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Assalamu alaikum Peace be on the back for another episode of Islam focus. Today we continue with our 35th program in our series dealing with the sources of Islam. The last couple of weeks now we've been dealing with the topic of the authenticity of the Quran today will be our third program discussing that topic. I'm your host handle Rashid and I have joining me on the program as usual Dr. Jamal Badawi of St. Mary's University of the Jamaat assalamu aleikum.

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quickly highlight the main points that we touched on last week in our second program getting stuck. Okay. The second program focused on the preservation of the Quran in writing after the first one dealt with preservation by memorization. And the Quran indicated that writing was known to the Arabs like the seven suspended the poetry the base to sustain on the comma. We indicated that in the Quran itself there is internal evidence that the Quran was found

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in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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to clarify that some orientalist Malik Carson Jeffrey mixed between connecting the Quran to writing which took place in the lifetime of the Prophet and compiling the Quran or collecting the already written manuscripts into one volume, which took place after the death of the Prophet so some of them say the Quran was written after the Prophet which is not a very accurate expression,

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references all sorts of things of the awesome several differences in body and other words, indicating that universal revelation came to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for the small portion or a few passages in the Quran.

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He used to call someone of the scribes of Revelation, instruct him to place it in such and such place in such and such and such chapter.

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In addition to this, we discussed some other corroborating historical anecdotes that shows that the Quran actually was in written form in my in the lifetime of the Prophet, including the story of how Omar embraced Islam. The fact that the process for both Muslims to travel would be written copies of the Quran to places where people are too hostile

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to the Quran,

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in this respect, and indicated that many historians include as many as 42 names of the official scribes of Revelation the day they were appointed by the prophet to record it.

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And finally indicated also that in addition to these official scribes, abomination, there were also people who are writing copies of the Quran or portions that are for their own use.

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It was indicated that they wish to write on tablets on Mother's on Shambo bones on upon stem

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shown against

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packing material available.

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a distinction between

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memorization of the Quran committing it to reading and compiling the Quran in one vine, could you give us some background of the circumstances which led up to the compilation of an article

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after the Prophet died, there were a number of people who listened Muslims.

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What happened about

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having some sort of rebellion against the state by refusing to pay the poor do now as mentioned in a previous series on Pillars of Islam, but the care is not a sort of monetary thing or charity thing. It is part of the system in the state just like a kind of body, for example, carry arms and say we're going to pay taxes that the government will have to take some steps to prevent this kind of things from happening and provide for the sources of the of the state. So this was a sort of commercial unit that was going on. That led to some fighting and those buttons as many as 17

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memorizers have the Quran

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By the way, that number itself is cooperating evidence that people who love

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but there must have been

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one permanent Companion of the Prophet peace be upon him.

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So he went to the cabinet on the first successful to the profit of about

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200 to you know, this people who are not those who memorize the Quran are very courageous people because they recite the Quran, they always, you know, want to do something.

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And if there's any further threat to the state and further battles to establish order, those people will be the first one to be

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offering the lights for this. And then a third, if that happens, and memorizers have

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Maybe some times in the future or the crime may be forgotten. So he said, I suggest you that you should try to compound those manuscripts together, that

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critics might raise some concern about that

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would be a concern

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during the lifetime of the Prophet, okay, well, it is true, of course, as indicated before,

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various external and historical evidence that the Coronavirus was elected in the lifetime of the Prophet. However, that was not all under one roof, it was put together as a one official, you might say,

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single volume.

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On the other hand, in the case of the Quran, also, certainly just to have the written words, the proper enunciation is just as important. That's why it was present version as well as writing.

