Ismail Kamdar – Inspirations From The Righteous – 8

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in global society is discussed, including the need for acceptance and establishing a culture of acceptance. The negative impact of not being aware of the negative impact of religion on one's behavior is also discussed, along with the struggles of Islam in cities like Makkah and the importance of avoiding verbal abuse. The segment emphasizes the importance of remembering one's purpose and not cutting corners, while also promoting the importance of dressing up people to show their love for Islam.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa rahmatullah aminomethyl via de novo bill. Yes. And, you know, you need to begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. And asking him to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet, Mohammed, Abdullah, Salah Lovell, I think he was setting up the mercy to this universe, and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the last day, like to thank each and every one of you for attending tonight, and to those who are listening to the audio lectures as well. Thank you. Thank you for downloading, and hamdulillah. Today, we begin Are we going to look at the story of someone whose story I actually wanted to cover eight

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weeks ago, right. But because of all the other righteous individuals whose life we're discussing, we kept this for later, we look into the as a man who I personally consider a role model, someone who really sacrifice on the level which many of us might find unreal. And the person we're talking about today is Musab even a male rhodiola one. Now most of you may know me, was one of the early Sahaba, one of the early Muslims in the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was a very famous hobby, particularly because he played a very important role in the dour. He was the first person to be sent out of Makkah to call people to Islam officially, by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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they were people who were doing Dawa along the way, he was the first one given this official role. So this makes him a very important figure in our history. And particularly when it comes to Dawa. And this is something we need to talk about, because on a global scale, I feel South Africa is one country where we aren't doing enough for that what what do I mean by that? What that means to invite people to Islam to present the message, the core message of Islam to humanity, right, I was one of the commanders in the Quran, and he says, oh, either severely Rob Baker, will hikma invite everyone to the way of your Lord with wisdom, gentle teachings and discuss with them or debate with them in a

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good way, right in a gentle manner. So this verse uses the command for

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called people to the way of your invite is the same like an older adult who invited people to our house to eat is the same way the Arabic Tao invite people to the religion. So throughout history, Allah subhana wa tada used to send the prophets to do that. The last prophet was Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam. And so after he passed away, 1400 years ago, the responsibility of inviting people and letting people know about this message of Allah, this responsibility falls on every single believer who understands it, and is able to present it to others. So this is the duty of the Muslims, that we are supposed to be sharing the message of Islam. And the primary way that the early

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Muslims share this message of Islam was through their lifestyles and their behavior, that a Muslim men will move to a country to do business. And people will be so amazed by his honesty, and his integrity in his business dealings, they will do will ask him, why aren't you cheating him? Why are you not making a shortcut profit, and you have the opportunity. And he'd say, because I'm a Muslim, and just because of that, they'd be interested in the religion, and people will end up accepting Islam. This is how Islam spread to entire countries, right? But what happened in our time, is that not only are we not doing the Dawa verbally, but very often our lifestyle and our actions are

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actually chasing people away from Islam. And we have with the Muslim community, many practices, which did not exist in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and many misunderstandings about the religion, which are chasing people away, we tend to take either a too extreme or too lacks approach to religion, we don't find the middle pack. So when you too extreme, what's happening is you're pushing people away. Nobody wants to be like you, when you two legs. No one's taking your religion seriously, cuz you're not taking it seriously, right? So both ways becomes a problem. So that middle part needs to be found. And this is what we see with the Sahaba. So particularly, Musab

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amin is very important to me, because he provides a role model in his life to see exactly how we interacted with the community. Because as Muslims, we're not supposed to be living in a box. We're not supposed to be cutting ourselves off from community and living separately and you know, we shouldn't have what we have in this community. Many of us call it the US India mentality, right? We the Muslims need carpets, we got our lives, they got their lives. This is not from Islam. You see this in the story we talking about today, that they were part of the society, they interacted with people, they did business with people, they met with them, they spoke with them, they share the

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message of Islam with them, they call them to Islam with their character. And so, because of this people entered Islam. What's happened in our country is that we've been here for about 300 years, and we are only 2% of the population. In other countries, Muslims have been there for 250 years or 40 years.

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And the original, much faster number and many more locals have converted to Islam. Why? When you meet people living there, you realize that Tao is an impact a potent part of the lives of the average Muslim, the average Muslim, in many parts of the world that I have visited people who in our community would just be living the lives, who I have met in other parts of the world they are they are involved in Dawa, to the neighbors, their business partners, employees, their friends be involved in this. And our community, we tend to have a lacks attitude towards it, we say only virtually ipca, right? Or leave it to the modernists. And I just do my business. And because of

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that, there are so many people who interact with you and no other Muslim and you never share the message with them. So how can you expect everybody else to be doing that? So we need to develop this enough that when we meet people, we want to share Islam with them. And the main thing that can change inside of us to lead to us doing that is to truly establish in our own hearts, this conviction that Islam is the truth for Allah. Right. And I say this because many Muslims are born into Muslim families without anyone ever explaining Islam to them. How many of us actually know what the word Islam means? How many of us can actually say for sure that we know what is required of a

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Muslim? What does a Muslim believe? What are the six components of faith? You know, do we understand what we have accepted? This is why I always say even born Muslims need to convert to Islam. Even a born Muslim needs to consciously take a decision to submit to Allah. That is what Muslim or Islam means someone who submits to Allah, once you take that conscious decision, the natural result of that is you now want to share this beautiful message that you have understood with others. And this now becomes the natural result. So we see this we must be able to meet so who was a Muslim, even a male was the most reaches spoiled, and,

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and the most?

