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The speakers discuss the attitudes of people towards death and the importance of being attached to it. They also touch on the emotional impact of missing family and the hope that one will never be able to achieve anything until the day of judgment. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a good attitude and being aware of one's thoughts and feelings. They also mention the use of datch and the importance of having good deeds to achieve good rewards.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, while he was happy at mine about today we're going to talk about people's attitudes towards death.

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And when it comes to death, almost everyone fears death, and that is natural to fear dying.

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And then there are some people who hate death, hate the idea of dying. And there are very few others who actually look forward to it.

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One of the great scholars, someone asked him, he said, Why is it that most people hate death or that people hate the idea of dying? And the chef answered him, he said if someone spent his entire life preparing to live and die in one place, and then suddenly overnight, he is uprooted and taken to another place where he doesn't have friends or people or work source of income, or a place to stay or a car. Would he look forward to going to that place? And we're going to come back to this idea again, in sha Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us could Luna have seen the cartoon Mote, every soul shall taste death, we're in nama to a phone who do Rockem Yeoman Tiama and you're going to on the

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Day of Judgment, you will be paid in full recompense and sort of path Allah azza wa jal says, Raja Socrata, will mode wotja at Socrata multiball. Hub, then he come countrymen who to heed the stupors of death have come in truth. And this is the thing that you are trying to escape, people hating the idea or not or fearing the idea of dying and trying to escape death. So we're talking about the types of people who love death, meaning not suicidal or mental issues, but meaning they look forward to the idea of, of meeting Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why you find the early Muslims. They will say things that sound strange at the time of death. One of the early Muslims he said marhaba

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and Bill Mote welcome death. Ahmed Abdul Aziz, they said when he was on his deathbed, he suddenly said, Welcome to these faces that are neither human nor gin. Why would he look forward to seeing the angels are the angels of death Billa Rhodiola. I know the companion he says of other Nelken Heba Muhammadan, wasabi, to tomorrow we meet our beloved ones, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his campaign companions. So what is it that makes a person look forward to death to meeting death? And that's actually in reality. They're actually looking forward to meeting Allah subhanaw taala as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has told us in the Hadith, men have by the power of Allah Habibollah

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Holika women carry halacha Allah curry Hala Holika whoever loves to meet Allah, then Allah will love to meet them Allah Subhan

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to other loves the idea of meeting them, and whoever hates the idea of meeting Allah azza wa jal, then Allah subhanaw taala hates the idea of meeting them. And this is a big deal. Because if we're sitting here right now, and we hate the idea of meeting Allah subhanaw taala. Then right now Allah subhanaw taala above his throne hates the idea of meeting us on the Day of Judgment. So how can we get to that level and to become from that small group of people, a number of things, the first of which is being unattached to the dunya. Because the whole idea is the person is preparing and planning to live as if he's living forever on this earth, so he will hate the idea of leaving this

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us this advice in Hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Nabi Salam Salam said, couldn't fit dunya Anika, or even a while I will say be, be in this world as if you're a stranger or a traveler. When you're traveling. You only take what you need for the trip, and you don't become things attached to things no matter what. good bargains, good deals, how available, how abundant you don't become attached. I need to give the analogy if you're traveling from one part of the country to another here in America. And then on the way you see free furniture brand new free furniture. Will you stop? You won't? Because there's nothing you can do with the

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furniture you cannot strap it on top of your car. You see next exit free appliances. Can you do anything with that? But if you see three guests next exit, it helps you on your journey, free food next exit it helps you on your journey. And the analogy is excellent because the traveler only takes what they need for that journey. So he says live in this world like a stranger or like someone who's a traveler and the traveler will only take what he needs for the trip and nothing else.

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But if not all the Allahu Anhu the third Khalifa in his speech he said in hola hola in nama Akbar como dunya. The top logo will be halacha short but very wise words. He says indeed Allah subhanaw taala gave you this world. So you can use it to seek and ask for the agora. That's why Allah azza wa jal gave you this world not to become attached to this world and want to live in it forever. And you see this pattern with the righteous that lived before us a dramatic notice what he was known for being a devout worshiper, and he was known for his assure his focus in his salah, and he was famous for his Taqwa. So, on his deathbed, he began to cry. So the people who were sitting with him they

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told him ma you Kike we're Anta, Anta, what makes you cry? And you and you are known, you are you You are known for your hasura for your Salah for your ibadah. So he says up que Allah He Estefan, Allah sala de was Psalm, he says, Wallahi, I am crying out of sorrow over prayer, and fasting, meaning I'm not going to be able to pray anymore, and I'm not going to be able to fast anymore. And he continued to recite Quran until death came to him. Another on his deathbed cried. So people thought he's crying because he's going to miss his children, his family, his loved ones. He said, Well, I'm not crying because of that. I'm crying because I'm going to miss the family. And how can

