Ismail Kamdar – Book of Hope #3 – Hadiths about Hope

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the book of Hope for sinners, which aims to help people deal with the loss of their lives and become aware of forgiveness. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness as a habit and avoiding bad deeds. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to show their true intentions in order to receive forgiveness and suggests avoiding accusations of bribery and considering their actions when they die. They stress the importance of forgiveness and avoiding bad deeds. Additionally, the speaker discusses the book of deeds and its potential to cover one's life, as well as a book about avoiding sh arc and becoming gladly sinning.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. We begin by praising Allah and asking Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet Muhammad, even Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time. So, today inshallah we are going to move on to the third chapter of the

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book of hope of sinners. So, this is the book the book of hope for sinners, which I wrote about two years ago, I said that the purpose of this book is to help us to repent to help us to make Toba it essentially was written to help people who are dealing with some kind of difficulty in their life, some kind of major sin that they

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are finding difficult to repent from, and to guide them through the process of repentance. And so today inshallah, to share some of the Elisa's and, and and Quranic verses mentioned in this book, so that our hearts can soften hope get into it, and inshallah, we can begin our journey of repentance and getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And again, the reason for discussing this book at this point in time, is that we are facing a global pandemic. And from an Islamic perspective, global pandemics are normally caused by sin, you normally cause when humanity becomes too engulfed in sin. And so it becomes a time of repentance, a time for us to rethink our lives leading up noughties,

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return to loving a lot worshiping Allah to repenting to a lack of being obedient to Allah. And so I really hope that this set of videos can help all of us to do that, because we all have our sins, we all have our mistakes. We all have our weaknesses, and hopefully what we discuss here together, it can motivate all of us to move forward. It can motivate all of us to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah so what happens is many of us who may have spent the past 10 or 20 years converting all kinds of sin may feel like there's no hope. It may feel like what's the point it was never gonna forgive me. I've done too much then, like that two major sins or I've done sins

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that are the unbelievable, no one's ever going to forgive that. Allah forgives all sins with a sincere repentance. And so I want to begin with the hadith of bootsy

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which begins the third chapter of the book, undiscovered Moloch already alarming rates. I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say that Allah subhana wa tada said, Oh, son of ad, as long as you call on me and ask of me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not

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also Nevada, where your sins to reach the clouds of the sky, and you didn't ask forgiveness from me. I will forgive you. Also Nevada, were you to come to me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you there to face me ascribing no partners to me, I will bring to you forgiveness equal to that. This had easygenerator in the shell of what they're really and that's very important. Now this is a these are good see, padishah good see means the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrating the something that Allah Subhana Allah said, outside of the Quran. So in Islam, we actually have the resources of Revelation. Number one is the Quran. The Quran is the perfect word of

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Allah, exactly as he revealed it to the ancient Hebrew people who pass it on to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So this is the Quran. The second source, which most of us are familiar with is the Hadees. And number one, he statements and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the revelation of Allah in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam own words, right and his own actions. And the third source of Revelation is a hadith of Pudsey. These are things that Allah subhana wa Taala told the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, outside of the Quran, so perhaps in a dream, perhaps in them Iraj perhaps, in some other way that we don't know about, but these are things that Allah told the prophets only some either to Gibran ILA directly, which are separate from the Quran. So it is

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also revelation. So the Hardys I could see, when they are authentic their reputation and they are the word of Allah, right, this is columella. Now, there is a difference of opinion on whether IDs or Pudsey is considered verbatim the word of Allah or if it is in the Prophet Muhammad's own words, Allah knows best. I don't want to get into the difference of opinion. That's not really the purpose of our discussion here today. The purpose of our discussion here today is to take benefit from this heads, right so in this Heidi's

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We learned a lot once to forgive us. Allah knows that from amongst the servants here are going to be those who sins are mountains high. They are going to be those whose sins are equal to the earth. They are going to be those who have committed an innumerable amount of salary can't even imagine the amount of Senate people have done a lot once each and every one of us to know, whichever category you fall into, as long as you believe in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, as long as we continue to worship Allah, Allah, as long as we repent, as long as we ask for forgiveness, as long as we are turning to Allah, as long as we are believing in Allah, as long as we are not lost hope in

