Abu Bakr Zoud – Wisdoms and Lessons from Luqman 2/3

Abu Bakr Zoud
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anatomy Masato sir Mr. Potter and here are some of the main operators and things belongs to Allah Subhana Allah May the peace and blessings be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I stopped follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, Saudi Arabia of us have envoys from among them, actually Russia in vagenda is from among the 10 that indivisible mmamoloko send them promised the paradise? Well, sadly, of course, he was from among those who accepted Islam very early, so he accepted Islam. in Mecca in the times when the devil was secret in the first three years of it when it was secret, or any worker or their loved one is the one who

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brought him into his lab, while we're working with their loved one who is responsible for the snap of five alegebra over sharing the journey can see and exactly the status of our work and lovely Aloha. I know he's the one that brought five of those are showing over Sheree viljandi into Islam for Saudi Arabia luevano he was from among those who accepted Islam on the hands of luevano. Early in the early stages of Islam was an incredible story. That's why we mentioning him because he's got to do with the idea that we're going to speak about Saudi Arabia fast when he accepted Islam. his relationship with his mother was a really good relationship. And when she learned of Islam, she came

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to me and she said to me, Assad, Bologna and Naka pub, Saba that Osama I have just received information, I've been informed that you sought service meaning you left your religion and you accepted another religion. That's what a sabi is. So in other words, you left the religion of Quraysh and you went and accepted this man the religion of this Mandela one of his alma mater, he was setting up an American law when she said to him, his mother, she said during the loss of Hannah who was either enjoying and he obligated upon you that you'd be dutiful and righteous to mother, for law, he lay all the luteus up for bait him in a bar a really long time and when I

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moved out and full of him or her money, so she said to him, she said to him one law that this is this is not this is not build that you're doing towards me. She said to him one line, that I will not end I will not shade I will not shave myself, I will not go into a house, I will not protect my health and my body from the sun nor from the wind and I'm going to step outside all my life. Not only that, and I will not eat anything, and I will not drink anything until I die. Or you disbelieve in Mohammed otech photo harmony.

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So, the Hadith mentions that this is in southern Ohio Sahih Muslim, it says that zhalia shoe and affair have been awesome so her people because they saw her in the state she was in terrible for so they began to forcefully open her mouth with mouth with a stick and force the food right into so that she lives for other sad sad knew that his mother was at behaving and acting like this and you refuse to leave the Dean of the law so the law you know, send them

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to a Roman Catholic in three days went by and she looked like she was serious. She was doing the same thing over three days. So he said well money logon led me to deficit followship Nuff said. Nuff said megaphone to be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said well lucky my mother if I had 100 souls and one after the other left me I will never disbelieve in what was all most of a lot of them came with for in sheet difficulty white sheet the fella that good it's up to you now. If you want to go ahead and eat because I'm not gonna change and if you don't want to eat, then that's your problem as well. So yeah, I started doing it. I was really excited cinema Shaka LA. So they saw the movie

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alone. And he didn't know how to deal with this situation anymore. So you went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he complained to you about this problem. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed ba we're in Jeddah, Dhaka and Krishna Gabby Malay Celica ve L. Farah toper. Houma, also Hebrew Macedonia, ma rufen 11. Another la familia, non jailbroken. Phone a bilkent Bina control dominoed This is the area that we reached last week now.

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No Cara Lee

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no can an email at an upset. He said no cannot leave me at an obscene sakarya Nasir Makka foto Mohammed Hassan arson for them.

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The Ayah was revealed from solid look man it was revealed in jahad that gala Toshi cabbie Malik silica be here in in other words of our solution to that situation, that very rare situation that if it did occur, gave a situation for it. The only there is nothing unique. If this if this situation was to occur to someone and where were the neck, you're both both your parents are one of the parents

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forcefully, in other words push someone into shift into disbelief in the government or matsuya a civil disobedience or ambition can be Malaysia can be here in the advanced from Allah Subhana Dada Farah to para Houma don't evade them on this. Well, this is just like a maybe some of my while ago somebody says in the Hadith la parte de Lima, Sima certain Hadith that there shall be no obedience for the Creator, if it comes in the expense of only the disobedience of the Creator Himself, no obedience to the creation, if it results in the disobedience of the Creator Himself most Hamadan, superhuman, however, that doesn't mean that you rebelled against them, and you showed them an angry

