Jamal Badawi – Brief Sketch of Prophets Family Life

Jamal Badawi
AI: Summary © The importance of deeper love in older age is discussed, including a woman who was the first to receive the first revelation from the Prophet. The speaker emphasizes the need for women to be allowed to stay with Russia and the use of language to express themselves and their emotions. Other examples of men experiencing sexual abuse and the use of language to describe their actions are also discussed. The Prophet's teachings are discussed, and the importance of considering reasons behind marriages and language is emphasized.
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Along work

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deeper love, the love that continues even in old age when the waistline undergoes some changes and the hair undergoes some green. If that love continues, then it is more than just

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passionate love in youth, but deeper love. Indeed mawatha is more than that. And we can say that the Prophet SAW Selim was the embodiment in his relationship with all his waves of that relationship. As a tribute to that great lady, the mother of believer Khadija at the Allahu anha.

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She was the first one who was told about the first revelation he received. He didn't run to his uncle, his beloved uncle, he didn't run to wise people and other the first one to be told was his wife Hadees. And guess who was the first Muslim ever? Many people talk about our buck before a buck was Khadija or the Allah and exactly, in fact, her testimony to him when he expressed his worry that what happened happened to him in the cave of Hera might have been Satan or the Devil or something of that nature. And before even to go into any analysis or logical reasoning, Wallah, he lay off Zeke Allahu Akbar, the spy, Allah, Allah who will never let you down and start to talk about his

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qualities, being guest, big hospitable to his guest, one who helps those who are marginalized in society or are in need. It's so many things that immediately that was her response. And by the way, this testimony coming from my wife is very important. People can praise you as much as they want, but they don't know the inside story. The real testimony coming from the wife knows your strengths and weaknesses and sometimes things that are not really that good. But a clean bill of health from my wife is living with him at that time for 15 years already. That is very valuable and amazing. Coming forward, not Yeah, maybe no straightforward. This is what she thought of him and that is a

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reflection on his character.

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These are the Allahu anha more than any other wife actually stood by him in all periods and stages in his life, whether it was prosperity or suffered prosperity was limited because once the revelation came, all that wealth and all the

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comforts of life has gone and everything was spent for the DAO of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Another character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is extreme faithfulness, not only to be good Hadiya and otherwise, of course during her life, but even after she died, he kept always remembering her, praising her to the point that another mother of believer eyeshadow, the Allah and and a female is a female, even if she's companion or wife of the prophet or humans. One time she got jealous, said You keep talking about that woman, mean that old woman

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did it Allah had replace you a better one. And his stressor is Yes, honey. No, he say the truth is it out? No Allah He, by Allah. Allah did not replace her with one that is better and then started again talking about her quality and faithfulness, that she believed in him when people belied him, she supported him with her wealth and with her comfort. So there is no question about her position, nor his faithfulness. And it was not just in words, it was reported that when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, slaughter an animal for food, he ordered that some of that would go to swipeable, the friends of Khadija, when a friend of Khadija come to visit him he treats her with

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the utmost of affection with the utmost of respect and he says in the hochanda, Tina, Yamaha visa that she used to visit us or come when Khadija was alive. We focused more on Khadija because that's how the Prophet SAW said liberated heart even though of course, the closest to him in terms of conveying the Dawa since her early years as a young woman

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of course, she

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You had a great status as well, but we put things again the prophets Allah sell them, put them. And here we come to the area of polygamous marriages of the Prophet SAW Selim that many people have making have been making a great deal of that

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the most of this polygamous marriages took place between the age of 56 to 63, which means in the very waning years of of his life when the life expectancy at that time, of course, was not that high. This is not the topic, but I just mentioned very quickly that if we analyze those marriages, in fairness and open mind, we find that it was mostly

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compassion, not just the passion or obsession with women, because if there was any element of that it would have emerged in his youthful years. And we know his reputation was, you know, Crystal from the time when he was a teen agers to the age of 25, nobody, of his staunchest enemies could even point to a single instance, of indiscretion. And then of course, remaining as in a monogamous relationship for a quarter of a century or more even with hadiza We'll find that some of these marriages were for humane reasons. Just to give an example of masala Mara the Aloha Anna, she was about his age, probably. And her husband died and she had four orphans. Abu Bakr goes to offer her

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marriage, but she's a very dignified woman, and she really appreciated her husband, she loved him so much, was Helaman.

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So she refuses. Amara goes, he refuses the Prophet sallallahu Sallam hearing that he goes himself. And she said, No, he said, Why? Why not? She's number one. I'm an old woman. Number two, I have orphaned children to look after. Number three, I am a jealous woman on behalf of females, right? No problem. Don't force on them something. Allah created them. That's the concept of the leather is not the law. Ours means crooked. That means it has its own inclination. Men can think more straight women have more aesthetic sense anyway. And the Prophet said to her Alright, as far as age, I am older than you. Probably he wasn't, was marginally probably older than her. I'm not sure it probably

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not that much. SLM when you call a woman I'm, I'm older than you. He knows how to deal with people according to their psychology, and what pleases them. So that was one step. Maybe she might start wondering what's coming next. As far as the orphan children, they will be like mine. That's, these are my responsibilities. Don't worry about that, like my own.