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the mercy of Allah. He will continue to forgive us over and over again. This Heidi's brings hope to the heart of the Beatles. It doesn't matter whether you've committed sinner, or whether you've been gambling, when you be drinking alcohol, whether it be taking drugs, whatever it is, when you repent a lot for gives you a lot wipes it all away. And so, this is the meaning of this habits. Allah loves to forgive us. He wants us to ask him for forgiveness. He wants us to acknowledge and admit our sins and weaknesses, to acknowledge that he is the one who forgives whomever he was. Allah can forgive any sin to be covered. All we have to do is make Toba all we have to degreaser petroglyphs.

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Even if our sins were to reach the clouds and fill the earth if we ask Allah for forgiveness, he will forgive us.

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So when you compare this to diverse the Quran we discussed in the previous video, the previous verses Allah will forgive us no matter what we have done in this Hadees Allah says you forgive us, no matter how much we have done. So the verse mentions that no matter how severe the sin is, no matter how major the sin is, Allah will still forgive it. And this he says, no matter how many sins are allowed, so forgiving. And so the forgiveness of Allah is not dependent on the number of deeds we have committed,

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noisy dependent on the how severe the cities, when there is sincere repentance involved, Allah forgives all sins. And that is the message of this

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verse of this Hadees.

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In the next chapter, I mentioned a story that you're probably familiar with, but it's good to serve as a reminder, it was love forgives all sins, so many of us, we think of certain sins as being more forgivable than others, right? So we can imagine a love for giving the person who repented from,

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you know, lying, or backbiting. But we find it harder to imagine that a lot of gifts for example, the prostitute

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and so, the next chapter begins with the Hadees in both Sahil Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the reader but I will read your article that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a prostitute was once forgiven, but

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she passed by a dog there was panting Yo, well, those had nearly killed it. So she took off a sock tidy to avail of drops of water, a love for gaber for that,

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this Heidi's

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should have a double impact on our heart.

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On one hand, it should make us realize, no matter what sins we commit, a lot can still forgive it. If we have a man, and if we are constantly trying to be better. Number two, it should make us such that we do not judge other people's our fear based on their sense. We do not judge other people based on

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you know what sins they have committed in this world. Because we don't know who's likely to forgive. We don't know which alcoholic ends up being forgiven by Allah because if somebody we don't know which prostitute we end up being forgiven by Allah because of somebody. We don't know which murderer may be forgiven by Allah because of some cookies that may come to that in the next chapter as well. The next one, we don't know what to forgive. So it is our job to warn people that certain things are wrong, is our job to remind people to repent, to remind people to ask Allah for forgiveness, and to stay away from bad company and to stay away from places where ages are committed. But it is not our

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job to decide other people's asking. That is between the individual and a loss of

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a loved can forgive people. They may be someone committing major sins every day, but Allah knows

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that this individual is forced into that situation through poverty or hunger or desperation.

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Allah may forgive them. There may be people out there committing major sins every day out of addiction, but they hate their addiction and they make Toba in secret and they do secret good deeds, and they ask Allah for forgiveness MPD may overlook the major sins because of that. We don't know. We don't know. So it is not our place. And it is not our role. And it is not our duty to judge people since. Yes, we want them. Yes, we teach them. Yes, we remind them to repent. But we do not decide the outcome that is between given the Creator. So this is a very important point from this heaviness, that when we interact with people, no matter what since they have converted, we must

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interact with them from a perspective of hope, not a perspective of hopelessness. I've seen many people who claimed to be practicing Muslims. And when they meet someone who is sinful in their habits, when they nature, they get angry and they say things like Allah will never forgive you. You are a Johanna me, it is not permissible for a Muslim to use language like this is not permissible is not the language of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam other Sahaba rather, you should teach, you should educate you should what you should inspire people to repent, you should inspire people to seek forgiveness, but you do not make people hope to serve as mercy. You do not decide when someone

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is going to die. That is that is a lot stronger.

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So this is a very, very important point.

