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The speakers discuss the negative impact of fearing Islam and the importance of thanking Islamists for blessings and hair. They emphasize the need for people to remember gratitude and show gratitude to others. The importance of showing gratitude and disobeyment is also emphasized. The use of " blame" in the Bible is discussed, and guests from an institute teach the blind community to be strong and achieve their goals. The host encourages support for blind individuals and encourages them to use their success to help others.

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Him, yet whomever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone he has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger

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yeah you hola Dina Armand otaku la Hakata Casa de La Tomatina Allah want to Muslim moon, or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. Yeah you hola Dina Armand otaku. La kulu Conan said either you Slocum Alma como la laguna become one minute a la hora Sula hufa faza fosun aubema are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth? He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His messenger. He has indeed achieved a great achievement and bad for an obstacle horrific a tabula rasa hodja hodja Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Marina de Taha wakulla Desert in beta

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wakulla attend Allah Allah wakulla and finau

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Bergen sisters in Islam, when we watch the news, we see what is happening to our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. We see them being tested not able to have safe drinking water, not able to have adequate shelter, or clothing. We hear stories of children who in the morning are found to be frozen to death. And yet on the other side, we are experiencing a lot of blessings from Allah subhanaw taala. So sometimes an individual may be may be tested by Allah subhanaw taala with the luck of a blessing and sometimes people are tested with having blessings. So we are being tested with having a lot of blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in this test, the response to this

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test is how do we are attitude towards Allah subhanaw taala? Are we thankful to Allah azza wa jal or not, and how do we use these blessings? Allah zodion says in Surah Saba waka Li Lu min Eva da Shakur, a verse that puts us to shame and it's very heartbreaking. Allah Buddha says no Quran and few of my servants are truly thankful. We'll call you lumen Abadi a shocker. And in Arabic, there is a difference between Shakira and Shaku Shakira, someone that is thankful and that's many people that are thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. But having the level of being a Shaku that is a scholar, see someone who thinks Allah subhanaw taala for all different kinds of blessings multiple times, each

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constantly remembering to thank Allah azza wa jal for many blessings. In total, it's verse three, Allah azza wa jal says, the retirement Harmon Mariano, in who cannot be done shakoora, not Shakira, because no Khalid Salam was truly and very thankful to Allah subhanaw taala so he was referred to as shokuhou in salthill insaan. Allah zodion says

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in her Dana, who sebelah Eman Shakira were Emma Guevara. We have guided him to the straight path showed him the way either he is shachar and Allah azza wa jal did not use the exaggerated plural form here. Allah didn't say shokuhou because few people will be at the high level of thankfulness, but many could be thankful to Allah azza wa jal, but then when it came to being ungrateful Allah use the exaggerated form in Masha Quran were in Makkah for not caffeine, caffeine here meaning denying the the being ungrateful to Allah subhanaw taala so allows you to use the exaggerated form because the majority of people are ungrateful to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And that's why that verse puts us

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to shame. And it's heartbreaking, what can illuminate a big shocker and few of my servants are truly thankful. And that is so because in sort of Abraham verse 34, like was insert and none. Verse 18, Allah azza wa jal says the same thing. We're introducing amatola helado. And if you were to try to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to enumerate them. That means every single one of us Allah subhanaw taala is giving us so many blessings that we would not even be able to count them. You would think that if someone has given so many blessings by their creator, they would be very thankful. We are all given so many blessings, we can't even count them. And yet few people are

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truly thankful to Allah azza wa jal

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when we come to thank Allah subhanaw taala we thank him after a meal, we thank him for certain blessings. But there's so many blessings that Allah azza wa jal has given us that we don't even remember that their blessings and there's so many things Allah subhanaw taala has given us we've taken for granted, maybe not once in our life that we remember to thank Allah as we did for them. How many people remember to thank Allah azza wa jal

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Just for having skin, good skin. Some people have irritable skin or they have skin problems or eczema or whatever. How many people just woke up one day and thank Allah zones for having good skin. How many people woke up and thank Allah azza wa jal for having good hair. How many people remember to thank Allah subhanaw taala for their teeth, we just take it for granted that we have teeth. But if one of them gives you pain, excruciating headache, you rushed to the dentist, you pay him money to pluck it out and throw it in the trash. And you thank him for doing that. How many of us remember to thank him for all the other teeth that we've had? For how many minutes and hours and years they

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never cause us any pain? How many people remember to think a large bill for these kinds of things. How many people think Allah subhanaw taala for having a vehicle and having air conditioning or heat in that vehicle, but we take it for granted. We enter our cars we turn on the air conditioning, but how many people will stop and remember that that's a blessing that Allah Subhana Allah should be thanked for.