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What's the word? The most famous young man in Makkah, he was called the flower of declaration. We talking about the guy who grew up in Makkah, and he was young, he was extremely handsome with blue eyes. The woman used to go crazy for him. He was he had the most expensive clothing brought in from all over the world. His parents were amongst the rich chiefs of the police. He was spoiled, rotten. You know, the things we chase after today, in terms of good looks, the opposite gender, expensive clothing from overseas, the best of money, we call the success, right? Most of even a male story starts with that and ends with something very different. He started what we called success. But you

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go along, you'll realize that that's not success. Most of the woman had everything a young man in this world could ever do. literally anything and everything a young man in this world will ever dream of. And this made him sought after he was the most eligible bachelor in Makkah Vinci. And he was also a very intelligent young man, always thinking, always working things out for himself. And so what happens was Rasulullah is an extremely becomes a prophet, he starts spreading the message of Islam secretly in Makkah, because remember, in the early days in Makkah, if people knew you are a Muslim did finish, you know that they put you through extreme hardship. So he used to go to a place

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called Darwin outcome, the house of article where it was a secret headquarters, we would get together with the Sahaba and he would teach them about Allah subhanho wa Taala and about Islam, now Muslim, even when he came to the outcome, and he sat and he listened to what the Rasulullah had to teach, and it all agreed to what he naturally believed. Because what does Islam teach you? That you don't worship idols? You worship god alone. Make sense that you'd be good to people? Make sense that you take care of the poor, make sense? There should be no classism. It all makes sense to me. Even just thinking this all makes sense. This is this is right. So he becomes a Muslim, but he becomes a

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Muslim secretly, because Musab even Amir's mother by this point in time his father passed away his mother with demonic, she is one of the strongest, toughest and most outspoken women in Makkah.

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Look at it this way, you have a woman who is one of the wealthiest women in the community, she's also got a high reputation. So generally, women in that position tend to be more tougher, more outspoken because you got a reputation to defend. And he knows that if his mother finds out that if his mother finds out that he accepted Islam, it's gonna hurt her reputation, and she's gonna be furious. So we become the Muslim in secret, and he starts memorizing the Quran. And he is regarded as one of the most beautiful recitals of the Quran amongst the Sahaba. And then one day, a spy amongst the coalition sees him praying for Allah with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and the word

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begins to spread the room.

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Begin to spread moose up the flower of the grace, the most famous and handsome and reaches young man in the community has accepted Islam and the word which is his mother. Now the mother of Musab be furious. And she wants to hit him. She raises a hand to hit him. But she just can't do it. Because she loves him too much. Right? I mean, she wouldn't have spoiled in that valuation loving. She loved him too much to hit him. At the same time. She's thinking of other tradition. I got you thinking, something that many of us in our community think all the time she's thinking, what would the people say? What do the people say that my son has become a Muslim, I want to focus on this point. Because

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how often in our communities when we know something is wrong, we still do it. Because what will the people see if I don't do it? Or if we know something is right, we might not do it because we worried about what the people will see. And so this becomes an idol. You know, like this becomes a God in our life, society becomes our God that we will disobey Allah just to see peace in the community. This is exactly what kept Binti Malik the mother of Musab al from becoming a Muslim, that she was worried what people will see. So what does she do to her son, her most beloved Son, this rich kid who has never in his life, experienced hardship? What does she do to him, she puts him under house

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arrest, she literally ties him up in the corner of the house has some guards watching over him and refuses to let him out of the house for days on end. Now put yourself in this guy's shoes. Muslim male had everything that you and I want in this world.

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And now he has to let go of it. In order to accept Islam. Some people might wonder why why would you want to let go of all this? Because this is what we chasing after you know, our lives, our careers, our goals are all chasing after the same thing which he had. So why did he did he had all of that? And he still wanted to become a Muslim? Why would he still searching for something else? Wasn't he happy with his money? For the money bringing happiness to these material goods bringing happiness? Why is he still searching for something? It's because happiness doesn't come from material items. Happiness, true happiness. True inner peace only comes when you have a connection with your Creator.

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When you know your purpose in life, and you're working towards it, and you are connected to Allah subhana wa Taala. That is when you truly experience happiness on a level you never thought before. And that's why today we have so many rich people, so many famous people, even so many celebrities who are converting to Islam. And if you ask them why you watch the interviews on YouTube, so many celebrities who became Muslim they interviewed on YouTube, and they see that they had the biggest how mentioned and they had the best of cars and the best of humans, but they felt empty inside completely empty inside they felt miserable inside. So what happens is to set to such celebrities,

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one of two paths. We know those who went down the wrong path, they committed suicide overdose on drugs. We know those who found the right part and they became Muslim and gave up the entire celebrity lifestyle. This is the same story repeating itself the story of Mr. Vito even domain happening in our times as well. So Musab even made his mother put him under house arrest. And this goes on for a long time and years that there are some Muslims who are fleeing Makkah, they are running away from Morocco to Abyssinia ready, they just King. So he tricks one of the gods and he escapes the house and he gets out of Makkah, he's gone. He's gone to Amazonia. However, you know,

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for rich and spoiled kid, to suddenly be living in a forum there without any money without any working skills without any knowledge of the culture without any family is very, very difficult. I don't know how many of you have ever been that situation happened to me a few years ago, when I was in India when I was quite young. I was in India for few months had to do a job here completely away from family in a place I've never been to before and away from all the wealth of accustomed to growing up with and what happens in this situation is number one, you might find it difficult and you end up coming back home. Number two changes you forever. And this is exactly what happens with

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Osama bin Laden. He has a rumor, he has a rumor that Islam is spreading in Makkah, and the situation has become peaceful. So him and many of the other Sahaba come back to Makkah, they come back to Makkah, and the land that he was alive was a false rumor.

