For those who are tested

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Maga rasool Allah all

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Noah Nina

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I mean, what the he was happy

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about the title of our hotbar today is for those who are tested. This hotbar is a reminder, a reminder for those who are experiencing difficulties and experiencing trials. And a reminder that this world is a place of testing and a place of calamities.

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And many people are confused about this issue from amongst the non Muslims and from amongst the Muslims as well. Just in this month of Ramadan, a non Muslim was sitting in my office, and he was certain that there is no God and there is no creator. And his only argument was that if there is a good God, why does He allow bad things to happen to people? Why are there trials on Earth? And many of the Muslims think in the same way from youth asking the same questions from people asking, Why is this happening to me? Why would Allah allow this to happen to me?

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And because of those reasons, then the importance of reminding ourselves behind or for the wisdoms behind the trials and the tribulations. We begin with a verse where Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in surah Al Baqarah M Huseby tomb and third hole Janita wala Maya to kumerow Levina Holloman publikum Masjid homall Bazza odorata Allah Allah is saying, Do you think that you will enter paradise without testing without any trials? Like the trials which have come to those who passed before you? They were afflicted with poverty with misery with hardships Miss Sutton will Barcia Oh, Dora was zero and they were shaken. hotter. Yeah, cooler. Rasulullah Dena Amano ma who matter

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nostril Allah, Allah in Nasrallah Hikari until those the messenger and those who believed with him would ask

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When is the help of Allah coming? And then Allah says indeed the help of ALLAH is near.

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We find in the Hadith that Saudi Arabia cos are the Allahu Anhu he asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam he said au Nursey Usha, do Bella and which of the people are tested the most tested with the most difficulty? So a Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam answered and be the prophets through my fellow Phil Anthony. So the prophets first and then in lower degrees, religious people and in lower levels of religiosity. You tell a Rajul Allah has been a man will be tested according to his strength of of his religion or of his Eman for Encana, feeding his Alaba Z, the salah button, and if he is strong in his religion, he will be tested with more strength we're in can if he didn't hear

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her faith and hope and if his religion and his Iman is weak, then the test will be lessened in difficulty, while I as Al Bara, beloved and the trial will continue upon a servant of Allah had am Shia Al Arab woman, Allahu habia until he is walking on this earth, and He has no sin whatsoever. So we learned a number of things in this hadith. The first thing is it started with the prophets and he Far be it from any believing man or woman to think why am I being tested? Well, the ones who were tested the most were the best of humanity. The mighty Salam, He came to earth and he experienced difficulty know how they Salam struggled for 950 years Ibrahim I didn't Salam was thrown into the

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fire is my aid was offered for sacrifice, use of was sold into slavery and at a cheap price at that the Korea and insulin was cut in half. Yeah, here was beheaded. And a YouTube was patient and our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam experienced all sorts of difficulties.

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So if the prophets experience difficulty, when why would we not expect to experience any kind of difficulty in life. The other thing we learn from the hadith is that Allah subhanaw taala will give you what you can bear. And his point is not to break you with difficulty. And that's why it said if his is Iman is strong, he's tested with more strength, and if he's weak, it will be relieved of him or it will be lessened or decreased. And in another Hadith, that mentions how Allah wants to wants you to attain a higher rank, that you will not attain through your good deeds. So he will test you with difficulty so you can reach that rank. And in another narration, it says he will test you will

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with difficulty and give you patience, just so you don't break so you can bear the test from Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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And then the other thing we learn from the hadith is the connection with the Asherah the connection with the next world

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that the Hadith said he'll be walking on this earth and there is not a single sin upon them. And that's the whole idea. The whole idea is to meet Allah azza wa jal with no sins whatsoever. And we'll see this in many other ahaadeeth and Asahi and the be Salalah. Salim said, My as Al Bara Bill mini will mute me now that the trial will continue or the believing man and woman will continue to be tested for NFC what what are the remedy? There will be tested in themselves health, what have you, and in their wealth and in their children, or their children and their wealth in order had young COLA to Allah wama Ali habia until they meet Allah azza wa jal and there is not a single sin