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And then we begin to understand what you mean about the shocker and few of my servants are truly thankful. And there are things that we couldn't even count in order to thank Allah subhanaw taala for inserta Raj, Allah azza wa jal says the homeowner after about two Min benei a day he woman healthy he fell on a homing umbrella. In this verse, Allah azza wa jal is speaking about how each and every single one of us has two angels, one man bania day meaning in front, and one angel from behind. And these angels, as an ambassador of the law says, They protect you from anything, how many times you almost slipped and fell and the angels held your picture up? Or how many buses they even

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protect you from being stung by insects and from bacteria and all kinds of things. So we're not even able to recognize how many potential illnesses Allah pushed away from us this morning so that we can thank him. How many possible accidents could we have gotten into this morning or this past week so that we can thank Allah azza wa jal for that. And then we begin to understand why the verse puts us to shame. What do you mean about the shocker and few of my servants are truly thankful.

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So then when it comes to being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala a number of things first, the scholars mentioned that one of the attributes of being thankful to Allah azza wa jal is that you use the blessings that He has given you in his obedience, you use the blessings Allah Subhana Allah gives you in the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala.

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the scholars say, anytime you sin against Allah azza wa jal, you are using a blessing he gave you to disobey Him. Anytime you sin against Allah subhanaw taala you use a blessing that he gave you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala The one who gave you, the scholar say, Have you ever seen someone who is blind? Who is using his eyesight to disobey Allah azza wa jal and look at some images, or have you seen someone who is deaf? Who is eavesdropping on people, or someone who is mute, unable to speak and he's backbiting or telling lies, but it is only those who have been given the great blessing and they use it to disobey Allah subhanaw taala and that's why you see that we're in this

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perpetual sad state, and that's why you understand one Mr. Muhammad Rahim Allah, he said, lowland Masai Lakota Cadena yo malkia chiamata. Marsalis, he said had it not been for calamities, different tests and things we go through in this life, we would have come forth bankrupt on the Day of Judgment.

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You going to meet your Lord with sins that you committed using blessings he has given you.

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So that's why it is it behooves the believing men and women to always remember blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and constantly be thankful to Allah azza wa jal. So the scholars then mentioned that being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala entails using the blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gives you to obey Allah.

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And Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran in surah Ibrahim, that what is the nara bukem ln Shakur, as he then went to Inca for tomb in other Bella Hadid, Allah subhanaw taala says that your Lord has decreed that if you are thankful, he will increase you I will increase you. If you are thankful for the blessings of Allah God will increase you when the income for him and if you are ungrateful, my punishment is more severe. So we see from this verse, that thanking Allah subhanaw taala keeps the blessings with you. And that's why the scholar said that when you thank Allah azza wa jal, this is in itself a blessing meaning if Allah azza wa jal guides you to being able to thank

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him for what he has given you, thanking him keeps the blessing with you further and increases the blessings. So therefore thanking Allah azza wa jal is a blessing. And that's why the old Annie salam, the prophet alayhi salam, he said, Oh Allah

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How can I thank you enough when thanking you is a blessing that is itself in need of thanks. Oh Allah, how can I thank you enough when thanking you is is itself a blessing that is in need of thanks. And that's why a lot of you says well clearly you know, minute a birdie a shocker and few of my servants are truly thankful few of my servants are truly thankful. The scholars also added another condition, and they said that if a blessing comes to you, by way of another human being, then you must also show gratitude to that human being. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the book of a tirmidhi and Buddhahood, he said, he said that malum jusco Allah whoever does

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not think a lot, let me ask goodness, that those who do not think Ines, do not think Allah those who do not think people do not show gratitude to Allah. If I don't show gratitude to human beings. I am also by extension not showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala, meaning we also have to show gratitude to each other. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Hadith and narrated by a tirmidhi showed us the best way to do so. And he said mansoni la moroka for califa le jazak Allahu Hara Takata Blanca fifth Tana. He said, Whoever has some good done to him. So he says to the one who did it, Jessica callowhill. May Allah reward you with good in this life and in the Hereafter in the

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hereafter it will be an agenda, then he has given them their due praise, meaning you have thanked them to the fullest you have thanked them the most.