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So his mother tells him, I'm going to tie you up again. He's back home. He's Muslim, but now Mousavi domain has been away. And he's grown up. He's more independent now. So he tells his mother, if you want to tie me up again, whichever man you hire me, I will kill you.

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Okay, okay, I'm not gonna tie you up. But you no longer my son.

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She disowned him. She disowns He says, I am not your mother anymore. Get out of my house.

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Don't even know me now from his beloved mother who he loves and she loves him. We know she loves him because she can't leave

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under him, he loves her and she loves him. He now is forced to separate from her because she cannot bear to see her son, being a Muslim. And as he's about to leave the house, his mother tells him, you can't go out like that. To exclude you, everything belongs to me. All the stuff you've got belong to me. You never work, don't have any money, that's mine. And she strips him of everything he has, from his clothing to his wealth, Musa even Ahmed is left with nothing in terms of worldly success. And you know what he does since for his money at this point in time, think about this. Imagine? If your mother disowned you for trying to practice Islam? How will the average person here we will be angry,

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we will be violent, we will be full of anger, you know, we say you're

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going to *. This is how we talk because we don't understand. Muslim, even a male says, Oh, my mother, please Jesse La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. I'm asking you from my heart to please see there is no god except Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger, right until this point when his mother has oppressed him in a way in which many of us can ever imagine our mothers oppressing us. Right until that point, All he cares about is his mother salvation. He still loves his mother, he still wanted to go to gender, he still wants to be successful. He does not hold a grudge against the father's. And he still asked you to become a Muslim. And she says I will never accept your religion

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and ruin my reputation. You see what she's worried about? reputation. I mean, this happens to so many people today, that you know that something is right. You know that something is the truth. But just for the sake of your reputation, you don't, you don't want to go through with it. You know, this is what led her straight to anyone today, who is making that type of choice, you understand, you're not following the stream of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you're following the way up into Malik, and so much of the world is forced to leave his home, to leave his wealth, to leave his nice clothing, to leave his mother to go out. And now he has to live the life of a poor man wearing the

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cheapest and the most torn of clothing. And now he comes and sits in the gatherings of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam feeling torn floating. He sits and he listens attentively and he's learning and he's paying full attention. And the other Sahaba Look at him and they start to cry. They start to cry because they all know who this man is. This was the richest kid Russell's on himself. When he sees Musab like this. He says that I remember Musab as the most spoiled kid in Makkah. But he gave all of them up for the level of learning Mexico. Russia himself testified in offices. He testified number one was or was the most point number two, why did he give that up golani messenger came

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first. So now most of you will know me is going through a tough phase, the mark the period of the early Muslims until the gain the victory of Makkah was a very difficult period. Allah tested them in every way possible in ways which you will not just you and I because we are not at the level. You know, he tested them in every way possible. And it was only after the conquest of Makkah that the Sahaba got the reward in this world for what he did in terms of wealth and success and victory. But most of me never got that. Because as you will see he's done he didn't go that far. So Mousavi, Bhutto, male, he is now having this kind of life. He has given up this world. And he is now a poor

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man. And want you to think about that. You know, in this world, Allah created us to test us You must remember this, Allah created this world to test us illogical handloader surecav in Jalan Amar rd Zenit La Nina Blum au axonemal definitely, I have made everything on this earth beautiful. To test which of you are best in your deeds. This means every beautiful thing on earth, whether it is the opposite gender, or wealth or success, every beautiful thing is a test from Allah. What is the test in these situations? The test is when Allah put you to adjust between choosing between that and his pleasure, what are you going to do? Right? If you're successful businessman, and you love your

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business and your wealth, Allah will test you somewhere down the line to see whether you love them more than Allah meaning somewhere down the line you have to make a business decision. Do I Do what's pleasing to Allah and do some profit? Or do I do or do I do what is displeasing of Allah to make a profit you will be faced with these choices. Each of us in our lives will be faithfully treated our might not test us to the level he just did, or Mousavi because he was at another level altogether. But he will definitely test us regarding what we love of this world. What's the purpose of that is the purpose of the test is not to separate you from the things of the world. The purpose of the test

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is to separate your heart from your heart becomes attached to Allah. This is where our justice so if someone is in love with you

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Allah will deprive them of fame until the hearty purified of that love. And once they not seeking fame anymore, Allah makes him famous. Right? If someone's in love Good, well, Allah might deprive them of wealth in order to purify their health, their heart of their love. And once that purification is complete, Allah might give the wealth. So Allah does these things for our own good to purify our hearts so that we can be closer to him. So Musab Allah is testing him in this way. And now comes the most important time of his of his life. What happens is Rasulullah saw the Sahaba they are looking for a way out of Makkah, because they are in a terrible situation. They have been