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upon them. So we see a strong link between what we go through in this world and the ephemera and being sinless or at exploiting our sins until we are sinless on the Day of Judgment, when we meet Allah subhanaw taala. The supernova of Allah on who he used to say, Sir, I will wager whether you hypnotize saddle hubba the moments of pain erase the moments of sins and the moments where we commit sins they're erased by the moments of pain that we experience and from the early Muslims they used to say lol Bala lower Ragna and Allah He mythologies and had it not been for the calamities and trials and tests on this earth, we would have come forth bankrupt on the Day of Judgment bankrupt in

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front of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we will see the value of the tests here even more so on the day of judgment in the hadith of a Tirmidhi and Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam said, yo do annual Afia the people have asked

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fear the people of wellbeing the people who are not tested with difficulty on this earth. They will wish on the Day of Judgment Yokoyama, they will wish

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Hina you suddenly Jonnie Hina Europa lol Bella when they see the people who are tested with difficulty, so to start over on the Day of Judgment, the people who are not tested much when they see the people who are tested with difficulty on Earth, getting their reward, they will wish that their skins were cut to pieces with scissors, because now they're seeing this is what you get when you experience difficulty on Earth. This is all the reward you're getting with Allah azza wa jal I wish I were cut to pieces with scissors my skin were cut to pieces with scissors just so I can get reward on the day of judgment as well.

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And that's why we begin to understand other Hadith like the Hadith and Tirmidhi in Allah either or the biblical hair or Gela hula, Kuba if Allah intends good for his servant, He will bring or bring forth the trial or the test or the difficulty. And it's similar to the other Hadith where an a part of it and if you saw Selim says we're in Allaha, either hubba Coleman Itala home and when Allah loves a people who will test them, and for those who don't understand that they think what kind of love is this? How is it that if Allah subhanaw taala loves you, He tests you with difficulty, because the whole point Allah subhanaw taala loves you and he wants to remove your sins and that's

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what the difficulty will do. Allah subhanaw taala loves you and He wants you to be closer to him. And nothing will bring you as close to Allah subhanaw taala with sincerity as when you have a difficulty or a problem or a calamity in your in your life. So the scholars said or one of the scholars said, he said men and Nursey Mullah TV moolah for far too sunny were in nama TV.

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Seattle empty Hani. He said that there are some people the the kindness and blessings of Allah don't bring them near to him. But what brings them near are the whips of tribulation. So and we have seen this with our very eyes during our lifetime. We have seen this happening in front of our own eyes when people were tested, and how close they were to Allah azza wa jal. One person said that I had a problem in my family. So he said, I would get up without an alarm clock for a year 4pm I will pray Russia, and without an alarm clock without singing us missing a single day for a year I would get up and I would pray to Him will lead and I would ask Allah subhanaw taala and then when Fajr comes, I'm

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at the mercy of praying Fajr he says then Allah subhanaw taala relieves me of my problem. And he said, Well, Allah, hey, it's been years. I barely even get up professionally. I can count on a few hands. How many times oh, even got up for Fajr look at the difference between this person and his worship and his closeness to Allah azza wa jal when he was being tested with difficulty versus when Allah subhanaw taala relieved the difficulty and we understand of course, that everyone is different, but we are discussing some of the possible wisdoms behind something. So in light of these explanations, now, we understand when the woman at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam,

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and she was afflicted with seizures. She came and she asked the Prophet salallahu salam to make dua for her to be cured. And the president tells her in Shi T TAO to law her lucky for cash if I'm Vicki we're in Shi T.