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So then when it comes to recognizing the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, the scholars say that when it comes to worldly issues, you should look at those who have less than you so that you have you feel that you have more of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, meaning those who have a small apartment or a small home, they should not look at those who have mansions and that way they feel they have less of a blessing. But they look at those who have less than them, or those who are homeless. And that way they become thankful to Allah subhanaw taala Well, the exact opposite is true when it comes to religion and religiosity. When it comes to religiosity, you look at those who are

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more religious than you. So you aspire to improve, you don't look at those who don't pray, so you feel good about yourself. So if we could only focus on what Allah subhanaw taala has given us, and there was a study that was conducted in the 1970s, by Northwestern University, and it was to test the level of happiness of human beings. And in this particular study, they studied people who were average to middle class income, and then suddenly they won the lottery. And so years after winning the lottery, so they're trying to see the effect of being financially well off on your level of happiness. And you would imagine that the people who won the lottery will be significantly better

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than those who are living paycheck to paycheck or they would be a little happier, and they discovered little to no increase in happiness whatsoever. And that is very sad brothers and sisters, because Allah subhanaw taala, it means that a large region has given every single one of us the basic ingredients to live a happy life, they discovered that if you have food, and shelter, whatever the shelter is, whatever the food is, and your family and your loved ones, you have the ingredients to have a very happy life. And it's so sad that Allah azza wa jal has given every single one of us the ingredients for a basic happy life. But we choose to be unhappy because we assume our happiness

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is tied into something that we cannot attain in the future. And that has nothing to do with their happiness whatsoever. So money doesn't buy happiness. And we all hear that. But so many people still believe that it buys them happiness. But then studies show and the teachings have shown before the studies that the happy ingredients for happiness, all of us have them. So it's so sad that a large will give us these great blessings. But we keep looking into the distant future, thinking that's where it is, but allows we'll put it right next to us. And so people who are thankful they look at what they have, and they don't look at what they don't have. They look at what they have, and not

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what they don't have. There's a story from a righteous man, by the name of Abraham. And he was, he saw a beggar and this beggar was asking people aggressively and he was very angry as if angry at Allah azzawajal for the situation that he's in. So Abraham, Abraham tells this beggar, why don't you think a larger agenda for all the blessings that you have? So the man angrily says, What blessings do I have? So then Abraham made him an offer? He says, will you sell me your arms? cut off your arms, sell them to me? I will give you 100,000 Gold dinars, not Durham's, but golden hours, and the man refused, he said, then cut off both your feet. I'll give you 100,000 Gold dinos and the man

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refused. Give me your eyes. I'll give you 100,000 the man refused your tongue. The man refused you

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is the man reviews. So I bought him number him Allah says to him Subhana Allah araca tumbly qu Mina deny nerea anemia waterpolo inaka fakir he says Subhana Allah I see that you own hundreds of 1000s of gold dinars and yet you say that you're poor. So the idea is we focus on what Allah Allah has given us and if we do so, we will become thankful and we will find that we have the ingredients to have a happy life. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those people who look Allah that was tough for Allah Allah The money will come in Jamia Nope. First of all fair foes and Mr. farine. ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, surely those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, while he was happy here to mine, I'm about him. I'm indebted to him. Allah mentions in his famous book Sierra Lama novella, story of a righteous man from the early nations. His name was Abdullah hypno, Mohammed. And this man, Abdullah Muhammad, he narrates that he was on a journey. And during this journey, he got lost. So he tried to look for any signs of people so he can find his way back. He said, I stood, and I saw from a distance, a tent, a small tent. And I started making my way to this tent hoping that there'll be people there who will give me directions on how to find my way back. So as I got closer to the

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tent, I saw that it was very small, and it was torn. And the wind was entering it from all sides. So clearly, it was owned by a very poor man. And he said, when I got close, and I looked inside the tent, I found a man. And he described this man, he said, the man was sitting on the floor, there was nothing of any substance or value in the tent, no furniture, nothing. And he said, the man was blind. And he had no arms, and he had no legs, meaning he was paralyzed, blind and paralyzed and very poor. And he said the entire time, the man just kept repeating, at Hamdulillah, Hey, lady for balani, Allah, Kathy remember and halaqaat of de la.

