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I'm more surprised?

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I didn't know that

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vacations. Yo Yo man.

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good grades

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is at 10 seconds right

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was talking

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So first of all, I'm filling in for Shaolin, the Sunni, who's traveling and couldn't be here today. But of course, I'm not continuing with his same class or the explanation of global muram.

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Initially, so basically, what i what i thought is that this Friday, it's my turn to do Imam, Abu hanifa. So I figured I'm not gonna have enough time to go in depth into all his teachers, and I'll just do it today and save myself some time. But then I realized I'm not doing it anymore. I'm doing this this Friday, I was just so sure that Jacqueline will be doing this kind of like a stereotypical,

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he would be doing, but I'm gonna be doing a mama inshallah, nonetheless, it's not gonna hurt to go into some of the biographies of the Imam of the teachers of the nominee for Kamala, for a number of reasons. Number one.

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I have I have about eight hours of material on the life of a mother and his teachers and his teachers, teachers and his students and all that. And I just don't have opportunity to speak about the material and there's some great scholars, from his teachers that I wanted to talk about and there's never an opportunity and I just thought today will be an excellent opportunity and also, when Khalid will mention them, next time, you will have an idea of who is talking about inshallah. Okay, so I wanted to start by Hadith. And this the muhaddith here is hasm Rahim Allah and the Hadith the Prophet Olam says, and it's also howdy it says lo uninor. Fifth Toria Lutheran, Allah who, Rajan

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our Jerome min Abner FRS. So if it's saying that if knowledge were suspended in the Pleiades a three year is a is the Pleiades which is a very, very far star constellation. And the Arabs used to use it to refer to something really far or a distance and they would there's a saying that goes a in a theater, I mean a three year journey. It's showing you the distance between two things. The ground the earth or the earth Yani from a three star constellation. So if you say who is and who is

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more knowledgeable so and so and so and so he said he thought I'm gonna throw Yeah, and he This one is down here and this one is way way over there. So and maybe sauce lm is saying if knowledge were hung up suspended Yanni hung up from the Pleiades really, really far no one can reach it. A few men of Ferris Yanni of Persians would be able to grasp it to get that knowledge down.

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And like I said, it's a Sahih Hadith. And I really like this hadith because

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nobody thinks that Arabs have a monopoly on lm they they never did in the past, and they still don't, not not a monopoly at least.

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And if you look at the six Imams and Imam Bukhari from Bukhara even Muslim from NASA or Abu Dhabi from suggested mm tirmidhi and from Tara myth and NASA he from NASA, and all these non Arabs, no merger because we know from because when all of them non Arabs. One very nice narration that shows

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to what degree the scholars were non Arabs and

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a Mola Mola means non Arabic at some point and the word mono used to refer to a freed slave and then it started to refer to anyone who's a non Arab because the connection is also clear. Typically, the the freed slave would have have been of a non Arab origin anyways, so in the end, they start to refer to any non Arab as a Mola. So you say myawaddy. Plural means from the non Arabs

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and the scholars discussed, why is it that so many of the early scholars were from the Mali from the non Arabs, and they came up with a number of things that the Arabs themselves were either busy with ruling, or they were busy with the conquering and Jihad and that was the case for many. And so the Mohali then had the free time, some of them were freed slaves, we're going to talk about not fat, not fat daily, me who was nuts. Mo live Norma was the freed slave with Norma. So he was a young boy stays with him, Norma learns from him, he's in close proximity to him. Whereas the free people or the other Arabs are busy doing whatever they're doing. So they actually had we're in a unique

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position and able to learn from the companions and and gather in a way others didn't have the same opportunity. And so you'll find a lot of the early scholars will be from the non Arabs from the Mali. So this narration is from the book a lot. Well, Fareed, and it's

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called the abbey Laila. And this is a man who himself is known and he is known as an Imam Mufti Kufa wakaba the judge and the Mufti over coup for the city of Vancouver. And, and he studied with a number of great scholars who study also with his brother Isa his father, he studied with Amira shabby, Otto and Horizonte, he studied with Qasim Ibn Abdul Rahman Abdullah animus route. The companion, so called him NaVi Nayla is is no joke.

