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The conversation discusses the impact of COVID-19 on financial and social support for businesses, particularly those that need help with donations. It touches on the importance of giving from what is extra and left over, rather than just what is given. The speakers use examples of people sharing their preferences for life, including those who have homes in their neighborhood and adopted the faith. Jesus emphasizes the importance of being happy for everyone and not just for one person, and emphasizes the need to teach children to be happy for one another and not to ask questions that make them sad.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah him I mean, what are the early he was happy to hear Jemaine about today or hotbar is about an ether. Ether is preferring others above yourself. It is when you yourself are in need, or you desire something, but you prefer and put forward the comfort and needs of your brothers and your sisters before yourself. And this topic is important, because COVID-19 has affected many people financially, many people saw a decrease in their income. But yet there are still poor people in the community, there are still donations that need to be distributed, and assistance that needs to be given. And businesses that need to be

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supported. One of the individuals from our community that stands out in this regard is someone whose income was completely affected by the outbreak of this pandemic. But they continue to support other businesses, Muslim businesses that were negatively affected, and they spent a considerable amount of money trying to support others, even though they themselves were perhaps more in need of the money.

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And maybe this is the case for the majority of our community as well or the community at large. Because when we saw the fundraising effort for Lebanon, we barely just hit the 50% mark, even though it was a small amount, it was $3,000. And we raised somewhere around 1800. And then for the floods in Sudan for two weeks. The goal of 3000 we had reached just about $180 for two full weeks, and now it's somewhere around five or $600 as well.

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So this hope is not about giving what you have in excess or what from what is extra and left over. It's about giving from what you need. He thought itself is when someone or something is preferred over others. In surah Allah which we recite almost every Friday, Allah subhanaw taala says bell to Thirunal higher to dunya rather you prefer this life the worldly life meaning over the next life or insult another art what therell higher to dunya and he preferred the life of this worldly life. Or intuitive use of Paulo Tala hey, look Thorac Allahu Alina, we're in Kannada how to in. They said what by Allah Indeed, Allah has preferred you over us and certainly we were guilty of sin.

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But as pertaining to the meaning we want in this hotbar the excellent example of that in certain Hush, where Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about the unsought of a people of Medina when the Xena to bow Whoa, Dora when Iman I mean, when Iman Ming Kabul, and those before them who had homes, meaning they lived in Medina had homes in Medina and adopted the faith. So it's talking about the believers from the people of Medina, you bounnam And Hajra la him, they love those that immigrated to them. When I heard you doing a feast salute to him ha Jetta mimma Otto and they have no desire in their hearts for things that were given to them. When the Prophet SAW Selim gives the MaHA jury the

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answer, don't have desire for these things. Were you the Runa I'm fusi him Whoa, can I be him Kasasa and they prefer

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them over themselves above themselves, even if they themselves were need were in need. And that's what it's talking about. Someone is in need, but he prefers to settle and take care of the need of their brother or their sister before themselves. Will may you will cause your Hanafy for hola ecohome will muffler home, and whoever is saved from the covetousness or the greed of themselves or their own souls. Then they're the ones who will achieve prosperity

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and settle in sun. Allah azza wa jal likewise mentions where you are Emona parama Allah hug Biggie miskeen and weigh a team on what a Syrah the MUFA city and give two explanations here as for the pronoun who be his love or its love. So one group said it goes back to Allah subhanaw taala. So they feed out of

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of Allah subhanaw taala to the poor, to the orphan and to the captive. The other movers sitting said the hope the love here is not referring to Allah as real, but it's referring to the food. They give the food even though they love it. And the explanation is when do you love food, you love food when you're hungry, and when you're in need of the food, because when you're full, we all know you hate food, they hate the smell of food when you're full. But they themselves were hungry, they themselves were in need of the food. So they had that love for the food, but still they give it to the poor to the orphans and to the captives.

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Abu Huraira Allahu Anhu mentions the story where a man came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he expressed that he was in dire need.

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And so the prophets of Allah Salam sent to one of his wives to see if she had any food. So the response came when Lady Bertha will help mine D il MK by the one who has sent you with the truth, I have nothing but water. So he sent to all the other wives, all his other wives, and all of them give the same response that they had nothing but water. So he asked, Who will host this man tonight. And a man from the unsought agreed to do so. And he asked his wife, what do we have to eat, she said, I only have food enough for the children. So he told us, her, occupy them, keep them busy, and then put them to sleep, and then prepare the food and we'll put off the lamp and we will pretend to eat

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with the guests so that he can eat well, and the entire family slept that night hungry and the guest slept full. In the morning when he saw the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam told him Allah subhanaw taala admired what you had done for your guests yesterday, he preferred the guest over himself and over his family.

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Another of the great examples amaro the Allahu Anhu was explaining that how one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given a sheep as the head of the sheep, just the head, which doesn't have much meat, he was given just the head of the sheep. So he took it and he said in Cana, mini lay, he said, My brother is in more need of it than I am. So he gave it to his brother, but he knows is poor and is in need. That person was in need of it. But he did the same thing and pass it on to someone else on the road alone. And he says it passed it got passed around seven times until it came back to the original owner.