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foetus Marina were killed Jana. He said if you like I'll ask Allah subhanaw taala and he will relieve you of what you are afflicted with. Or if you like you can be patient and to you will be a Jana. Again we see a direct relationship between tests in this world and results in the hara called pilot or spirit Wilier Jana agenda, she said, I will be patient and I will get agenda. But then she asked for one thing, which is what any righteous woman would be thinking of and it will be the top of her concerns. She said what can Allah Allah attack a chef but at least ask ALLAH that I am not uncovered when I have my seizures that I am not uncovered? A cola COLA that was stopped for Allah

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Allah. They will look for me, Jimmy, I don't know. First of all, Fairphone Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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noble Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, while he was here Jemaine about Brothers and Sisters in Islam, calamities and tests, they will cease, they will end. Once you set your first foot into paradise, a lot of people, one of their confusions they want they describe a world where no one gets hurt where no one slips and falls where no one gets cut, where bones don't break. What they're essentially describing is agenda. But on Earth, we all experienced these difficulties. And that's how Allah subhanaw taala planned it and that's how Allah azza wa jal intended it. And indeed, it is paradise that helps people become patient with the difficulties of

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this world. It is the next life and the reward, the reward and the expansion of sins. That is what helps you become patient with difficulty in this life. But with that, a few important points, the first of which never forget the good that you currently have, just because of one test of difficulty, or because of some bad. And don't forget the good that you've had in the past. Ottawa admits the bear when he lost his leg and his son on the same day, he said Allahumma in Kentucky a hug for Cuddapah eight, he said, Oh Allah, if you have taken meaning, you've taken one of my sons, you've taken a limb, you have indeed, given you've given a lot to me, and you've given a lot before

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that we're in Quinta for the pilot forgot our fate. And if you have tested, you have given me You have given well being you have given a Lafayette and wealth and a good state and well being many times before that. So he didn't forget all the good that he had, just because he was tested with some kind of difficulty.

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The scholars also say remember that sometimes Allah subhanaw taala will test you with one problem. And there are other people who have been tested with two or three or four or many, there's a story they say about a king, who asked people to write their problems on a piece of paper, and then to put them in a large container. And then he asked them to come later on everyone pick a random piece of paper and read it. And everybody read it said give me back my own problems. And sometimes you see the problem is other people have and yours will pale in comparison.

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So we've all been through past trials, we've all been through difficulties. And those past trials and difficulties are today. The stories that you tell others, they're just history, and some of them are stories you tell others while you are laughing, because you have gotten over it.

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An ibis, the uncle of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he came to a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam he says, quote, We are rasool Allah, our elimination, Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah to Allah. He said, y'all Rasul Allah teach me something to ask Allah subhanaw taala So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said settle hola hola Aafia. ask Allah for Allah Aafia, which is well being and security and safety being free from difficulty and illness. So an ibis is I went away for a few days, and a few days later I came back and I said, O Messenger of Allah, teach me something to ask Allah. And then the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam tells him Carla yeah Abbas Yeah. Amma rasool Allah, O Abbas, or uncle

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of the Prophet of the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah Hala Thea for dunya when a Hara ask Allah Allah Sofia, well being in this world and in the next. So with that, we say Allah Hama and Nana Luca Sofia, Allahu manana Sal local Althea is your nm and IB the MT non well as the nm and I baited him to hon Allahumma. In Na Na o bureau. Vaca minster Hadik woman will be the Africa Anoka tech will be coming codonopsis Anna and Alec Allahumma in Nana's local Althea fidi Nina will offer you a fee money now what we have done in our fee, Abner inner Wolfie I'm worried now with hilarya Tuna

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Allahumma inna nesto DeLuca Manohar for LA Hillman Allahumma JAL who theme is still there I have the kya hai yaka Yom Allahumma berrimilla The Illuminati I'm lost in your SOP, robotic Wi Fi Lumos sciatic Murphy bill maruf Wi Fi here Animoca sme da also Allahumma barik and Arbroath Ratan Alameen wa ala early he was big Marino como la sauce homcom Allah