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He says,

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Isa, Abner Moosa asked me and he said, No Musa, this man. He was one of the omura of an Arab and he was the governor of Iraq. And he used to love Arabs very much. He was very pro Arab. And he's the governor now. So according Nabila, Allah says, He said, No, Moosa asked me men can have hockeyville, Basra and who in the city of El basura, who is their most knowledgeable and

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so and now we'll call them nebulae. Allah knows everybody. He knows who the scholars are who the knowledgeable people. He says, I replied and hasn't even been hasn't done it has a bursary.

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So he said, No, Moses says, Thurman, who's next? He said, Mohammed bin serene. He said, farmer, Houma. What are they? What's their origin? And he basically just wants to know, are they Arab or not? He wants the most knowledgeable person

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in elbasan, to be an Arab is because he's pro our so

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called ignoble Allah says Malayan, Yanni. They're non Arabs. So So then, so Lola, we finished move to somewhere else where we can find the Arabs, the top knowledgeable people. He said, firmen karnavati hamaca. So I said about Europa and Mujahideen algebra, and say the Big Bear and Sulaymaniyah song, so he asked him for Maha hula. And I said, Modi, he said famine can affect the whole Medina, Muslims will Medina. I said, they didn't Islam, and Mohammed bin Moncada, famous scholar and Natha, Eben Abu J. And he said,

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For Maha Shula I said my windy so then

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maybe Layla said his face changed color now. So he said four men can have four key who

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Keep up. I said gurobi

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and even above zunaid he said

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fabinho for Maha Shula. I said middle mahadi so he scowled at me. He found with anger killer. He said Furman Karnataka who Liam and I said, toasts and his son and hammam ignominy Bay. He said femen Hola. I said Milan Mohali naka de la vida, Allah says his veins bulged. And he sat up. Now this is getting serious. He said femen can affect the hora son.

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And I said, I thought ibn Abdullah Al Hassani, he said someone can APA and who is this apa?

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I said Monday morning.

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It says, For men can Africa who shall who is a sham. He said McCool. He said for men kanima colada, who just McCrone and he got angry and I said Moeller and he got angry and angry until I became afraid of him and this is not the judge of Vancouver but now he got scared. This guy's so angry now. He said four men can have aku Jazeera, who is

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a peninsula, he said may move no moron. He said some icon. I said Mola. He then began to huff and puff with anger. He said, Men can have a keyhole Kufa and of course they've never been ala or ham. Allah said, well, law he had it not been my fear of him. I would have said and haccombe ignore TVA and Hamilton Abu Sulayman. But I wanted to mention just some Arabs so as to assuage his anger, because I saw evil in his eyes, and I thought he was gonna do he was up to no good. So I said, Ibrahim and nahi and the anger of shabby. So then he said, Mr. Khanna, what were they? And I said, Our began, he said, Allahu Akbar, and he come down.

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But it's just such a nice narration, and it just shows you and he looked at, you look at every region in the in the cities in the top scholars were non Arabs. And it's beautiful, because, again, it gives hope to everybody. And it's saying that it's not the LM is not monopolized by Arabs, and again, except for the very, very beginning when it was Sahaba. It hasn't been until today. And

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anyways, so what we're gonna do, we're going to look at some of the teachers of hanifa and just briefly do some of their go into some of their biographies. One of the most famous and, and the first teacher of hanifa was Hamad bin Abu Sulayman. And he was originally from us vahagn, which is in in Iran, and his father was a policeman, and he was the molar of Abu Musab ashari. So he was a Sharia nanny pertaining to the people of Abu Musab al Sharia law, Sharia the tribe, not al Qaeda or anything, by client agenda by being a molar from someone from that tribe.

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So Hamad bin Sulaiman, he grew up in Kufa and he learned his folk from ebrahimian Nakai, we're going to talk about him in a little bit. And he also studied fifth with I'm going to chabi we're going to talk about him in a little bit. And both of them took their lm from Sharif, the famous Cody judge Ray, and the alpha of no case and masroor These are some of the famous scholars and they in turn those teachers learned the * from two companions of the Prophet SAW Selim Abdullah and olive now Vitaly.

