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AI: Summary © The importance of the message of Islam is highlighted, along with the need for people to reassure their actions and receive a sense of obligation. The speakers emphasize the importance of fearing disappointing behavior and the need for people to be mindful of their actions. The segment also touches on the concept of desire and accountability, as well as the importance of learning from past experiences and avoiding wasting time. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of protecting Islam and emailing people to confirm their attendance.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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in number two

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in the long run up to

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So the previous 10 items that we've studied the first one is

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just to briefly recap because these two last two either the conclusion of the first part of the sword or the first passage of the surah Allah, Allah. Allah, of course begins by swearing by the Parag. And because he bases the credibility of the following statement upon the wisdom, the profound wisdom, and the authority of the Quran, and that is that how much a lot of you some of you most definitely are from amongst the messengers, those sent by a boss power, tada, I lost a lot of stuff in guiding to the straight path that I need to the path that leads to a loss of power data. And once again, we talked about all the implications of how this is exactly saving. And then I was gonna

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talks about the purpose of the forearm in the primary vehicle, of the Tao of the prophets alavesa. The demonizes

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the first recipients of the Dawa were the people in Makkah the operation the Arabs in the region where the prophets Allah, the son was born and raised where he was brought up. And none of us can watch Allah consoles the prophets a lot, after telling him that listen, these people will need extra attention from you, because the message hadn't come to their forefathers. So I want you to fully exert yourself. And I want you to do whatever it takes in order to make them understand this message from a call from them because they're drowning in their heedlessness and this lack of awareness, this lack of consciousness that they fall into over generations. But then after, of course, we know

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when we take the when we step back and take a look at the bigger picture within other odd, we see like conservative gaff, in other places, Allah subhanaw taala actually has to tell the prophets a lot to take it easy to relax, that don't destroy yourself, don't kill yourself in in grief and sorrow over these people not accepting the message. So that consoles the profits of the sender by telling him let that happen. For him from like,

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a law says that the last decision has been confirmed in the case of the majority of these people, they are not going to believe don't expect these people to believe.

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And then alike is a very, very scary, but a very vivid example, a parable and analogy of what their situation is like that internally and externally. All the things that are preventing them from accepting the message from seeing the light, as we say, I'll use that very profound but scary example, which I never would

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have been confused configure them send them file Sheila,

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that was basically says that they're completely blocked in between two barriers, two huge walls that completely closed in crap in where they can't even move a lot talked about in that geography out in Atlanta. Not only that, but their necks, their heads are also locked up in shackles in a steel like an iron collar so that they can even move their farm all the way up to their chin so their head can move, their whole body is trapped in this enclosure. And then it's covered up from on top it's there's no escape for these people to completely trapped within their own predicament. Now that is next to

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total profits on it. So okay, if that's the situation of the majority of the people, like we know, these people are not going to believe and this is their predicament their situation, then who are you who's going to accept the message? I mean, the profits a lot easier. One very profound message here is that dollars responsibility from Allah subhana wa Tada. And that responsibility has to be discharged. The responsibility of Dawa the the struggle of conveying the message of online Islam. It's not only to benefit the people that it's not only to benefit the the mother or the person that is being invited the person that the message is being delivered to, but it's also to the benefit of

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the die, because it's a command to him. He's the one who's

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having disability.

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It's his responsibility. He's been given this obligation discussed by a lot. So it's to his own.

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benefit to deliver the message regardless of whether somebody is accepting the message or not, is listening or accepting that message or not. So that's the first message that we understand. And that's a very relevant, important message for us as well, that we have to continue to engage without, maybe somebody listened, maybe they won't. That doesn't mean that we slack off in our efforts. And we accept failure, as an outcome that we put our best foot forward because we don't know what the outcome is. But it's a very, it's a reality that sometimes people don't, sometimes people don't accept. And we still need to understand that I'm still benefiting from the struggle,

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this effort is presenting of the Dow the message, I saw benefit from this. But at the end of the day, within human nature, and this is what the problem is very real dialogue, it's a very real discussion. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was amazing, beyond anything, or any we've ever seen from any human being. But at the end of the day, he was a human being. And every human being at least wants to see some results need some form of validation

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needs to be vindicated in some form or some fashion, some way somehow it has to happen. When I do it has to mean something, it's got to bring about some change. And that's what a lot addresses in it number 11. In number two, the demos definitely you are, or rather in demo when it comes to this work, but also serves a purpose of house that you are only in actuality, in reality, you are only warning Manitoba as the one who has followed the reminder, the one who has followed the remembrance, the revival. Now, what does that exactly mean, and vigor, the remembrance or the reminder that actually consider

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the time and time again for what in the Quran itself is described that as Vicar, one after the other.