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Oh, Praise to Allah, who has preferred me over so many of his servants in so many ways.

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And the man just kept repeating that Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah cathedra, mimma halaqaat of de la.

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And then he said, I said to him As salam o Alaikum. So the man responded to me, he said, I am a traveling man, who got lost, and I need directions. But I first want to ask you a question. So the blind man says to him, I will answer your question, but you also have to agree to help me with something. And so I'm the Lebanon, Mohammed agreed. He said, what is your question? He said, my question is, I see that you have no arms, and no legs, and no eyes, and no wealth. And you're sitting in this tent, and you're thinking Allah azza wa jal for preferring you over so many of his servants, and preferring you so much over them. So I wanted to ask you, with what has Allah

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preferred you over his servants? So the man says, Do you not see that I am of sane mind? He said, Yes. He said, How many of the servants of Allah are insane? He said many and 1000s. He says, then 100 Allah, who has preferred me over so many of his insane servants, he says, Do you not see that I'm able to hear he said, Yes. How many of the servants of Allah are not able to hear he said, 1000s, he has done 100 Allah who has preferred me over so many of his servants, who are unable to hear, and then the man mentioned his religion? And he said, Do you not see that I'm upon Islam? And how many people are worshipping trees, and rocks, and calling an ISA and he said, I'm the son of

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God. So Alhamdulillah, who has preferred me over so many of his other servants? So then, after his explanation, he says, Then, what is it that you need help with, and the man tells him, I have lost all my wealth, and I have lost all my family. And the only thing I have is just one small boy who has survived. And he's the only thing I have. And he's the only one who helps you. As you see, I'm not able to help myself. But yesterday, he went out, and he until now has not returned. So all I need from you, is to go out and to look for my boy. So Abdullah knew how much should I sit out looking for this boy, and I couldn't find him anywhere. So then I stood on top of a small hill or a

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headlock, and I found in the distance vultures circulating in the sky. And I knew that vultures only circulate over a dead body. So I made my way to that area. And I found the boy, the wolf had attacked him and killed him and eaten him.

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So he said, I didn't know how to go back to this old man who has nothing left in this life except this young boy to tell him that the wolf has eaten your boy. So I thought to not even go back to him just to ignore him and go on.

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But I couldn't do that. He says, I came back to him. And the man was so certain that I found his boy, that he said, Where did you find him? He said, let me ask you a question first, who is more beloved to Allah? You are are you body his Salah? And the man said, Are you body Salah? He said then who was tested more by Allah so did you? Are you abolish Santa? And he said, Are you banish Allah? He said isn't seek the reward with Allah. I found your boy, the wolf attacked him and killed him and he has eaten him. He said when I said that the man said in Allah in LA Raja on the hola La quwata illa Billah eyeshadow, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. And he kept saying that. And then suddenly he

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began his shock, taking deep breaths as if he's going to die. So I took his head, meaning he put his head on his lap, and I gave him water to drink. And he kept saying eyeshadow on La La La La, La La La La quwata illa Villa until he passed away. When he passed away, I washed him and I shrouded him. And a traveling group of people came so they helped me buried him and we prayed over him. And then I continued with those, those traveling people, until I got to a resting place at night and I fell asleep. Surely when I fell asleep, I saw earlier a true dream from Allah, in which I saw the old man and he was in excellent physical health. And I asked him, I said, How did you come to look in to be

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in this shape in excellent shape and excellent health. And the old man tells him Allah subhanaw taala entered me into agenda and it was said to me, salaam aleikum. Bhima sabato funny, Amar Akbar.

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Peace be upon you for what you have been patient upon. So what an excellent end and what an excellent home you get Indian

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brothers or sisters, there's not a single one of us except that we have a long list of problems and complaints to which we need solutions from Allah subhanaw taala. But these problems they should never make us forget

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all the other wonderful blessings we have from Allah azza wa jal.