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face, and you stand in front of them with toughness and might and that for most of Hana data, followed up by saying, also whom if you don't have alpha, in other words, you only have to be a company of this in this life in that which is good. So I have all Macedonia, moreover, remain, remain in good ties with your parents. That's what Mr. Maliki will send them commanded the man for the Hadith mentions for Amala also lives on our Salah, and knew that he Howard or baba, sir, that nerissa send them commanded him to go back, and to be lenient and soft, and be good towards it. And then after that, what happened? When she saw that Hello, saddle, their loved one was not going to

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change his mind. She resumed and continued eating, and she went back to her normal life. But now, obviously, that barrier between her and her son fell out.

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Mr. over what, 10 years of 11 and ever he like, and follow the path of those who turn back to me. And

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they said, that is the path of I will look at all the alojado model of man and he

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said that is all the path of you stem? In other words, you know that your parents aren't role models for you? What do you do? If parents are abusive and they corrupt in this manner? Do they have no Dean and they Jani Allah Cooper on the other way, like Shadow their love on those mother? Who do you find they are not your role models allows origin he says in

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the world is open, it doesn't only limit to your parents, it does enable us follow the path of those who knew and recognized or lost or he's had walked in that path

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and have a full mania models you're going to want to build on the Macintosh road. And then eventually ultimately, the return is to a loss of Hana data. And then he will hold each and every single person accountable to that which he or she did. We know how to live with this as teaching as well as how to deal with abusive parents. Yeah. Someone might say, my parents are really bad, very abusive from when I was young, and I ever saw any goodness from them. And now I'm older, much more wise, much more intelligent. And I understand that there is this concept, this this journey, holy concept. This is in Islam, which is already being good at beautiful towards the parents. And then

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you asked the question, and how can I perform goodness to the parents? If that's how they are towards me, any kind of young even if I show them my face the swearing in, and then a very upset and abusive and so on? How do I deal with my parents in this manner, almost another student For example, He says I always failed in school, I'm not that good. And every time my parents they see me they they hate me and they swear at me and you know, we send you to school to tutoring and they are still failing in life and and they become really abusive and very angry towards him. And all this is his level. And this is his skill. He can't get better than this. And how does he deal with parents like

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this and all about about him over lovey, so subulata as unwary they live in our VM is that you remaining patient in the face of the abuse, that insult is from among the greatest of veteran could do towards his parents. And if they're abusive, it doesn't give you the right to be abusive back, they have a responsibility towards you. And that is that they respect you like their son, and they perform and they advise you of the very best that is yummy for you. Just like we said in the beginning of the soul, that the Father what's the main role of the Father towards his child that he educated but he teaches you This is the entire look man when he's presented in the pullout it's him

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advising and teaching his son so that's the greatest role if the father is not fulfilling that role in the house, it does not give the right for the kid or for the son you as a son to look back in and say and I look if my father's acting like is our act even tougher towards it, and it's not allowed then individual imahara you know somebody says while sitting macapa that you continue these relationships with whoever severs them with you as a Muslim that you have a right that is separate to everyone else's right if they're not fulfilling their right towards you. That doesn't give you the the concession now that you don't fulfill your right back to them. This happens in the case of

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your parents, your brothers and sisters, your family that you know sometimes there's issues between families, although they've never

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They've never come to us on any of the halls we don't go to them on either we don't we don't visit them as well because they cut us a long time ago. It doesn't give you the right to cut them off as well. If someone cuts you off and they you continue that relationship you continue that time as AWS of a lot of audio systems it will still continue that relationship with the one who said it with you for us and you continue it and you've done your right Jani allows audiences at the end of the I am Oh zero dementia you know, don't be worried about anything Don't think that you're the one that put yourself in a lower status when I tried to keep connection with him and he kept on cutting me off

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Don't think like that No eventually la Yamanaka Allah subhanaw taala would return each and every single back to him every single person back to on a beautiful dinner Ramadan and you inform everyone of that which they did and then he holds them accountable to that after for this is the idea concerning Beware the date that almost kind of data broke into is now the advice of look man look man