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when you look at where the knowledge of hanifa came from, he says, Remember hanifa says one day I entered upon ameerul momineen Abuja Feldman saw the halifa so he asked me, you hanifa Imam Abu hanifa. From whom did you acquire knowledge? Where did you get your knowledge from? So remember, benefices from Hamad, the one we're talking about now a mother Suleiman. He says from Hamad from Ibrahim meaning and McCurry from Omar bin kebab from Elena Vitali from ignoramus road, and Abdullah Abbas. So Abuja Feldman, sir was so impressed he said buckling buckling, which is an expression of when you're when you're taken care of, you see, like we say now, Lola, I was gonna say, Come on, I

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was gonna say,

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expression of wonder and amazement, he said is to ship to Abu hanifa up or up in a poor hurry in Al Mubarak in salatu wa ala him, he was so impressed by his teachers. So he's talking about his teachers and the teachers of his teachers. We begin we began with Hamad bin Sulaiman

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and Hamad his other teachers also were Hamad bin Deathstar. And then who was

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Known as a frost inertia and he had philosophy

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is there a word for philosophy? And I know the study of philosophy in English is called physiognomy, physiognomy. physiognomies. When you study philosophy, when you can read the character read people, just from their face understand so much about them and so he was known as a force and nurse, and a bit ahead, he was known as a brave warrior as well. And, and he met many of the another one was some McKibben knows the holy and who met 80 of the companions of the Prophet Salaam Salaam. And all of the authors of the six books of Hadith narrated from him. He was another of the teachers of Hamad bin Sulaiman, from the students of Hamad, just so we see what a big shot he is. So if you're an

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authority, the great famous scholars if you're an authority studied under him, Madame zulema, and Yani these to refer to Savannah as emammal, fuqaha and shrubland, her judge who is known as ameerul, momineen, fury warrior will Hadith. And who knew 1000 1000 Heidi tianni. 1 million.

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Emma amor shabby, and when you know, I'm going to shabby and his place as a scholar, you see this, the weight of this statement? I'm going to shove it to him, Allah was asked, Who should we ask after you know, madness and bad luck? after you die? Who should we go to the questions? He said, Hamad? What does that tell you? And this is from his teachers telling you go to him.

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No, benefices I saw great knowledge with him and his, his excellent memory and enthusiasm and how he excelled over others.

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And yet, he would say nobody sits in the middle of the halaqa and close to me except Abu hanifa. So he's to give the mama a great a lot of attention. And it got to the point where the Imam says I stayed with him for 10 years. I don't want to get too much into the amount of money for himself. But just to show you how madam Suleiman, he says I stayed with him for 10 years. And until and he's being honest, in the narration, he says, then nezhat Nene FC bitola Berryessa So basically, he says, like I basically wanted leadership now I wanted to be in charge of my own halaqaat. So I wanted to leave his halaqa and start a halaqa for myself. So he says that day that I made that decision. I

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went into the MSG that night, and I saw Hammad had just started his halaqa. And he was just moved with loyalty to his shirt, and he felt ashamed to start his own halaqa. So he went and sat and studied with the show. He said, while we were there, a man entered. It came with an urgent message telling him that one of his relatives Darden and Basra. And there was no one to look over the list. Hamad was his only relative. So he they needed him to go quickly and deal with the inheritance on all these issues. So he ordered me to sit in his place. The same night, I was going to start bawling Hello, I told me sit in my place. And he left, he left. And at this time, the Imam Abu hanifa was 30

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years old. So Hammad went to Basra. And he remained there for two months, during this absence, run the halaqa. And people would ask him questions, he says, then people ask me about issues. I have never heard of it. I was never presented with these issues before. So I would start to give people a fatwa from my own self. And they were about 60 issues. But I wrote them all down. He says what Hammad came back two months later, I went over them with him over the 60 issues. He agreed with me on 40 and disagreed with me on 20. So I promised myself to never part with him until he dies. And that's what he does. He still was hammered administered a man until he died, because he realized

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that there's still knowledge to be gained from him. And that, I mean, I haven't reached a level that I reached. And

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he says another time that he later he says, again, he stays with us for a long time since I got I went to a busser. And el basura, was similar to an El Kufa in the sense that it had, it was like a center of scholars and knowledge. He says, I went to El Basra. And I thought that would not be asked about anything. This is the first thing I thought I would not be asked about anything except I can answer it.

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But they asked me about things for which I had no response issues I wasn't I didn't know about. So I returned to Hammad. And he taught me the answers. So my europeen increased about the man's knowledge. So he is now even more certain than he needs to stay with him until he dies and he remains his companion until the year 120 after the hijra. So from the teachers have hammered and what's interesting, as you study the biography of the teachers have an effect or the teachers of him, you will see certain characteristics that the Imams took from them. You see one his arm is in such a way you'll see that the amount of this from him the other one, you should study in a

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particular way or in a particular time.

