The Qur’an’s take on Palestine

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And our family and friends that have said that we feel as if the Quran is being revealed upon this at this very hour. We feel as if Allah Jalla Jalla who is speaking to us today, we feel as if we are reciting the verses of the Quran for the first time in our lives, and that is what we go to when we are sad. And that is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam would say in his dua to our husband, the the dua of grief, part of what he would say is a Dejagah is Khurana br Can I ask you Oh Allah that you make the Quran the spring of my heart will know what I saw and the light of my chest, which Allah Hosni and the departure of my sorrow while the herb of me and the release from

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migration, Quran, oh Allah make the Quran that thing that releases me from my pain. So let us ask the question, is the Quran present? I say the Quran is active today unless the Quran is commenting on the events of Gaza. The Quran is conceptualizing and encouraging, persuading and raising morale knuckle Annie's threatening and warning and promising. The Quran is reassuring and affirming and correcting and guiding and advising the Quran is speaking to us at this very hour in the desert and elsewhere. You will say to me how, let me explain. You will ask the question, how do they see us? Are we deserving of this barbarity? How do they see us? How do they view us the whole answers, and

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it says the only can be unknown called Oleg Salah interviewed Amina Sabine. That is because they said there is no sin. There's no blame upon us with respect to what we do to the Gentiles. That's how they see us. So long before AI will Gallant, the defense minister of Israel II said that we are dealing with any human animals and we're going to treat them accordingly. No water, no food, no electricity. You remember those words? Why are you shocked up? I'm told you about that many years ago, you will ask the question. So how should we see ourselves? That's how they see it? Is how they see us How should I view myself? Or I'm answers. He says, well, either he know Allah doesn't know

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and Tamil alone are in control mode, meaning don't feel weak. Don't be saddened whilst you are the superior ones, if you have an interest, and the answer is well, you know how to while you're also really well I mean, all pride and dignity belongs to Allah, His messenger and the believers the Quran answers in the Levina M and wham you know, slightly How do you go home how you will marry those who believe they have imagined and they do good deeds. They are the finest of all creation allotted. That's the answer from you will ask the question. They have deceived us. They've come by way of see and by land. The Americans have sent an aircraft carrier from every one of the corners of

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Gaza. There is a member of the IDF has any other community experience something like this, the Quran enhances is

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from people when they came from above you were mean as well. I mean, come and they came from beneath you. What is upside on your eyes grew wild? Well, beloved kulula 100 and your hearts reached your throats in fear. What are we known Avila hills valonna. And some Muslims began to have a doubt about Allah Almighty who now Alec that our OB truly will not be known the believers were tested was ulusal Shalida and they were shaken Almighty shaking. The people of us that are being shaken are mighty shaking, you will say how should we react when we see this confederate to these alliances? How should we react? It's terrifying. The Quran answers will Amara me know that when the believers saw

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the Alliance's God, they said had our Mao had and Allah who was so this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us that MUFA zero and they say Allah and His Messenger have promised this difficulty in the life of Israel. Allah Almighty has promised us that you can intergender without being tested with your email. So when they saw the Alliance's, they said this is what Allah and His Messenger from estas while Sadak Allahu wa rasool Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth when those Domina Eman and what this Lima and that alliance only increased the believers in Iman and submission to Allah subhana wa Tada. You will say but the pain is enormous. You will say I have seen scenes

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that have kept me awake at night. I have seen more gore and blood and torn apart children and women than I have seen all my life the pain is so much already the only one suffering and miss the Quran answers whatever he needs me to call me in the pneumonia in Lemoore Nicola, if you are suffering than they are suffering as well if you are in pain the know that they are going through pain as well the difference what type of June I mean Allah Hema your June but you have hopes and things that they don't hope for. You hope for Jana, you hope for the forgiveness of Allah you hoped to be established on the land you hope to be pleased Allah to be pleased with you. They don't hope in any of these

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things. What kind of Allah who aren't even Hakima and Allah is Knowing and wise, how the Quran is active.

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Rouhani is present, the Quran is involved, but who will recite the book of Allah with the double contemplation and who will find make his or her comfort the book of Allah Almighty during this time, you will say but what can I do in all of this? The Quran answers in some sort of lie and solocom If you give victory to Allah, if you support his religion, Allah Almighty will support you, you will say what can I do? What kind of a boo Komodo only a statue block from your Lord said call upon me and I will answer your DUA. What can I do the Quran answers and may ug, will Matera EDA da What about you who answers the grief struck when he calls upon him? Why actually was so and he removes

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difficulty or the alcohol and he makes you inheritors on the land at 11 Allah is there a God who does this other than Allah? You ask them the question, how do I make sense of this mess? Are there wisdoms behind what is happening on the prolonging of the suffering? The Quran answers yes plenty wisdoms. At least five a Quran says countered me would indicate a Yamanaka we do have a nurse the day is around that we alternate between people when he Allah Mala Hoon Davina, so that Allah may make evident the true believers. Where does he then come shahada and so that he may choose from you? Mater's? Well Hola Hola, yo headbutt Vani mean and Allah does not like the wrongdoing people whether

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you met his hola hola Dena Armando and so that Allah may purify the ranks of the believers. Clean it from the hypocrites Why am hackled carefree in and so that he may take away the unbelieving people? I saved them and the cool agenda Did you think that you were going to enter Jannah? While I'm nya Allah Mila, who let the energy go by Allah Mousavian before Allah was to make clear who are the patient amongst you, and who are those who are striving in His path? There is wisdom in what is happening, then you will ask the question, I'm on the verge of despairing I feel like I want to give up and I am ashamed some of you will say of saying this was our Palestinian brothers and sisters who

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are on the receiving end of all of this have not given up but I feel like despairing you will say here in the comfort of my own home. How does the Quran address this?

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The Quran answers and they said had either state as a result, when the calamity became so severe that even the messengers were on the verge of despairing, well then no unknown kodoku and the followers of the messengers thought that they had been told a lie Jah that is when the victory of Allah came during that dark hour when you couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Allah said that's when the victory of Allah arrived for non GM inertia, and we saved whoever we will. While you will not do that sooner on your local minima. Julian and our punishment is never averted from the evil people. Finally, you will ask the question, where is the victory of Allah? Is it not

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that the Imams are saying oh Allah give us the victory that you have promised? Oh Allah nasaka The Allahu Manasa calorie what give us the victory that you have promised? Where is the victory of Allah? The Quran answers Allah international law Hikari the victory of Allah is always near. The victory of Allah is always near is always near, meaning that the victory of Allah does not move. The victory of Allah is static is stationed in one place. It's hanging low waiting for the Muslims to pick it up when they want it. Here is the victory of Allah there. Can you see it? It's there. And we are here through the decisions that we make as Muslims, our public and private behavior, our

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businesses, our transactions, our DMing our tick talking and the rest of it through our behavior, our salah, our hijab, our relationship with our families, we move closer to the victory of Allah or we move further away from the victory of Allah but the victory of Allah is not more where is it? Allah so I've got a button here. So we choose how long we want to make the suffering of the OMA prolong, or how soon are we want to summarize this process through the visit decisions that we make. Do you see how the Quran speaks to us how it interacts with us, make this a new page in your relationship with the book of Allah Subhana Allah