Mirza Yawar Baig – Reflections about Laylatul Qadr

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing one's intentions and why they are in session is discussed, along with practicing Islam to achieve their goals. It is emphasized that knowing something is not the same as doing something and that practicing it gives results. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of changing one's intention to apply to what they have learned and being live in a shed. It is emphasized that individuals need to practice it continuously for a long period of time to become a Muslim, and to find the joy in doing what one wants to do. The importance of avoiding feeling like one is just doing something and not doing anything is also emphasized.
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$100 Bill alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shadowfell, MBA well, mousseline mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA salatu salam, the sliven Catherine Sierra, this is a special privilege to be speaking to all of you. And that privilege for me is enhanced and made much sweeter because of the introduction from from Zachary, Sal.

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And may Allah bless him and bless all of you and all of your parents, and put the love of Allah subhanho data and the love of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in your and our hearts. My topic is there the other but I'm going to ask you a question before we get to the topic. My question is, what is your intention of sitting here? Why are you here? And I want you to I'm not going to ask each person to answer that question. I just want you to think about for yourself and ask yourself and say why are you here? Why are you in this session? The reason I'm asking that question is because

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Russell relies on us and I'm told us the famous Hades the first hubby's in Bukhari and Muslim narrated vices and our Tara delanco. Who said the summit also relies on Allah hajo Salah McCall in Nevada, Mr. Binney at algoma holiday salatu salam, he said that I heard also allies allies, and I'm say that the reward of the deed is based on the intention. Now, think about this are these by reward, of course, is meant the reward of that deed, the reward of that deed in the act era when we meet Allah subhanaw taala. But what is also meant, and usually we don't focus on that, it also means that the the outcome of that action, the result of that action, what is going to come out of that

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action, add that action. So what is going to come out of that action depends on the intention with which this action is done. So it is very important for us to question ourselves and say, in any situation, I'm speaking to you specifically, with regard to our session today. But this applies to across the world, it applies to everything. Anything you do before you do that, ask yourself, why am I doing this? What What is my purpose? Why am I doing this? Anything at all, whether you're eating your lunch, or dinner, or whether you're speaking, you're about to call a friend to speak that speak to that person, what you intend to say to that person, when you're studying, or you're playing in

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the field and so on. Ask yourself this question already say, why am I doing this? What is my purpose for doing what I'm doing? Because the benefit of this is that it focuses your thoughts, and then your action becomes a thoughtful action, number one, number two,

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you are then automatically saved from doing something which is a disobedience almost $100 if you were intending, for example, to go and tell your friend a story about somebody else, which is called Riba immediately you will not do that. Because you question yourself as a Why am I doing this? Am I going to please Allah with this? No, obviously not. So I'm not going to do that. So it saves you from anything wrong. And the third thing is then that it focuses your attention, as I said earlier, and enables you to do that day to the best of your ability. So now to come back to our session. Why are you here? Now some of you might say, well, we are here to know something more about sure you

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will know something more about later. But then that is not any value addition that I can do for you. Because that's something you Google it, you can know it and you don't need to come to a session here or listen to somebody like me, you can you even Google that and you will know all that there is to be known about.

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Does that help you that intention, if you are here to just know something more about it to cover? Does that help you is that is that intention of any use? And the answer that I have is that helps you in the sense that you have some more information. But other than that, it doesn't help you because knowing something is not the same as doing something. And it's only when you do something that you get results. You don't get results by knowing something. For example, how many of us don't know that we should pray five times a day. How many of us don't know that the quality of our Salah should be should be improved, so that we connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala when we stand before

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Allah subhanho data from the time we say Allah hug Bertha with the hammer to the time we make Salah. There should be nothing else in our mind except Allah Subhana Allah Allah because Allah, Allah, when he was asked about this when he was asked about Allah Hassan, he was asked about the excellence in doing something this shoe

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Positive we're bringing something he said Underwood Allah, Ghana Katara lagoon taravella Uruk he said to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as if you are seeing him and though you don't see him you know, he didn't say why this is the you have the information is a you know meaning in, in every in every cell of your body you know that Allah subhanaw taala is seeing me right now this was the way of Rasulullah Salam whenever he was asked for an example, he always gives the example of Salah, but that is that doesn't mean that this is that this is restricted to Salah alone. So if you want to take this thing and say to worship Allah as if you can see him How about I am chatting with my

