Majed Mahmoud – [Ep 8] Dua For Protection From Witnessing Tribulations

Majed Mahmoud
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Have you ever saw an ambulance or heard the sound of it and you were like, I really do not want this car to ever come by my house and pick up someone from my place? May Allah protect the car up? Well, there is a dua if you actually heard something like that, or saw someone who was so sick, or you saw someone who was struggling financially, or someone who was so disobedient and you don't want to be in their shoes, there is a dua if you say it, you won't go through that. Just like that one time. I was on an airplane in Ramadan, traveling from Connecticut to Michigan. And while I was, you know, seated in my seat, I was talking on the phone. And I said some words in Arabic as people were

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passing by to their seats. There was a guy that was so drunk brothers and sisters, and he was acting foolishly. He sat somewhere in the back, so much so that to the extent that he started making sounds as him like, why are we still here on the ground? Let's keep going. Let's go. And he made a scene. Anyhow, throughout the flight, he was walking and walking towards me until I got smacked on my left shoulder. And the guy said, How are you heavy? I'm like, What is this out of all people? He chose me. So I said, I'm good. Alhamdulillah and he came so close to me. He said, I'm a Muslim, and I can smell the alcohol. Subhan Allah, may Allah forgive us. He said, I'm a Muslim, I shall do Allah Allah

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illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and everybody was staring at him and me, Ya Allah. There's a lot that can be said, I'll tell you what happened later on in sha Allah. But in this situation, I saw a guy who says I'm a Muslim, who is very drunk intoxicated in Ramadan. Yeah, I need that. How will the water in La Villa, I really do not want to be in that position. I don't want to ever change in a way that I leave the dean or go into drinking alcohol. So there is this dua if I say it, in sha Allah, I will not be in that position. And if you say it, when you see someone such similar situation are so sick, etc, you will be protected the evening Allah and May Allah guide all those who are struggling,

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yada but Alameen what's the dua for us to say Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah. For what Alhamdulillah Allah the alpha and he mapped Allah kabhi Praise be to Allah, the One who basically protected me from what he has afflicted you with Alhamdulillah that I'm not facing what you are facing number three. We're from Bologna Isla Cathedral in mimin Hala, kata Lila, and Praise be to Allah the one who has blessed me so much in a way more than many of others whom he has created. Whoever says that I'll read it one more time, as hamdulillah Praise be to Allah, Allah the if any Metallica be the one who has protected me from being afflicted with what you were afflicted with.

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Wofford Balani Allah allocated in me man highlight of the ILA and the one who has blessed me greatly more than a lot of people that once whom Allah has created one more time, I just haven't do the law. Allah the Assa and he met Allah Kabhi waffleh Annie I like Athena and Mim and Halaqaat of de la. You say this dua, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you will not face that affliction that you saw or you heard about lamb your simple Bala brothers and sisters make sure to say it in sha Allah and we ask Allah to guide all people that guy that brother in the airplane I said this dua May Allah accept yellow Bella Alameen he was acting up so much and he tried to get my phone you know

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because he was like acting very weird. And he got so irritated and he said I'm going to see you outside the airplane and punch you will lie true story this was a Ramadan anyways, I waited a little bit in the airplane. Then I as I was as I was exiting the you know the bridge to leave humbly was gone. May Allah guide me or Bill alameen and protect us comment below. Did you ever hear or see something like that someone in disobedience or someone who's so sick that you really now can say this dua Enya Allah, please I don't want to go through that comment below a scenario or a story that you went through. May Allah bless you and protect you was salam alaikum

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