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tortured, they have been killed, and the Gower is not progressing as fast as they wanted to. So they're looking for a place to go and do down to go and look. And people are coming from all over the world for Hajj to Makkah. So this is the ideal opportunity. Anyone who comes to Makkah for Hajj, the prophet SAW Islam, cause him to Islam. And so a small group of people from Medina, probably 10 or less. Medina was called El Medina to make it easier, right, a group of about 10 or less people from mahina. They come to Makkah the year, the message of Islam, they accept Islam, and they tell Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we want you to send someone to Medina with us, to teach

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us and to teach our families about Islam. So this is the first time in history that a place outside of Makkah, once a teacher of Islam, they want someone to come to leave Mecca, and go to another place and teach Islam. This has never happened before in the lives of our students or meaning for the first time in history. Rasulullah Islam has to choose one of his companions, and send him out of Makkah to go live in a strange land and TC people Islam, who does he choose Muslim economy? Why not?

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Why not? why don't

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why was up for a number of reasons. Number one, Abu Bakar. And no smiley, they were necessary for the Dow. Why? Because they were from the influential tribes of Makkah, Abu Bakar, and included many of the of the wealthy people of Makkah as the former as elite. They were relative to these people. So you see them doing the dour study we needed in Makkah for the dollar. He couldn't afford to just let him go. Number two Muslim economies now don't have family ties in Makkah to worry about his family and his own home. And he didn't have any worldly attachment in Makkah at all. He's living in a poor man in Makkah, maybe he goes to Medina, he'd be more successful. Number three Muslim woman

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has shown his commitment to Islam, that no matter what went wrong in his life, no matter what he was just tested with, he remained firm. So this means if Rasulullah saw things out of Makkah to another place, wherever tests he visited go to the main for two he had proven his worth. And number four, Mousavi monomial amin was amongst the most knowledgeable companions at that time. As you said he was one of the best recyclers of the Quran. And he always attended the lectures of Rasulullah Islam and learn from him. So his knowledge was very, very strong. So he was now the perfect candidate to leave Makkah and to move to Musab even a male. He leaves Makkah and he goes to Medina. And never Medina is

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a strange land. So it's not the Medina we know today, right? Put yourself back in that time imagine living in that time. Medina at that point in time was a city full of idol worshipers and Jews. And there's about 10 Muslims in entire city. And a Muslim woman comes here with one job to teach the people and good hour. He's the first official missionary or men or emissary of Islam, the first official day to be sent out on our mission. What does he do? Musab economy begins to call people to Islam. He goes to people's houses, he recites called onto them he teaches him the message of Islam and one by one families that are converting to Islam. And now the tribal leaders of Medina, they

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notice this.

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And the tribal leaders of Medina, they become angry just like this, I believe is America. This is this is a part of, of human nature. This is a part of the Dow when you are trying to make a change in a community, people will oppose it is not the average person that's going to oppose it is the leaders. Why? Because they see any change anything different as a threat to their position. This is what they see this that this guy, if he gains influence, he's gonna be a threat to us. So let's eliminate the threat right now. So that's what happened in Makkah. This was going to happen in Medina. But Medina turns out very differently. One of the leaders sees Musab even teaching the

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people. So he walks up to him with his spear in his hand. And he tells me to paraphrase, he basically tells him Get the * out of here. And Lima. Our people alone.

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Don't Don't brainwash our people, basically, this is a no brainer show people, right? When he similar to what happens today, when you are trying to educate people, there's always someone or the other who feels threatened by it and they do this. Now, of course, for the average person, if you've got this leader of the community, the chief of the community, coming up to the spear, turning to get the * out of there, one of two things are gonna happen, right? Either you're gonna run through your life, or you're going to get into a fistfight with a guy that has only two reactions, Musab even male teachers, and how are we supposed to react? He smiles at the man and tells him Listen,

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I'll give you a choice, right? Why don't you listen to what I have to say? If it makes sense, you can accept it. If it doesn't make sense. I'll stop teaching.

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Right? So the man thinks abortion, okay, that's, that's a fair deal. So let me sit down and do it. And right here, we learned a lesson that if you want to get through to anybody on any topic, you have to bring them out of their emotional state, and they can look at it intellectually. One of the biggest problems our community is whenever we have a difference of opinion, we approach it emotionally. Right? We label each other, we call each other's names, we scream at each other, we judge each other, as a result, no one is listening to what the other person is actually saying. If we look at this, and our people have a discussion, what happens, you will beat it, you will copy

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your devian you are Wahhabi, you are this you adapt your opinion is wrong, you're going to the * and it becomes becomes a whole debate of verbal abuse with no substance. And really, you know, if you just sit down with each other, talk about our differences in a polite way, you actually listen to what the other person says, and you vote you work out what is the logical conclusion and follow that. So when we are talking to people, you know, we can't control other people's reactions, we can't control other people's emotions, what we can do is try and control ourselves and the situation. So whenever you are talking to anybody on any topic, which is important, don't ever allow