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And they should not stop us from being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala.

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If any of you are in need of some action items from today's hotbar, before the end of the day, think of three blessings that you have never thanked a large budget for.

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And then thank him for think of three things you've taken for granted that if you've never thanked Allah azzawajal for and thank him for those.

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But also, this football also comes at a time when we have guests from an institute known as helping blind people in corporate. And we did not plan this but God Allah did that they came today. And they have a booth and they have pamphlets outside. So if you want a second action item, then what they're trying to do, they're trying to teach Braille, and they have a lot of projects that they're doing, and they have a booth outside. So if we're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala, for the blessing of eyesight, which is something that we can never thank Allah azza wa jal for something that if you lose it and you're patient, you're going to gender that shows you the value of eyesight, then go out

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and show them what we can do to support them. Whatever we can do, will will do for them in Sha logic. So there are guests here, and this is for other people who have lost the great blessing of eyesight, assist them, see what they find out what their projects are about.

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We ask Allah to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and abstain from and follow the best of it and to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear and obvious falsehood and abstain from it for long marinelle Hakuna Matata, bah bah bah, bah bah, follow Murata, geraldo rivera homina while I'm a blogger elemina when

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory to Islam and to the Muslims. We ask Allah to grant freedom to all the Muslims who are being held and dealt with unjustly around the world. We ask Allah to grant freedom and victory to the Muslims in Syria and to the Muslims in Philistine and to the Muslims in Bangladesh and in Burma, and in Kashmir, and in all parts of the world. Yara bellami for lahoma berrimilla Hello, Matamoros dhin you as a

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way of Daffy haMashiach Murphy maruf Are you unhappy? Yes, me. Ah. What sort of low Mubarak alameen wa What was it again? Well, como como la.

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Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Chateau La Ilaha Illa no

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Shadow now Mohammed Rasul

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. No, no, no.

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At the same time from the Institute of helping the blind, we have Chef abdelmadjid, who is a known reseller of the Koran. And because I'm ill he is going to lead the Salah, in case anyone is wondering that is absolutely permissible. So he will do be leading the South. And then they'll do some small fundraising after that as well. I find

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please fill all the lines on the gaps and turn off your cell phones.

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Allahu Akbar

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hamdulillah bellami

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Rafi Maliki Omi d? e.

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a loved one.

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hamdulillah neuron Pilani

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Indiana Sarah

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what Tini was a

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coup de

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la casa follow

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woman known

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Everyone

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except our Juma prayers here I mean, respected brother and sister in Islam Alhamdulillah I take blindness as a blessing Allah subhanho wa Taala because inshallah Allah after a moment I heard many many Hadith says that when do I suffer inshallah Allah Subhana Allah bless my agenda, and I will inshallah pet Allah Subhana Allah give all of us gender, or omoto Muslim inshallah tala say amin brothers, I'm here today all the way from the southwest through Houston and I come here every year just look at the board members Shaykh Khalid Ibrahim, they give me permission to come here. But as I'm opening a full time history Quran for blind students in sha Allah tala from nine o'clock in the

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morning to 12 o'clock we have his local and we have lunch in zoar prayer. After that we have training in computer English language, Arabic Braille and all that stuff inshallah tada we have 50 plus students from Syria from Iraq from Philistine and other countries Alhamdulillah here in America, inshallah brothers, I need your support today. Please open your heart and support. If make a one blind person to become a half of the Quran. You will have a success in this life and the light here after insha Allah who wants to show support the first $3,000 for this good cause brothers, in that He will teach blind students to learn the Quran, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala Does

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anyone here who wants inshallah support $3,000 but it's good because you can write check, you can give a credit card, you can give a cash, whatever he wants inshallah Tada. Does anyone here I cannot see you. You have a camera here. Brothers open your heart. Look at me and hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala for blind persons and Yama is the memorization of Quran.

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Brothers, let's make inshallah let's make $1,000 inshallah, let's I need five brothers. And then five brothers of $1,000 each. Does anyone here first brother fight $1,000 brothers $1,000

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Why here? Mashallah. tambien second edition

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By the second by the $1,000 that has only shala Brothers, you don't know.

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We don't know we're gonna die, but a blind person who have the Quran