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it continues with his son and now he says yeah buddy in double Miss Bala have been even harder for the Confessor floating over similar to Phil albeit even more in Milan and I believe will probably so now just looking at the at the passage, observing what is happening, that the the advice began when a electrician in the lab, then his advice letter of the law was posed that Allah subhana wa tada into ad spoke about the parents. And then after this, it's resuming the advice of luck, man, all the love. And I gave you an understanding of why this happened was this recap on it one more time. And that is that

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the good old world in itself, the status of the parents was too high, that Allah subhanahu wa Tada, he himself took the responsibility to teach it to mankind. And it did not come through a prophet or come through Yani, as someone from the righteous that Allah Subhana Allah said that way, because you only met that a father is going to say to his son, do a bad teacher beware today. And that's not going to be the case because the parent himself, if you need someone to tell him to do anything for his own parents, and the chain is gonna keep on going and ignore him for most of his data. He's the one that gave that advice. Why? Because your child needs to learn below it they in the same manner,

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you're supposed to learn it as well. There is no difference for most of our data, the ultra teacher, he is the one who taught mankind. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala teaches that in this app, now we go back onto the advice of level of your loved one. And he says you have only had a powerful concept here. Now, this area here. He's going to teach his son, what does it mean that our Lord is watchful over all things in the duration? Here he mentions that

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that Look, man, he came to his father and he said the reality in the army to Haifa lay on the Halle, Alabama.

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The son of luck, man, he came to his father and he said to Father, I committed a sin somewhere where absolutely no one saw me did not see me.

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Nowhere because because of our soldiers already gave him an enigma from the beginning of the sulaco. At a net, hikma, his answer is not going to be very easy. It's not going to be a simple response. Look how beautiful this response is. And I'll tell you why it's beautiful at the end of it. But now, keep in your mind that this area here is not meant teaching you some. What does it mean that Allah is watchful over all things and you cannot escape the vision of a more powerful AI. He says the male body. Once again, notice that he repeats your body and avoids my ideas up through the conversation. He keeps repeating this to keep any attention of his somebody. Sitting in there in Dhaka with God, I

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have bettin man heartily, he said if it were the size of a mustard seed size of a mustard seed for the cornfield Socrative. And this mustard seed It was very deep inside a boulder. This is referring to something I'll tell you what the seed is all about. But first understand the example. He said let's say there was a seed the size of a mustard seed that the you know, the mustard seed is very, very tiny seed, like it's critical in its shape.

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And let's say the seed It was very deep inside in soccer. Soccer is different than how Java is maybe the size of the honey like this. This is part of soccer is a boulder that's the size of half this room or maybe this entire room. Huge soccer was huge.

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And this little mustard seed is inside of it. Now let's say that he said to his son, my son going give me this mustard seed, go look for it, bring it as a possible task. It sounds like it's an impossible task. But let's say that look man is out on a journey and he's going to search for this mustard seed. Now what's the first thing he needs to do?

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Practically The first thing he needs to do is to locate where the supplies the most of how the data is. If not, I couldn't feel Socrative it could be in any any boulder out there. So firstly, it just sounds impossible for McMahon some to go and look for this mustard seed. The first thing he needs to do is he needs to locate where is this boulder to begin with? Now, which is impossible, but let's say for argument's sake, he found the Boulder. Hi, this is the bowler and within it is the mustard seed, bring it up. Now if you found the ball, what does he have to do now? Then he's gonna have to, let's say let's say he splits it in half right? What kind of power does it need? And what kind of

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strength does it need to split a boulder enough nowadays if they're going to split a boulder in our fall or destroy us, or Rocky Mountain or so they need so many tons of explosives and hydraulics and so on. Let's say let's say for argument's sake you split it in half this huge bowl day where he's looking for a mustard seed and it just split in half shut it in half. He said guaranteed that the mustard seed is right there in the middle waiting for love. It could be maybe buried on the side somewhere in there could be buried on this side somewhere. What does he have to do? You know what it has to do? He literally has to smash this boulder into pieces the size of a mustard seed and then

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look through these billions of pieces now to look for the mustard seed right now whilst on Firstly, it's impossible to see to know where this bowl is. for argument's sake, he found that it's impossible to destroy it. Let's say he destroyed it. It's still not there. But what does it have to be has this lit up into so many pieces like this now is to go through all that to find it. Now look at this.