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So the despite of that fact, the AMA really was worried about is that suppose you get so many people who

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And then suppose in the future sometimes

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that some of the manuscripts might be lost. Now, if the manuscripts are not, then there is no control because there's also

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the field in his mind, and he wants to make sure that not even now, but in the future also

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must remain in its purity in the text. And in fact, another human being a Prophet, peace be upon him. how

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proud he is 23 years old, he was receiving revelation, he got his companions accustomed to the notion that the Quran must be preserved both in writing as well as memorization. So what am I reading was concerned about his two answers to and perhaps becoming overly cautious, that even though the Quran is now available in writing, we should still take some precautions that if there's anything that will happen in the future, we still can have an authoritative

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in reference to refers to

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taking all

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back to on my suggestion, what the initial reaction of a buck was disapproval,

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simply because you said,

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to do something that the Prophet didn't do, or ask us today. And that, by the way, is not a reflection as some people may think of extreme conservatism or something of that nature. But it's actually a reflection of the great deal of honesty and compassion, that everybody treated the Quran with the Quran, they knew that this is the word of Allah, the Word of God, the architect with Office respect, we have to be very accurate and meticulous. So even the creation of bringing the manuscripts together in one folder, which is that is not limited Still, he was reserved because the Prophet didn't do that. Either. However, he kept

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and it's good. The Prophet didn't do it, but there's some benefit for the Muslim community and in general for even for donation.

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So he kept talking to him as credit until

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Ababa became more receptive to this idea.

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He became receptive, he actually decode his own decision.

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is out himself. He was hesitant to agree with the idea and was hesitant to accept the responsibility

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of acting as the catalyst or the main person hadn't done anything, the activity or the

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mission to connect these various manuscripts. On fact, in one of his expressions, he said, but

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they asked me to move a mountain, it would have been easier on me than to be in charge of this important task,

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which was a couple of neither a couple of questions. First, why wasn't Abu Bakr chose

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in particular for this task? And secondly, why did he consider it to be such a difficult task that indicated to me problem concerning the the the general availability of the Coronavirus? Well, first of all, the crisp question one abubaker chose that all the time chosen particular for that. One, the answer actually could be traced to what Mr. Buckley himself said, right when he asked me to, to take charge of that mission as directed him because he said you are Iranian gentleman.

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And there is accusation, that blemishes you

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donation for Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So go out and collect and follow the wellness, test the various manuscripts and bring it and combine it together

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from this statement, and go back, there are a number of things here that really gave disqualifications to

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one has integrity, reputation, and policy.

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Secondly, is that there was a person who used to write

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a piece of news when the official is called the revelation some considered and actually the chief

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writer writers of Revelation. Others also, in fact, the one statement that was mentioned the pure spoken, the prophet even said, You're the best in writing. But as other people might have been the best dissertation, but the lighting design scene was the most accurate and the most ridiculous.

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Thirdly, this is really important, even though it's not mentioned in our backswing, but it's known historically, that as we introduce to

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the engine of Revelation, used to come to Prophet Muhammad, every year during the month of Ramadan, especially in the last 10 days, and reviews with him, whatever has been revealed so far, in the last year, before the death of the Prophet that was done twice. And then it was present. And I believe that was in the presence of Zod. So he heard the Prophet Satan has an

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engine Gabrielle entrepreneur was, you know, the current working,

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obviously, with this kind of qualifications,

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right was the most logical and competent, the most competent person willing to help. But I'd like to clarify, however, that doesn't mean that

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had a free hand

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to to do whatever he pleases, or it's something that has not already been in written form, since the lifetime of the Prophet. He was simply like the head of a task force in which many people contributed and helped.

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As far as your second question,

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why did

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God consider this task to be a very difficult one, this has nothing to do the preservation of the Quran. That was one of the

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problems or errors that in which Jeffrey

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has fallen in the same race, you know, it must reflect some kind of difficulty in tracing the Quran. So I'm glad that you brought this point because you found it repeated in lots of literature.

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But in the field of daydreaming is getting that task or the combination of excitement and apprehension about the kind of vision that was interested in him. Because now he's playing a key role in the compilation, in the ordering of the various manuscripts of the Prophet instructed should be

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in charge of hitting the task of carefully verifying each and every

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passage of that revelation in called accuracy. Let alone the fact that he's feeling that he is doing this task. These are the the word of Allah, the Word of God, which would remain as a guidance to all humanity for generations to come. So it's not that he was one of them.

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There's no parts of the

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difficulty of the question of the magnitude and importance of the cuts, you could feel that you could do something but still you feel it's so exciting, so difficult or so, you know, protecting us that you feel a little bit apprehensive that you can do it.