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And as far as what is the remaining third reason for refusal,

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jealousy, as far as jealousy, I will pray to Allah and He will take it away from your heart. And Allah took it away from her heart, and they got mad. I mean, marrying a woman who has been married before for orphaned children close to his age, and that was in the 50s. You know?

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What, what really is, is he looking for this is only one of many examples. Some are legal reasons, such as the marriage of

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Zainab bint stashed somewhere to forge a relationship, even with his enemies by marrying on Mojave. But the daughter of Abu Sufyan who was a staunch enemy of the Prophet,

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Abu Sufyan, while still rejecting Islam was very happy that his daughter married the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this humanitarian also element in that, in any case, I'm just making a summary of that even Why are women that you took from other communities and faith communities from the Jewish community, which reduced their enmity and somehow cooled down the tense relationship, accepting to marry Marissa that was sent to him from Egypt. These are again, analyzed in details and several references, but just want to just make a quick the profits or The SLM was also not only a model of the requirement

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of certain hedgerows that the Medanta Rama in the peaceful relationship, but also in his justice, because when you have more than one wife, you need more than just all these three. You need justice between

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You were wise. And He was meticulous about that, to the point that he every day he tried to visit all of them to see if anybody has need. But then he picks one to, to spend the night and spending the night by the way some people go in their imagination as if it's nothing but physical. Spending the night also with whether there is physical relationship or not that shows again, the to a woman who is pleased that her husband is with her overnight.

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He doesn't trespass or skip anyone. Except there was one case when soudha, who was quite old, donated her night to Aisha radi, Alon, but otherwise equal when he travels, it takes one, but not the same one every time. And not only this, the most amazing nobility that all his wives knew that he loves to stay without Asia.

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On his deathbed, he keeps asking where am i Tomorrow, they understood the message that he's getting really sick, close to death.

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And they took initiative by saying you're allowed to stay with Russia. It was his last few days allowed the Prophet almost practically seeking permission of other wives that he spent his last days with Russia, and other longer that being carried are

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suffering to move from one household to the other.

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Something for men,

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for all of us, but for men in particular.

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The we should not just talk about the story of the Prophet as an entertaining story. But always think of how can we apply that today, of course, the things that was met were mentioned before we know how to apply Muhammad Dawa Rahman all of these, not just read it. But more importantly for many men who keep referring to a particular interpretation of a particular area of the Quran. It to the exclusion of dozens of other as in the Quran and dozens of Hadees to justify for themselves the results of physical violence against their wives. There is there is a lot of discussion on that issue. I happen to be honored to present a paper in the recently in the European Council of fatwa

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and research on the issue of new shoes. So I'm not getting into that and saying there are other legitimate interpretation, non apologetic interpretation that we lead by then based largely on the Quran and Sunnah never resorted to that, does it mean that he was married to angels that never upset him? No, there are many instances when he was upset with his wives, yet never, never did that. And that testimony did not come from him, even though he's a southern Muslim, even though if he testified that he's truthful. But the way the wives of the Prophet referred that he never to beating using physical force on a child, why a woman or a wife

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or a man even for that matter, except for course, as it's needed in the battlefield, for self defense and fighting against oppression. In fact, the discord is that you see lay so let me be clear to come those even who lightly beat their wives, these are not the best of you, it might be suitable for a lower level in terms of commitment to Islam, and culturally speaking as well. He was very sensitive also, to their 10 minutes, that's generous, extreme sensitivity to their pleasure or displeasure, you know, ishara Delana says, arugula.

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I know when you're

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happy with me. All the prophets are Selim says to hi sorry. I know Asha when you're happy with me and when you're upset, just how he's he said, If you're happy with me, he says what up be Muhammad by the Lord of Muhammad? And if you're upset with me, you say by the Lord of Ibrahim,

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as she says, You say the truth of Prophet of Allah.

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Entertainment. Many people think that entertainment is not men and Maru ion it's entertainment. Yet the prophets Allah Salah himself, raised one time with Aisha, not in front of era he was in people walking so he asked them to continue. So from behind the Prophet hustler racing with Aisha, imagine that oh, we

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imagined the picture, the profit competing with our Asian one

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time he won. And when he became a little heavier,

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she did not win. That means he repeated that, at least another time. And when I find that she's not happy about losing, he reminds her with the sports spirit of Hebei Telc. This is 141. So you went time, loser time. That's okay. The other thing that is a good lesson for all of us and for men who are here, they should start immediately applying that when you get back home.

