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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was a Jemaine and my about our hotbar today is titled, everlasting here.

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The question is, in the struggle of good versus evil, which one is stronger? Which one lasts longer and has deeper roots? And many people in our day and age think that it would be evil, because it is so prevalent in the world from evil regime, regimes evil governments, prevalent crime and criminals.

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The other question is, how do you face evil? Is it submitting to it? Or is it only and always by resisting evil? Or can you face it with good? Can you produce hair to offset evil?

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To begin to answer these questions, the first thing we need to realize is that good comes from Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal is on the side of good and evil is on the side of the shavon or comes from the shavon. In sort of Allah embrun Allah azza wa jal says, pulling lahoma magical milk to tell Tillman COMM And Tasha wattens your Allman commitment, Tasha,

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what is zoom and Tushar were to the lumen Tasha, big callfire Allah says, say, Oh Allah, Lord of the dominion, you grant sovereignty, sovereignty to whomever you please. And you take it away from whomever you please, and you exalt whomever you choose, and you are base whenever you choose, and in your hand is all good. Even in the DA and Nabi sallallahu Sallam used to say the Baker was a headache, when Hiroo kulu be edik all the good is in your hands. And Allah azza wa jal revealed a religion that is good commanding good in Salta. Now, Allah azza wa jal says, we're clearly lady in a taco joaquina Latina taco mother, Angela boom, and it was asked and it was said to those who

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believed those who had taqwa, the righteous the believers, they were asked, What has your Lord revealed and the answered in one word, or Lu Hira. Our Lord has revealed good. Everything our Lord reveals is good, his commands are good. Whatever he tells us tells us to stay away from the prohibitions are for our own good

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and from the power of good

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Allah azza wa jal says in Al Hassan RT you're the hipness a yard from the power of God is that Allah says the good deeds will push away and erase the evil deeds from the power of good. Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah walmartone for comin hiring for in Allah He Eileen and whatever you spend of good Indeed Allah is well aware of it, it doesn't mean that Allah just is Cognizant, cognizant of it or just knows it, but means Allah azza wa jal will reward you for it.

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In the year 1902, there was a man who used to make healthier things out of hasira straw mats, and he used to love good and he would always seek out opportunities to do good. When he hears of a Masjid being built somewhere, he would immediately make his his maths, a straw mat, and he would take it this is instead of carpeting back then, and he would line the masjid with it. He feel he hears that there is a reconciliation between families that had a dispute, he would take his mat and he would go and they would lay it on the ground. And he would assist in bringing peace between the two families always seeking out good. One day this man he saw in a dream that there was a bunch of grapes hanging

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from his spine. So when he asked about the interpretation of that, they told him that you're you're going to have a son that will teach the oma the Quran.

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And he gives birth to this man, this young man and his name is Muhammad Ali, alpha sorry, because his father became known as an asari because of his house theater that he takes everywhere his straw mats and and how sorry, his position in the Koran is known to everyone in the oma. And he is like the baseline against which everyone else is judged. Based on his recitation, and his daughter, yes mean and hopefully, she builds a Masjid and has an orphanage and shelters. And this is the man dies. I'm sorry, the man who used to make the straw man died in the year in 1910. And until today, the good is continuing. The good always continues the good is deep rooted. today. People either submit

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to evil or the only note to meet it with resistance, civil rights and the idea is always to meet evil with resistance to meet injustice with some kind of struggle or resistance. And we almost always choose conflict in our daily lives. With your wife you choose conflict with a co worker with strangers traffic altercation, we typically just use conflict.

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But inshallah Abraham Allah Subhana Allah says Adam Torah Keifa dorabella Huma Thelen Kelly mattone p button Kashi, gelatin Paiva. Also her third bitten were Farahi sama, Allah Subhana, Allah has struck as similar to a parable of a good word being like a good tree. its roots are firm, and its branches are in the heavens. So we see the good and the good word. It's firm, well and deep rooted, and its branches or meat made, meaning its effects reach all the way to the heavens. There was a dispute once between the companion Maja or the Allahu anhu and Abdullah and Isabel.

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And it was a dispute over some land that they had next to each other. So ignas Zubair sends me a letter that was harsh, and very strong word that. So now you showed the letter to his son yazeed, who was with him. And he xid when he read the letter, he became very upset because someone is offending his father, and being harsh with his father, who is also the halifa. So he tells me, so mommy asked him, What do you think we should do? So you see him said send him an army. When the vanguard when the front of the army reaches him, the rest of the army is still leaving here. And he that's how big this army is. So his father tells him, and Hello, Andy acromegalic does have a better

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solution than that. So he writes a letter MiniMo aliotta, Abu sufian, Illa Abdullah and Isabel from the son of Sophia to Abdullah, the son of Isabel, I'm about to proceed for how re rasulillah he wouldn't have he, he says he begins by calling him with this title, the son of the disciple of the prophet SAW Salem. And so he's saying you're the disciple and the son of the deceased.