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He said a mo way before you go in search for this mustard seed for the confused officer who maybe this mustard seed is not even in a bola. Maybe it's somewhere up in the seven heavens. Oh Phil, although maybe it's somewhere in the seven Earth somewhere deep in the earth. And your job is to go and find it. Maybe it's in this universe, maybe it's outside this universe? how impossible is the task now? But even with your own imagination, you cannot begin to think where it is that alone you had to go out and search for it. You'll spend your whole life searching and you won't find it. But you can feel so hot in office and they often have what is the meaning? What is Look, man?

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Yeah, and what is his intention behind this? My brothers in Islam.

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This have bet in Haldane. This seed mustard seed is the seed one candidate. And it is this disobedience one commits against the loss of habitat. It's the sin that one commits, the country soccer officers fill out this is the example of a person trying to hide this in the army no matter what similar to how tiny it is, shall might as tiny as a hotter than a seed a mustard seed and you hit it so so low, that even with the wildest imaginations of the people, they would never imagine you did such a thing. And they are committing a sin privately in the house. And it will never cross the imagination of your parents or your brothers that you'll ever do something like that, let's see

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example is giving. Or you might spend any 15 years of your life among a brotherhood and you commit a sin, and not a single person among them ever would have even imagined you did such a thing. That's how well you've hidden and you've kept that hidden. Right? This is the mustard seed for the cornfields of Iowa to fill up. Then he says the TV alarm must have had a hotel and bring it up and look at the word he used the symptom on law, the Apple TV. Yeah, and yet, there are two words in Arabic That means to bring something there's the word, Jaya, and there's the word utter. The difference between them is that it is used for things that come effortlessly. And j is used for

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things that come with effort. Like for example, when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Day of Judgment itself coming, he says for either at the Safa into the Day of Judgment is a huge event. So it deserves a huge word to describe it for you that under law, if lost command will become a loss of anodised command is a huge thing. So it deserves the word of the word utter when it's used. It refers to something that comes easy, something with no effort. So yet dB, Allah is teaching and my son alone would bring out that sin of yours with no heaven on the Day of Judgment. He will bring it out casually and he'll show you the sin that he did even if you forgot it. Yet DB Allah and then he

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powerfully ended this advanced by saying in the law of evil Javier, that Verily, Allah is Latif and Javier two Beautiful Names of a Muslim Allah, Allah to be in this air in the middle of Latif means subtle, subtle, the only Allah is precise. Now why does he say that Allah is precise, look at this. Let's say that you have the power to destroy a boulder. But you don't have the procedure to locate where this mustard seed is. You might have the power and the strength but power

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strength with no precision is useless for most of how the data is teaching, and that alone is always the old strength is strong in the old maybe. But with a more strength is also precise as well, that the strength of a man's origin is coupled with his precision. So yeah, Lorenzo's oil is precise, exactly in when the scene was committed, that will bring it up. Not only that in Milan or Bluefin Javier, Javier all knowledgeable.

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nonet Allah subhanaw taala he knows when this sin was committed, how it was committed, why it was committed, what are the motives behind it? If it was going to committed be committed again? In a second it was committed, how it was committed, it's a sometimes you will not you yourself, reflect over a senior did a year ago. You might not even know why you did it again. So Panama used to do that in my past. Why did you Why did you used to be disobedient against Allah?

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Allah Subhana Allah Javier he knows exactly why you seen this all and he told him a good lesson. What it means the laws origin is watchful over all things you know who will unnecessarily unfortunately so Pamela nowadays, the concept of Allah is watching movie, it just it's been reduced from a powerful idea to just words now. And even parents for example they seek to their children. If the Lord is watching, we're going to go out for some way me and your mother we're going to come back or watch out me now someone is watching. I was watching I was watching alone is is becomes words now in the mind has been repetitive. In other Look, man here, he did not just suffice by simply his son,

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my son in law watched you.