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The English responsibility, how do we

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go about organizing his mission

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as well as what they did. First of all,

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there was nothing in the mail given designed by a box, that's the cabinet or by himself that could not even taking place Hence, the mandate, for example of writing something of the Quran on his own, even though he may memorize it, even though he may find so many people say he was not authorized to write anything. And this is very important, in view of the ancient aliens. The nice statements found in the books about Islam, as in the Quran was written after the Prophet, there is no such thing as a sword for presented to write anything at all.

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In fact, what he had to do was to simply collect the manuscripts which were lifted from the mouth of the Prophet. But he was not supposed to accept that just

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on face value.

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He had to verify and get with this is that this will actually trust the witnesses as far as the system in Islamic law, that

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the people who give that witness report that they haven't heard that part directly from the person testified that this was written actually in the presence of the Prophet. In addition to this,

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one aspect of the miscibility he raised, which was being very meticulous and careful that nothing was accepted. Unless there are, quote unquote, two witnesses.

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Some scholars interpreted to witness like, as a witness by memorizing can witness by writing. Others interpret that to mean to witnesses, that is to individuals who serve, the prophets are citing less and have testified that this was written in the presence of the Prophet, whichever meaning obviously, it was a sort of connection or completion,

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which depended simultaneously on memorization and writing. But even then, there was this kind of mutual verification to make sure that your question

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could arise in the mind of anyone that anyone is taking freehand or putting something on its own.

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There are a lot of people also who are hateful, constitute in this mission, according to Abu Dhabi, for example,

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okay, who became concerned the second clip, and was actually suggested back to the completion.

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he was quoted as saying, whatever have you has learned anything of the Quran, memorization writing,

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let him bring it. So there was every kind of open invitation to the public, there is nothing done in secret or small group of scholars, whatever, is nothing like that. Everything was open in one project, and they were not to change or wrote anything, should we bring it so that you know, we can

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check on each other.

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It is obvious also from the language that

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that this was an open invitation. And if you pleaded not only the official scribes of Revelation, the word you returned, that means anyone who was making anything official or non official,

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and all of that, of course, the meticulous care, which was applied to the Quran, verse by verse or passage by passage to make sure that it is actually the original manuscript of human Latin under the supervision of the Prophet

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establish quite clearly that the content exists in many parts,

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facing problems and trying to collect these manuscripts.

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For example, if you check,

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social information you want to protect Traditionally,

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the guy himself said that

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we compiled the various parts of missing when

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in Bank of Switzerland, that's number 63. So let's talk about that's not the number. So let's focus on the immunity

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reported that he was only on Saturday

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and Sunday, resident of Medina to watch the perfect length

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it nice habit, that's the first thing that we need to change.

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The fact that he was looking for that particular thing shows that he memorized it, and

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lots of other people do it.

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It's quite possible also that other people have written that path, but some of them might have been out of town somewhere, participants in some expeditions or traveled away. But it so happened that for that particular small passage, it was only that particular people memorize it. So that shows that

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I have heard from the Prophet, he defended himself given the authority to survive, I didn't find it with anyone that he liked, until he actually got escaped even a single one with one person that is verified by the minimization of multitudes of other papers.

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As indicated, before, you know, as I've been, many others,

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have the full course on or large parts of the Quran. And this was the kind of people who

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were in charge of

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taking the duty or responsibility of putting the various manuscripts together.

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For the first time, that this will be original, first original manuscripts.

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After the

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original copy that original manuscript, externals can exist,

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first of all the manuscripts that was collected in the time of America, and by the way, the name of America was very short, it was about two years, talking about something that was written in the lifetime of the Prophet together within

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two years.

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That original copy remains in the custody of abubaker, for the period of his Caliphate on the roller ship, as the head of course of the

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state of Oklahoma.

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That copy, paste on turn successor.

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It remained in the custody of armor as the head of the state until he died.

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Actually, it moved to the custody of his daughter's

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death or again, perhaps it was a very important moment in history is not only because she was the daughter of the owner, but she was also the wife of the Prophet peace be upon him, again, was very close in terms of the revelation of the Quran. So the custody was in her hand. And then in the journey, the caliphate of thumb was the third case, after the prophet and catch accessory chain.