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In one,

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switch, we described that time and time again. And the fact that it's in its proper form, I think it certainly is even more evidence of the fact that this is pointing specifically towards.

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So the one who will follow that it will follow literally needs to follow. Now it doesn't need to follow the put up

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another place and sort of Zuma last time I gave a lecture on this last term a lot, were less powerful that tells us and letting the SME owner own. They are the ones who listen very attentively very carefully. To that what is said, the foreign factory owner, and then they follow it in the most excellent fashion in its most excellent form, they fall off, they fall on top of meaning, they don't just sit there and listen to what you have to say. But they listen to it, they understand it, they internalize it, and they go out there and they live it and the scholars can add the fact that then they themselves they invest themselves into further spreading. So the for artists presented the

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reminders presented to someone he listens to it, understands it internalizes it, lives it acts on it, and then goes to church and with others. That is what our thinking is, that is what the real following up is. So that has leading up to it. So the one who has lived over and that's the one that you're actually out there working for. That's the one that you're reminding, that's the one that you are warning, that's the one that for who say you're putting the struggle in

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the middle of it, but that's not it, this person has a second very, very exemplary quality. And that is what he or she will have a question that he fears he is overwhelmed by aroma. And this is of course referring to a loss.

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Now this agreement of itself is an interesting combination, to fear

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to be to feel overwhelmed by Rama, Rama No need so it was Abundantly Merciful. And so the first question is, why not table cushy a law in a way of shall law and

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why that's a law.

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The first thing is that by signal off man, it automatically reminds the listener of the reader, the person hearing this message when you use a word called Rama and he thinks of all the abundance of mercy in his life. It makes him feel a sense of obligation.

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A sense of obligation. You know, that's why I was giving this example. When your mother tells you to take your younger brother somewhere, take him to the park.

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And you say Oh,

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and then when she when she stopped pushing and when she's trying to level with you reason with you, she doesn't want

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you to take your own little brother to the park. Or when your mother's asked them to do something your father's asking you to do that for your father, for your own mother. The reason why they mentioned the title the relationship

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status is to make you feel a sense of obligation. And really, that is kind of sad that I can't even do that for my own brother for my own mother for my own color for my own uncle. So

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he's blessed you with everything you have. I mean, it makes you feel that sense of obligation. The second thing by mentioning is the fact that last, there's no contradiction between the two. Because neither one was Abundantly Merciful, that he's given us everything we have. He's given us so much, that it is right upon us, we should feel obligated that we need to be aware of the need to fear disappointing him, letting him down as they say. So, another building, building labor force means hadn't seen that which is not present absence, absent. So they fear a rahama. They're more who is Abundantly Merciful, a lot, even in vain In absence. This means that when they're away from

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everybody, nobody sees them in a dark corner, middle of the night, in the privacy of their own, they still are always mindful of

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that shows that this this person

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has really truly internalize the message of this. This means that this person is actually living it now that even in the darkest, most secret most private moments of his life. He never is heedless or unaware of the fact that I was kind of a toddler who was a rock man who's given me everything that I have is watching. He's listening to everything I do. He knows exactly what I do. And I'm in his presence. And so I need to be mindful and watchful of the way I'm living my life from Russia will be nazira Virginie. So Allah says, Now comes into command for me tells the prophets alloxan. So give these people the good news of muffit

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complete forgiveness Moksha is the larger form of the word. So it means complete freakin

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wild, animals generous, noble reward. So two qualities I mentioned for these people if

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they lived.

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And they were constantly mindful and overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord Allah subhanaw taala.

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Even in those moments of secret, in quiet an absence, so two qualities and mentioned the two rewards mentioned for them as well two promises mafia complete forgiveness in exchange for living.

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Because when we lift up put on in the life of this world, this will result in washing away wiping away cleansing of all the mistakes, the sins, everything wrong that we do in this life. And when that person starts reaching that higher level of Eman of taqwa where that person is mindful and even overwhelmed, fearful of a lost battle with data in all times, in all situations, even in the most secure Private moments of his life, then that results in achieving Corinne, the most noble and generous reward. And that of course, he's talking about the life of the year after that his agenda. That's paradise.

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Next style,

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Tommy says,

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in. There's repetition here, the most definitely we end owning the exclusivity that's being emphasized here, the only way and we and only that I was basically saying I was the only one, no hinomoto we will revive the debt, those who have died. So now what does this refer to reviving up to debt? So there's two different meanings that we can take from this. This has two different layers to it. The first possible meaning of this is the obvious one is reaffirming that belief in the life of the hereafter that I talked about before. And in saying that, on the day of judgment, these people will be resurrected, they'll be brought back to life. Because this was the number one objection from

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OSHA again from the disbelievers number one objection was how this is not possible.