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it to turn into a fight. Don't ever allow the emotions to get too high. Don't allow it to become a verbal abuse, you've got to relax the situation. How do you relax the situation? Smile, right? Tell me any offense. Talk to them nicely, no matter how they talk to you, no matter how much you want to punch the guy in the face just to opt in nicely. Because the minute you bring yourself down to that guy's level, everything's gone. It just becomes an all out war with nobody hearing what the other person has to say. The only way to get through to people is to do the dour in a relaxed, friendly, polite manner. And this is exactly Mr. Mays methodology. He never lost his temper. He never

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struggled when he spoke to people, he never adjust people in a vulgar way or judge them or spoke to them harshly. He was cool. He was calm. He spoke to them logically, it seems as if it makes sense except it right is appealing to what is appealing to the appeal to the intellect. Meaning what what does this teach us? Or he teaches us that Islam is actually the only religion that agrees your intellect? You know, for most religions, in most regions, people tell the followers Don't think about the just follow. Right? What happens when you think about it, they become atheists, right? This is what happens. If you look at why atheism has spread in the in the in our 21st century, the

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past two centuries, actually, it's all because of the intellectual revolution, that people started thinking for themselves, and they realize the Christianity etc, is false. And he became atheists. Right? But that doesn't happen as often with Muslims. Because Islam is the one religion that if you think about it, everything makes sense. Right? You worship god alone, you don't worship any statue, any pictures, you'll be good to people, you are just you're merciful, you are kind, you respect your parents, you respect your elders, you know it, everything makes sense is nothing about his religion, which is strange, which is against human nature, which is illogical and weird. There may be some

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aspects you and I might not understand, because nobody explained it was nicely. Like usually, if someone tells me something somehow making sense to them, I see one of the things either nobody's explained it to you properly. or number two, you are taught the wrong understanding of Islam. So the Islam you follow, it doesn't make sense for you, if you actually read the Quran Hadees it makes a lot of sense is very different. Or number three, you don't really know what Islam is. You're just born and brought up in a Muslim family, and you assume what they're doing is Islam. Right. But if you actually study Quran and Hadees it makes sense. So Musab even though

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he does guys, which is fear down. He sits down Musab recites for anthem, and remember, he's one of the most beautiful for underside. So it's like he's listening to today, which is like his vision to shatter your CDs or something like that. You know, she just blows people away with his recitation. And you and I know that even as non Arabic speakers when someone's reciting the Quran beautifully.

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It really hits your heart, doesn't it? Now imagine you're Arabic speaker, and you understand the words being recycled, how much more is he gonna get you? And so this tribal leader, he becomes a Muslim immediately. And he goes back and he brings the other tribal leader with him. And he tells him listen to what this man has to say. And he tells me shall recite for him what you need for me, and Musab again, recites and this ultra believer becomes a Muslim as well. Now this guy goes back to his tribe, and he tells his tribe Listen, I become a Muslim. If y'all don't become Muslim,

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he's the leader. He's the boss, everyone follows him. So this is his this his idea of our neighbor he just became a Muslim is his idea of Dawa, that he told his tribe if you're doing become Muslim, I'm not speaking to live again. By that evening, the entire tribe was Muslim. And so what's happening is Islam is spreading rapidly throughout Medina so much so that some scholars say that by the time the proper circum comes to Medina they over 10,000 Muslims in Medina, right. But I think that's an exaggeration, right? Allah knows, but it sounds like an exaggeration because the stories that come later, I seem to disagree with that number. But definitely during the 1000s not even now a

00:31:08 --> 00:31:41

majority Do we know enough to actually make Medina which we can see this much for sure. numbers in those days, we didn't have calculators and things to counter the way we do. So it's always either exaggerated too much or too little, wasn't always on the spot. So the deputy in the 1000s they definitely industry establish a community. What happens Rasulullah saw some and the Sahaba they moved to Medina, they established the first Islamic State in Medina today. Medina is one of the centers of Islam, which all of us love, and we all of us love to go and visit.

00:31:42 --> 00:32:17

But if it wasn't for Musab economia Medina would have given it might not even have been a Muslim, then Allah used him for the dollar. And how many of us don't even know his name. He was responsible for Islam, coming to Medina and this change the course of history forever, because once Islam spread in Medina, and Rasulullah saw so many Sahaba once they moved to Medina, they established the Islamic State in Islam grew, it just grew throughout the world, it never stopped growing until, until the decline. In fact, we can see numbers we still growing, although in power, we have stopped, and we have declined.

00:32:19 --> 00:32:36

You know, Islam started growing so fast, that within 100 years after Mussolini convinced our Remember, the Tao in Medina, at that point in time is only Muslims really in Makkah, Medina, Abyssinia, within 100 years, the Muslims are ruling over from India, to Spain.

00:32:37 --> 00:33:17

That entire part of the world is a Muslim lands within 90 to 100 years after Muslim economies. That is our you know, the rapid expansion of Islam at that point in time is something like unheard of in human history, how fast Islam spread across the globe. So it all started with this man's tower in Medina. This is what makes him such a key and central figure to our history. And we learn from him how to do dow dow is not supposed to be a shouting contest that was not meant to be judgmental. Many of us when we do our we judgmental to people. You know, when we talk to a non Muslim, and we tell you about your woman, you're just immodestly if you talk to someone like that we put in the impulse,

00:33:17 --> 00:33:33

you know, yes, they are just a modesty. But that's not how you convey the message. It has to be done with wisdom, it has to be done keeping the other person's feelings in mind. You have to be polite, and you have to be soft spoken and merciful, if you want to connect with people.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:47

So most of this is his personality, received with his interaction with his mother received the interaction with the people of Medina and this is why the people of Medina grew to love him. Really, the people of Medina grew to love him so much.