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Life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it's all three or four words, he says, join my land to yours, and my servants to your servants was Salah, that's it. And he take the land and take the servants and everything in it was saramonic. So it means the bear writes back to him a letter where he is apologizing and praising and praising him extensively. And when we received that letter, he showed it to xid. And he said to her, the hi Ron and Roddick said, Is this better, or your first opinion of sending him an army, and he tells him masala, you mean higher.

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In your opinion, it continues to be better. Even a more contemporary story, when I lived in Canada, we used to host the largest Islamic conference in Western Canada. And the day before the conference, and the bazaar had, they had already given all the tables and spaces and everything. One of the young men from another Masjid, he sends an email to one of our young brothers who is in charge of the bazaar, spacing, and the tables and all that, and it was extremely an excessively route. And he is demanding him to make sure that he gets a table, and to get a table in a good location. And he will not accept that it's too late. And the spaces are all taken. And if you dare, do not, do not

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give me the space, you will pay and you will have this to answer for and so on and so forth. So the brother came to me and he was very offended by the contents of this email. And he said, what should I write and he is prepared to write him poison in an email. So I told him, write him the nicest nicest letter you could possibly write him.

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And that you will do your best to secure him a good location in the best spot and, and he will do whatever you want and what have you. He tells me later on he said, the minute when I came to the bazaar Hall, the minute we locked eyes, he immediately looked down. He can't, if you would have written him a rude email, they would lock eyes and they would continue going at it verbally. But he said the minute he saw me he was ashamed and he couldn't look me in the eye and he looked down. And he kept apologizing said I don't know how I wrote you such a rude email, and he kept apologizing over and over again. And we know when we see examples and stories where the good word goes a longer

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distance, and does so much better than conflict and then harshness, but we always choose that that one we choose the wrong one all the time.

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With that akula hola hola was tougher. La la la la co means America no first off row fairfields. Well, Mr. Farina ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdulillah Hello, Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah mean, early he was

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always choose good. We mentioned the story of God that lasted over 100 years ago. And we have stories of good that lasted for 1000 over 1400 years. And this was the story of Omen Salama, who would later on become one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and in a story where her people had or had taken her money, her son or from her, and then they finally gave it back to her give him back to her after a year. So she immediately before anyone changes their mind, got a camel took her son and she started by herself, heading from Mecca to Medina a distance of about 450 kilometers or 280 miles. When she reached an area known as a name, she saw a man by the name of

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earthman had been bombed her who asked her where she's going, and she said a few Ruby Dean iminco. She said, I'm escaping and saving my religion escaping from you guys. So he saw that she's traveling by herself. He said that's not acceptable. And he grabbed immediately grabbed the reins of her camel and started leading it all the way to Medina. She said, I have never seen anyone with so much chivalry and so much good manners. When we would rest he would let the camel kneel, and then he would go sit far away from me. Then he would lead the camel and he would not engage in small talk, even though it wouldn't be anything bad or reprehensible if you engage in any small talk. But she

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said he was so chivalrous and so well mannered. When we got close to Medina. He's an enemy of Islam at the point and he can't enter Medina. When we saw the trees of Medina, he tells me Your husband is there and he immediately turns back and he comes back for another 280 miles back to Mecca.

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He told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this story, and Nabi sallallahu Sallam just smiled. It's a smile with a lot of meaning behind it. And he that shows appreciation, and it shows that he will get repaid for what he did. And it's years later, when a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conquers Mecca. And he tells I live in Tallinn to go and get the keys of the Kaaba from Earth motive and who is from Benny shaver and they always had the keys to the Kaaba. And when individual Salim enters, he receives revelation according to this narration, and he called arithmetic and he tells him Hark, take your key your earth man

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and Yom he says, A Yom Yom obiter in wauwatosa. Today is the Day of Recompense Today's a day of people getting what they deserve and what they're owed. And he tells him, take it your earth man, and no one will take it from you until the Day of Resurrection except someone who is a tyrant and an oppressor and until today, 1400 years later, because of that original good deed, until today, the keys are with Benny shaver. The keys of Aqaba until today are with Manisha che but no one else has them until now, shall we by doing good deeds, and Nevis also and said da mo Baku Bissau Baka said heal your ill near ill friends and family members, those who are sick you can heal them through

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giving subaqua even good to push away illness, good to push away any kind of evil will conclude with what Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Hajj you have Lavina amanu Oh Yoo hoo boom and worship your Lord wolf I do hire them to fly home and do good so that you may prosper with that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us over those who do good and those who choose good and to make use of those who recognize false with as clear false with and stay away from it. Aloha mode and and have to have been what

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what original Bob Lila about to learn what is up Nigerian Oba Allahu Allah tala dunya Kumara homina. While I'm a blogger, Elmina well Elena remove while you're unhappy here animoca SME

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mobarak an internal alameen wa