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And you find that you can actually pinpoint what exactly they took from their teachers. So we're going to talk about Ibrahim and nahi. hypnotize. And the name goes on. The point is, he was known as an Imam, the Imam, the word Imam was such a big deal and such a name Manny. So he's known as an Imam. And he was known as El muhaddith. He was known as for critical error, all these are like nicknames for him. And they used to say, couldn't hobble Ebrahim, hey, but an Amir that we used to have this haber, this was to be at all of Abraham and not say the same way would be around a leader, a governor or a mayor halifa any Amir? The same kind of on respect. So he was the he was the

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muhaddith of Iraq. And he was from the major tambourine from the generation after the companions from the major ones from the not the minor tiberi would be someone born towards the end of that time period major from the earlier ones from the older ones. And, and he died in 96, after the age at the time of news. Anyways,

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Abraham was known for his job and he, he wasn't materialistic as emotional asceticism or us asceticism, another pronunciation and he was known for his work and he has a high level of of taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala were you even avoid some of the some of the things that are not out of water. And I think water is also an interesting lecture title because there's some very interesting fine points of what other scholars set the parameters for water. It's a beneficial lecture, maybe inshallah, Allah gives us an opportunity for that.

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So he died at the age of 50 amercia widowed at the age of 15. He was buried at night when it was morning. Sorry, Abraham and Nephi amercia in the morning said, Did you bury that man last night? They said yes. He said the tomb of God. Have you buried of the most knowledgeable of people. So they said of Carmel Hassan, and if permanent hospital bursary. And by the way, any back then if he said that Hassan nobody said which Hassan

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Hassan Hassan basri you know the time we set up the reserve class, nobody said which of these issues were known yet. So he said

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this is Abraham and this is amercia be talking about Abraham and NACA who just died. He says they should have criminal hasn't. He said a minute hustle and bustle. Amin al Kufa woman, Alicia woman added ages, more knowledgeable than all these people of all these cities and all these regions.

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Say the Big Bear and to know again the testimonial the testimony here you have to know who to say to the jubair was himolla said when you were when he would be asked the question he would say stuff to me Wolfie whom Ibrahim and nahi you're going to ask me and you have Ibrahim nahi and a statement like that coming from someone like say the Juba is no joke.

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Ibrahim Allah Hi, if you ever

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need okay a number of things he entered upon a shot so when he was a young boy, he entered upon Asia and studied with Ayesha Golan and

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he was the teacher of Hamas, the teacher of Abu hanifa. You will never hear the biography or mentioned Abraham in Africa in an effort in excuse me, except that you will hear of his close friend and companion. I'm a shabby already quoted amorous shabby

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shabby was from the leaders of the Muslim fuqaha in Kufa and outside of Vancouver, and he narrated from Saudi Arabia will cost the companion and say, Hello, and Abu Salah Shari, and I'd even heard him on some of the zayde and Abu huraira and Ayesha and nobis and it hasn't up the alley and Omar Salama and esmart been tarnished. And he narrated from and met about 50 of us a hub of the profits of selling this is under a shabby and, and he was very knowledgeable and knowledgeable in animal, Hadith and memorize lots of poetry and extremely wise and he said that if I would recite poetry for one month non stop, he said, I could recite poetry for one month non stop were

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called Luma Indy And that's not all that I have. I have even more than that, a month of reciting poetry.

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And he says mark it up to soda fee by your bot, which literally means I have not written a black on a white which is a pen on paper.

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umihara is I've never written anything down. It's just all

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memorization instantly. He says, What Uh huh, doesn't he Rajan be Hades in, caught in the hub of tau. And no man has ever told me any Hadith, Gianni, or any speech except I memorized it went to LA. And I never watched for him to repeat it again. To me. I just got it the first time.