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Look man went out of his way, how am I going to make my son understand the lives watching? Then he went on to this powerful example of bringing the mustard seed in the heavens in the earth and a boulder. And I told you I'm going to share with you why it was a beautiful example. You know why? Then the Mosel pattern with the Island Records in the

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document says it is some amount of love this example, this example anyway is from the achema have given a look man while they're long. A lot of Zoysia love this example. And he made it part of it will be studied until the day of judgment. Eric, we're sitting down we're studying this example. In other words, the most powerful and effective way to teach the people and your children that online is watching is through this example itself. Why? Because it creates an image in their mind. Now when I first looked at cost, I don't have to refer to anything anymore. I don't have to read it from anywhere. Let me it's a powerful image that is stuck in the mind that any horse you can never ever

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ever get in not understand this example or if I can keep it conscious in your mind. Whenever one is committing a sin. This is the power of a loss of power that is well thought memorize this example and understand that this is the best example you teach people what it means that a love is watchful of all things after you finish that off the finishes that is a theme

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you have when

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you realize something he did not see the Nibbana Yakama solid first. Why? Then if a person doesn't understand

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and realize that aligns watch will obey, what's the use of preying on our brain B do the same thing they know man now Look, man, understand.

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My son needs to understand that one is watching. If the person now realizes this lesson, and knows and is conscious, and he is certain that a lot watches over all his moves, they are not. Now he's ready for practical advice. Now he's ready for a solid. Now if someone doesn't realize, and this teaches you that when you first preach to someone who sent me a need to teach him about loss aversion. And how long is lovely for COVID. This is this is the only way that when one accepts and enters into a slave, he needs to be taught a smell law, he needs to be taught the names of a lot more money is now when a lot of storage is huge in the heart of this person. And he realizes the

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strength and the power of alone. And what it means that a man is watchful of all things. Now he's serious with some practical advice. So now Look, man is just a naturally occurring disorder. And yet you take note of the repetition of Yabu once again the third time Now, again, this conversation is just a mind yourself. This could mean that he gave him this advice in one gathering in one CD or this year. But as it repeats it could mean that over multiple sittings, he would sit with his son, and he continuously give this advice. Yeah, but I agree with solid established approach. He didn't say to me every Sunday, he said to me every optimist sauna, and there's a difference between pray

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and establish the prayer, institutionalize the prayer.

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In the Quran, from the very beginning to the end every single time along with mentioned the word and the commandment of praying, he would proceed by the word up in up masala one more creaminess. Allah Azza wa salatu wa Palmas salata Optimus solid, except in one place, where is that?

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In solothurn

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know when the commandment of the precariat not just the word sort of, in sort of a, there's a reason for it as well and sort of took over for suddenly there have become and he did not say that akima salata won't happen. That is the only place in where a commandment for the prayer came in the poem without the word appeal

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will come later on when we do that the silver platter, but anyway, again the Salah is always preceded when the when the obligation came, it's always preceded with the word outcome, we have the moon and its derivatives. Thank you. So if they are going to sorry about your why does it come with luck? And what do we learn from the word doc? What does it mean to pray? And what does it mean to establish the prayer to different things, establishing the prayer, the word argument comes from the word a comma,

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a comma, a means to make something stand, right. And it's more useful buildings when one builds construction. It stands on pillars, right? It's one step at a step a building stands on pillars, for when he sets them up in a solid. He's teaching them and is comparing the solid to a pillar of a building. He says establish the solid, just like a house is established on pillows, with maybe some tomato salad in the hubby himself. He says

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Emily will do for me while I move

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them literally compared to solid tequila. What does it mean and in other words you saved up in a sauna, meaning my son understand the importance of select, that the Select is like a pillar in the house that if this pillar doesn't exist, nothing else could be built on top of it. In other words, your your increase in event and your building relationship with alone is going to be dependent on your solid. If there is no solid in your life, you cannot possibly increase in your event. There's absolutely nothing to rise upon. You need those pillars, those pillars, those foundations, and that is the Select itself. When you have them. Now you can reach levels with a Muslim paradigm and he can