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And so in this chapter, I state that there are some sins that humans judged more harshly difference. We look at them as being the worst of the worst. And we feel that Allah will never forgive me. Sometimes. We forget that Allah mercy can override any sin. As long as the person dies as a belief. Allah can forgive a believer for any sin in life, regardless of its appearance. So we should be careful not to judge people after up or see that Allah will never forgive someone. Whether or not a lottery has to forgive his applause decision about prostitution is one such sin that many good people view as too evil to be forgiven. And for good reason. a prostitute has turned a major sin

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into a lifestyle, a source of income. In exchange for money, he covered major sins, many different strangers lose all sense of modesty. But even as evil as the Sidious, we have no right to assume to know the affair of a prostitute. This story is proof of that. In this Hadees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah forgive a prostitute for feeding a thirsty dog. Because of this one act of kindness, a local gave a lifetime of sin ever to her into China.

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So in this haddish, we learn many different lessons. And in this chapter, a highlight for lesson number one, lesson number one, a lot. Look for reasons to forgive us, even if it's a single would be that for the sake of more good deeds we do, the higher we increase our chance of being forgiven.

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So this is very important.

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Allah wants to forgive us. He's looking for some good in our life, something good that we have done there on behalf of the one good deed he can forgive all of our sins. And there's one good deed right at the top ticket for me to almost anything been forgiven. And that is a sincere and firm and pure belief in law. That is the greatest opportunity to have a pure

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believe in life, Ella would no doubt a complete conviction, that is the one D that's above everything else. And that can lead to forgiveness for anything else. So a lot looks for reasons to forgive his servants, even if it is a single good. The more good deeds we do, the more chances we have that Allah will forgive us.

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Number two, good deeds are not limited to acts of kindness to human beings are acts of worship. Even an act of kindness to an animal is a good thing. And again, many of us forget this. Many of us forget that helping animal taking care of plants, taking care of the earth, vital mentalism, all of this expertise, all of this is caring for us creation. And I love see someone who cares for his creation, that this is something that brings about the mercy of the forgiveness of abortion to handle $1 so do not look at any good deed as true though, even if it is simply kindness to an animal, or even kindness to that. But even kindness itself. All of these things could be means of

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forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala because in all of these cases, you are treating the creation of Allah with kindness and respect and this brings

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About the forgiveness and mercy of the Creator.

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Number three, this is a very crucial part.

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Even if a person dies, without repenting, allow me still forgive his or her sins because of equities. This applies to any sin besides corporal ship.

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It allowed me forgive these if someone pretends before they die. So very important, is only to sense that if a person dies upon descent, Allah has promised never to forgive. Cadiz, shirk, and its equivalent puffer shirt means to give the rights of a lot or a lot to worship, it didn't allow for means to reject a lot or to reject any aspect of religion. Right? So, gopher, and shirt, if someone dies upon it, and they do not have an excuse of ignorance, then Allah will never forgive it. Now, point of note, if a person has the excuse of ignorance of love, even slip, forgive that, and later in the book, I do discuss this. But

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any other sin, if someone dies without repenting, this does not mean they're definitely going to Johanna, a lot could have punished me this one a lot to their punish them through the method of luck would punish them in the bundle, Allah could punish them on the Day of Judgment, I love to punish them temporarily, for luck and to none of this, just simply forgive them because

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there is no guarantee that because somebody died, drug addict or alcoholic or a prostitute or a fornicator, or a

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whatever it is, you know, to definitely go to China, rather, a lot looks at everybody's book of deeds, he looks at the good deeds and he looks at yourselves, and he forgives their sins based on their good deeds, not just in the quantity, but even the quality. So one small good deed of high quality can lead to 1000s of sins been forgiven, right. For example, a person may have spent the entire D committing all kinds of minuses. But one Sala have to regard pre concentration, preview the Assam preview, show, preview the love of Allah agent with gratitude to Allah that one Salah have to regard wife from the auto sense, is not always the quantity that matters, but the quality as well.

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And so we don't know what could lead a person to lead a life that could lead to distance in focus. And so there's always hope even after someone has passed away, as long as they died upon.

