Parables of the Qur’an – Parable #32 – The State of Most People

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The state of most human beings is not guided by their own brains, but rather by natural instincts. This state leads to destruction and destruction by actions. The speaker compares animal behavior to human beings and emphasizes the importance of listening to words of Allah and adhere to path they follow. The session ends with a session to move on to the next set of parables.

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After that we move on to the next

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parable that is mentioned suitable for con.

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Allah subhana wa tada says

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and Sabu and accelero whom yes morona lvlp loon in whom Illa

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me meet whom elbow loo sebelah

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Allah subhanahu wa tada says here in verse number 44 of sort of tool for con

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or do you think that most of them listen or understand?

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Yes meruna Oh yeah, I do think that most

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of the people they hear they listen

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or that they reason that they understand with their minds,

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in home electrical an HMI bellomo palu sebelah

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they are only like cattle, like animals like livestock.

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Rather, they're even more a stray from the path, then cattle than animals.

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And so here are some who Allah gives us the parable, the example of the state of most of mankind.

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Allah compares the state of most of mankind to cattle,

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and worse.

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And so this is not the only place in the Quran where Allah makes this comparison.

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In surah, to are off Allah subhanho wa Taala says, One awkward zero nalli Johanna McCarthy Romina Jimmy Williams, we have destined for the Hellfire, many of the jinn and human beings

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learn collusion, liars, Kahuna, Bihar, they have hearts with which they do not reason with which they do not understand with

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what are you know now you will see

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and they have eyes with which they do not see what or whom and then is meruna Bihar and they have ears with which they live here. And then Allah says Allah he can tell me that

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they are like cattle, um or cattle

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these animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, these are called cattle livestock. The law says they are like an arm cattle bellomo rather, in fact, they are even more strange.

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hula ecomondo off the road, they are the heedless ones who are these people? They are those who are heedless,

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and so, um, or cattle or livestock

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such as cows, goats, sheep,

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They have no minds.

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To think on their own. Allah has not given these animals

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the blessing of intellect,

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being able to reason on their own,

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which is why they are guided by a shepherd

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by someone who will guide them, who makes them to follow a certain path.

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And usually, when they are in that flock.

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These particular animals when they're in that flock, and for example, the shepherd he takes them out grazing, whatever the shepherd or wherever the shepherd directs them they go

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without turning right or left.

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He directs them to a certain path to a certain way. they obey and they go

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but they don't do that on their own. Because they don't have minds with which they could think and reason with on their own.

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But when they have a guide, when they have someone to guide them, they they submit to the

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guidance of the shepherd.

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And this Allah here is giving us this analogy, that this is how most people are most human beings. This is how they are, they follow what they are told,

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instead of thinking on their own and deciding for themselves.

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This is the state of most human beings. And this is the comparison that Allah makes here.

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Or do you think that most of them, listen or understand untestable and that sort of home? Yes, Marina, de Lune. Most of them, most of you, most human beings,

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they don't listen, meaning that they don't pay attention.

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Nor do they think for themselves.

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When they are told when they,

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when the ayat of the Quran, are recited, when the DAO is being given, they don't pay attention.

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They don't want to listen, they don't want to pay attention. And they don't want to use their minds. They don't want to think on their own for themselves. But rather, what can you find most people

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they want to blindly follow.

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They see someone who they are admired by this person,

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maybe in his speech, maybe in his status, maybe with his wealth.

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And they want to blindly follow him. They don't care about what others say.

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is how most human beings are.

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But notice, how Allah first compares them to cattle,

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to Anam

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livestock, these particular animals, goats, sheep, camels, cows, etc.

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Then Allah says that they are even worse than cattle,

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and even more.

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That's because these animals, although they don't have minds, to think with on their own,

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they do have natural instincts that Allah has created within them, that help them to distinguish between what is beneficial for them, and what is harmful to them.

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So they know what kind of food they should eat, and what kind of food would be harmful for them.

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They know that you know, this path

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is a dangerous path.

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I shouldn't take it

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and they know

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that this other path I should take this path.

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They have natural instincts.

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They can sense when there is a predator around they can sense danger and heart.

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So that is the state of these animals. How about human beings

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from the distant past, to the present.

