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In the

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middle who want to stay in or who want to stop show?

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When are we lacking in Sharon? fusina one in a year. Amina

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by the law who follow Malala Why am I telling her do

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what she had to Allah Illa la voix de vous la sharika wa shadow Mohammedan abacha who was fooled by the respective brothers and sisters in Islam, we welcome you once again to a live broadcast. Today inshallah, we will address the series three benefits from Serato Fatiha. And we already covered two parts. And today is part three.

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we addressed the issue of developing

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formulating horseshoe and de Sala

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and the fact that Sora 231 is basically a conversation between Allah subhana wa Taala and us and when we focus on this, hopefully this will bring about for sure the light on

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the second benefit, which I want to address hopefully today and the next live broadcast is simply about the subject of tawheed brothers and sisters in Islam.

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But before I go there

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Surah 231 of its name is the incantation waqia iPhone araucaria

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the one that is used for the purpose of Nokia. And the scholars used Hadith I decided to do the last one is

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very, when a group of companions suffer roofie suffering. They traveled and they passed by most probably according to the some of the scholars of Hadith by a non Muslim

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tribe, are tribe they will not Muslims, and the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they requested hospitality and hospitality was a will know when trade in the Arabia and imagine they refuse to give them hospitality meaning food and water basically.

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And so Panama, the head of the tribe got stung by a scorpion, and he's about to die and they tried everything that they would do for his case. Canada fille de fossa, Ola, who will be equally shy in Lyon salvucci when they tried everything to cure him and nothing was working.

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So they said to one another, why don't we lay low at a tomb? How old rusty alladhina nessa Lu, La La Jolla Kona in the bathtub the him say

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to him, why don't we go to the Arabs who stopped by us and we refuse to give them hospitality maybe they will help us. And somehow nomadic companions express their

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discontentment with the hospitality side of the visit. He said the card is sort of napkin fallen to the foreigner. We asked you to you know, give us some food and water and you refuse to do that. And here you are.

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You know wanting us to help your your your leader who is about to die. We're not going to do it unless you give us some

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a flock of sheep basically a flock of animals. They agreed. So Pamela they went one of them went and he recited al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Surah Al Fatiha imagine this person fekir and NEMA. No Shilpa min a call as if he was a camel, which was tight and he stood up as if nothing wrong with them and they given him the flock of sheep. They refuse to

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disagree distribute it amongst them and until they go back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is always brothers and sisters in Islam the attribute of the companions

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Not to do something on their own without asking the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and finally also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, what are you darica and Rukia? How did you know that Serato Fatiha is autopia is incantation is something that you know that can cure and give you a que la sabaton. It is autopia salatu salam Salam approve, you'll notice something in this hadith so sort of refer to one of his name or raffia the incantation and that is why if you want to give someone Rokia, we should always begin with surah to Fatiha.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. Notice here that most probably according to some of the scholars that those people who are not Muslims,

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so here is the incantation may benefit almost a non Muslim and especially if you do it from the

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the approach of getting down. You know, if a non Muslim knows that, Mashallah, in Islam, there is some healing and pure force, specially spiritual diseases, this may be a good attraction for them to accept Islam, this is one number two, the companion one to recite some Quran and the first thing that came into his head was, you know, sort of the Fatiha So, because all of the Quran is autopia but sort of refer to has some emphasis. Why? Because of the second benefit because of the weight. That is why it's the greatest chapter in Islam, because of the heath brothers and sisters in Islam. And this is why

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it has an imbecile he made that statement and the author is compiled the pseudonym enamel they have been featured in and

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he said, Angela Lovell matter what are Baraka kita Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed 104 books jumia teeth lf

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the knowledge which was revealed in the 104 books were summed up in three books azubu at Tara Injeel, or Tara azabu. And in G the three books which was given to Prophet Musa then prophet that would then Prophet

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Isa alayhi wa salatu wa sallam then what? So mudroom he had the he didn't those three books were compiled in the Quran, or summed up in the Quran. So they were summed up in the Quran. So the Quran then what? What Juma Al Quran, Phil Fatiha and all the knowledge in the whole Quran was summed up in Al Fatiha

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keep up with me. So 104 down to three down into the Quran the three is the Torah in Gila boo, then down into under Quran then the whole Quran was summed up in Surah Al Fatiha so if you know total Fatiha, that means you know what the 104 books

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and look at it, look at it look at it that look at it now. And all you have was summed up in one verse which is the backbone of solar In fact, a year cannot boot. What yakka nesta you v alone we will ship v alone we seek help in order to worship Allah subhanahu wa tada in order to worship You, Lynn, Heather,

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why you're going up with what you're going to stain brothers and sisters in Islam. Because this is the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala created all of us. This is the purpose behind our creation one Mahalo to Jean Noel INSA Illa Allah Lia abodo

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So you notice that Surah 230 has also kind of explained how can you achieve the heat

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you see that he has two categories. Of course, some scholars may use three. They normally say the heat over movie, the Hebrew smell of sifat or the hidden movie, but I just want to sum up you know, I want to break it down into two which is what knowing who Allah is.

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And then knowing how to worship Allah Allah.

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Allah Al mobiler

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while Amanullah

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Imagine that that's what the eight is all about.

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A little movie let you know who Allah is, who Allah is, and then what you want to work for Allah Surah Fatiha imagine this before he can about what he can sustain which is you requesting to worship Allah alone and you want a lot to help you in doing this. It introduced to you so Ratan Fatiha who Elias

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and handled in Europe Beloved, I mean, he's horrible, and I mean, the hatorah movie,

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because some of the scholars they break down the hate into three categories. They say category one is the hidden UI, the Lordship of Allah, meaning that Allah is the Creator, the Sovereign, the owner, the notary should the one who noticed is the one who causes life gives life The one who causes death, the one who benefit the one who causes harm permits harm,

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to fall and to take place and to happen. So this is all lordship of Allah subhanaw taala you must believe that you must believe that only unlock and do this only Allah singled out none of the created can do any of this. Look at this. Allah who Levine Han of Cancun, Allah is the one who created you.

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So Maharaja kokoon

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then he provided for you, he given you the body, the knowledge he provided the characters, even having a good character is there is a provision from Allah some manual me to come there is gonna cause you to die from my office he come and then he will raise you up again.

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Halloween Shoraka equal manufacturing value come and say any of the associates you set as rivals with a luck and do any of this nobody.

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You see sort of the Fatiha it reduced Allah subhanho wa Taala to you, beginning with the Lordship, which is the most important thing that Allah created when you sell hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen all breeze belong exclusively to Allah because he is the sole creator Alhamdulillah all of this is under a small law hence the name of Allah, the creator of the server, he owns, he owns he provides the nourisher and up Eli let me then look at this another type of the heat which falls under the knowledge of Allah knowing who Allah is isn't as smart was the fact that you know the names and the attributes of Allah. Allah manual, Rafi Malik Yomi Diem, imagine this all of this. So somehow the

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surah begins with introducing the who Allah is to you, who Allah is to you. And then this normally must lead you to single out Allah subhana wa tada Allah with your action. That is why you must say with a loud voice, he cannot vote only you I want to use only you I know I want to I don't want to worship anyone else or any associates with you. Yeah, can I Buddha yakka nastain and guide me to that a dinner salata Alma study. That is why brothers and sisters in Islam Surah

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Fatiha provides the heed. inshallah I want to make this short video later on. We'll continue the three benefits from solar that had another life podcast, we will continue more.

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You know, talking about that second benefit, which is how Salatu Fatiha is the backbone of the heat. And everything was

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you know, included in that one verse economic what you're going to stay in the Sacramento Hello Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi tato market