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someone get to this level? When they're on their deathbed, they're crying because they're going to miss praying at night, in the middle of the night. And rightfully so that he would cry because he's saying for 1000s of years, I will not be able to make $1 for myself, for 1000s of years until the day of judgment. I will never want to be able to say stop for Allah or Allah Allah Allah Allah or make any dhikr of Allah azza wa jal whatsoever for 1000s of years. So yes, I'm crying because I'm going to miss them will lead standing for hours at night asking Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness that's never going to happen again for 1000s and 1000s of years so that's why he cried

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not because he's gonna miss family. But what we see the pattern is that they're using the dunya to get a Hara Yazeed recall she he was on his deathbed and he cried

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so and he started to say may use only like a year's either MIT Yanni who is going to pray meaning on your behalf stand up and make Salah on your behalf. Yazeed if you die, oh my yo. So Monica, what are your stone for Allah? May not do Nope. And who is going to fast for you and who is going to ask Allah's forgiveness for you from that's why he was crying on his deathbed because he can't do that anymore. And no one else is gonna do it on his behalf. And he continued to make his record of Allah until he died. So the common factor that

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We see is that they were unattached to the dunya. But they were attached to the acts of worship with which they gain a good chakra a good next life. So the first thing being unattached to the dunya. The second characteristics of people who look forward to meeting Allah azza wa jal

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is that a person actually looks forward to meeting Allah and he does good deeds, which was expecting good reward from them and expecting reward from that the deeds are his continuing. This is Abdullah Hubner, Idris, he was from the righteous and from the early Muslims, and when the pangs of death became difficult upon him, his daughter cried, so he tells her yob when a young ma you Kiki my daughter, what is making you cry? She said, Yeah, Berta, a half whom mumma Anta macaroon la he says, I'm afraid for what you're about to face from death and the grave and the questioning and the day of judgment. So he told her, yeah, buena Yachty letup Key says my daughter Don't cry. For could have

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come to Quran we had Al Bayt orbita, laffy hotma I have completed the Quran cover to cover in this house 4000 times Kulu her Lee actually had almost all of it in preparation for this moment right now.

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He finished the Quran 4000 times cover to cover it just for that moment. So using an expecting their good deeds and expecting good reward in front of Allah azza wa jal

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and there are other and so many others.

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One of them His name was Al kar kar Abdul Hakim, he says,

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I have been preparing for death for 30 years. And if someone every waking hour is just preparing for the time when they die, how will they feel when it's time to die? As opposed to someone who does their whole life trying to escape the idea of dying and meeting Allah azza wa jal? How will they feel when they die?

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Ameer Abdullah Adnan Zubair, he was on his deathbed, and he heard the Adan. So he says, Take me by the hand, take me to the masjid and he's on his deathbed. He said take me by the hand they said to where he said to the masjid. They said in this condition. He says Subhanallah a smart woman out there salah, what would you boo, I hear the caller to the prayer and you don't want me to answer who's B or D says take my hand and they took him to the masjid and he prayed one Raka and he died in his suit. Another on his deathbed. He heard the event. So he says carry me to the masjid. They said you have a ogre you have an excuse in front of Allah azza wa jal. He says SubhanAllah. For 30 years,

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I've been making dua to Allah azza wa jal to die in Salah. Now that I'm dying, and on my deathbed, you want me to not go there? For 30 years, this is what I've been asking Allah subhanaw taala for.

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So we see that they were using their dunya and they were using their time on earth, for good deeds preparing for the agora. And then the third is having hope in Allah azza wa jal and having hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because there is no way

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that someone thinks Allah azza wa jal is not merciful, and looks forward to meeting Allah. It's only the people who truly understand that Allah Subhana Allah is merciful, and they have hope and His mercy that would look forward to meeting Allah azza wa jal. That's why the Mossad, the companion are below and he says on his deathbed, he said, Yeah, Robbie, in the Quran to a havoc. He says, Oh my lord, I used to meaning during my life I used to fear you were an alone or Juke, but now, I just have hope in you. I used to fear you throughout my life. But now at this moment, I just have hope in you, I have hope in your mercy and Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, he entered upon a young man at

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the time of his death, and the problem asked him about his situation. So the young man says, Wallahi rasool Allah, in Urdu Lucha we're in a half with an OB, he says, By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, I am hopeful in Allah azza wa jal, and at the same time, I am afraid because of all my sins, and then listen to the response of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he tells him, Allah, now he came to me and if he called me Abdun, Mythili had famously had an moping. Yeah, and these two things, fearing your sins and still having hope and Allah, they do not are not combined in the heart of a believer in a moment like this meaning at the time of death in a hula hoop. My old Jew

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was a man to whom him

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Meyerhof except that Allah azza wa jal will give him what he is hoping in meaning of the mercy and He will make him secure and safe from what he is afraid of meaning their sins Akula cola was tougher Allah Allah them, they will come in January 1 or Pharaoh Fairphone must offering ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I mean, what? Early he was so happy he made?

