3 Benefits from Surat Al-Fatihah #2

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Khoushu II

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The transcript describes a series of conversations between two individuals, including a man named Chaitanya and a woman named Maliki. Chaitanya claims to have failed a distraction situation and talks about a woman named Maliki who is being criticized. The transcript uses various examples and references to the Koran, including a woman named Maliki who claims to have been a mother and a woman named Maliki who claims to have been a father. The straight path concept is also discussed, and listeners are encouraged to use it as a guide to achieving their goals.

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In the

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mother who want to study or want to start from

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when I was a bit lacking in Sheree fusina one se tr Marina

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de la Hoefler mobila

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woman up lil feller her de la

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y shadow, Isla de la la de vous la sharika y shadow Mohammedan Abu who will rasuluh My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I welcome you once again to the series glimpses from Surah Al Fatiha

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three benefits,

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we plan to

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get out of this extremely important chapter

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Salatu Fatiha

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This is part two.

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And last session if you recall,

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we spoke about the

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significance of understanding the meanings of Surah Fatiha in order to develop horseshoe or

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what is for sure. A state of the heart

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which is manifested

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in the outwards part of the body. The limbs, you're looking with your prostrating, you're not distracted by the people around you. And your heart is completely engaged in the process of the Salah.

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And this is a challenge brothers and sisters in Islam.

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I mean a famous story which read in the books.

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A meme of your hanifa Rahim Allah A man came to him and he said the Imam. I can keep mice. Sorry, he placed some

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treasure someplace and and he forgot where he

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placed it.

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And, you know, he's trying to find out where the trigger is. So the man said to him, listen, you know, I don't deal with that. This is an aside issue that you just try to remember something. But I gave you

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something that you could do. You know, can you try this? Just go tonight and intend in your heart that you will observe the hedra tonight is going to pray all night tonight.

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Right? So he went and he made Hulu and he's about to engage in Salatu tahajjud Allahu Akbar.

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The story reads that the person immediately got reminded by shaitan Of course, we're the treasure is he did not even complete the Salah he ran and he found the treasure where the thought came to him from shaitan.

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And this is assigned by the way I mean a lot of the brothers and a lot of the sisters may complain about having worse worse coffee especially the people who suffer from the

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the whispers which they found they find themselves into it without even them wanting it or initiating it. By all the sudden they are praying and they realizing man I'm not thinking about the Salah what I'm thinking about he actually got taken or she got taken completely by the the thought this is a sign actually the trade plan is after you That means you have some

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essence of Joe Hayden. You have some thing that shaitan Mollison shaitan normally wants us to be disbelievers if he doesn't succeed.

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He wants us to engage and indulge in innovations. If he doesn't succeed there.

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Then he wants us to engage and indulge in committing major sins. And if it doesn't succeed, they're minor sins and if he doesn't succeed there, look at this. He distracts and spoils what you're trying to do.

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There are other levels that can be added to this, but just to get to the

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The point here for it's a good sign that Masha Allah Chaitanya is has failed and the other issue is but again in fact he is here to help you imagine you're conversing you're having a conversation with a mod subhana wa tada when you recite certain Fatiha when you say Alhamdulillah Europe didn't mean pause, pause Wait, wait. Allah will say what hamadani Abdi, my sleeve has braised me

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a rough manual Rafi. Pause, pass. Listen, Allah, Allah, Allah is going to talk to you, Allah speak to you. As now Allah yahoodi my slave has exalted me glorified me,

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Maliki a woman be imagine this imagine this Maliki omit the Wait, wait, Allah is gonna say something. I was gonna say something. But listen to it with your heart.

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Feel it? Allah will say well, magetta Nia RBD for water, la RBD. My sleep has magnified glorified me my sleeve has

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placed all his

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into my

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control into my, you know, I'll take care of that.

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Then, so imagine the first three verses which you recited, that's the first half which belong to Allah subhana wa, which belongs to Allah subhana wa. You braised Allah.

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And this is by the way, how you should make dua, how you should meet

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at one time you heard one of his companions making dua and he immediately requested things from Allah. They said this person is hasty. You should start with braising Allah saying Al Hamdulillah. Right, saying Al Hamdulillah. And then seeing more raises to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then of course, send Salawat a salam wa sallam blessings and and greetings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one who told us all of this, then you ask, then you ask. So imagine you started the first half of evatik. Raising Allah subhana wa Taala. You created me, you made me, you taking care of me. And and you're merciful. You're you're incredibly

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merciful to me. And I'm, you know, I'm hoping in the Day of Judgment, you will take care of me.