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How is that possible? So this was their number one objection to Allah answers their objection here by saying that we will definitely will revive will bring back to life, those who have died the death that's the first thing but there's another layer to this understanding as well. And sort of an arbitrary reciting today. I never went 22 the last hour when can I return for our Hina whoo, whoo Jana move on.

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Allah is giving the example make making a comparison. He's saying that the one who was dead only get a means and the one who was dead but I gave and then

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game we brought it back to life we gave him life, which I'm glad that we moved on. And we made for him a light Yoshi evenness. He used to walk around with it,

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literally with it not, not with the with the liquid that comes with the letter bites lived in salt. Like literally it's like in his head, like when you have a flashlight walking around, you can walk around with that moon, amongst the people, usually behind fitness. So this is referring to somebody who was unaware of Allah did not have any knowledge in his heart was living his life and poof ownership. And then Allah gave me my love lesson with tohave EMA. And the soldier's heart is our people life, as often somebody says, it has to

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come at an angle means

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that the one who remembers a lot and the one who does not, for example, is like living in the day, the person who has his heart like you remember the law, he thinks of along as the consciousness, the awareness, the oneness of the law. In his life, that person is the example of living person. So a lot brings people to life, meaning they were not they did not have the mind. And then he gave them.

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So this is another understanding of desire in a motor because previously, it talked about the other half of

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you know, it talked about people who don't believe we're not going to believe now I was talking about people that will live their lives. They've internalized the message me they have believed. So while I say that I can take some of those people. And remember last time I mentioned whatsoever, honey,

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that was equal, whether you remind them you want them or you haven't worn them, they are not going to believe. But why do we still engage in warning people and reminding people is because we don't know who it is.

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A lot of saying that in the case of those specific people. But otherwise, we don't know that. We have to continue to put forth our best put our best foot forward and our best effort forward. Because we don't know who's going to turn around. I mentioned less than a boo Sofia, who fought against the prophets, Alonzo gathered armies and attacked Medina tried to wipe out the Muslims eradicate the Muslims. 20 years later, after beginning of the message, he becomes

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the son of a blue gel, who fought against the prophets allow him in the battlefield, not only accepts the sun, but ends up dying later on on the battlefield, as a martyr as they should keep fighting on capitalism.

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And there's numerous examples of people like this calling the money.

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So you never know who's going to eventually turn around. And that's why I say Allah brings in abundance life to these people that are dead, meaning spiritually that their hearts are that when.

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And then this is the second thing this is focusing on the issue of accountability. When I do this, this was the second objection by some of the disbelievers that how can somebody take this take everybody into account for everything that you've ever done? So it was

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one of the demo? And we are writing that one they have sent forward? What they have presented, what they've done and invested send forward for themselves? What are the offer? And this could be translated in a number of ways, their lasting effects, or their remaining effects. Now, what does that exactly mean? So there's three different possible interpretations of this. The first is the fact that when it says that would they would they have set forward, it's referring to the good intention that people make, there's a heavy for the promises of beautiful honey, that tells us when a person when a believer makes the intention to do what would be a loss

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to write, write down the reward.

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The angel says Yeah, well, this person hasn't done anything. Last minute other response by saying, however, he has good intention to do something good. He's making a good intention, write it down, there's a reward. Then when that person actually follows through with the action, Allah subhanaw taala commands need to again write a reward for the good.

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But when somebody makes the intention to commit a sin,

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the law or what should I write this down, I was already done. And

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then if he convinces him to write down one sin on behalf of that person,

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but if that person does not commit the sin, to write down a good deed, because he had a bad intention and was able to fight and resist it, and he didn't end up doing it, that's a good deed in and of itself. So this is what it refers to a good reward that they've sent forward for themselves, just in their intentions, good intentions. Allah says isn't so sort of went down that you need to have the

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ability to say when

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when can it lead to help

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maganda Yaga Mina

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but Allah says the one who used to intend his goal his objective is he doesn't say he actually worked. He actually accomplished something did something from the rector he just intended in order to get an intention to work for the aka, Allah says Allah blesses him with a reward. So just a good intention in of itself is a profound good deed on behalf of the believer, the process of that's why beautiful, people have trouble understanding this for me, the process of says, media to Copenhagen with

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the intention of the believer is better than his actual

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because his intention to be great.

