What You Didn’t Know About False Testimonies

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What does it mean to offer a false testimony? Focus brothers and sisters. Why? Because this is according to our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the biggest of all sins in existence, you know Allah.

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And una you and I maybe have the perception that false testimony is just about something we do in court. Wait, it's much bigger than that. Messenger said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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as Bukhari and Muslim right. He said, Allah can be a cadet in Canada. Shall I not let you know of the biggest of all sins?

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They said Bella, yes, O Messenger of Allah.

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She said to them, Alicia Rocco Billa. associating a partner with Allah number two, while Coco Worley Dini being disobedient to the mother and father.

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That came number two after associating a partner with Allah, associating a partner with Allah or Co Co validating, being not beautiful and beautiful to your mother and father. Here comes number three.

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The narration said what can the Jellison what can and will take you and Fidelis for color on our own? We do allow our shahada to zoar allow our coders xuer Allah wa shahada to Zoo Thalassa Murat for Mozilla eukaryot ohata Hakuna later who second.

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The narration said the messengers I sent him at this moment was lying down, he was speaking to his companions, even when he is on his side, he is teaching the OMA

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telling them about the greatest of sins. And then when he got to sin number three, he got up. He got up something major is about to be said. He said

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and false testimony, speaking the false testimony, acting upon the false testimony speaking the false testimony. He repeated it three times. The narration said he kept repeating it and repeating it to the we said we wish we wish he would stop.

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Because it was it was burdening him. See how he caught the attention of his students when he was teaching alayhi salatu salam

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we wish he would stop the aspect of giving false testimony. What is false testimony?

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As we said earlier, the obvious form of false testimony is what happens in courts. I don't know how it isn't back where you come from Dear Brothers and Sisters, but in our parts of the world. Unfortunately, this is a very, let's say it's a prevalent practice not a very prevalent practice, whereby people sit outside of the courtrooms.

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And when people are coming in to be judged by the judge. They say to them biddick shahada to read shahada judge shahada Do you need any testimony?

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Do you need a testimony? I can vouch for you I can be a witness for you, the stranger stranger, willing to sell his hereafter for a petty return of dunya.

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This happens yeah. And by the way, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sena predicted that a day will come when this will happen. The hadith of so he had Buhari when he was speaking about what will happen towards the end of time and he said that there will be people who yes shadow now allow us to shadow him. Yeah, Shadow Munna will allow us to Shadowmoon they will give testimony, although they will not ask to give a testimony. They give a testimony, although they were not asked to give a testimony. But hold on a minute just before we feel that we've been left scot free here and that this doesn't apply to us wait pause dear brother, the sister wait Allah Matic. This element of false

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testimony exists in every single possible professional trade and otherwise.

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Let's think about it let's let's kind of open up the meaning and create some application of value to what we are seeing.

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You haven't revised for an exam

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GCSEs University, postgrad, anything you haven't revised. And you know that the only way you're gonna get out of this sticky situation is by saying to your doctor that what not the dog at he couldn't eat anything. I was ill. So you need a sick note.

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But you know that not any Tom, Dick and Harry is gonna give you the signal. So you go to your friend, you go to your brother to the local GP, you say, Look, this is a situation I need you to sort me out to signal.

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He knows you wasn't you weren't ill. But he helps you out. Yeah, he's your brother. He's got your back. He has just engaged in what one of the most major of all sins, shahada to Zoo, false testimony. This is a form of false testimony.

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Or you have some sort of connection with your teacher or the examining board. And you haven't got the grade that you claim you have. They sought you out a better grade. What is this called? shahada to Zeus false testimony. Do you see how application how relevant this is?

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You are selling a product you're selling a car. He says to you

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Yeah, it's off Gumtree, you know, I can't get my money back. So is there anything wrong with the car you say nothing. It just drives like a dream. And you know that the engineer is on its way out. Right? And he buys it you have just engaged in shahada too, so a false testimony.

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You have had a car accident.

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And so the guy comes out the car he says, Look, let's settle this between us. You know the insurance premiums nowadays. backbreaker? Let's just set it up between us. Go to any garage. Give me a quotation, and it's on me. Okay, what do you do? You go to your uncle Jamal, who owes a garage around the corner you say uncle Subhanallah this happened? Can you give us the very high end of the prices please? We might as well take advantage of the situation.

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If he does that, what has he engaged in shahada to false testimony?