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Finally, lesson number four from this heavies, we have no right to judge someone's off camera, because we do not know who's good deeds, who did good deeds in secret and a lot of accepted the good deeds and forgiving distance. Again, very important. There are many people who are pious in a public, but evil in private.

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And we may think that these are people that generally people think that these people are pious, meaning that they go into jail now, that's not for us to decide. And there are many people who are the opposite. There are some people who sins a public, who have weaknesses that are public who sinned somehow ended up all over social media. But in private, they pray this all up. They pray the hardship, they seek forgiveness, day and night, they give a lot of charity, they fast. They spend the time remembering Allah and asking Allah for forgiveness. And nobody sees any of these good deeds besides Allah.

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So we don't know. We all know who has secret good deeds, that could be the cause of a lot for giving them and we don't know who is secretly monopoly. And therefore, although they look pious in public, they may be, you know, sinful, beyond our imagination for things that we don't know. And therefore it is not our job to pray someone in the level x is definitely going to Chennai, he's another level and he's super pious and at the same time, it's not our job to see he's going to Janda his agenda me he's an evil person. Rather, we ask a lot to accept people's good deeds and forgive their sins. And we ask the same for ourselves. The end of the day. That is for a lot to decide. He is the owner of

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Jeanette janome. He's the owner of us. He knows our hearts he knows our secrets. He knows what you're going with. And we trust his perfect judgment. We trust his perfect justice. We trust his perfect wisdom. And it is not our job to say about any individual that this agenda to h&m may lead to a loss of a hammer.

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Finally, if you have fallen into mages,

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or even if you've made sinning a way of life,

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we should reflect on this Huggies to feel a logical a love for gay for prostitute because of our kindness to what animal so he can forgive us to repent and replace our bad bad difficulties.

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That takes us to the next chapter.

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One of my favorite verses in the Quran surah Furqan allows you to handle data is describing the qualities of the true believers whose true worshipers.

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He says, that is true worshipers are those who avoid shirk. Murder Encino.

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I mentioned what are called the three greatest sins, shirk, murder and Xena, these are the three sins that that destroy your soul. Yeah, the three sins that that can just rip a man right out of a person. He's a three sentence that begin the road to completely going astray. So Allah says that we borrow money through worship of Allah, they avoid these three major sense. Now, what happens if someone's done distance and they want to become into worship of Allah? What happens if someone's already done he says and he wants to move from the category of major sinner to the category of someone who is beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The next verse gives them hope. So Allah says

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that the true believers are those who avoid shirk, avoid sinner and avoid boredom.

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And he says, Whoever does that is truly simple. But then in the next verse, he says, but those who repent and do righteous deeds, those who repent and believe in the righteous deeds, allow will convert this sins into good deeds, and a lot is most forgiving, most possible.

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This is really one of the most powerful verses of hope in the entire book.

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It's just

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absolutely amazing. I mean, imagine someone it could be one of us, who may have a history of Sherk or history of murder or history of sinner, and you read the first verse and you begin to realize that someone will be allowed to do these things. So what do we do with it? We all ask something repent, if you repent if you believe if you could teach, not only there's a lot forgive those major sins like shock and murder and senile anything less than that. But Allah is so merciful. Allah is so just a lot is

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a lot of money. Rahim is for the love. He is a far he's beyond our imagination, his forgiveness and mercy beyond our comprehension. A large forgiveness is so so so amazing. that a person who has a book full of major sins and sincerely repents and lives a life of righteousness. Not only other major sins are wiped out from the book of deeds, but they are converted into good deeds, at least two inputs. So someone may have spent 10 years committing sin up. And then the individual repents and becomes righteous and hates their sin, and feels guilty for their sins and completely seek forgiveness for their sins, they completely turn their life around. All of that guilt, all of the

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Toba all of that shame, all of that true repentance for that sin. It is good deeds, good deeds, good teacher escape. So what used to be a book for the present is now full of cookies. This is the mercy of our created the mosaic monster behind

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this verse is one in a series of universes suitable for God, which describes the true salvage of love will deserve His mercy. It's a beautiful and uplifting passage. So beautiful, I encourage you to put this book down and pick up the Quran and just recite from verses 63 to 77 of the surah. So in the book, I encourage and even those of you watching this video when you're done with the video, open soon, of course, this is one of my favorite passages in the entire program, open sooner for can't read from verse 63, or 67, with the translation with the top seal, and reflect upon it. In these verses, Allah describes the qualities of the people he loves. The bad are the ones who are the

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two worshipers of aroma.

