Three Amazing Time Management Tips

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AI: Summary © The speaker gives three time management tips for improving productivity. The first tip is to do two-minute tasks immediately, and avoid leaving tasks on one's way. The second tip is to batch tasks into smaller chunks, and use it for smaller tasks. The third tip is to avoid overwhelming tasks and focus on workable mini goals.
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Today I want to share with you three time management tips from my book getting the Baraka and Islamic guide time management. The books also available on Amazon under the name time management and Baraka in Islam. These three tips are things which I apply on a daily basis to make me more productive, and to help my day flow better. The first step is the two minute rule. The two minute rule basically means that if there's any task on your to do list that will take less than two minutes to do, do it immediately. Don't leave it for later. Doing so frees up your mind, it helps you to relax, it helps you to feel like you've got work done, and the task doesn't play in your mind

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to outdated I still need to find this person, I still need to submit that email, I still need to do this, I still need to do that. It's done. It's over, it's finished.

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The second tip is regarding tasks of similar nature. If you have a lot of tasks of a similar nature that you need to do throughout the day, the fastest way to get them done is to batch them. So batching simply means you take all tasks of a similar nature, and do them within a short period of time. So for example, if you have to make about five phone calls, and each of them about two or three minutes each set of times a day to make all your phone calls. If you need to answer emails set a time of the day for answering your emails. When you work in this manner, things get done fast. Instead of checking your email every 30 minutes throughout the day, set times of the day where you

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just sit and answer emails. In this way, it gets done faster and it doesn't play on your mind.

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The third tip is for the opposite kind of task where you have one big project. How do you handle one big project? Simple, you break it into workable chunks. So this time management tip is called chunking. Simply it means to take anything that is large in size and break it down into workable mini goals. So for example, if you need to write a book, simply break that book down into a daily portion like three pages a day. If you need to write an assignment, break it down into daily portions, whatever it is, if you have a long term task that's going to take you have a lot of time to do if you chunk it if you break it down into workable daily portions. It will get done in time

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for your deadline without stressing you out and without there being too much work to do on a daily basis. If you apply these three simple rules you get more done every day in less time, and still have time to have fun. To learn more about time management, get a copy of my book time management embargo in Islam available on Amazon, or get the original edition getting the Baraka and Islamic guide to time management available at gumroad.