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The Sunnah of Miswak:

– Miswak or siwak?
– Highly recommended action at all times, particularly before praying and after waking up from sleep
– “The miswak is purifier of the mouth, pleasing to the Lord.” (Hadith)
– The Messenger (S) used to do miswak when he entered his house
– One of the last things the Prophet (S) did was use miswak
– Does the toothbrush count as miswak?

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Allah Allah He was heavy on wallet, America, Solomonic masala

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Thank you everybody for coming out and sticking around after so long

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as is the norm. I will begin a little bit by talking about the importance of studying Islam formerly the importance of seeking knowledge. This is something that I recently read in Sahih Bukhari and I was blown away blown away by his insight. So Mr. Bahari quotes the ayah Fabio Buddha looked at him rightly like and Edina haha moolah for me Buddha who looked at it, that those are the people that Allah has guided the Prophet. So through their guidance, you should also attain guidance in their footsteps. You should also walk Okay, very beautiful ayah. And remember how he quotes This is in the chapter of knowledge in the in the chapter or the book of knowledge. And he says Musashi salam,

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despite being a prophet of Allah, despite being one of the most knowledgeable people ever, one of the greatest prophets of all time, still went out to search for knowledge, the moment he found out that there was somebody who knew something that he didn't think about, right. And then when he was going out, he said, I will go out, and I will keep searching. And I'll keep looking for this information and this knowledge to get closer to a lot, even if I have to spend years upon years doing it. Oh, I'm Leah hakuba, you know, is about 80 years, that that span is the word use for hookworm. And it's a it's a rhetorical way of saying lots and lots of time, right? I can spend years

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and years searching for knowledge to power. So imagine, it says, This is the Sunnah of the prophets. So we should be doing this. And we should be embarking upon this. And this is part of the guidance of the prophets walking in their footsteps to be out looking for knowledge, and to learn more and more. So Pamela, and you know, the Sahaba I've always wondered why the Sahaba and the theremin would travel so much. For the sake of a hadith read. We read about the stories. But when I remember how he mentioned this in this tablet, I was like this is amazing insight and explains a lot of the behavior of those pious predecessors of the sellers. May Allah allow us to be in their footsteps as well

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looking for knowledge to come closer to him.

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Okay, that was the work the chapter of us the work world is messy work.

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I have to bring it up.

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Right here.

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So let's see what what is at zero. Okay, so

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the word is also known as

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miswak. Very good. Both of those words. It says a road is tuned in the road and if you start wiki while you'd love a Sudoku Island fair, so mythweb is the stick. And Stephen is also the stick. But the action of doing this is called sirach. Right? The outcome is called see work. But the actual thing, the piece of work could be called Sema or miswak. Both things are okay. That's number one. That is what the work is.

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Let's read the Hadith of the of the chapter. Number. There are four a hadith in this chapter and the really beautiful Hadith number one is narrated by Abu huraira. Who says an individual savasana McCall, Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty Devaki Baku in in de Kooning Salatin.

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He said number one, that it was not that I wouldn't make things if it wasn't that I feared making things difficult for my nation, I would have told them to loose iraq at every time they made volu. And every time they prayed, there's two narrations. But in this book, The Man has brought both of them together, right? So they're in one version, it is in the police Allah in another one in this miracle, the widow is bought both of them together in this narration. And so Pamela, this is such an amazing Hadith,

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because it tells us about the virtue of the work of course, right. And this is something that's so important that the Prophet would have made it, you know, a part and parcel of every mobile and every sort of think about how much demand there would have been for us at work, and what a market that would have been impacted.

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What happened? Okay, and number two, the reason why the Prophet didn't do it, which is the most mind blowing part of this all is Lola. And

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if I didn't fear that it would be too difficult for my people. So Pamela, this is the most amazing thing. There's a there's a collection of a hadith where the Prophet says this a lot Lola Ashoka Alma de la jolla and Ashoka Amati that describes the incidents in his life where he was, he didn't say something or do something, because he feared it will be too difficult. The Hadith of the man who asked the prophets of Salaam about how much he said to the Prophet, I frequently Ironman had just been so what is it every year on messenger of Allah, and the Prophet Islam stayed silent. And he said, If I had said yes, the watcher but it would have become mandatory, and you will not have been

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able to do it. So he was out of his fear for us. He was silent. The had the incident of the taraweeh the throwing of the messengers also, when he came out to pray one night, and some people joined him next slide he came and more people join him the third night he came the must have this full in Ramadan with people wanting to pray for our behind the messengers all sudden, who wouldn't it the fourth night The streets are full of people just want to pray that we have the Messenger of Allah and the messenger does not come out Why

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doesn't he come out of that time?