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Any of us here think that he is better than the Prophet SAW Selim? No. Anyone here think that he is busier because of his profession? This this myth than the Prophet SAW Salem? No.

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Yet it was reported that he used to help his wives and the need the what is the household chores. Then one Hadith even it says he used to milk his goats fix his clothes, or mend his clothes. Imagine someone most men here if, if a baton fall from your racket you have to run to your wife, you don't even know how to make it. The Prophet SAW Selim did it. And in spite of is terribly busy, schedule and demands upon him.

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And then the Hadith the fairest narration Jaco Newfie manatee Ali, he served his family, but when the prayer time comes, he make his will do and go. You know, there was a narration also that is of interest. And I want to ask men in particular, I think it was Aisha Radi Allahu Allah. And she said that he make will do even and he kiss me and go out. How many times did any of the husbands are here? Kiss their wives when they're going for Salah or work? And the last week

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10 years?

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All right. So the that's why I ishara the law and I give that again glaring testimony similar to Khadija, when she said can afford a co worker and they asked her what are the characters of Prophet Muhammad, she was a smart woman, very smart. Because if she starts counting, she may not remember everything. And that will take a long, long time. So she simply put it a lot eloquently as she was a very eloquent person Subhanallah can that three words can hola como el Quran, his character was the Quran. That means all the ideas or the ethics

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that are invoked, were embodied in his action. As a father and grandfather, again, a great deal of love, mercy and care.

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When his son Ibrahim, and he's a prophet of Allah, who is the closest to him, yet, he sheds tears that some Sahaba even were wondering, and then he reminds them that this is the Rama that Allah put in the hearts of His servants. His expression of love to Fatima in public is very interesting in public and say publicly even

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in order to destroy this images that people have of inferiority of a female sometimes when he's coming from travel, or she's coming, he stands up, kisses her and sit, let her sit by him as if to teach Muslims how to treat their daughters with tenderness and love. He used to play with Hassan and Hussein imagine just like any of us, especially experienced, or super experienced grandfathers,

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right, they play with him, kiss them and pat them compassionately. One time he was giving the hotbar and find one of them has an ER Huseyn is stumbling. You know,

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some maybe his garment was a bit longer some he interrupts his hotbar

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to come down and carry him Subhanallah somebody may say if this happened today, if you see an imam doing that Subhan Allah what a kind of heresy what what kind of Imam is this? Right.

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One time even. He goes on the on the floor, hands and knees to make himself a horse somebody who is committed doesn't matter. Right. And let has an unforeseen ride on his back. And he plays with them even playfully tell them now I'm 30 Certainly and toma one Amel Farah SUTA coma, what a wonderful nights you are riders and what a wonder

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For the horse underneath you, and guess what some texture that I saw sometimes that reminded me of the prophets Allah say it's acuity one, really, but reminded me of the Prophet. You know why? Look at this.

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of both the pleasures, look at the eyes smile of the little girl. But her mother doesn't Yank her get out or just push her so that she doesn't interrupt.

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She's happy, both are happy. Is that woman Salah button.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once

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did exactly the same. He goes into such that, and his grandchildren right over his neck in such that

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and he stays on and on enjoying the ride.

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To the point that they say once a hobby was raising his head, the latency, it's took too long. That's a superset that that something happened.

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Something happened to the profit. It is isn't.

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But after Salah finish is the ask him the search that was very long. He said, My son, you know the herbs sometimes you son for grandson, also. My son had I was enjoying the ride.

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And I hated to interrupt his joyful ride.

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I hate to interrupt SubhanAllah. Just like that mother, she must have read that story. I've tried to emulate the prophet as a son and relative. We know that he also had affection to his his mother who was a very,

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very righteous woman, even though she died when he was still six years old. One time he visited also the grave of his father that he never saw, for he was orphaned, twice, orphaned twice in his early years. And you know who is now the most famous orphan in the world. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He honored even people who acted like his nannies as they call them today. She was a maid of his mother. Amen. And she was the one who brought him back after his mother died on the way back to Makkah. Used to honor her and treat her very well and be kind to her and respectful to her. He loved his uncle. I will tell him so dearly. Five now. Okay. Allow me just to wrap up quickly.

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Abu Talib, his behavior as a child was exemplary even before he went he was used right to help his uncle. He was very concerned about his uncle until he died. And I leave the question challenging question. Is it wrong or an Islamic for a Muslim to love? A Kaffir?

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And what reasons is the prophet loved Abu Talib? What's the significance of this finally,

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we have not sent you on Muhammad Salem, save as mercy to the world and we focused in here on the world of family alone there are a lot to be said made peace and blessings be upon him. And the our challenge can we or shall we emulate his character to the best of our abilities? Akula Cody had our stuff with Allah you welcome

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