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Based on this heavy the scholars they write that, let's say anybody, everybody here sitting in this room, I mean, a firm solid intention to memorize the profile, I went to become a hospital, that person for the sake of saying it, it made an intention to memorize. And they started memorizing. One is every single

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And they died before they got anywhere near completing it. Based on that firm, sincere intention, that person at a local race on the Day of Judgment amongst

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a local reason was a hospital abroad, the sub reward of a good solid intention

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will put them

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into the alpha, the after effects, if you will, are the actual good deeds and actions that person actually carries out. He made the good intention, and then he actually was able to carry out some of those good intentions. One of

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the second possible understanding of this part of this ayah is when he

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refers to the good deeds that people do

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good deeds as well as the after effects of the good deeds or what there's a bit of a profit to lobby some that tells us assume that the

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federal government,

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Whosoever starts a good practice, he will get the reward of it. And the reward of anyone who will act on it will continue to do that could be from the URL, that person will get the reward.

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So if you, if you started a good practice, you were the first one in your family to go for Hajj.

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You were the first one in your family to go for go for Hajj after that, then your brothers and your sisters and all the rest of your family members have been doing what you've been able to get the reward of your knowledge, you get the reward of everybody else in your family who does that.

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So that's part of leaving a good effect. There's another heavy for the profits. A lot of that also tells us that either not ignore Adam. In fact,

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when the human being dies, his action sees they're finished. They're cut off, except for three things. What are those three things so that the two gentlemen, perpetual charity building

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and do something that that continues to benefit people long after we're gone?

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Or knowledge that people continue to benefit from?

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that benefit is derived from that knowledge, you taught somebody something, you strengthen education, you're interested in education. And people continue to pass on that education, that knowledge, that understanding of Islam, that you continue to benefit from it. That's why teaching and learning of Islam and specifically what is called that's that those are the best people in our community.

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And then the third thing is what a louzada, which is also leaving behind a good effect, a good contribution to society, and then is leaving behind the righteous pious child in the owner who continues to make the offer that for their deceased parent.

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So leaving behind the righteous, pious child. So this is what's meant by After Effects, that they not only get credit, Allah is not only having writing down that which they have done themselves in good deeds, but the after effects of their good deeds will also be written down for them.

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So when

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was the first one who built a machine with his bare hands from this oma? every single question that's been built all over the world throughout 1400 years, he has a share in the stake and the reward of all the massage all over the world everywhere.

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That's that's leaving behind the good effect.

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And then the third possible understanding of this part of the island

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is, of course a person will allows us when we are writing down map a demo that which they have presented meaning good deeds, meaning deeds good or bad.

00:24:47--> 00:25:00

Every human being will be made fully aware of that mistake, sent forward and that will stay left behind the push back. They stayed back from so every person all of his needs, all of his actions are

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written down.

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what's meant by that after effects again, there's a reason the prophets incident from the life of the prophets, a lot of scholars come here, it makes us understand exactly what's being talked about. There were a people who lived on the outskirts of Medina lived a little bit of a distance away. From the motion of the reference, a lot of a sudden, the tribe of

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tribal people, they accepted Islam with a message first arrived in Medina, they were some of the first people welcomed the prophets a lot. And they were strong supporters of the prophet to lamesa and the Muslims and Islam in Medina. But, but walking distance for the people walking to the masjid, their home, their neighborhood was a little bit of a distance from the west. And they were being such good people, they wanted to have a budget as close as possible. They wanted to be at the budget as much as possible. So there was some land next to them. Most of the profits of oxen were actually generated, but they're the graveyard where it's located. Now, when that land was still open and

00:26:04--> 00:26:20

available, they actually were making intentions to move into that, into that plot onto that land. They wanted to live right next to the mercy of the prophets a lot. With the prophets, a lot of us have heard about this. He went there to go visit them in their neighborhood. And he said, Yeah, but he said,

00:26:21--> 00:26:23

Dr. Took

00:26:25--> 00:26:58

the prophets Allah he's upset Yeah, but the outcome, stay where you live. Now stay in your neighborhood stain your homes, took them that even the footsteps every little, little footstep that you take the footsteps that you leave in the sand, when you're walking to the masjid, they are all written down as rewards for you. And there's other I have either corroborate the same understanding the Prophet tolani Some said that, when a person walks to the question, for every step that he takes, he gets a reward and when sin is wiped away from his record

00:27:00--> 00:27:01

comes from

00:27:02--> 00:27:26

the process of observing this is like guarding the boundaries of the land of Islam. One of those things is to take many, many steps and going to the master mean the farmer you live from the budget, but you still continue to go. That's the rush of services. That's such a noble act of preserving Islam, within a society within the community, keeping people connected to the machine that is like guarding the boundaries of the Islamic State.