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He was afraid it will become larger and it will be too much

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of the fear of the Prophet that something will be too difficult. Think about like think about how much the messengers are some killer for all of us. He just wanted to make things as easy as you could

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as easy as he possibly could have made it he did foster them and it shows you of the immense love that he had for the oma and how much love We should have for him SOS love that you know like we shouldn't be making a call out on him they just constantly you know again and again to affirm our love for the messages also because he loved us so much.

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Number two Heidi is unhealthy familiar with the man and the family even though the man for Canada song calm in a name You're too soon to be seen

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when the messenger salon would get up from the night he would

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he would rub his teeth with the civil rights he would perform see what when he would get up at night now this Hadees points to two things number one in the messengers Aslam would wake up he would

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you see what to brush his teeth, right? And this is a beautiful characteristic of the Prophet the prophetic hygiene. Think about this the prophets are seldom it says can either de la vida de Silva when he would enter the house, he would

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presume to work and then enter the house. He would sauce on them when he would wake up at night. First thing he would do,

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sir, so that his bread smelled acceptable and good. He wouldn't eat certain types of foods for example.

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onions and garlic. Not that they're not they're haram or something. But because there is a is a smell. And he saw some does not like that his breath smells.

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Think about how much care the messenger is taking off his hygiene and how like how much is how is our hygiene on a day to day thing. So panel we are not that we're pretty far away from the messenger sometimes there are people who when they're fasting, there is a really bad smell from their mouth. And they will pass it off as like oh it's the smell of fasting. No brother, it's the smell of you not brushing your teeth. Okay, it's the smell of you not doing the work had you floss and brush your teeth, your teeth your breath will not be that bad. Right there is a element of of smell. Obviously that comes when you're faster. That is something that is in the sight of Allah like mist. But then

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also there is an element of cleanliness and hygiene that prevents that bad smell. Not that particular one but other bacteria is decaying in your mouth. And the message is one was very particular about his hygiene. He would not allow that to happen. Number two also is when he would wake up at night to pray, pray both things are applicable Carmina Lee, he would get up at night. He would brush his teeth before starting his family. Another beautiful hobbies. It shows the the habits the day to day habits of the property.

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And this is the thing if we love the messengers of Allah, right, and we claim to do right we claim the will of the messengers of Allah, then that love is shown by the day to day actions.

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day to day use of Siva, the day to day use of the day to day sleeping, the way he slept, the scar that he went,

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all those things are part of expression of the love for the messenger

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along with the character along with the truthfulness along with all that stuff, you see, but it goes all together hand in hand. So, see what these two ladies are we learned from them is, it is it is known at all times, see what is recommended at all times. And it is Buta Atkins, at the time of Salah It is very much recommended at the time of prayer, fourth prayer or national prayer either way, you can and very much recommended at all times when you wake up before you go to sleep. When you enter your house. The messengers are set in another hurry fascinated by that Steven aku Mata Ratan Lal semi

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bottom, the rock bottom the Swami mavado that the Syriac is a purifier of the mouth and it is something that pleases the Lord. So it's an amazing way to achieve the pleasure of Allah. Okay, Naga Hadees. Number three is a very nice in a very beautiful Hadith. This is a narrative I shall hold on ha, who says this Allah Abdul Rahman Ebony abeba

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deep, early Allahumma Allen masala well Anna was 22 who enter Saudi

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Abdul Rahman even Abu Bakar entered

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and the messenger was leaving on my chest. The rough man even the worker is who to the Ayesha

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right after her brother, okay, after a man enters and

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the messenger is lying. On the chest of eyeshadow is leaning back on the chest of Ayesha rhodiola Alana

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Omar Abdul Rahman, Omar Abdullah Abdullah Manny Siva waterborne istan Luigi and Dorfman had a moist Sivak that he was that he was using his son Louis, that's a standard means to you know, use it to clean right from a snap of sin yes or no to clean your teeth. Okay, so

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for a bed Rasulullah he's also number basato. So the Messenger of Allah wa salam

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looked at it at the Sivak

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for two zero for some two who were number two, what are you up to and I

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cut it, I took the Civic and I cut it with my teeth, and I took it and made it soft with water and then some other how to Elena v sola and then I gave it to the messenger saucer, first turn V and then he cleaned his teeth with it.

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From an IRA to Rasul Allah, He is Allah Salama, Astana synanon to us Solomon who

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and I had never seen the messenger sauce of them cleaning his teeth, like he was feeling at that time.

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And after many users, and when he was finished,

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he lifted his head or his finger and set throws a lot of Philadelphia, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah let me be with the highest companion.

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And then he's also limb to makalah aka Taku Matt avena happiness at work tinetti. And then the message was also passed away. And I shall used to say he died while his head head was resting between my chest and my chair. Right. So basically right here.