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you must chat with your friend as if Allah is as if you can see Allah in this that as if Allah is the third person that is me and my friend. And Allah subhanaw taala is there and though I can't see a lot of monitor, I must know that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me he is listening to me was Samuel Basia. He is the one who hears He is the one who sees all seer all here who Alamo Misaki pseudo He is the one who knows what is in my heart. All of this must be in the job and front of my consciousness. When I'm speaking to my friend, right? The same thing applies I am I am working for somebody, somebody is working for me. I am in a shop, I'm in the masjid, I am doing something

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constant awareness of Allah subhanaw taala presence in my life. And when I do that, it gives me huge confidence. And it saves me from the, from disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. So here now in this session, if you are sitting here and saying, Well, you know, I'm going to find out something more Sure, of course, inshallah, you will find out something more, but that is not going to help you what your intention should be is, what am I planning to do with what I learned in this session. So my request to all of you is to change that intention only, you know, it's the intention is, is in the heart, only you know, what's in your heart, and you know, what you have changed and well, how Allah

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subhanaw taala connects with that, but change the intention from knowing more merely knowing, to knowing and applying to doing because only when we apply our knowledge, does the knowledge give us benefit. So this is a very important thing that I want you to do, which is to change your intention to whatever I learn, I'm going to apply. That's the first thing. And second thing is or the one before that was to use this head is or as wasallam in every action of our lives and say, ask yourself this question and say, why am I doing whatever it is that I'm doing? Right? So let's go on how to learn to call Allah subhanaw taala How do we know what's the best way of knowing what is

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there to cover? Ask Allah subhanaw taala you don't have to ask him because he told us already. Allah said I will be live in a shed on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in anzahl. Now Villa de la can feel a little warmer. Rama laila Laila to Korea Hiraman alpha. Donna's gentle mala eco to a roofie hobby isn't it up to him in kuliah Salah mon he had the metrology, Allah Subhana Allah said to us, he said that very Lee Allah subhanaw taala sent down sent it down and this refers to the Quran Al Karim, that the root of the Quran was done on Laila to Qatar and last word, Denis then wants to emphasize the importance of this and he's saying the road we will know what is local, like, Do you even know

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Do you understand? Do you appreciate the the the the value the power, the

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the wealth of rainbow color?

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Do you even know what is there to color? And then Allah says

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hi Roman alfi Sha. Allah said this night of Qatar is better than 1000 months. Now 1000 months is at three years plus a few months. The point is, what does it mean? It just is it simply some timing is not it's 1000 months means to worship Allah subhanaw taala and this night is better than and remember it's not equal to Allah is not saying it is equal to 1000 is a Hiram in Algeria. So he says that this is better than worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala continuously for this period of 1000 months. Now, first and foremost to think about it, about this is that is it even possible for somebody to continuously worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for 83 plus years, obviously is not because

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we have to eat we have to sleep and so on and so forth. So to worship Allah is rather a continuously is impossible to do. And here Allah is giving us the reward of that as if you have done that by worshipping him only in this one night.

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And then our last round

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I said on this night, there is no zulauf special rule of Malacca, Malacca come and go into this word the whole time. But on this night there is a special newzoo of Malacca Malaika descend on the earth and what rule which is the name of roar is also one of the titles of Jubilee salah and Jubilee Salam also comes down Salah ammonia tomato, vida, Allah, Allah said This night is a night of safety, a night of peace, night of harmony a night of beauty of brilliance until the time of father which means the whole night is like this. Now Joby now we know something about that. Now question is I asked you before what is it that you are going to do? So first question, of course is when is this

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night? Because yes, we know about the night, but the surah does not tell us when this night is this we know from the heavies of Rasul Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, which incidentally is another

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of the many many

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evidences and proofs of the importance of the heydays of Rasul Allah is on a solemn for us to understand this deal and for us to practice this deal. Anybody who thinks that they do not need wrestlers or seller's guidance, to be a Muslim and to live like a Muslim and to practice Islam is seriously misguided. So this is something that we absolutely are in great need for and we ask Allah to give it to us, and also told us to search for this night I think about this. Why is this reason during this saying like this, he said to search for this night, in the last 10 nights of Ramadan Kareem so starting from the night of the 21st, or rather, to the end, to search for this night now