00:33:49 --> 00:33:57

That he is now regarded as one of the scholars and one of the leaders in Medina. But soon after the professor some and the Sahaba moved to Medina.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:32

The war begins. I think many of us are familiar with the water starting with the very first being the battle about the rise to basically the courage of Makkah cannot allow the provinces of Dawa to grow in Medina he just really just can't allow it. So a war begins the battle the battle takes place. The Muslims are about 300 the number the disbelievers are over 1000 and somehow the Muslims win to the help of Allah. The Muslims won, and the disbelievers they now after revenge. And the revenge comes at which battle anyone remembers

00:34:33 --> 00:34:37

the battle over so the battle over is a very important battle in our history.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:48

Is the battle is the first time that the Muslims and the professor actually faced a defeat in military defeat from the enemies of Islam. And how many Sahaba remarketed over

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

7070 of the leading Sahaba were Margaret Atwood. Basically what happened was rasuna son had

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Very good strategy battle strategy. His plan was to have arches hosted on the hill. And those arches would block the enemies are coming around the other side of the mountain. I know if you've ever been to Medina, when you go to Medina, you can still visit Mount Hood. And the hill is still there as well. Right? So I went there and I stood in a healer imaginable scenario myself, and I continue to do the same understanding better like that. So when you're standing on the hill, you you understand that these people are coming from Makkah towards Medina, between Makkah and Medina is this mountain goat herd. So the enemies can come from both sides of the mountain country. So Russia, Mesaba, the

00:35:35 --> 00:36:04

fighting on one side of the mountain, on the other side, they got a group of archers, with any enemies come from that side, the archers will shoot him with a bow and arrow and take them down. Right. So rasulillah zombie, the archers have very strict instructions. And the instruction was simple. Don't move no matter what that was the instruction don't move no matter what. And so the battle begins, the Muslims are winning, they're almost victorious, and the enemies are running away. And some of the archers they see the enemies running away, and the Muslims picking up the spoils of war.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:40

And they want some for themselves. And so they see let's go into how to pick up the spoils of war. And then the leader tells him what the prophet says and told us to stay put no matter what they say no events they put until the battle is over the battle is over now. And so these are going over it is a misunderstanding on their part, but misunderstanding at the time of war, tragic suicide going towards the spoils of war. And Khalid even Waleed was not a Muslim, yet he is now the leader of the enemies at this time. He takes advantage of this, because he's one of the greatest military strategists of that time. And so he and his horsemen, they come from that side of the mountain. And

00:36:40 --> 00:37:01

now the Muslims are flanked, with enemies in front of them with enemies behind it, they are getting crushed from both sides, the entire term of the battle the entire title, the battle turns, and a rumor starts to spread, that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is dead, which is a rumor that spread socialism is dead. When this rumor spreads is

00:37:02 --> 00:37:39

his panic amongst the Sahaba some of the Sahaba start running away from the battlefield, not knowing what to do, some of them just suddenly give up. And a few of them continue fighting because they weren't fighting just because the professor the lady fighting for Islam for Allah when the Prophet is alive, or are they still gonna fight for Allah, the others have not understood that yet, the verses about it we yet to be revealed. And so what happens the disbelievers take advantage of this chaos. And they surround Rasulullah saw from all sides, so he is now retreating up the mountain with a small group of Sahaba surrounding him to protect him and these disbelievers are piling up around

00:37:39 --> 00:37:42

them and Mousavi when he sees this, Amazon

00:37:43 --> 00:38:08

appointed and he was the flag bearer of the army. And the flag bearer, basically, the flag bearer, his role is to hold up the standard of the flag of the army. If he falls, and if the flag falls, then the battle is over. So the flag bearer is normally the biggest priority of the army is to protect the flagbearer. But in this case, rasulillah persons under attack. So the flagger is thinking I need to protect the profit.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:48

So what does he do? He starts screaming, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he says, jumping up and down and he starts attacking the enemies by himself with a flag in one hand and he saw the other hand, and now the enemies of Islam are distracted from Rasulullah Islam and they start to surround without by himself with the sword and they start attacking him from all sides. And as the attacking him is fighting with his left hand, and he has the sword in his right hand, one of the Knights amongst the Quraysh comes and chops off his right hand and his hand falls to the ground and Mousavi falls down. And then he grabs his his the flag with his left hand and he picks it up again. And he

00:38:48 --> 00:39:19

starts to say, Mama, Mama de la Rahul Kamata macabre, the Rasul Mohammed was only a prophet prophets have died before him. And he starts holding up the flag with his left hand, and another enemy comes and drops off his lecture. And then his arms are bleeding. He picks up the flag, what is what's left of his arms. And again, he says the same thing that Muhammad was only a messenger messengers have died before him. At that point in time, he established spear and he falls down dead. Amongst the martyrs of

00:39:20 --> 00:39:29

the battle, he's lost the fact that this believers are celebrating the victory. And Rasulullah is looking at the bodies of the modular world.

