Ramadan 2019 #05 – The Real Goal

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala. So today inshallah very briefly soon to take a look at the verse one the features of the Quran, in which left behind our data says, and this verse in Surah Nisa

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when we get my husband saw he had him in the car in winter well meaning but will tell you the whole Luna de nada Allah use lemon and Akira

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whoever does righteous deeds for amongst the men and the woman amongst the males and the females, whites believing whites being in the state of Eman

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then they will all into paradise, and will not be oppressed in the least. Now, this verse reminds us of why it is that we exist. You know, we live in an age of materialism, we live in a time where

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we tend to forget what life's all about. We get so caught up in in denial in trying to make money and supporting our families, especially with the current cost of living and how difficult life can be in our busy life. In the modern world. Many of us forget to think about gender, we forget to reflect on our lives and see whether we actually headed in the right direction, whether we headed towards gender or not. And you know, the two aspects of this verse I want to discuss the first is lunchable hunter says in this verse, that whoever does good deeds beat a male or female, whilst the finest of a man they will definitely no agenda. Now, note that Allah says we do male or female. The

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beauty of this is that, you know, Alicia handler is clarifying a misconception, a misconception which exists right until today that some people have the idea that Jenna is for the

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you know, for men, that the rewards of gender are catered towards men and you know what a woman going to get lunch rather than seeing whether you male or female, you will need to get that with your heart desires, you're going to get that which makes you happy, you're going to get gender, you know, eternal happiness. Now, the specifics may differ from male to female, because what men want a woman want two different things.

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Also, you know, the specifics might differ from person to person, because what one person wants in general is different from what somebody else wants in general. So, we should not get hung up on why is this person getting back in Gemini and why am I not getting the same

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These are worldly feelings of jealousy and wanting things to be exactly the same. Gender is different. In general, each person will get that which makes them happy for all eternity. And what that may be for a male may be different from what it is for a female, what that may be for one male may be different, what he needs for another male, you know what, what may make one person happy may be completely different, what makes somebody happy. So we should not get caught up with details. Rather, our focus in life should be on getting to gender, you know that that should be our focus on getting there. And so this verse mentions two conditions for getting to gender good deeds and Mr.

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And you have to have them vote. You have to believe firmly that Islam is the truth you know, too many of us we just Muslims because we want you to Muslim families or Muslims by convenience. Here are some some people who may be Muslim because they married into a Muslim family or whatever reason, you know, we have to upgrade our EMA we have to upgrade to the level where we truly believe that Islam is the truth and is the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And once we have a man, then we build upon that with good and then EMR plus good deeds equals the path towards general. So the other point I wanted to mention from this first and I'll keep this brief is you know, we I speak a lot

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about goal setting, always telling people to to set high goals to aim high in life, or to work towards those goals. And you know, in the process, we should never forget what is the ultimate goal of the believer. The ultimate goal of the believer is very simply to get to Jenna to please Allah subhanho wa Taala to get to eternal happiness. And because we live in an age of materialism, we live in a time where everyone's caught up in the air, it's very easy to forget the agenda even exists. And that this is something around this is to remind ourselves of it every day by praying salada reciting Quran reflecting on the verses of the Quran. These should serve as daily reminders of what

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our real goal is, and we should make sure that any other goal of ours, all of our worldly goals align with the goal of reaching China. None of our worldly goals should contradict our goals.

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Reaching gender. So, for example, if you want to get to gender, but one of your goals is to quote a certain major person or to make monetary ajara means, then you need to change that goal, because it is now contradicting the more important goal. So even when goal setting continue even when goal setting for business for, for work for your career, for your personal life, always keep in mind the big picture, the ultimate goal, the main goal of the believer, which is to get to gender and to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and to make sure that none of your secondary goals contradict this at all. So, yeah, that's all for today inshallah, just a quick reminder, but what's most important, and

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that is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and eternal happiness in general. Everything else is secondary to that still carry on setting worldly goals and working towards them, just make sure they are halaal make sure they are pulling you towards gender and away from it. And there's no problem to chase after worldly goals if they are in line with the ultimate goal, which is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So until we meet again, to the heart of Africa, Juana and you'll have to do that Robbie alaminos salam aleikum wa rahmatullah