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He used to have a twin brother. And so his twin brother came out big and he came out small and weak and skinny. So people would always ask him about his physical appearance. Why are you so small and so we can. And he would tell them I was crowded in the womb, though, is to always be his answer. I was crowded in the womb, my brother took all the nutrients and all the space and left me little

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Sophia, Marina, the great scholar he used to see the scholars are three top scholars or three, if not best in his time. There need the scholar and the companion Oklahoma in a bus and was shabby in his time and authority in his time. So this great scholar is saying this was a scholar of his era of his time period. And they used to say the telephone he used to say

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yeah, okay, basically, he used to say that if people disagree, funds or k for Santa Omar, if people disagree on an issue, look what Mr. Rotella who used to do. And if there is nothing from Omar there, then

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yeah, basically this was his policy. He used to always look at what Omar Avila and who did, because he used to consider the opinion of Omar Delano to equal the consensus or level of

00:26:47--> 00:26:58

concern, because almost always consult with the Sahaba. So, he saw that whatever opinion or the law on who had with the opinion of more than one of the companions or most to consult us have all the time. So

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so you start to see his excellence in fact and the way he is deduction and knowledge and his great knowledge. And that's why even she have a story now, and Shama spoke about him when we did Mr. Malik, even Shahbaz Muhammad Rahim Allah used to say, the scholars or for any I consider for top scholars who say he unassailable Messiah in Medina, and was shabby Phil Kufa. Well hassanal bursary in Basra and McCrone in a shop. So this shows you the place of Amira shabby

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look at what you've been sitting in Mohammed bin Salman, the famous interpreter of dreams and a scholar in his own way. He He said, felucca, a too shabby you stuffed up was Harbor was harbor Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam mutawa? Can you imagine that? He said, I saw with my own eyes, the chabi people asking him questions. Well, the components of the problem were many with overflown. Can you imagine that? Someone that will be asked. And that doesn't mean like someone in the street just stopped them and asked him that means people would sit and make their way to him just to ask him and the companions were many. What does that tell you about his level of knowledge and how people

00:28:21--> 00:28:24

regarded him as well, that the companions were alive when people would go to him.

00:28:26--> 00:28:38

He says also even serene, also used to, he said, khadim to Kufa, a came to a Kufa was shabby, shabby, halaqa alima. And the shabby had a huge halaqa huge gathering

00:28:39--> 00:29:15

was Sahaba to Yeoman eating cateel. And the companions were many at that point. It's not like all the components passed away. So the spotlight turned to him during the time of the companions, and his halaqa was huge. This halaqaat sometimes would get so big that they would need microphones. And then of course, they didn't have microphones. So they would have Hanako would sometimes continue beyond where the mom can can see. So they would have someone standing way over here within hearing distance or earshot, as they say, and someone over here within earshot. And then he would hear from the mom and repeat instantly. And then from that person, there's another guy a distance away from

00:29:15--> 00:29:26

earshot from him and he would repeat to other people. And those used to be the microphones back then. And of course, you have to be someone who's precise and accurate and say it as it is and not add anything.

00:29:27--> 00:29:42

So, but what is interesting here if you're curious, so these were the two contemporaries and two friends. I'm going to shabby and Abraham and Nephi which one of them was to me was more knowledgeable than the other? They said match them ashabi we brought him in socrata Ibrahim.

00:29:43--> 00:29:53

If a sharp enable him sit together, Ibrahim is quiet and shabby, high level and he was had lots of wisdoms and advice and

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

yeah, he said and he even give advice on how to do

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

One of his nice things he used to say Albus Menifee up and he were from clothing. mala is very comfy sofa wanna you he boohoo alikhan Allah. So he said wear something. Whereas

00:30:16--> 00:30:21

no one will will like belittle you or marginalize you, no one have any

00:30:23--> 00:30:31

no regular person, the layman would not marginalize your ability to you because of what you're wearing. Nor something that that a scholar or someone of knowledge would

00:30:32--> 00:30:45

would find it distasteful until you this is a bit too much be in the middle in what you wear. And it's like very good advice. I remember one time it was a read. And I saw this young guy and he was just dressed like a scholar he like

00:30:46--> 00:31:06

brushed and everything and just this guy's like 18 and just dressed like this walking around. So one of the older she told me to go to him and advise them not to dress like that. And it's a bit too much. So I went to him and I told him and he just like didn't dress like this. First of all the person didn't dress like that. Not we're

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not in this way. The second thing I went back and told the chef the chef told me Yeah, but it seemed like the prophet SAW so let me address the limb was the Imam that Amir the leader that Who are you just an 18 year old you know you have a video game on pause at home and now you're coming just like moved there

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for it, you know?

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Once somebody cursed and cussed at I am at a shabby, so severely. So now he replied, what's his reply? such as reply, he says in quintus all the love for Allah hooni any of the men You're a liar you're this year that he's so his response was, if you're if you're truthful in what you say, I am the lawyer I am what you just said I am how for law Halima Allah forgive me. We're in Karnataka, the ban and if you're lying,

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what are you going to say? For Allah, Allah, Allah forgive you, which is what a lie now. Someone can just memorize it, just use it all the time. It will cause you a fear of speaking the truth and Allah forgive me. And if you're not, if you're lying against him, I forgive you. That's it, end of story.

