Sudden Death

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Sudden Death

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in Arabic it's called mouth Alpha.

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Mouth Alpha. Sudden Death. Sudden Death is

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someone slept and never woke up.

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Someone left the house, get into a car accident and died

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someone drowned suddenly someone

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got an accident and

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what wall fallen him sudden death.

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Many people

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think that sudden death is something bad, something evil

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they heard that there are some a hadith

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that Rasul Allah is seldom sought refuge from sudden death.

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There's a hadith that also as I said, and said, or him, made this the either he sought refuge from seven deaths. And one of them is Mohammed Al Fajr. But this hadith, and

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the majority of that hadith,

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about the Sierra from motel Fajr are weak. The majority of the LMS at this hadith are very weak Hadith. And there is no as the other from motel Fajr. Because motel Fajr, sudden death depends, it varies. It's a case by case.

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Like I showed the Allahu anha she said no till rock Fatone Bill McMann. We're so fun. Alan foger.

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The sudden death is mercy to the believer and regretful for the wicked.

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So if a person was

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doing his best to obey Allah azza wa jal, and living and practicing Islam, and all of a sudden he died suddenly, Allahu Akbar, he saved all the you know, the hardship of death, going to the hospital staying three four months and all the pain on the family that's a Rama for that person. But a person who is suffering and is struggling with his a bad diet and not even obeying Allah subhana wa Tada and suddenly death came to him that's a that's a tragedy

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for someone masala and he was salam told us that this sudden death

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when it becomes prevalent, and which is Subhan Allah and this is what brought up this topic. Brother from New York called me you know, brother so and so said, yeah, 43 years old, he slept he did not wake up. That's what reminded me Subhan Allah, Allah have mercy on him.

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As soon as I set him said when it becomes prevalent, it's a sign

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of the Day of Judgment is getting closer. One of the signs of the Day of Judgment is getting closer is that many people are dying southern death just like that. He was with us yesterday he was with me, God

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how can we

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prepare ourselves for sudden death? Right What should we do few things in sha Allah Tala. Number one Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to have the rasiya your will ready all the time.

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Because in general, the human being he is always very hopeful. I'm still younger. I'm doing this. I'm doing that in 10 years. I'm doing there and I'm going here. I'm retiring in there. have the car ready and the Hadith isn't Bukhari and Muslim that you should check up on your rasiya every two nights. What does that mean? That means Yanni I wrote down on my will, I have an apartment so and so.

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Then I sold it, checkup take that out. I

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borrowed money from so and so on. I paid it off already. Make sure you take it out. I lent somebody some money. And he paid it off. Take it out so frequently. Keep checking on your will. So that shows that Hamdulillah I am ready If death comes. Second.

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Frequent Tober

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always make Toba always ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive you. And like we said many many times before many people think that tilba is only for the sinners. But Allah azza wa jal, he told the believers Yeah, you have levena Ave Tubu in Allah. Oh, who you believe? Do toe baton

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luck to Allah He Jamie and a Johan noon. Repent, do Toba to Allah, all of you believers.

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And like we always repeat the minute you think that you do not need a toga. You need to tell them from that thought.

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So we constantly make Toba and keep in mind that Rasulullah sallallahu said, The Toba is always valid until Subhanallah we're talking about sudden death until you get to hell.

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you're Allah, he's about to die say that I repent now too late. In native to land, it's too late.

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And third,

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axial women victory La ilaha illAllah.

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Always Yeah, one Subhanallah very light on the tongue. Very rewarding. Now era heilala all the time. Because we know that men cannot occur Calam Houda Ilaha illa Allah the halal Jana whomsoever is last words of Allah, Allah Allah Allah he will enter Jannah so constantly remember now Ilaha illa Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah all the time, all the time. Make it a habit. Make it a habit to say the word La ilaha illallah and Rasool Allah say salam, the Hadith had been measured, he said

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La ilaha illallah wa la Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa de la ilaha illa Allah and Asha de que la La Ilaha illa Allah Allah Homolka Allah al hunt La ilaha illallah wa ala how La Quwata illa biLlah those five they all start with La ilaha illallah you just change the last word or so as I said and said listen carefully are one anybody who wants them please let me know. I'm sure other men Rosie Kahuna man Rosie Kahuna.

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Look at this source SLM called at the risk. He called it a risk. Min Ruzicka Hana and the multi he lent him a sonar. Whomsoever says them.

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On his deathbed, the NAR the Hellfire will not touched him.

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But how he's going to say them if it was sudden death by constantly repeating them. Anytime you have an opportunity. Allahu Allahu Akbar.

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Allah Wa, la la la la, la, la la la,

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la la la, la La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah, may Allah give us all a good and may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds or best deeds and our last words La ilaha illallah wa salam

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one Luna Allah I'm Abby.

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water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Nalina you know, no one wants to

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do Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother movie in

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what levena You do? Meanie No wonder movie means to be a while at MCC that several phone calls

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