Green Lane Masjid QA Session And Conclusion

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Do you give to someone who finds it difficult to wake up for pleasure? And that question goes to chef Allah

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wa salam ala rasulillah bad

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to wake up for fudge. There's a few things first.

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I've heard actually I think it was the shift Namah

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Namah to LA he put something he posted something and I've, I'm going to tell you some of the people that posted which is not really sure I know Shara isn't on this one. But we'll tell you what the suggestion was. But of course we know it to have that as well. First thing is sleep early.

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Second, don't eat

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Too much you late at night.

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Third, put the alarm on.

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And don't wink, right you say, you know, I'm putting the alarm on and you know what, to how that is better than you did turn it off and go, You know what?

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And really, there are some of the opinions that you say recite certain verses from the Quran and so on. But let me give you

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one challenge

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of the brothers having or the sisters having a difficult time to actually wake up for fetch.

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I want to to give you an offer

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100,000 pounds a year.

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A job. That's downtown

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you have to be there.

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It's downtown London, whatever it is, that means you have to get up at one for something around big time. Will you take the offer or turn it down?

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That's what you have to think about. I'm giving you a mission stick that is tangible to you. I'm speaking the language

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of the era right now is money. We said the same thing. Money is all about money in this land of milk and honey, right? That's what it is. So let's speak your language. If somebody offered you that much money to wake up in the morning, you think you'll turn it down? You think we'll miss it? Of course not. So let me give you another example.

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If a friend of yours, a friend of yours, he's the he has an inside information from a stock market.

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He says listen, I'm gonna give you a call, man this this stock has got a rocket you're gonna make lots of money.

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And he's gonna you know, you gotta hurry up to get off of words. Around budget time in the call. You're gonna miss that call.

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You make sure you wake up. Your wife will not let you go to sleep. Are you kidding? You're gonna be hiring people to wake you up the water