00:27:27--> 00:27:28

And the province of

00:27:29--> 00:27:33

Michel Nina, Phil Buddha, be newly tabula

00:27:34--> 00:27:42

rasa sources give good news to the people who walk Mashallah not just well, but the walkways frequently, very often,

00:27:43--> 00:27:56

to the machine in the darkness of night, in hours of darkness, lots of projects, lots of Asia. So lots of times like this, that they will have the most complete new light on the Day of Judgment.

00:27:57--> 00:28:06

So this is what it's talking about. Now, what's the connection though? The connections that the prophets election was trying to teach us a principle that when you do a good deed,

00:28:07--> 00:28:21

just means that you've done is not the only thing that's written down for you. But the effort, the time, the investment, the energy, everything that goes into making that good data reality, you're also credited for that.

00:28:23--> 00:28:38

You don't when you call like a plumber, or somebody and you ask him his hourly rate, he says, my reading starts from when I leave my office, when I leave from work, when I leave my place, my place of work. So even that 30 minute drive to your house, he wants to get paid for that.

00:28:39--> 00:29:14

The last time we're done so generous, that we just when you get to the machine tonight, it may be took a gallon of gas, you are a little bit tired, you have to exert yourself a little bit, you have to cut off, you know, cut out some time that you would have loved to spend with the family. You don't just get the reward of what you did here in the restroom. But you get rewarded for all of that as well. Now when you go back at midnight at 1230, and so you're a little bit sleepy, and that's going to have an effect on you tomorrow. So when you're sitting at your desk tomorrow, y'all need and try to stay awake, you're getting reward for that, because that's the after effect of the good

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deed the GED so you don't just get rewarded for the good deed you get rewarded for everything that is around and contribute to that comes about as a result of that wanting to

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be and then finally the last minute Allah provides further

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consultation constellation or gives a sense of confidence in this we'll call it a shaken and each and every single thing it's with an instructor with creates further emphasis will put in the shade.

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Saw means to take everything fully into account and completely take everything into account, not leave anything out. Actually no losses we have already taken all of them. Each and every single thing all of this. We bought

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taken it all into account fee nominal been, and it's been preserved that just has been taken into account. But there are books it's been recorded. You know, when you want a receipt and you pay for something, you don't need to you get the receipt, right? Why? Why don't you leave it on the receipt because you need some sense of confirmation, some confidence that I know nobody's gonna come back later and say I didn't pay for this. You want a signature? When the delivery is made? They want a signature. So he email has been preserved in a very clear email.

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Email me. So what email means here's my boss and all the other will festival. They say that the amount here is referring to the book of deeds.

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And why is the book of deeds your record? Why is it called Imam because it's going to be presented in front of people is going to be presented in front of people. And the other thing is, like the prophets allowing some sense in email, you tend

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to be followed, you follow the role of the human you follow the law, these people will follow their books,

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they will follow their books and that's

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in the right hand. It signifies that person going to gender in the book of penis in the left hand signifies failure of that person and the Hellfire for that person. These people will follow their book that tells you something else, that it's once again, creating a sense of accountability, your actions. What you do in this life is going to determine what happens within the life of the hereafter. You know, sometimes when we talk about the insignificance of his life,

00:31:39--> 00:31:56

Allah is trying to let us know that the people are wasting their time in this life and making this life the end all and your sole objective is it's a waste of time. You're living in delusion. But there is a great nificant dislikes as well, that our status our

00:31:57--> 00:32:11

result. What happens with us in the life of the hereafter depends on what we've done with this life teaches you to live life responsively with a sense of accountability, what you do in this life will be your environment the hereafter.

00:32:13--> 00:32:18

And you'll be following exactly whatever you've set forward for yourself in the life of the hereafter will

00:32:19--> 00:32:24

be will be a show and stuff you will pick up from here tomorrow. Just a little.

00:32:26--> 00:33:06

Just a little caution or a little bit of a warning or some advice for the brothers and sisters who are trying to keep up with memorizing the study we just completed is number 12. It's starting to just get to that level where it starts to seem like a little bit too much to maybe quickly memorize all that ones. So if you're a little bit lagging behind in the memorization, you're around is number six or seven. Try as much as possible. We're going to be picking up the pace a little bit we're going to about four is every day so you don't want to get that behind. This is a good goal and a good target that to each other. Everybody's been intensely made for Allah. So when Ramadan finished

00:33:06--> 00:33:15

you have the sort of memorize and you've also studied the Tafseer of it in detail as well. So inshallah if you're lagging behind a little bit in the memorization, try to catch up, inshallah.