00:39:30 --> 00:39:33

Besides moose abou as the other famous person martlet.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:37

Hamza, the prophet uncle, so

00:39:39 --> 00:40:00

Hamza and moose are both lost in one day. Two of the key figures in the market, our two of the most important people from the kombucha era, and pseudo pseudo me going to each body. And when he comes to the body of Musab even a male, the Sahaba tell him all Rasulullah Musab only owns one piece of God and he's not in

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

To show the body.

00:40:02 --> 00:40:05

If he covered his head, his feet are going to be exposed. If he covered his feet, his head

00:40:07 --> 00:40:09

Sudarshan tells him to cover

00:40:10 --> 00:40:59

his head you need a good grasp of his feet. And Rasulullah looks at the martyred body and muscle, even the male and he starts to cry. He starts to cry. And he says that moussaka was from the highest class of the courage and he gave up everything, literally everything for the sake of Allah. And then he recited the verse on Surah Al Azhar, we almost Mandela says Mina Mina Rizal, Sakuma Allah Allah. Allah says amongst believers, they are real men, who have fulfilled the promise to Allah. And he recites this verse, and he starts to cry. And then he says that the people are, he said, I bear witness that he says, The Messenger of Allah bears witness that you all are amongst the martyrs on

00:40:59 --> 00:41:19

the Day of Resurrection. And he tells the Muslims, that your brothers are martyrs to visit their grave and since Salaam upon them, so they can and they will reply to your salams meaning in this reply to your Salaam, indeed, but is up in the throes of the of the of the, in the land of the souls of the of the dead. So

00:41:20 --> 00:42:03

the Sahaba of who are buried. Amongst them is Hamza and Musab even Ahmed and Hubbard even one of the leading Sahaba of the market error. He comments on this and he says that, when we made our hijra to Medina, the reward of Allah became something do upon us. And some of us did not get to see that reward in this world are one of those people who did not get to see the reward in this world, what was given to me, because the victory of the Muslims only came after his death. The Muslims only became rich after his death. Meaning was the women had given up his well given up his fancy lifestyle, given up his arms, given up his life, given up his hometown, given up everything he had,

00:42:04 --> 00:42:36

literally, you can't think of a single thing he had in his junior that he didn't, didn't sacrifice right down to his own life. He sacrificed every single aspect of his worldly life for the sake of Allah. When you think about where he stood, he starts doing story ends. And you think about how we think today, it's complete opposite. We believe, dying young, is something bad. And having everything in this world is success. Mousavi by no means started off with everything in this world. He died still quite young, when nothing left in this world.

00:42:38 --> 00:43:07

But he is amongst the most successful people of all time. Produced by Rasulullah saw himself and Allah subhanaw taala in diverse Amina region, region for the Pooh bah ha ha de la la. Now this verse, what is this verse mean? amongst the believers, there are men who have fulfilled the promise to Allah. What this means is that the Sahaba they had taken a pledge and the pledge was to protect and defend the Prophet of Allah no matter what.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:50

Right no matter what. So when Muslim even though male saw the enemy's attacking Russians, I mean, he distracted attention to himself, knowing that by doing that he's dead. There's no way he's gonna survive that situation. He fulfilled his promise. That was it, there was his fulfillment of his promise, you know, his own life was worth sacrificing for the sake of Islam. Now for you and I, when we think about this in our own lives, Allah does not expect you and me Nowadays, most of the time to sacrifice our life, or to give up our wealth. No. Normally the sacrifice is expected from us are much less, and Musab even reveals life exemplifies a quality which will allow someone to love their

00:43:50 --> 00:44:22

quality is called jihad. Jihad means to be detached from this world. Now many people do they have an extreme understanding of what is what many people today thinks that is Zahid. A person who is detached from this world needs to be poor, needs to be willing to implode must have a job, then he is pious in the desire. This is not true, because amongst the Sahaba we have people like Abu Bakar and Guzman Abdul Rahman even David Welty did really successful in this world, but they will also Zahid, they also had jihad. Why?

00:44:23 --> 00:45:00

Because COVID is not talking about how much money you have. You heard about Israel heart attacks the money attached to Allah, meaning you can be a millionaire and still have joy, if your heart is illegible and our data and how do you know this? How do you know whether you have driven or not? When the time comes to make a choice between money and Allah? Who are you going to choose? This is the test. Mousavi no man was tested. He had the choice between his mother and all the wealth that she had, or poverty, not knowing when he'll ever become educated if he ever become rich again. And he chose poverty instead of wealth. Why? Because

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

He understood something which many of us need to understand about the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada about the purpose of life. Allah put us on this earth for a purpose. Our purpose in general is to, to serve our Deen and to make this world a better place and to do that someone somewhere has to make the sacrifice. The world is not going to become a better place if everyone is just enjoying the world. Someone has to do something out of the ordinary to for the world to change Muslim even Amil he did something which the other Sahaba did not do. Right. The other Sahaba many of them were rich when they converted to Islam. They will reach when they die, right Mousavi will mean he gave up his

00:45:40 --> 00:45:58

wealth. He gave up his hometown, he moved to a strange land, he did dour to strangers. And in the end, his sacrifices cause the birth of Medina, the center of Islam, which right to today we benefit from 1400 years later, we all still benefit from the word Mousavi. Mousavi recommended.