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So we said, those who look forward to meeting Allah azza wa jal, they're the ones who they're not attached to the dunya. And then they're the ones who do good deeds, hoping and expecting reward with Allah and the Accra. And they're the ones who have hope. And Allah subhanaw taala has mercy and in His forgiveness. So going back to the question that was asked of the scholar, why is it that most people hate death, not fear death, which is natural, but why do they hate death, and he gives him that analogy. And if someone just graduated, just got engaged, just landed a very good and well paying position, and just purchase their new house, and they purchased a brand new car and they're

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just about to start their life. And then suddenly, at night, someone knocks on his door says we're gonna move you to Tennessee or to Kentucky will lay your head with wood, they look forward to going you have to leave tonight. By I don't know anyone there. I don't have work there. I don't have a car there. my fiance's here, my house is here. I don't know anything and have anything in Tennessee. Whereas if you'll bear with this analogy, if someone is in America, and let's say their papers didn't work out, they're illegal. So they start working under the table. And every time they get paid, and they're living in very poor conditions, and eating poor quality food, and not eating, not

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dressing nicely, or anything, but every time they get a paycheck, they send it overseas, every time they get a paycheck, they send it overseas, then he sends to his mother says are his parents buy me a plot of land and he keeps working and sending the money build me a house on that plot of land, working and spending money, buy me a brand new car and park it in front of my new house. Then he tells his mother find me a wife, he's engaged now. And he keeps sending money, put it in my account. And then one day ice catches him. And they said we're gonna send you back to where you came from. How's he going to feel? We're gonna send you back to where you came from. How will he feel?

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He will look forward to it. I'm sick and tired of delivering pizzas for you. I have a brand new house and a brand new car. I have money saved up and I have a brand new wife waiting for me. And now you're going to send me for free. And it's exactly the same thing. People who are working and planning things for the agora. Yeah, and if someone as a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam told us, if you pray 12 o'clock out between the night and day, meaning the Toorak out before Fajr the four before the horse the two after the horse or two after a month or two after Asia that's 12 If you pray these 12 are caught between the night and day. Allah subhanaw taala will build a palace for you in a Jana. If

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you say subhanallah would hamdulillah Allahu Akbar Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, The Scholars say in any order, Allah subhanaw taala will plant plant a tree for you and agenda. And we know from the Hadith that the trees of agenda are so huge that you will travel a distance and you're still under the shade of one tree. So a person today in his mind, I built a palace and planted 2000 trees. Tomorrow, he builds another palace, and he planted 5000 trees, and in their mind, they're planting trees. They're building palaces, and they're working hard. They have hope and Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. They're making a lot of stuff far. They're trying to stay away from the sins. Why

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wouldn't this individual look forward to death? The scholars, they said Kulu Ahmed and Takara whole moto mean agilely a true coup otro Kalyani, they said any thing that you do, and it causes you to hate dying? Yeah, and it's somewhat whatever it is, someone smokes cigarettes and he doesn't meet want to meet Allah azza wa jal because they smoke cigarettes and that's a sin. They don't want to meet Allah azza wa jal. They said Leave it anything that makes you hate the idea of dying any deed you're so ashamed of or you feel so guilty from that it makes you hate the idea of meeting Allah azza wa jal to get rid of it. So cigarettes, music, looking at haram, whatever it is, gatherings

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whether it's backbiting all these things, make people feel guilty and make them feel distant from Allah subhanaw taala to they said these

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range of things, give them up. And that will make you from those who look forward to the idea of meeting Allah azza wa jal and if you love to meet Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal will love to meet you. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those that love to meet him and he loves to meet us. We ask Allah Allah to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood then abstain from it for Lahoma Anil ha ha

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ha widen Alba Tila bottle and what is the clarity Nova? Allahu Allah. Jalla dunya kumara Homina? Well, I'm a blogger Elmina wala Elena Remo Sirona Allahumma Abdullah lumati. I'm lost in your Astra fee on automatic Wi Fi. Sciatic oil Murphy Hibben maruf or Yun haffi animal Korea Samia dua. What sort of La Mobarak Ultra huntin and Alameen wa ala early he was lucky to be here Jemaine or Hunter