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build in your event. So this is what he's teaching he's teaching him the importance of solid in relationship to a man and in relationship to closeness with Allah subhanho wa Taala he said to me every afternoon and there's another implication for him as well. The second implication is this. You know in a building, the only thing that cannot be changed in a building other pillars

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to your house, let's say your house, you can change everything. And you can take the table from where it is and you can move it to another room, you can take the bed where it is and move it from one room to another you can literally unscrew a door and open up for another place and close the doors and open up another door and a window and so you can do that. But the only one thing you cannot move in a building as the pillar if you if you just tried to kill others the whole building is gone and it's a foundation by you. So what this means is the same the sun up in the solar he synced in my son the other day is made up of times and appointments and everything in the day in the

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mind and all the appointments can be moved from one time to another that you have a dentist appointment you can delay that you have time to go to the gym you can delay that you have a time to visit someone you can delay that you only one thing that he cannot lose its time during the day is the solid itself. But solid time is fixed. He cannot delay it for anything no matter what it is then it's like a foundation of a dueling if you try to delay you're solid you're going to destroy the whole building it's like leaving a pillar in the house everything else in your day can be moved except the selector you cannot get any Cynthia his son you cannot possibly ever ever in life be

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faced by a situation in where you're going to say oh now I'm busy with a job let me finish it and after all pray and if we were quickly on prayer before first of all make sure that the last minute we get up and followed by man you cannot do that again so that's not a comma to select. Okay so that would mean first and foremost they understood what's important like a foundation in the building. And number two means you never ever deleted from the study always printed on time. And that is from the best and most beloved leads to a loss of Hannah data when I believe in massage or their loved one we ask them at least on the model either yourself or your family.

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What is the best deed belongs to Allah subhanaw taala he said to us and I do feel you have a solid during its time. What does that mean? Does it mean during the beginning of its time or the end of its time? a select few of the means as long as you're still in its time? So if you're approved select the board let's say Masada if you prove it at three o'clock that's few octets and it's fine that's from the love leads to almost a paradigm but obviously the one who prays it closer to its first time is better than one who keeps them delaying and delaying until the second solid approaches. So yeah been a year after the solid,

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solid, you know support a lot if you follow the plan from the beginning to the end.

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You find that the NBA and the Look man, all the luevano is not a prophet, but he's following in the legacy of the prophets. The legacy and the Sunnah of the prophets was to always remind their children to select Allah subhanaw taala he gives us the example of

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his married alayhis salaam.

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alaikum social he says about smiling. He says, What can I endoscopy mabuya a lot of surgeon was pleased with is married. And he took a high elevated position in the paradise that earned him the pleasure of a loved one. You know what? The day before it gives you the reason? Why can a Moodle know the solid the Zakat therefore can be mabuya because he used to enjoin and advise and keep reminding his family to perform a solid and established as again, they breed they get upgrades, a different story, but he was pleased with the loss of Hannah Diana for the fact that he continued advising them this case. And he saw a boy at the end of a colossal heart attack he commands what

00:31:04 --> 00:31:18

more I look at the solidarity of slavery raha command your parent, your family, your solid to the prayer established the print, and then we'll stop it and remain patient on this command. Does that mean you know what we'll have?

00:31:20 --> 00:31:33

One one on a shelf I have pulled my my son my children to pre prepare, I keep telling him in a minute because I got sick and tired of a delivery anymore. What should I do for my associate to study

00:31:35 --> 00:32:21

for storyline, meaning Be patient on this advice, get into you know if you read the hadith of Moses and then also I did a search on this, the commandment of a solid King in the IDF in the authentic hadith more than 60,000 times the search stop that 60,000 wouldn't give me more than that 60,000 times and maybe some a lot of yourself in his life said pray, said the word of solid until you say it 60,000 times to your children then come and complain about your children or praying or anyone else in your family that doesn't pray not only your children but the brothers and sisters as well. So I know the entire family extended that immediate and whatever it is, what can I move on it was

00:32:21 --> 00:32:31

second, what more Am I going to select your second? Ibrahim Allah you said I'm the father of his married that you have so you can understand what it means