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And these are amongst, you know, people who have truly truly beautiful character and they make the best of the best of worship. And so Allah lists all the different types of true believers in the set of Austin's it's very beautiful passage to read and to study and reflect upon.

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And one of the things he mentions is that the true worshipers avoid the three greatest sins which should have avoided adultery, but if they have already committed it in the past 10 if they repent into righteous deeds and believe that Allah will not only forgive them, but he will convert those sins into cookies. This is further proof of the amazing infinite mercy of Allah. He wants to forgive us so much that He promised to turn our sincere to put this if we sincerely regret.

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So no matter what sins we have fallen into in life, this generous promise of a large inspire each of us to

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consider how many times Allah shows us infinite mercy.

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Next point I mentioned, you know, again going into details about how wasif applies.

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For every sin that we do, he writes once you know copies

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for every good deed that we do, he writes the animosities when we think of a good deed, but don't do it, he gives us stiffing one. When we think of a sin and don't do it gives us rewards not acting on the top. And when we do a sin, and it's certainly in our book of deeds, if we follow it up with a good deed, he wipes it away. If we seek forgiveness, he wipes it away. If we repent, he wipes it away. Anyway, he resists every single sentiment somebody, unfortunately Islam, he raises every single submit someone doesn't accept it, which he reads in every single sentiment, somebody sincerely regrets, not only does he get resistance, but when is the sincere boba. Allah replaces

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those sins, with good deeds, difficulties.

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After learning, but all of this all this left for us to do

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is to seek Allah's mercy to appreciate it, to worship him to praise him to seek His forgiveness and to put our trust in infinite mercy and justice. I

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want to end today by mentioning one more piece, which is the next piece in the book, someone foncier rajala, who reads the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah has divided his mercy to 100 portions. One portion to creation from one portion to creation has been given Parsi between themselves. And in the end 99 portions have been saved for the Day of Judgment, rated in sight.

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So this has this teaches us everything you see in this world, of a Rama of mercy, whether it's a mother's mercy for her child, whether it's in the mercy we feel for each other, when it's the mercy we feel for animals, village, whatever it is, every single bit of mercy you see in this world is 1%.

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Or last mercy, he saved the rest of it for the Day of Judgment. Why? Because on that day, Allah is going to forgive and forgive and forgive more people than we ever imagined more sense than you ever imagined, in more ways than we ever imagined. We cannot even begin to understand how much birth you are likely to show and if you have judgment. Now, this is not an encouragement to sin. It's not an encouragement to do what we want. This is simply to give us hope, that if we repent into righteous deeds alone Forgive us, and for those people we know who passed away upon Sydney, he passed away when he was a lovely so forgive them. So we should never lose hope, the mercy of Allah Subhana

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Allah. And with that, we come to the end of today's discussion. We'll continue from the next chapter next week. Again, this is all taken from my book, the book of hope for sinners, written for you and me for the sinners of asuma to give us hope in a less mercy so that we can make Toba and we can repent. The book is available on Amazon gumroad it will be a link below description. I hope that you found this presentation beneficial I hope that you find it beneficial except for has been forgive our sins overlook our faults hide our sins and making make us righteous Titus straight pipe maker solution he loves just paid for your time and attention please be to offer me he's made to offer my

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family claiming to either buy books which billions of people benefit billions of people. And please make to opt to live this pandemic and display that effect again. Hi, Omar. And to give this entire number of hours because really the amount of sins the boomer has completed in the past four years. It's it's truly disturbing. And the amount of debt the laxity we have about our sins is truly disturbing the color soften our hearts people give us me Titus II because people of righteousness, just a tiny pinch you off with that one and you can be that propaganda counselor Molly tomorrow.

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