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Have You Lost a Loved One – Powerful Reminder

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Kamil Ahmad

Channel: Kamil Ahmad

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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One of our pillars of belief, and a man is to believe in all come up with

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the good

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and the bad of it.

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So we need to re, juvenile and renew our Amen. You know,

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if you're having a difficult time dealing with this calamity,

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then renew your

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And remember

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that whatever Allah has decreed, it will happen, and you could not have done anything to avoid it.

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As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told it does not only Allahu Akbar,

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that if Allah has decreed any good for you,

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then even if the entire world,

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the jinn and mankind were to come together, to find a way to remove that good from you, they would never be able to do. And likewise, if Allah has decreed a calamity for you,

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then no matter what if the entire world its jinn, and if human beings were to come together, to devise a plan, to find a way

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to remove that calamity from you, they will never, ever be able to do it. Why? Because everything is in the hands of a loss of Hannah, who were to Hannah, once Allah has decreed it, it is bound to happen, and no one

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can avoid it.

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And so if

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you could have saved a life

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if Allah has decreed for that life not to be saved,

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then it's not in my hands, nor is it in your hands. Nor is it in the hands

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of the best doctors in this world.

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When you're seeing

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the person on his deathbed,

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and you see the soul about to leave the body.

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Go ahead and prevent.

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If you are truthful, then prevent it. Why don't you stop him from dying?

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it is in the hands of Allah.

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It is not even in the hands of the best hospitals in this world.

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Or the best machine

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or the best ventilator

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even if they need 1000 or 100,000 or a million ventilators, if Allah has decreed

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for your time to come,

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no ventilator no machine, no doctor

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will be able to

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save you

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from the appointed decree of a loss