00:46:00 --> 00:46:09

So, it says Allah subhanaw taala Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam tells us in the authentic Hadees confit dunya

00:46:10 --> 00:46:17

Evo Abu Dhabi, living this word like a stranger or a traveler passing by. Whenever I hear this idea, I think about Mousavi.

00:46:18 --> 00:46:56

Mousavi would mean, he literally lived in this world like a stranger or a traveler. What does this mean? What does this means basically, is think about the last time you travel. When you travel, your heart doesn't become attached to your hotel room. If you buy something, it's either something you want to use now, or something going to take back home, not something to build up in the hotel room. Likewise, in this world, our heart should not become attached to the world. If you're spending or investing or money, it should be something that we're going to use in this world in a Halloween or something to benefit us in the in our real home. Gender, the afterlife, right, not in things that

00:46:56 --> 00:47:32

are going to distract us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And most definitely not from things which are Haram. So living in this world, like a traveler or stranger means that you do not allow this world to become something that you are attached to. And worthy attachment is not just money, when the attachment can be your wife or your husband, when the attachment can be your children. When the attachment can be your parents. What do I mean by this? I mean it Musab even email, even if he wasn't attached to his wealth. If he was wordly attached to his mother in a way that he was willing to disobey Allah to please his mother, you will not have been able to pass a test. Right? Because

00:47:32 --> 00:48:07

you have to make a choice at that point in time between his mother and Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes you have to make a choice to sometimes your wife or your husband might want to do something around. Sometimes your children might want you to buy something haram for them. Sometimes your parents don't want you to practice Islam. Everyone's got a different test. This is when you are tested. Who are you? Who do you love more? Do you love your family for the sake of Allah? Or do you love them more than Allah? Remember, once you love someone more than Allah, this is an internal form of schilke of polytheism where this person is more important, Allah subhanaw taala in our lives. So

00:48:07 --> 00:48:48

Muslim even teaches us about detaching your heart from this world, making sacrifices for the sake of Allah and sometimes the success of your efforts you will not see it in this life. Sometimes you will, other people did not sudarsan became successful in this world in terms of conquering Makkah, and establishing the Islamic empire omega topsoe success in this world, in the conquests of Syria and Iraq. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't. But what's most important success in the afterlife, right? He died Not a single bit of work left. But he is amongst the greatest in the highest levels of gender amongst the greatest of martyrs. He is from the martyrs of word, he doesn't

00:48:48 --> 00:48:48

get any ideas.

00:48:49 --> 00:49:31

Right? He's from DiMartino. Booth. So that is the ultimate goal. And brothers sisters, let's not lose sight of that code. We live in a world that is capitalistic and materialistic. Everywhere we turn the advertisements telling us you need this. You need that, buy this, take a loan to buy this, you're not somebody until you have that. And this begins to attract our heart. remind yourself of your purpose in life. remind yourself of what is most important. Don't cut corners. It's okay. It's good to be successful in this world. But as long as it is successful, the hallowee that's what's most important, worldly success in a way that that this piece of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not

00:49:31 --> 00:49:45

worth it. It's not worth it in the long run in this world. It's definitely not worth it in the afterlife. So just keep that in mind. And without each other. We come to the end of this week's episode on wasabi when amin radi Allahu anhu

00:49:46 --> 00:49:50

if you ever go to Medina, visit over, visit the masters.

00:49:52 --> 00:49:59

Since allow me to offer right you'll be visiting the graves of Hamza Mousavi mikami when you see the agreement

00:50:00 --> 00:50:41

remind yourself of the life stories, remind yourself of their sacrifices and what their sacrifice was for us. If they did not do what they did, we might not have had this long. They gave up their lives for Islam, we are asked to do much less. So let us be for those people who take them as our role models and follow in their footsteps and live our lives with a purpose. The purpose of pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala with digital business dealings, our family lives our interaction with society. Let us do dow that has been our don't just do that it has been our let us be such amazing people that people ask you, why are you? Why are you so honest? Why are you so just Why are you so

00:50:41 --> 00:51:18

merciful, and you get hung up because of Islam? Right? Let us be Tao let our lives be such that people are attracted to Islam because of our very presence. Let us be the most appealing domains of our communities. Because the world today needs many more significant makes the world today is you know, even the Muslims have so many have got so far away from Islam, they need people to remind them, we need to remind each other, we have to do this. If we don't do this, then we are missing out on the reward of this great work. And we might be responsible on a day of judgment that you knew certain people and never in your life that you bother to show them or at least tell them explain to

00:51:18 --> 00:51:59

them about about the correct way of life. So that we will complete inshallah next week we will look at the life of masala rhodiola every week, one week a male's a hobby what we call TV, it's a hobby. So naturally we look at masala another beautiful, beautiful story. It's actually a love story. Right? A very beautiful love story about her and two of our husbands. Right so it's two love stories in her life. And really it's an amazing story with beautiful angry lessons for all men and woman and hope that inshallah will benefit from from from this weekend next week's lectures. Remember previous lectures are available online for downloading on my website the audio page, you will find

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all past seven episodes today. And next and this week's lecture will be added as well. Don't forget to like on your Facebook page as well and showed up and we like to take Islamic Guidance Center for hosting us for free. Please donate to them if you can put up people the building because anything that's used the premises for free or hamdulillah so with that we will close off disaster of a Ron Walker da da da da da da da da da da alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato wabarakatuh.

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