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The speaker discusses the importance of not becoming too harsh and not wanting to be heard. They also talk about struggles and ways to improve, including learning to eat properly and doing better in a social setting. The speaker emphasizes the importance of helping others and improving oneself.

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You don't need to become harsh. You don't need to become hard. Because Allah says in the Quran fabby Mara

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it is because of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that you will lenient with them or upon them, you were kind to them, you were soft with them. Allah says that is the mercy of Allah, when you are soft with people, when you came to them, when you're lenient with them, it's a sign of the mercy of Allah upon you.

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And Allah says, if you are hard hearted, if you are harsh and hard hearted, they would have dispersed from around you, they wouldn't have listened to you. You have people who don't want to hear a message of doom, they want to be told, you know, with a pat on the back, don't worry, you're doing well. But you can do better. As a way of speaking, don't worry, you're doing well. Each one of us has a struggle. We are all trying, I said it this morning at another university. And to be honest, I live by it. I know there are struggles, myself included, we are all struggling to earn the pleasure of Allah and to improve no matter what level I am upon, Oh, you are upon. Every one of us

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knows we are trying to become better people as the days pass. So much so that if I were to ask you today, how many of you read five Salah a day? I'm sure I would see most of the hands, I hope.

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And if I were to ask you how many of us read Salatu tahajjud. For example, I would see slightly less hands. But in your heart, you know, I want to get there someday. And by the mercy of Allah, He sometimes inflicts you with something that makes you get up what that you Do you know why? He just wants you to taste the sweetness of it. How many of us have had a difficulty that led us to this late night prayer, early morning prayer in a way that we tasted it sweetness even after the problem was gone, we still get up once in a while, and we love pleasing Allah in that way. The prayer that no one's watching, that's a gift of Allah. So we all have our struggles, the sisters, perhaps with

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all the peer pressure, perhaps the environmental pressure, in whatever way it is, you know, everything that's happening around us the environment, sometimes it's difficult even to dress appropriately. You know your struggles, and therefore you know, that you'd like to improve this and you'd like to improve that. And perhaps I believe firmly that every one of us improves as time passes. And wherever we falter and drop, we turn back to Allah. Imagine someone coming to you and say, You know what, you're not worth it. You still going to help? That's it. Can you feel it, Bernie