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he used to be, he also had this was a time period when people would test each other by their positions with the companion. So we'll come and ask you, what do you think of Hollywood? You think of Maria, what do you think of this man? What's your position regarding them? So a man came to me said would you say about what people say about those two men? He said, what two men? He said alien Earth man. He said in new law, he loves money. And a geothermal kiama ha semen. Leah Lee. Worth man. He says, I am not in need of coming forward on the day of judgment as seem ish. When people are facing each other, like in court.

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There's a word for it.

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Yeah, yeah, maybe something like that. Yeah. I'm not in need of coming on the day of judgment as an opponent. Yeah. Exactly. As an opponent too early or earthman? Can he look?

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The top four people of the top four in Islam, if you on the Day of Judgment are standing and against you as a leader or Who do you think will win? Don't even ask me the topic? Who do you think will win? You're gonna lose? He says I'm not in need of something like that. Yeah. So

00:33:28--> 00:34:06

he used to have a lot of nice things. I'll never forget this one. He he would he was asked about a man not capable of doing over here. So he said Lee and a trucker. were no moves here. habla la mean and utter Khalifa. Well, no more sir. Just he said for me to leave it while I'm rich. He wanted to leave here while I'm rich is more beloved to me, than to just put so much effort break my neck to do it while I'm poor, borrow money and go through all this hardship to make the old hair while I'd rather be rich and leave it than be poor and work so hard to get it as just a nice statement. And it just makes it easy for people. You know.

00:34:08--> 00:34:15

I just always remember this statement during my student days and all the hair comes I feel bad. Should I borrow me? I remember.

00:34:20--> 00:34:40

One time he he wanted to ask someone for water. He said if they need a one mo Dude, what should them have? Could you just like someone who's wise speaks like this? He said, let me give me to drink. One more Jude? Jani. syedna matamoras good. A translation. Jani something. Hi, Alex.

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Yeah, yeah, the most convenient the easiest thing that's present, which is water when it's clear, is just look at the ditch across from the mustard run or just the easiest thing when it's there. And it's just that, but what should the most good and the thing that you missed?

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

The most any look, compare gold and water right now and you stand in front of a swimming pool, there's a bar of gold that will give you this pool or this bar of gold, give me the gold. But being in the desert in need of just a small sip of water,

00:35:14--> 00:35:32

and you give up anything, diamonds, gold, anything for that drink of water, that when you miss it, it's the most valuable thing. So he was saying it this way not to be fancy, but to let people recognize and pay attention to the mercy into the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala No, water is such an amazing thing that

00:35:33--> 00:36:09

it realistically as far as just nutritional value, there's nothing in it. I mean, I mean, I know electrolytes if you wanna get technical, but there are some minerals, but realistically, there's not really any vitamins in it, no protein in it, there's no energy in it. In and of itself. There's nothing inside it. But it's the first thing that if your body doesn't have you, you die soon as from the lack of thereof, you know, is unbelievable. And so, so you recognize that about just from the way he's speaking, and he should tell lessons and I'm gonna stop some of the stories are really beautiful, used to tell stories to teach people lessons. But some of the nice things is that

00:36:11--> 00:36:12

he took part.

00:36:15--> 00:36:26

I'm going to Xabi, he took part with his friend Abraham and Nakai in a revolt against Abdul Malik of number one, because they started pressing by the mayor. And so there was a revolt against

00:36:27--> 00:36:38

the What do you call it against them. And this was known as Philip Ola, the revolt of the scholars historically, it's also known as the rot and the revolt of Al Azhar as the leader

00:36:41--> 00:37:29

in Ashoka, so, a shabby went out with them and the revolt failed. And so they were all arrested and had judge started to kill everyone who revolted. so shabby was captured. And he was brought to a judge. And he narrates he says when I got to the door of the palace, I met Yazidi Muslim. So he said in in La Jolla, shabby, Lima baina. Been at the Emmys. He says basically, he's telling him what a what a loss it will be when you're killed because of the knowledge that you you're you can take. And there is no intercession today, and there's no way a judge is killing everybody. There's no way to intercede for you. So accuse yourself of shirk enough up. So you can be saved and go in and say,

00:37:29--> 00:37:42

Yes, I was wrong to go against you guys. That was an act of Shere Khan, my Southern act of nofap on my side, and now I repented. So he'll save you. And he says, and I met Mohammed, a judge, and he said something similar to me. So yeah, then

00:37:43--> 00:38:02

I'm going to show this is when I entered, I plan to tell the truth and not to lie. And that's the smartest decision. Okay. So imagine you're in the courtyard of a judge that there are the courtroom of judge. And you found and you were there since the morning, as he's bringing these people and executing them. What do you think every one of them said?

