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The host of a livestream discusses the importance of avoiding workplace violence and bringing up issues like slavery in Islam. They emphasize the need for transparency and frankness in discussing controversial topics, and the danger of people reacting to controversial statements. The speaker also addresses the issue of back and forth between dramas and the danger of making outlandish comments on social media. They suggest that the current "monster" behavior is dangerous and should not be used, and mention a book on Omar bin Abdul danger.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh so I'm kind of trying something new today.

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Live on YouTube.

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Yeah, we live on youtube and facebook at the same time using two different devices. Not sure how well this is going to stream this giving us a try and yeah, if people like it, I'll use this system often If not, I'll stick to one channel. So the topic that I want to discuss today for this livestream is, uh,

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you know, the the issue of whether we should be avoiding controversies, or discussing controversial issues or not. And that's kind of a it's something has been on my mind for a while a lot of people ask me about this, you know, I get to sites, I get one side, people telling me that you must talk about these topics. And if you don't talk about these topics, then you are concealing knowledge and you're committing a sin. On the other side, I have people telling me things like, you cannot talk about these topics in creating controversy for yourself and you making life unnecessarily typical for yourself. So, Anya Yaga, his thoughts on this as well, you know, I just don't want this to be a

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one side monologue. If you can post in the comment section, what do you think of controversial topics? Should we be discussing them? Or not? Should we be just leaving them to other people? Or should we be bringing them up ever controversial topics I refer to two or three different things. Number one,

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things are controversial to non Muslims, right. So topics like slavery in Islam, polygamy, women's rights, these kinds of issues, or homosexuality. Things are controversial amongst Muslims, that's the second type. So things that are controversial amongst Muslims would be like, while the differences between a Sharif and Salah pizza, fick issues, controversial issues like music and things like that.

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And the third thing on me were controversial issues are the fights that Muslims are having with each other online. You see this a bit too much as of late, I think, since people went into lockdown, they getting bored, and so they're fighting with each other online more. That's my theory anyway, either. Way too much of that. So this is my current approach. When it comes to things that are controversial to non Muslims. I feel we need to discuss these issues. We need to be frank about these issues. When doing Tao, we should never lie, we should never hide the truth. We should preach Islam as it is, without sugarcoating it. Because if somebody accepts Islam, they should accept Islam as it is not as

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they imagined it to be. It shouldn't be a fake or imaginary Islam, it should be the real Islam that they are

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going into. So with that in mind, I think when it comes to controversial issues, in the Dawa, we should be frank and open about what Islam really teaches on these issues, and that's something that I've always done. The second type, which is issues that are controversial to amongst Muslims. Now, yeah, I myself am split on whether we should discuss these issues or not. And again, I want your opinion post your opinions in the comment section shouldn't be talking about these things publicly. I do you seen recently?

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A lot of fights and arguments on Muslims online on many controversial issues.

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You know, like

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the issue of of the different sects and the different schools of Akita and fit issues, people are fighting with each other over these things. And what's your view? Should we be discussing these things online? Or should we be really just reserving these for classrooms that academic sittings? like to know your guys opinions on that? The third points, Muslims fighting with each other? Should we get involved? Yeah, my position is clear. We should not this is a waste of time, a waste of resources. Our time and resources are much better spent in

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teaching religion and practicing the religion and doing good deeds or all of that is much, much more important than these dramas that we have online. Really, we waste so much of our time and energy in these dramas. Unless it's something really important if someone's being slandered and they honor and dignity is, you know, being put on the line in maybe we should step into the fandom. But in general, all these back and forth between Muslims, I don't think we should waste our time too much with it. We have more important things to do with our lives. So yeah, that's my thoughts on controversies of three types.

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Sometimes it's necessary to get involved in controversial topics. It is necessary

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To clarify Islam position on things like homosexuality and polygamy and his job, and slavery, even if the position we arrived at is controversial, we still have to clarify it, we still have to be clear and open about it. So when people convert to Islam, they know exactly what they're converting to. And it's not a it's not a fake Islam. Right. It's the real deal that they're getting into spirals controversies between Muslims time in place, that's really what it comes down to the right time, the right place. There are times when it's necessary to discuss these topics, and they are tangent people are clearly just doing it for entertainment value.

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And this for me has become a major problem in our time. So I don't know how many of you would agree with this. But I really think one of the major problems with the online dow today, particularly on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, is that people seem more interested in gathering subscribers and followers to seeing something controversial, and actually speaking the truth and sincerely doing Dawa. Instead of focusing on calling to Allah and preaching the truth and calling people towards Islam, people are more focused on calling towards their subscriber count and their followers by making outlandish controversial statements by behaving controversially by meaning themselves in

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others. This is very, very problematic behavior for Muslims. So now this is something that's been on my mind and I think we really need to discuss it anyone you're watching this, who is a young student of knowledge just getting involved in Dawa for the first time understand that this modern culture of being controversial on Facebook and Twitter all the time. This is not the way of Muslim for the most of our history. With the most of our history. Muslims have instead been focusing on calling to Allah and worshiping Allah and practicing the religion. This idea of this being controversial for controversy sake. So there are more people subscribed and more people watch because let's face it,

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if I was being controversial right now, if I was saying something controversial or behaving in a controversial way, a lot more people will be watching this. Right. And that's very tempting for a lot of people today. A lot of people are just so adamant about getting a lot of subscribers, that they will say controversial things like behaving are controversial and adjust for that even if they don't really believe in it themselves. So this is very dangerous behavior for a student of knowledge. At the end of the day, whatever we do should be for Allah, it should be for the sake of of the of the oma for the benefit of the Ummah, anything that does not accomplish this, we should

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abandon it, we should leave it it is not important, and it is not beneficial. Those are my thoughts on this topic.

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If anyone has any comments to add, please post it in the comment section. While you guys are here, reminder, my latest book on Omar bin Abdulaziz. It's available on Amazon and Khan road, please check out the links on my page.

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Really, really the PCT more people have to review for the Google hamdulillah A lot of people have purchased the book. We need more reviews to come to convince others that the book is worth reading.

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Thank you again to all of you who have purchased the book.

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And thank you for watching this. Again. Leave your comments let me know what do you think about controversies should we be discussing them or not?

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I look forward to reading your comments on this just head on Walker Dhawan and you

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know Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh