prophet was born? Salallahu alaihe salam. So this is number one.

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Issue number two, which is the most important thing.

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We're saying that

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we're actually with you

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that we should fast.

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Ensure gratefulness to Allah Subhana Allah for the birth the or for the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu ala, because has it been for our messenger would not be guided. So he and why do we say this? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Hadith

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Sahih Muslim, he was asked Yara Shula Allah, O Messenger of Allah, how come you fast every Monday.

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He said this is a day I was born on it.

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So here is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam observes fasting on every Monday light moves to show that he is grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for his birth, of course there is of the Hadith. Also the revelation occurred, the initial revelation occurred on a Monday to

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Wednesday Allah, Allah Allah, the beginning of the village. So this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is fasting, but what Monday we actually say that to the Muslims, instead of gathering

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and doing these things, go ahead and celebrate the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every Monday,

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four times a month. Not just one night, in the four times a month, how many Mondays in a month? Sometimes there are five Mondays

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imagine five Monday Go ahead. That's what we're saying.

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This is what we're saying what would you own this?

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He is

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he used the key is in the back

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and pay attention to this piece because it's extremely sensitive, what is the case in diabetic what is PS what is the analogy that you join a ruling of a certain method in Islam to another method will there is no ruling

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i given the example to Juma liquor and Marwan right. What is the ruling of liquor?

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haram we have a text so we have an evidence to escape it to establish that an intoxicants or liquor is what enamel hammer well baseball and softball as demolition ammunition.

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Now what is the shield aspect? lll moussaka between marijuana and liquor

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intoxication, then anything that intoxicated is Hara. So you joined our ruling to our ruling, because they have achieved what

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executes or reasoning. You cannot do this in the bed.

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That's what he said. He said, If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or musataha salatu salam legislated fasting, to show that he is grateful to Allah. Fasting is an act of worship. If we use the Ts, we can do other things like what? gathering in the masjid reciting the Quran,

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giving lectures, feeding people, so who use the key is to joy in other words, other forms of celebration. And we say to him, No, with respect to with love, that Ts is not to be used in a bag, because we don't know why we do certain things. halia Jews who halia Jews will try to kill a bear that is it permissible to use nlg. Once it comes to the event, that scholars is agreed upon this, by the way, I'm not saying that there is 100% consensus that we can there are some scholars who said Well, yeah, but the majority of the scholars said no, was Saba boo, boo, Java z. And the correct view that it is not permissible. The unknown labor that though t Yeah. Because the evaluator is sure

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of submission to Allah like, Omar when he gets the Blackstone, he said, Well, I know you don't know. I don't understand why I'm kissing you. Right?

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That's what he said when he gets the Blackstone. He's saying, I have no no you don't benefit you don't harm I don't understand, but I am doing this out of out of submission and the statement of the law and when he said well, when he said if the religion or the rituals in Islam that a bear that in Islam is on the basis of analogy, then why being on the bottom of the feet when you do tell your mom or when you do math, I'm sorry, then the Salah is more reason more work makes more sense than what you know when you're wearing the socks and you will not be here

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but you're walking with what is the dirt.

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But this is what

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Ellen Lee about that was the Abdullah subhana wa Taala and here is some of the things pile up a full Islam can

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mean fuqaha lol howdy yaku Luna. And us la fille a bear that it otif fell.

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Ill Masha Allah subhana wa Taala only a lot of fun. And if you open that gate by the way, if you open the door

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that's the door of what

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is here this

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Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at one time when he wasn't

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one of the women said My father died

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or my mother died. I can't remember the Hadees and she did not perform Hajj. But I know that this is what I should do.

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Should I fast? Should I perform Hajj on her behalf?

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Should I go ahead?

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Now if you're going to use analogy,

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what can you do? isn't such a form of worship? What can you do that means you can make up the Salah for them. So

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you're getting it

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like in the lab and as long as there is what there is an evidence that the issue of the Quran Hannah the people who you know who find us regarding sitting in the masjid and making that without people reciting the Quran. You know, having the each one has the juice of the Quran and they gather and they say when reciting the Quran for the disease. They use what they use analogy. They say listen if we can make dua for them, if we use analogy, there is an act of worship reciting the Quran is an echo for you. So we join this with this this is what is the difference are no no, this opens what opens the gates of misguidance. Then we say to the brothers who are pro moonlit and they mumble with

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a name like if muhajirs Kalani. This is how we responded if no one is asking you to fast the day of the birth on which the Prophet was born. Now we don't know which day but we know that it was Monday. Go ahead and fast every Monday throughout the year. That's what we're telling you insha Allah jazak local network. I think we'll stop here in sha Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Hello and

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welcome to the lady behind me.

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Oh, Thanksgiving.

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Yeah, what about this can we do tomorrow Thanksgiving special deal tomorrow.

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Thanksgiving tomorrow on Sharla Mila What about that? jack ma Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.