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That manuscript was recorded.

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Last month a permission from Hassan to, to have it so that other copies also can be verified and copied from it seemed to the various parts of the Western world which is actually

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the third phase of

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both the preservation and dissemination of the Quran.

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Phase initiated

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when there were some circumstances,

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somewhat similar to the circumstances that led to the initial configuration or putting it together in volume. Because during

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during the caliphate of us, man,

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Islam spread so fast,

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Monsanto came under the stone. As a result, of course, many of the close companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, spread throughout the

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Thus confirming the course, or all of them, because they are complaining that the profit from him has already recited from the profit.

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When they moved around in different places, some of them were reciting the Quran in what scholars call an

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appropriate concession, it doesn't mean a different language. It doesn't mean different dialects of the same language.

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It's basically the way that they used to recite, because the Prophet actually did allow people to recite the Quran, with a slight variation, not really any substantial thing that will change the meaning. And a marketing channel when it comes to that topic, we can discuss it in some more depth, the nature of

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some of those companies were reciting, according to the others, resulting in a slightly different one, even though both were correct, and that was sanctioned by by the prophet But what happened is one of the famous companions of the Prophet by the name of fidelity

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Indian women went to an expedition especially

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in Azerbaijan.

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Some people started somehow

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hassling with each other about the modes of recitation, somebody learnt from one component to profit resulting Another one is resulting in a slightly different way

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my dissertation is that.

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when you started You need

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to sort of conflict about about this and that alarm, because I

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was alarmed by that. I was also said what if we will differ on this slide is graduating with in different life, other people before us with respect to their scriptures. So, you said that something should be done, even above the restitution even though it has been accepted or by the prophet. So, when he came back

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us man,

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he described to him what he has seen his struggle. And I suggested to him that as a buck compound, or put together the various manuscripts in one column, maybe what you should do also is to lead people unite also, on the one recitation that is, right, in which the Quran actually was revealed, even though the others were conceived by the prophet that you said,

00:26:31--> 00:26:38

Indeed, the United recitation, so people would have less difficulty with each other than because some people

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are not aware that there is also another legitimate mode of recitation. Gradually, people may forget the sources and don't start

00:26:52--> 00:26:52

very slowly.

00:26:55--> 00:26:57

They were very careful not to allow the screen

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to magnify.

00:27:02--> 00:27:07

And actually, last minute, was more readily receptive to the idea,

00:27:08--> 00:27:11

object match to misconduct as

00:27:13--> 00:27:18

a response to a recommendation. In response to recommendation, he did.

00:27:20--> 00:27:22

That, again,

00:27:23--> 00:27:25

perhaps the most prominent person who's

00:27:27--> 00:27:34

invited also some of the prominent companions of the Prophet tool also arises from the Quran, more specifically the names

00:27:36--> 00:27:37

of the

00:27:38--> 00:27:43

nation. So History repeats the lives of those people, it was almost like a sort of a committee.

00:27:44--> 00:27:47

And we asked them again, to go through the same process of reviewing

00:27:48--> 00:28:09

my passage by one passage, and I said to them that there is a difference in the need of recitation, even though they were all acceptable, you should write it in the meat of recitation, or the Bank of Quraysh. Because the profit was from correlation, that is the moment actually, in which the revelation came to the Prophet, even though he consented to the other

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And what he did also was to, as indicated earlier, who were talking about the original manuscript, which was in the custody of life of the Prophet, Muhammad, that he took a permission to take that manuscript and give it to that committee is another term considered, they can use it also to verify

00:28:33--> 00:28:35

what they were doing.

00:28:38--> 00:28:38

Excuses after they

00:28:40--> 00:28:48

became exactly identical with the original manuscript. So he attained that manuscript

00:28:49--> 00:28:50

as he promised,

00:28:54--> 00:28:56

that was the case for future copies.

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Not because you're having a problem with your vote,

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but because we've exhausted our time. Thank you for watching. come back and join us next week. Assalamu alaikum peace