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And then you request

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the new request. So what are you requesting here? He can now boo, he ganas de

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la la. Imagine there is a school or coastal hazard in basally? And the answer is good at V. shore I believe a man and a man will be happy. And also have been I believe, if I'm not mistaken,

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that Allah subhana wa Taala revealed 104 books.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala some, all the knowledge in these 104 books into three books

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that are the sons of the woods and the gospel of Jesus that are of Musa, the sons of David, and the gospel of Prophet in June asrt, his Salah, then, Allah subhanho wa Taala summed up all the knowledge in these three books into the Quran.

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So all the knowledge revealed in these three books are in the Quran. Good, follow me. Then Allah subhana wa Taala summed up all the knowledge of the Quran. In fact,

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that is why we sell Fatiha is the mother of the book, meaning every chapter of the Koran explained something in in Fatiha

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look Allah subhana wa Tada. You see this, you see this but let me finish that statement of hustle and bustle before I go there. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala summed up all the full Fatiha into that verse, he cannot

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he cannot study the alone we worship the alone we need to heal to worship you. We can do it in our own. Imagine that means if you understand a yak and Buddha Yak anestine you will understand the 140 books you will understand

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of the Quran you will understand that our others are born they

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imagine this yeah can I Buddha? Yeah Can Stein is a summary of all of this

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just an example that

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all the chapters of the Quran explain something in Surah Al Fatiha look when Allah subhana wa Taala tells you when you ask Allah subhana wa Taala yeah can I do what he can to study? If you didn't know Surat Al Mustafa and Goddess the straight path. So Alta Latina nom de la Marina ma boo boo

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hoo are those viral Mahabharata you benissa

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they had the knowledge and they did not act upon it, one of board lean and nasaga the Christians, they acted without knowledge. Surah tillbaka explains Benny Surah Al, the first section which is the Jews, and so that Allah Milan explains the second section which is about

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the Christians

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and you can go on like this.

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When you say he cannot Buddha yaquina starin, Allah subhana wa tada will say, look at this, look at this.

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beanie, Wahby nada de

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la, this is between me and my sleeve, and my sleeve will get what he's asking for. Can you imagine having that conversation in the salon, you still need to think about the soccer game, you still need to think about the football game. You still need to think about this and that and this and that and this and that. Now

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imagine if you're standing in front of someone that you care for someone whom you love.

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There is a for the names and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala are extremely important that Allah hears you. Allah talks back to you. Should you be distracted? A year cannot Buddha? Yeah, can I stay in Allah will say this is between me on my sleeve.

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I know that my sleeve wants to submit to me.

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And it's really hard. It's difficult. The one who's gripping on that concept of submission now is like someone who's gripping on a piece of fire, especially at this time. That's why he's saying help me. I'm going to help him. Imagine this. I'm going to help him. I'm going to help my sleeve. I'm going to give him the help that he needs. yakka nabooda Yeah, can I stay I can do it in my own. I cannot do it on my own. So what do you want in a cell autonomous study

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guide me to the straight path guide make your way. So often Medina and um Dalai Lama irremovable, Gary mala ball lien name. Imagine this. Brothers and sisters in Islam, this is between me and my slave, and my slave will get what he is looking for. While you have the master.

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This is how brothers and sisters in Islam we should treat the Fatiha in the Salah. It will help us develop the horseshoe on the state of the heart and the limbs when we pray, does that Momo hayleigh in sha Allah. next session, we'll talk about the essence of the 104 books, the essence of the three books, the essence of the Quran, and the essence of Al Fatiha in that verse, yak and now what you're gonna study, we're going to talk about it. So hate the total Fatiha is a foundation for the hate. And what does it mean to hate? And how can we understand that? Why does that go along?

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haniel and use of scurfy waddingham salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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the cycle of fitness alanya Dr. geneon We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us all to the straight path. And I want to say jack will not fail and

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Stockton California I really enjoyed my visit very much a I'm still thinking about you. So Panama. inshallah May Allah subhanho wa Taala unite as always

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on the truth and to guide us Europe anatomy. And may Allah Subhana Allah bless your community. Mr. Leeman in Stockton, California.

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Good initiative dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Does echo Hello.

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I love you all for the sake of Allah.

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