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This was this the narration about what about the death of the messenger. So this was one of his last moments. One of the last things that he did in his life was when he was so weak, about to die. And he is resting on his wife. I shot a lot a lot of shows you the beautiful relationship that they have. Right? That Amazing love that both of them had that

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was in that position, or her chest, between her chest and her chin when he passed away. Right? What an amazing expression of love that is.

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And at that point when he is so solemn in those last waning moments of his life, what is it that he wants to do?

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Right, he can't speak.

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Because he's sorry. So

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he looked at it with his eyes. And I said, knowing the subtle loss of soul, well, I immediately knew that he wanted the car immediately, right? You know, sometimes, you have to say things, and people will say, and there's some people, you don't have to say anything, and they'll just get you. This is just what you want to just get things. That is the sign of a very beautiful relationship. She immediately just knew that's what he wanted. He wanted to see what nothing else.

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After a man's divock, she took,

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and didn't just give it to the messenger. And every point in the story, you see the care and love via for the messenger.

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She saw he wanted it right away without him saying it gets it from her brother. Right? Jesus didn't give it to him, she took it. And she prepared her for it. She chewed it with their teeth, right, keep moist in it with water, she curled up for him, made it ready for her. And then he's awesome, used it.

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And then, as he was done using it, that he was given the choice by the angel, because the Angel of Death does not give us choices to Intuit this, that this comes and says Antelope Valley. Were the messengers of Allah, the angel of death, you know, takes the permission.

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And that was the Angel of Death to asking the messenger Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go, and the messenger system said, filter filter Allah to the highest companion, which is, of course, a lot hotter, like I want to go to my Lord supanova. And then he passed away. It shows you that this was literally this last thing the messenger did.

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mean that tells you how much he cared about his hygiene, the virtues of the sea work, the importance of us keeping ourselves clean.

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The relationship of the husband and the wife, where the wife is so loving and caring, and understanding of her husband's needs, doesn't even need to say anything. She just gets it

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the comfort of the relationship. I mean, these are things we should pray for a benevolent ominous vergina photoreal Xena kurata

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This is a beautiful blog we should make. And if our relationship is not there, in all our relationships are always up and up, right? Like your yo yells, she has more. Right?

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Then you're like, Okay, I'm sorry.

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But that's how the relationship should be were in good times, which should be the most of the times it should be just want you to get each other. So it's a very beautiful, very powerful description of the last moments of the life of the vessel. That's also that and his priority, which was again, making him making sure that he was clean, and his hygiene was well kept the ciroc again, the last one handy for them in the chapter is the Hadees in which musala study describes he says at a tuna vs Asada taco bc back in Rotterdam, and he was

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he was doing Sivak with the moisture. If this is by the way inside ohanian Muslim we've already seen 500 for that accorded to you one the read to you for my notes in the books.

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There are even more than that, by the way.

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Here Musashi sees the messenger using ciroc

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and the ciroc is moist and cola he says that well Tara was developed seawater analysis and he and then the

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end of the syrup right the one end of the sea what was on his Tara, what was your or in the messenger or Siri? Or Alright, what's the Roku fi and see what was what was in his mouth and who yet the halwa

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As if he was about to throw

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up an array, this is also the that is agreed upon in both sides as a Muslim, what does this mean? Even

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says in his body, he says it means this is this hadith in many, many books, he quotes all of them. And that he says this is because

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what it means is that he is taking this to work from the bottom of his tongue. And he is going all the way to the top that is possible to go as far as you can, and cleaning this tongue with the seawater. So this is either the sound that his mouth is making. That happens if you're feeling your tongue, you will make that sound as if you're growing up even though you're not okay, or it is the town of the scrubbing on the sidewalk on his tongue. It's either or it can be both. But the point is, this police decide when to select either the sunny, cooler.

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So this shows that you can actually use the Sivak on your tongue going up and down, see what is not only done by, you know width wise on the teeth, but also on the tongue up and now this is full oral hygiene here, you don't like every aspect, it's covered, clean the teeth, clean the gums, clean the tongue, the whole thing is cleaned to 100 in law. So this is a very beautiful narration that teaches us that on the teeth and on the tongue in both places, it is acceptable also in hairdressers about this,

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this also shows the CFO Mr. May be harder to it, the man is going to do brushing his teeth, and using silver in front of his people, people who are following him, that is something that is nothing to be ashamed of. It's something to be proud of. All of these are beautiful little pointers that are gathered from this. So the summary of this brothers and sisters, this chapter we have the Syriac that is

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at Sala very, very much recommended at Sala at every scholar and every will do. And if it's possible, you should have it with us every salon every booth, not possible, right. But this is something that we should make an effort for sure to do. Every time it is very much recommended. At all times. If you want to follow the sooner we do it on Ultron the home going asleep winging,

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it is something that the Prophet some cared so deeply for that he did it as the last thing before he passed away.