00:38:03--> 00:38:25

They all probably said, I'm so sorry. And forgive me. And I'll never do and what was wrong, and we shouldn't have done that. So he's heard that already. So repeating, it wouldn't make any difference. It's just another guy saying the same thing. So you always have to say something that stands out stands apart. So there's a lot of psychology involved in that a lot of psychology involved in that. You know, so

00:38:27--> 00:38:57

I'll give you a simple example of that one thing. If you meet a celebrity, and you come to Him and you say, I really love your work, or I'm a big fan, what happens? You sound like anybody, like anyone else. So I was in Chicago airport, and I saw this celebrity, this comedian, and he's just like, walking at me and I'm walking him in his last flight that night. There's nobody. When I saw him, I just said, Are you Muslim? And he just said, and I was like, I'm gonna give this guy dour. He said, yeah. So

00:38:58--> 00:39:14

it's so backfired on me. This Mike Epps Yeah. So when do you become Muslim? He said I was born most of you didn't know that. So now Polycom, so have you ruined my flat. But the point is, if you woke up to such a big fan, and can you just like everybody else, then Oh, see something that stands out? So

00:39:15--> 00:39:43

he says, so I entered upon a judge, and he said, and you shall be from those who revolted against us. So shabby began by saying, US law Hola, hola, Mia mela, rectify the condition of the immune. And he apologized and he explained and he said the truth. We revolted intending to bring victory to the truth. Yeah. And we believe that was the truth. I'm not saying I was upon false, but I'm saying you are putting forth that. We intended to bring victory to the truth, but were unable

00:39:44--> 00:39:46

to judge heard him talk.

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

And then he said, is such a strange man. You know, Judge man, as judge was very strange man. We should do a biography on that somebody should do it. And he was a half of a court judge and he was a teacher of the Quran.

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

Initially, that's how we started teaching the Koran. And he was very good and local in Arabic And he, but anyways, that's another story as another analysis.

00:40:11--> 00:40:33

So it had just said Sadako Allah. It just moved him the way he spoke and how truthful he was and fearless. He said Saba Cola, a Calico who set him free because of his honesty, and they just set him free like that saved by his honesty. So he found a different in front of refreshing what he said later on Abdulmalik number one chose

00:40:35--> 00:41:16

amercia b chose him as his ambassador to the king of Rome, the Romans. And he only agreed because he saw it as a service to Islam. So the king met amor shabby, and he was astounded at this man. And he doesn't ask him a question, except he gets an answer and a beautiful answer. So he began to ask him about other issues besides politics, they asked him both the dunia he asked about wisdom, he asked about knowledge. And every time a shabby answered him, he was amazed. So the king was awestruck. He never met such a scholar. So when a shabby wanted to return after staying there for a period, he sought permission to leave. So the king asked him, Are you from the royal family from Romania? He

00:41:16--> 00:41:17

said, No.

00:41:18--> 00:41:33

I'm just a man from the Arabs from the, from the population. So the king of Rome, wrote a private letter to the medical model and sealed it and gave it to a shabby, saying, if you give all the letters of all the other business to your halifa

00:41:34--> 00:41:37

or your companion, you need to halifa give him this letter as well.

00:41:38--> 00:42:00

So amercia B says, so I gave the letter when I got to abdomen, I give all the other letters when I got to have the medic, but I forgot this particular letter. So when he gave me at the end, he says, when I was on my way out, I remembered it. So I returned and give it to me. So Abdulmalik read it to me, read it, he said to me, did you? Did he say anything to you before? He handed it over to you?

00:42:01--> 00:42:16

He said, Yes. He asked me if I was from the royal family. And I said, No, I'm just from the population. And I left him. But when I reached his door, they called me back again. halifa called him back again. And when I stood in front of him, he asked, Do you know what is in this note?