00:32:32 --> 00:33:14

to advise your children on masala Ibrahim Ali Salaam he leaves his family were in the desert in Mecca. And he walks he leaves them. Yeah, you know, when you looked at the situation, he's leaving an insert and death. What are they doing in a desert? There's no water. There's no food, there is absolutely nothing. And as he is walking out, he's not even speaking to his wife. He's not even telling her where he's going. He's just walking out and he's nodding with his head like that. And he makes a blunder as he leaves and a lot of records on him. Listen to what he says. He says oh better in the skin to mentor the Yeti, beware the guy he reviews over in the bicycle mohalla. He says oh my

00:33:14 --> 00:33:37

lord, a scan to mindvalley achieve a scan to win a sekedar. Then he says, I have left my family. Beware in a valley lady. These are where there is absolutely no vegetation or nothing grows there to dead land. It's between valleys and mountains. He says oh my lord, I escaped. I gave them a house there. I resided in there.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:47

The wedding design and debating And mahalo. Now what's his first letter, he does not see. Oh, my Lord, feed them. Find for them some provision. He says a lot

00:33:48 --> 00:33:50

of people saw that then first.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:32

Come out later. So he says all along, I'll bet you he will select so that they establish the solid, guide them to a solid first, then at the end, or feed them from from the provisions and so on. But in the end, so Panama, Ibrahim Ali said, Gary from the very beginning doesn't matter about the environment. And as long as you take care of yourself, love will take care of your provision. And it'll take care of the environment you live in, even if it was the roughest of conditions, even if it was in the most hurtful and painful of conditions and must have had $1 will take care of that person to just take care of your solid. Well, this is why is Marian as a son of evil on him. He

00:34:32 --> 00:34:43

learned that from his father. So during his life as well get out well I know your son, it was too hard. Now for Gabrielle to select what would have been,

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

you know, establishing the Select, it's going to have an effect, you will only become a good person from inside. The goodness actually now will begin to translate to the outside when someone properly establishes a solid

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

It is going to have a natural consequence on it. And let's say for example, I've been killed sometimes medicine, city, if you take this medicine, there is the side effects, they don't have the fact that you take the pill house, it's not in your head, these side effects are going to happen. When you lay in my family, I'm here now a solid is considered a pill, if you are to establish the solid correctly and properly the way it is supposed to be done, there is a natural side effect. There is a consequence to that. But this is a good side effect. What is the only the natural outcome of a solid? What motivated now Fiona mukha, established the good and forbidding evil, will establish

00:35:39 --> 00:36:15

the good and forbid the evil. And if you were to say that in one word was that established justice stand for justice against corruption, that is one of the novel one animoca. And in other words, practically, what does this mean? Let's say that one day, you finished from wherever it is, you're somewhere and you went back to your work among the brothers. Someone was backbiting someone. So fully, they may just sit back by doing something with that. Now you just recently prayed. You said the market tequila, the brother is not in our presence and we're not allowed to backbiting and they look at you and they said, What happened with you used to back by with us as well. You become a

00:36:15 --> 00:36:32

change, man. What are you talking like that for? the UFC, know what it is? They know I pray almost enough for you to have to explain more than that. Then I pray. And if I pray correctly, this is natural. It's not in my head. I'm going to start standing for that which is good against that which is evil. What mobile motto if you

00:36:34 --> 00:36:54

look at the example in the story of Shyvana you set up shrine, Allah Subhana Allah sent him these people madeon and you know what their problem was? The problem of Medea was that they were people that any it was economical corruption among them. They would shortchange the people, they would steal the people. So schreib came and he said to them, why don't you set up what

00:36:55 --> 00:37:05

he said, Do not shortchange the people give them their due right. Okay. Now let the luminosity you know what they said they look what they said. They said they were trying

00:37:06 --> 00:37:50

to get that Luca and Luca, nyah, Budo una, our Nevada Marina Manisha. They said they they're shy, they're really dry. Is it your Sunnah that commands you to tell us who to worship? And is it your solid that commands you to tell us what to do without money. In other words, the people are shy realize that the only thing that makes sure I speak up for justice is you select it you're selected gives you the power to do that. And in other words, select itself gives you the power to go outside and face this world standing for the justice. And for that which is wrong before the corruption as well, we need to turn and distribute for now that With that being said, you know that the idea of