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why why did he say search we don't really know the hazards of this, where Rasulullah once gave out in Nevada, and he came out of the house. And there were two people who were arguing loudly in the masjid Rasul Allah Allah Sallam said to them, that Allah subhanaw taala had told me the specific night which was later to cover, but because of this argument, which is going on here, Allah subhanaw taala caused me to forget that but search for it in the last 10 nights of Ramadan al Karim, and among those nights in the odd night, so it's the 21st 23rd 25th 27th and the 29th nights, but he said last 10 nights Allah knows best, it is in the in the odd nights, but if you look at the

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different time differences and so on in the world, the odd night for you is the evening night for somebody and somebody is even night is your or nights all hamdulillah now, and then they asked him the Astro cell and he said What are the signs of this night and there again see the higman of Allah subhanaw taala which

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how he guided me shall sell him to give this response, they asked him for the sign. Now if somebody asked you for the sign, what would you say you will say probably you will give signs before the night so that you can pinpoint the night. But the the prophets Allah sallam, he gave signs of the day following the night, he said that the following morning The sun will rise and it will not have a harsh light it will have a very beautiful and sublime light in that night and one of the signs also is that it may rain on that night that is not a necessary thing. But the sun will now if you say this, think about this, that supposing I was sleeping I was doing nothing and May Allah protect me I

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was doing something even wrong. on that particular night The next morning I see the sun rising like this as all you know what last night was led to color What's the use of that because I lost it already. So therefore the lesson we learned from this number one is the importance of lead through color, which is good to know because we are going to practice that number two is to make sure that on that night I'm not doing anything useless or not wasting it on right I'm definitely not doing something wrong that I get this night and the way to get the night is to spend that night in liquor until out of the hole in in praying Dharavi in praying and praying the hedgehog. And if you get

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tired, just go to sleep It's okay. It's okay so it doesn't you don't have to necessarily stay awake the entire night. You know without shutting your eyes. You can even take a take a rest for a while sleep for a while but ensure that you don't do anything else you're not on Facebook or not on TV or or doing something else. You are engaged in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala even if you got tired, you got tired in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala you sleep a little bit, get up again and continue. That is what we need to do. And if we do that, what happens

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You get an entire lifetime worth of rabada the reward of that because 83 plus years worth when not many people even live that long, which means that your entire lifetime or rather, you got for this one particular night and 100 lab because as soon as a result told us to search for it in these 10 nights, then we should do that in this an all of these 10 nights, and definitely in the odd odd numbers of those nights, whichever whichever is the odd night in your country. And the final point before we

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finish the session is what is the best thing to do in life.

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Now obviously any form of a rather we are doing we do is a very good thing to do. So

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think of Allah subhanho wa Taala all of these things, but what is the best thing to do out of all this making the answer? What is the best thing to do? Now I think the best answer is the answer that sort of gave when our mother said I said Nicola delana asked him this question she said he also a lot something I sent him if I get later we'll cover what is the Dwyer what is the best way that I can make? And may Allah bless her for the questions that she used to ask which give us our Deen. So she asked me this question she said so life I get a little closer than what is the dua that I should make? What should I ask Allah Subhana Allah for and he is analyzed and said, Why should I ask Allah

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Subhana Allah and this way, Allah in Nagar for one, to humble fo for honey, Allah you are verily and truly You are the forgiver you will love to forgive. So forgive me, I think this is a very beautiful dog. And it is the greatest need to need, you know, food and shelter and clothing and money and jobs and family and whatnot. All of these are needs but these are not real needs. Even without these things, one can survive and one can can live. But without the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala we will be destroyed. There's no way that we as human beings can survive if Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive us. And therefore this is the best way that we can make Allah Naga for one to

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five one, allow my nigga for one to have a laugh of our finding. So, this is something that I

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request you to learn as much as little as well. So lunda and ensure that you make this every sincerity and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept his offer from you and to forgive you and to forgive all of us inshallah. So, this is my

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my time I think is over 15 minutes I was given. So therefore,

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this is what my message to you is that be aware of the importance of this right and use this right to gain to gain rewards with Allah subhanho wa Taala in our books of deeds Jazakallah Ferran I wish you all the very best I request you for a while for me and my family. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept you and to accept your work in this boy scouts movement that you are doing, and to make this a means of dour for the whole world was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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