00:42:17--> 00:42:26

And he said, No, he said, read it. So I read it. And it said to me, no comin fee him myth lava.

00:42:27--> 00:42:29

Cave, a Mullah Coolio.

00:42:30--> 00:42:39

He says, I am amazed at the people who have a man the likes of this amongst them, how how could they put someone else as king or as leader.

00:42:41--> 00:43:18

So a shabby was embarrassed from the contents of the letter. And he said, will lie if I knew what was in it. I would not have brought it to you. But He only said that because he didn't see you look at his ad. There's no comparison between the medical marijuana and the shabby. They said he didn't see you and how you are. That's why he said that. But if he would have seen you he would know that you were rightfully the our leader. This is Adam. So but as Mr. Guzman was a very smart man, he said Do you know what he wrote it? And he said no. He said he envied me for having a man like you. And he wanted to tempt me with killing you. And he wanted me to execute because that's what they do these

00:43:18--> 00:43:27

kings would be feel threatened this guy's too smart this case to get immediately have them killed. So it's basically tried to scare him to see become

00:43:28--> 00:43:29

what's the word Yani?

00:43:32--> 00:43:32


00:43:34--> 00:43:34


00:43:36--> 00:44:24

so but the story shows the place of a shabby and how even the Kings would recognize a new and nice place. One day he went to the very eloquent one, he went to the Emir of Iraq. His name is Omar Mahavira. And about people that he had in prison. So he wants to know, intercede with the Emir of Iraq to let these people go out of prison. But look what he said to him. He says A u haul. Amir inhabits the home Bilbao fund your region if you imprison them, unjustly than justice will freedom will inhabit the humble, falafel yourself. And if you if you rightfully so, imprison them, then then after which is pardoning is is enough to yanet to encompass them more. Yeah, to suffice them from

00:44:24--> 00:44:43

his good manners for the home from his good man, I will stop I think I'll have a bunch to do this short biographies. But this one is like the longest but just an example from his good manners. And then that's it. Then he died in 104, after the hedgehog from his good manners one day and had judge abused for soccer, he asked him to come out or

00:44:44--> 00:44:55

he's supposed to ask him come out on oak, but he made the mistake and he made the mistake. So he said, Come on auto, UK. So Amersham, he said,

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

el Fein and he was supposed to say elfen

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

So he said, elfin. So then and he said he was originally out of being Koran before he got the bloodshed. He said way Huck come after oak so he fixed it should come out of oak. So, so the Imam said and fan, he said Keifa Hunter. How's it you made a mistake the first time. Look at his edit. He says Lohan and Amir Fela hunt when the Emir made the mistake linguistically, I met it with the same type of mistake for filament.

00:45:32--> 00:45:39

So when he corrected it, I also corrected mine when you can and yell handle Amir for banner.

00:45:42--> 00:45:46

He said there's no way that a mirror will make a mistake and I'll say it correctly or colossal make it

00:45:48--> 00:46:29

correct. Incorrect dislike you. Anyways, beyond that, as names they were saying that you better we're just gonna do just a short paragraph on him. We're not doing it Mohammedan Barker, and his meaning with him. Our hanifa was just another level. Even after Abby raba and his meeting with him it was beautiful. Jacqueline Mohammed Assad and his meeting with him it was a very special and we learned something very special from it. Because a lot of time you find people who love the Mambo hanifa or Hanif is also they tried to make it look like he went over honey for studied under him. jafra solder they were born the exact same year. He died two years before him. So they were

00:46:29--> 00:46:31

contemporaries. And they were

00:46:33--> 00:46:36

they were they were matched in knowledge

00:46:37--> 00:47:14

for the most part that they were equal in the same level of knowledge. So when you try to make it look like amount of money for studied under him jafra solder is not it doesn't become an honor in that sense, because it's someone of his level. He did not study under him at all. And the proof is at this narration where he they met for the first time in front of the halifa who wanted them to go at it so he told him anything in advance. Mmm Jaffer is coming prepared some of your hardest questions. And if you know the biography of hanifa you know what it means when he comes up with a hard question. His questions were murder. So he said a bottom 40 questions and he did not fail to

00:47:14--> 00:47:14

answer any of them.

00:47:16--> 00:47:28

Anyways, but these are gonna do a much better job, for sure inshallah, but just some of the scholars that we don't always get a chance to talk about manifesting this this much