Importance Of Aqeedah What Is Kufr Part 2

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The speakers stress the importance of trusting people when dealing with sensitive issues, such as religious and political, and cautioning oneself about actions. They also discuss the need for people to show respect and learn from past beliefs. The discussion touches on the issue of desire and how it is difficult to deal with people who believe in things that don't make sense. The segment concludes that people may have a personal and social desire to enjoy things, but it is often difficult to deal with them.

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Other than that

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voting in the city and the way

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that it will never be accepted for them and in the Hereafter, you'll be one of

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anyone, if anyone was

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not to anyone

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that he doesn't have to do, it should have been, first and foremost, the quality of the system.

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And they don't have to claim that should have been first and foremost about

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applying and more than one base in the bottom. And what you're willing to handle down at the bottom.

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If he doesn't

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have data, for me doesn't do tax

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data, we've got

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to do anything that

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was restricted by the shooting, and he was commanded by

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anyone claims

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that anyone doesn't even have to claim.

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If anyone believes that somebody else has done that before.

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This is beautiful.

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Fortunately, many groups are spreading

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throughout the United States, they're getting more and more like

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they're also bringing this

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Today, we might take the step as well, and then maybe take a few questions

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that we see a lot, unfortunately. And we can hear from many, many speakers, I don't know how many speakers

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other people

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but especially when making

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many, many, many people

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doesn't make any sense in itself, whatever many, many people ask

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what the what the Muslims think about Christians and Jews

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or the disbelievers.

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And so many speakers.

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Nowadays, it's such a big thing. And this is really one of the things

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that you're not waking up to figure this out, is one of the things

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that so many Christians need.

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thing I like about my religion,

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by being Christian with this Christian group that I'm in now, I used to be Catholic.

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And I like that.

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That was not

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what you believe is right or wrong, if you believe

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what you believe, might be wrong.

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And this is the same thing that the speakers are doing when they say, are the Muslims getting abused the Christians go viral, so many

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people. So our next question, the next

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And the reason he made a statement

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and they said, Well, if that's the case was there we go look and watch that because

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he said with us for the honor of being Jewish

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in the Muslim world,

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that that the concept itself

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the Muslims believe that

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what the true messenger what he said is true

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the good

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Christians and Jews, the golden

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and the bone manifesto

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said that

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he doesn't believe in he was done in the cabin. And he'll be in the hellfire. And

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there's only one. And that did not

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believe in that.

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If you believe in that, you have to accept the idea that the people and their belief or you're believing,

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if you don't believe in it, then you will

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say no, no.

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Admit the action of going

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people to go.

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To talk about what

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been without it, we said, we're sure we're gonna spend the whole hour discussing the different temperature. That's very important, but many people have talked about and

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maybe even some of us give a lecture about European dividends. If you

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wanted to mention these

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to three levels, we have to be careful these kinds of goals.

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But we also have to be careful

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that we don't commit them. And if we commit them

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to avoid the process of dealing with fear that the religion is sincere. Sincerity was brought to the messenger and the needs of the Muslims, and the gentleman was the bone.

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So when we see someone committing an action, which is good, we should take them aside.

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And say, your brother or sister, you have to be aware of where the action is.

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And if you don't change your weight, even if you pay it back,

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and they treat you want to get on the digital.

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I guess how would you do individually?

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how do you get I mean, how

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do you do that? How do you go about it?

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The same way that I commented about it, in this, this lecture

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we should

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and we should know and we should respect the things that

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we claim to do. We have to know that we have the level of empathy commanded to show respect for the 50 command.

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This is all what you're doing but make them understand that

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they are actually making fun and show disrespect for something.

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And then finally, show them the booth that actually this is going to stop.

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this guy

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with a job

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to stop.

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You mentioned two key terms just very quickly. He was saying that one of the reasons that

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there's a lack of knowledge

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And they have to go ahead and shout away. But you

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may not know the term.

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I talked about that.

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doubts and misconceptions there to share with you, that you will doubt about this now that you've dealt with

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this issue that dealt with that.

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are the desire that someone has, even if you know something is wrong, and this makes

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it nuts, you might have some desire to enjoy that thing.

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This is known as red shadow. And M is one of the best ways to remove the shower, because it is through the nose, this one is dead, then the smell that you might get from that home is nothing compared to

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the end without the punishment that you have to face.

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That's why

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are called helicopter

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as people who are

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in the

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to those people who do acts of evil, out of Java, and some people want to drag that down as ignorance here, there's anything that they know that this is wrong the way that I mean ignorance from this point of view that they were stupid, they did stupid to display our data. And they do have that before it's too late. It's already been claimed that all this data really accepted.

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You mentioned

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that some of the beliefs particularly believe

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that some people are exempt from this area. And there's some of the beliefs that they have, I believe, such as praying to dead snakes, or even to the Prophet

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others, some of them

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are within the bounds of the Sharia, that the people

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would not necessarily be considered in the same category.

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But as another

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that you will find some among the people who

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join us.

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And he said, we love that belief.

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Inside the Soviet Union,

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which has

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a lot of people that join us will be critical because they see this woman being pious and humble themselves.

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And they go in the paper and they do this

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and say,

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everything that I've been able to study

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the actual paper, and the people who are the are the leaders of America, who believe in the teachings

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and teach

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small or utterances more than they have been related to.

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But if you if you study their teachings, as you'll find that every one of them is teaching the dog

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to the point that it is

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every every day that believes in doctor or the people, the seven

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people who are ruling the world and they think that nothing happens without the room. If you teach them you will be studying this will be

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And all of these beliefs, I mean,

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some of them are some of them.

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many of the people join them.

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And they may not even realize

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that they don't actually have those goods. And that's the bad part of the problem is we

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don't even know that we did the job

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dealing with and dealing with those people

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in Australia, so, people who may

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and maybe leadership,

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are the ones who had some concepts

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we discussed earlier

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my glasses,

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I just want you to respond to today.

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deal with that,

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earlier in the lecture on to just make make this point

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that in some cases,

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but in some cases

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over and

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over, as I mentioned in the beginning of the lecture.

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But he himself is not that

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the notes are based on some teachings that he received, which are not correct

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is a beginning to take over at the same time that we seek to

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make the person

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the receiver, we know that people are the groups of innovation and all of that, and

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that is

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not to have a seat Same for them.

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We know that someone is committing

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them and not the way we treat the believers. But it's somewhere between the meters and the way we treat the camera somewhere in between. and it depends on the situation

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and are able to put pressure on that person, for example, we have a mosque, the mosque is unified, the people are all good believers, I understand this now. And so, we went through some kind of

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it might be the case that all the people in the mosque will agree to make

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a position of strength to do that, we can do that. They will

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take a minute or two

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and give it to us auto did not go to the bathroom.

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They consider it an act which is not a mafia or symbol that

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they love you even next to that data or anything to do with

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the condition of the messenger or week

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of the

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week, then they have to see how they can deal with that.

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If someone comes from

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and you try to pull down that person, firstly,

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what you might do is build the mosque and do and have a

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look at the situation.

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The situation and see that the best you can do is walk people out the person and throw them in a lot of businesses something wrong.

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And the other extreme is to actually put pressure, physical, economic and social pressure on the

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situation. I guess you could say

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for the Muslim leadership

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You're dealing with a personal basis.

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You're not getting the same kind of way that you give to