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And from the very famous stories of ethos of preferring others above yourself. It was noted by who they found another way, he says after the Battle of Yarmouk, and it was a fierce battle. He says, I went out seeking a cousin of mine, and I had with me some water, saying to myself if he's still alive, so he's looking amongst the wounded in the battlefield. He said, I said to myself, if I find him and he's still alive, I will give him some water to drink, and I will wet his face. And if you can imagine someone bleeding and injured and laying out in the heat and in the direct sunlight, for for Allah knows how long so he's going to whet his face and give him some to drink. He says, I got

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to him and asked him, Do you need some water? And he nodded. Yes. He said, as I was about to give it to him. We heard moaning someone else moaning nearby. So he signals to me even though he's dying and he's in need. He signals to me go and give it to him since I went to him, and I found that it was a sham Ignace and I was about to give him the water. Someone else moaned. So he sham signaled to me to go to that person. So I got to that person. I found that they had breathed their last breath. I knew they had just died. So I came back to Hashem I found that he died. So I went back to my cousin and I found that he died and then he ended by saying roadwatch Allahu Allah him at mine. May Allah

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subhanaw taala accept all of them that you may have cool Coda was stuck for Allah Allah the money welcome in Jimmy and you know, first of all, fairfields and Mr Vereen ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean, what are the early he was so happy here Jemaine about.

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Part of ethos is giving the best to Allah subhanahu wata OD. You pass by a donation box and you put your hand in your pocket and you feel and hear coins and you feel paper. What do people do? They take the worst out and give the

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Given that for the sake of Allah xuejun, nobody wants coins. Take that out of your pocket, drop it in the box, there was a brother, who had donated something close to 20 boxes of clothing for the refugees in Syria. He said, I've been gathering them for a while from my family, my children's clothes, my wife's clothes, my clothes. And then he says, I put them in these boxes. And finally the truck came to take them away, he says, and I was standing there, happy as they're being loaded onto the truck. And as they were loading them onto the truck, he said, I realized I gave the worst of what I have things that I would never wear, things that are out of style that are just too faded in

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color, taught more not necessarily torn, but just things that I would never put on. Even though I'm standing there happy and proud of what I'm giving, then I realized I just gave junk. I just gave junk. And he became more aware of the idea of giving the best to Allah subhanaw taala giving the best in charity giving the best to brothers and to your sisters.

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And that's why we find when as an expiation, you feed 10 Poor people, it says feed them from what you would feed your family give them from exactly what you would give to yourself and to your children. So we see ethos preferring others above yourself with money. We see it with food, we see it also with life. That's why you find if someone dies protecting their family they die as a Shahida they're considered a martyr with Allah subhanaw taala.

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From the example of of preferring someone's life over yourself, we see this a lot in the examples of the companions that are the Allahu Anhu Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. When he and the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Salam were leaving now emigrating from Mecca to Medina. They stopped as everyone knows in the cave of Thor, on the way to the cave, of a book in which they would spend a while walking way ahead of the prophets of Allah salah. Then he'd spend a while walking way behind the Prophet sallallahu Sedna, and then a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam asked him,

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he said my balaclava buckaroos, what is wrong with you a worker? He says, As Curatola for amchi Hillfolk. I would I remember and think of those who are coming after us. So I walk for a distance behind you why. So if I'm way behind you, and they catch up and catch me, then you are alerted and you can get away. But then I think to myself, what about those laying in ambush way ahead of us so then I start walking ahead of you so that they catch me and you're alerted, then you can get away. Then when they reach the cave, he went before the prophets of Allah so He entered first and he checked every crevice with his foot in total darkness. He's checking with his foot into every hole

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to make sure there is no spider,

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scorpion or snake in the borough's and one narration even says that he was he was bitten by a snake. But the point is that he tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Patil to oh he said an octal so for me to be killed for in nama unoriginal, wide for me to be killed. I'm but one man

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and us for you to be killed what we're an ductal. And as for you being killed, enter your journey. He says you are Rasul Allah.

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And I need a nation will be destroyed. If I die, I'm just one man. But if you die, an entire nation will be destroyed. In conclusion, it's also important to teach II thought to your children. Because many times if you bring a gift to just one of your children, the rest the first thing that comes out of their mouth is how come? Why don't I get and you teach them that you should be happy for them. And everyone else gets their day in for the sake of equality. Everyone else can get their own gift on another day. But teach them to be happy for one another and not to always ask, How come it's not fair? Why don't they get so they can learn this great quality of ethos. These are the qualities that

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made the people before us great, and these are the qualities of a strong Oma. So make sure you do your share Alohomora and

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Antiva what additional bottle about original bottle a bottle and what is next in Alba. We ask Allah Azza to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it.

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For Lahoma Allah Jalla dunya Eduardo Homina while I'm a blogger, Elmina whether it anonymously Rana Villa Huma Brimley has the Illuminati I'm roasting you as a fee for Arctic whale, Duffy, Marcia Murphy Hubble model where you see here Alan Moon yes, me

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had to sort of learn more about IQ and growth or hunting and I mean, he was like a big marine more Komodo salts Kumarakom Kumala

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar shadow Lila halen no shadow none Mohamed also know, a yellow sauna

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are the home at the sauna and huddle home at the sauna? Allahu Akbar.