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The messengers have called their people to accept their guidance and to follow the straight path that they have brought from Allah. But most human beings have chosen

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not to be guided, have chosen to disbelieve, even though

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it was for their own benefit to believe, even though it was for their own salvation. It's in their own interests.

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If they don't follow the messengers,

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then they are being led to destruction, their own destruction in the era.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala did not give animals minds and hearts to think with and make rational wise decisions. But a lot did give that to human beings. And so when human beings refused to use their minds and intellects, Allah made their comparison worse than that of cattle. That's why Allah said they are like animals. But then Allah said no, they are even worse, they are even more astray.

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And that is because

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the one who is not guided to the straight path

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while he has a guide

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Right before him,

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the messengers, when they were guiding their people,

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they were trying to guide them, but they wouldn't, they wouldn't be guided such a person.

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There is no doubt,

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there is no doubt that he is far more astray than one who is not guided, because he doesn't have a guide to guide him.

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And so these animals, they recognize danger, and they avoid it without having a guide to tell them.

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And so that is the analogy here that allow me when Allah first compares them to these animals, then Allah says no, there they are even more astray. Why? Because these animals,

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although they don't have

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intellects to understand and decide on their own,

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and they don't have a guide to guide them,

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they will still stay away from harm and danger, if they if they perceive if they sense that there is danger up ahead.

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And so there is no doubt that human beings who refuse the guidance of the messengers,

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after Allah has sent them a message to guide them, and they choose not to be guided, then there is no doubt that they are worse than these than these animals. Among the lessons that we learn from this parable is first and foremost,

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that those who listen to the Dow when when they receive it, play paying close attention to it.

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And they comprehend what they are being invited to.

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It is such people that we should give special attention to

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because they are few among many.

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As the law says, the majority of people,

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the majority of them do not pay attention. The majority of them, they don't want to use their minds, they simply want to blind follow.

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And so if you find someone who is open minded, who has an interest, he is keen about looking for the truth, then he is somebody rare that you should give special attention to and show him the beauty of Islam and the truth of Islam.

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And then let him decide on his own. It is usually such people that end up accepting Islam. The second lesson that we learned from this parable is

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that the skill for deciding who is intelligent, and who is not, is what Allah has given to us in the Quran.

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And so the more you listen and pay attention and adhere to the Quran, and to the laws of Allah,

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then the more intelligent you are,

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on the other hand, no matter how smart people may think that you are,

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if you do not listen to you do not pay attention to you do not adhere to the laws of Allah and to the revelation of Allah, then you are not all that intelligent.

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And so, the yardstick

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the measurement that we use to decide who is smart, and who is not smart, who is intelligent, and who is not intelligent, it is not the IQ tests that they have out there. It is not by looking at how smart a person is concerning the apparent knowledge science in this world. But rather

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it is

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based on

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how much you submit

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to what Allah has said.

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And so that is a true measurement. Because

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in the after

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the people who end up in the Hellfire,

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one of the things that they will admit and acknowledge

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and the Hellfire will have many people who

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you know in this world were considered to be the smartest and most intelligent of people. They will be in the hellfire.

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What is one of the things that they will admit on that day?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in sort of milk, we'll call low Khoon pilou wakad Hullo kwinana smell

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Well now Piru Macron feels

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they will say the people of the Hellfire will say,

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if we had only listened

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if we had only

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paid attention and listen.

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if we had used our mind,

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if we had reasoned, if we had used our intellects,

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makwana fuels herbicide, we would not have been among the companions of the hellfire. On this day, we would not today have been in this hellfire.

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And so they are admitting that they were not intelligent, that they were not smart people.

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Because if they had truly been intelligent, then

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they would have listened to the message from a lot and they would have submitted to it. And so, no matter how unintelligent

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they want to claim that we Muslims are, the reality is that

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we are more intelligent

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than they may think. And so the more

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the more you listen, the more you listen to the words of Allah, paying attention to the words of Allah, wanting to be guided by these words, the more you then adhere to what Allah has sent us. The more you stick to that path, the more intelligent you are. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada

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to make us from among those who he has guided, and not to make us from among those who are misguided, who are heading for the punishment of a law. With that we come to the end of the session.

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And we will move on to the next set of parables in the next session within Illa. Until then, so the Hannukah long there will be Hambrick a shadow Allah and a selfie Luca were to relate was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh