Ramadan Series Day 21 – The Month of Silence

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu the 21st name of Ramadan Subhan Allah and we are day 21

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The month of silence Shabbat have some and fasting is

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related to talking Subhan Allah and Allah He was the word fasting soul in the Quran when a Seder Miriam came to her

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family or to her people after she delivered Seder Isa and T neysa taught her that either

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without even monitoring them they actually are hidden for only a minute or two euro of money. Salma. This is a sort of summary of Chapter Chapter Maria say nicer taught.

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See the Miriam that when you come to your family, right? If you see anybody say I am fasting, fasting, I'm not going to be talking. So one of the meanings of fasting is actually silence because we are withholding fasting is you withhold haps and you stop yourself from doing something. So I'm not eating and fasting from food. I am not talking and fasting from talk. Why you're a Milan shuttle summed because the whole aim of Ramadan at the end of it, as we learned from day one is to reach the core to be Allah conscious. Yeah, you already know I'm an acquity body Kumasi on fasting has been prescribed and upon you come up with a valid living among publikum as it was prescribed on the

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people before you land.

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So you may achieve taqwa and what is stuck with Allah conscious and what is the law conscious that I see or do or don't say and don't do anything but pleasing to Allah.

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So, part of my reaching taqwa is what I say or don't say, is pleasing to Allah. And Allah Swati siteworx said, I'm taught us in a hadith that is in the 14 hour ways men can no biLlahi while your meal after whosoever believes in a long day of dismal failure, call higher and let them say good or stay quiet.

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So fasting, the month of fasting, meaning, what I say or don't say, is part of beautifying my faith and beautifying my fasting when I deliver my fasting to Allah pantalla is not the only I did not eat from this time to this time, that's external, but as we have been learning daily is how to beautify my fast in actions by doing things pleasing to Allah staying away from things that doesn't, please to Allah. And Allah saw the start was from tortoise men, kana, Yamuna, Billa whomsoever, believe in a law and the Day of Judgment, meaning their faith is perfect. Part of perfecting my faith is a local hire on lets him she or he say good, or stay quiet.

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So, staying quiet, less talk is a virtue in Islam. Because the more I talk, the more I make mistakes. And the more I make mistakes, the more I sin, say no more said that. Men keturah kalamalka follows akba also over talk too much, they will, they will make mistakes and those who makes mistakes they will send. So what is good, what do I say? And a lot explain that in a verse in Surah Nisa, nahi, Rafi, Catherine, Nigel, there is not. There isn't much goodness in what they speak Nigeria is when people speak between themselves. In Lamin Amara. We saw the party except that person that talk is enjoying helping

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calling charity

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Oh my god, or something good well known goodness. For example, if I say to, to my child, and I am going to say don't say it this way. It's better if you said that this way. That's my hope that's goodness. Or if I am going to say when you walk in the street and you are walking you're the first person to stay start the greeting that's my roof. That's goodness, man, Mr. Mr. Cotton. Oh my Wolfie, our slang been a nurse. What I say bring people together, hearts together. For the husband and a wife, siblings, friends. That's what I say. All the time, will be written by my right Angel. Because Allah said that in sort of manual filming out, he or she does not utter a word. He learned

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the hero table and it there is rocky

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Bennati watchful and strong these are the angels they are writing that's pleasing to Allah, the right angel or write it it's not pleasing to Allah the left will write it. What does that teaches me as I am at hamdulillah 21 days now, I am able not to eat not to drink for that long time pleasing to Allah with it train my tongue. speech is part of Ibadan its action and Eman is not only something I believe in it a man is what I do. And talking his work is action.

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And that can be pleasing to Allah or not pleasing to Allah as as Swati Sato Sam torsade Nemo second, let's call them Okay, um, why May your mother know more knew? What else will put people in the Hellfire? Or what other What? Other than? What what will put the people faces in the Hellfire other than the harvest of their tongue? What we say? matter as we say it in mundane talk, words, talk. Words matter. I need to train myself that before it comes out from my tongue goes through the lens. Is it pleasing to Allah? Is it good? Is it going to bring goodness otherwise, stay silent. That's what he said. Men can do when you're below he will he will also have unbelieving a law and the Day

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of Judgment. Let's let them say good, or stay quiet. Even with non Muslims. I say something that's good. That will make people feel better without lying. teach somebody something, something good that people will love when I am with them, that they say everything coming out of his mouth or her mouth is going to be goodness she doesn't hurt with her tongue.

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As Charlene sautoir salaam was asked about a woman who she fasted during the day and stay up in the night in Salah. But she hurts her neighbors and hurts the neighbors with words. And he said she's unhappy. No, she's in the hellfire. The words counts and words can get me to Jana. And what is what I gather without can lead me to the hellfire. Let us train that what we speak what we say. As we teach our children. We teach ourselves also that when I speak, do I have to say it? Can I stay quiet and instead is what I am saying. pleasing to Allah or not your ally Luna? Y'all be teachers that everything we speak. Everything we say pleases you imagine if every word we speak, pleases Allah.

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