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And he will do it not only on his team, but also on his top. These are the four main Hadith from this in Rome. And moreover, they also have Bible civic or pseudo there's a whole chapter about civic as well.

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And they describe similar things that we have just discussed, as well, again to show you and demonstrate how important this matter is in the eyes of the FDA. Lastly, something that has always been a question is does a toothbrush, substitute for Sivak? A tubeless? Does that substitute for in syrup or not? And of course, I'm assuming on the toothbrush, you're going to put some toothpaste

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is brushing for the poop by not, you know, that might hurt you or something.

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So it says For example, that this is a question with some other fatawa that you find on this. They say that

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the old scholars used to debate this, can you do this the finger substitute for a car, right? For example, on the road in the Humber The books are fixed. They say what are you see what tsunami mean? Is that the car, they say it's not soon enough like you you don't get the reward the sooner by doing this with your finger. Okay? Because the LM er II, what I actually impart a little coconut oil, because this is not something you find in like the shediac. Like there's nothing that says the messenger did this when he didn't have a car. And the objective of syrup, which is to clean your mouth is not achieved, but you're not doing anything. You're just rubbing your teeth back and forth.

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Nothing is being cleaned. Right now, that is the old classical position. toothbrushes are a relatively new phenomenon, right like since I think when you have the manufacturing, you know complex had started post Industrial Revolution, that's when we had the toothbrushes that we have. The way we have it back in the day people would use this this right. So since it's a

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Using, they would say that that doesn't apply to what they said previously. Okay, this is a

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this is the first one that I'm reading from Slava he says that we don't believe that this, the toothbrush

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applies, or the same moving as the finger applies to a toothbrush. Because the toothbrush is what the true toothbrush is closest thing to the Sivak, it cleans your teeth, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean, right. So it achieves the same goal of the syrup. So it takes the same ruling as the ciroc. So if a person does not have a syrup, or they have a toothbrush, they can just brush the teeth. However, of course, it is, of course, the Sunnah of the prophet to actually use the ciroc the actual piece of wood with the Leela Delica. Allah indulge me, it didn't mean Nevis or Santa Monica, it is most appropriate to actually use the actual thing rather than the toothbrush.

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But the toothbrush does count for similar as the syrup. We'll

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see what also is something to question this related to this. Last thing we'll say about it is while fasting, right, one person is fasting, can a person do Sivak while fasting? And the answer is, of course you can. You can lose your work while fasting, there is no problem with it. Of course, the goal at while fasting is not to clean the tongue to the point where you are maybe liable to throw up and then that's a problem. But cleaning the teeth while fasting using swap sauce. Okay, toothbrush and toothpaste. Since we're on the topic,

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according to the majority of fuqaha, as long as you don't swallow it, it should be okay. As long as it's in the mouth and you spit it out before you know. It goes in your mouth. It should be okay. Well, so those are some of the things about celiac. And the sooner of Sivak universal law, the law and even fasting and things related to such as toothbrushes will love that item. That's the chapter of it. It's a you know, a nice thing. I thought it was a very nice topic. And we spent some good time talking about each other. Any questions or comments? We'll take a shout out. I hope that we will all practice this.

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With hand, I didn't read anything, but I would assume it's the right hand. Right?

00:27:42--> 00:27:45

Oh, actually, it should be the right hand. Because

00:27:46--> 00:27:51

your job who would like to do things with his attire? manaphy.

00:27:52--> 00:28:00

The theater Oh, God, he was like he would wear his shoes with his right foot. And you know what? I'm leaving shamika

00:28:01--> 00:28:04

the homies Exactly. But he would do everything

00:28:05--> 00:28:21

with the Right, right. And it's not like cleaning yourself after you have relieved yourself because that is removing the jaza here are you are, you know, cleaning yourself your mouth and making yourself more pure.

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Of course, of course. Well, that wasn't my point that you're you're going to have a smell when you're fasting. And that's one of the things that's beloved to Allah. But oftentimes, people have a smell that is the smell of cavalry. Because they don't use Sivak or to brush it off. That's what I'm referring to. I'm saying overall hygiene. The hygiene was so good.

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I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm just saying that the standard of hygiene or the messiness also was very high. And that's what we should be aiming for.

00:29:42--> 00:29:42

Yes, yes, yes.

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Sugar La Ilaha Illa. Mr. photoville Solomonic. So, next, we will talk about the shoddy things that Britain will do and that make wasserfall on you should be an interesting chapter.

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