00:37:50 --> 00:38:28

justice is not loved by people. People don't love justice naturally, people don't love it. It's something it's a it's a pill that is very hard to swallow. And you know, anyone around the world, it is very easy for you to research on this. But anyone around the world that stood for justice, what happened with him, he was either prison, or was either executed, or he was either exiled or his citizenship was taken away from him or whatever it is, and take our down with these stories. Anyone that stood for justice, look into the newspapers, in the magazines and just read about this stuff. Anyone that stood for justice is not loved. Even within the family itself. Let's say a child came to

00:38:28 --> 00:38:28

his father.

00:38:29 --> 00:39:09

advise him of something with my father like this smoking for you is no good. And not only that, but this TV that if you heard in the house has corrupted my brothers and sisters, please get me removed at the mind you're in business and don't look into things that don't have anything to do with you. I was the father would speak like that. Why? Because naturally people don't like justice even within the house until even the Father Himself sometimes it would happen. So so when you when you establish your select properly, it will force you now into standing for justice. And if you stood for justice, you're going to face a lot of abusive insult from people. What's the advice you need now? He says

00:39:09 --> 00:39:49

they will spill out about a fall back and he said they remain patient over anything that afflicts you yes Pamela What a beautiful ABCs it's a complete package of how Muslims should live the first I learned that Allah is watch for little things you learned that lesson actually was sold out now pray you pray probably one more bill battlefield one How come you did that? And now was without ever solid because you're not going to get a good response from the people also have a love this is a cycle doesn't finish, get it that you pre selected. Now you go up within your family. What more than normal for the honeymoon cup. You're going to cut that insult that abuse whatever it is, then this

00:39:49 --> 00:39:58

will solve our problems. And then select the board. So you pray. Then again what will be modeled on animoca was with then there's another solid Okay.

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

Well, it's a cycle

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

This was the life of awesomeness awesomeness. Hey, they summarized, this is the life of the prophets. This is the life of the righteous. This is the life of a believer and you get everything. So Pamela and he said the most with Allah.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:33

The word man could be replaced with the word and many men masuleh Yeah, you could say, Hospira levy or Salva? Why didn't I must say a levy. What's the difference between man and levy is the difference that our levy is more particular and specific into one thing, but the word may is general it's broad. It's for many things. So you sit through most of it either.

00:40:34 --> 00:41:19

Yeah, any anything that comes in your way of abuse and insult, as big as it is as small as it is, remain patient and each race was with Allah and he said a man or saw back or saw where it comes from the word. Yeah, and I saw that I saw this word they use for the bow and arrow, and when you release, eventually you release the arrow and hitting the target is unheard of. So So the key is teaching my son, that the trial and the affliction that will happen in your life that was targeted by a lot exactly to you. And it didn't come coincidence. Alonzo version one of this masiva to happen to you in your life. This is what we're getting is teaching the abuse you're going to face from the people

00:41:19 --> 00:41:56

is not random. This is a law surgeons plan for you. You got to be patient with it. Until you're proven to a large surgeon that you're able to deal with his tests upon you was built on a man or saavik is asleep in the valley coming out with a more in a delicate manner as normal. He said the very these these three things are solid, well I would have been normal for nine or seven Min azmin or any from among the greatest removal of these and and as we know more often than not Mr. saavik in America may not have a law firm yet this is the advice of level their law I will do some

00:41:57 --> 00:41:59

now after this is advice but

00:42:01 --> 00:42:38

how to behave yourself with the people these 280 hour how to behave with Allah Subhana Allah and before it how to behave with your parents. And now it's going to be followed up by an advice on how you behave with the people. So he says the man after that are in the Vatican and as the normal one or two sigh of hubdoc any nurse what attempts you cannot have the mother her in the library book number 34 who walks into the magic Walt Whitman sold the Canon Corolla swatara, SoCal hamir those will live for another time and show more data. We asked the most amount of data to allow us to benefit from that which we heard and ask him some Hana data to make us people have a plan people

00:42:38 --> 00:42:45

benefit from the reminders of not only your vehicle color, our lane some motion or other kind of you know how much wider he was.

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