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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The host discusses Omar Abdul's history and the importance of his grandfather as the ruler of the Muslim world. Omar was a woman with a unique position in history, and his grandfather is the throne of the Muslim world. Omar was also a powerful woman in history, removed from power, and led to justice throughout the Empire. She was a role model for other women in the world.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam on the bl Karim Allah Allah, he was happy Hmm.

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So welcome to the hour for our third live stream on the productivity principles of Omar, the second Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz. So this is

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our third video on this topic. And

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they love enjoying the feedback so far. I hope you all finding these sessions beneficial. So for those of you joining us for the first time, what we are doing in these sessions is that we are reading selected portions from my latest book productivity principles of Omar, the second Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz and the discussing these chapters of the book taking questions, so any questions you have about the topic about my book, so you always wanted to ask me, these live streams are the perfect time to ask your questions. And what I wanted you to read today and and discuss today is really the, the central part of the book, the biography of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz.

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A lot of people don't know who he is. When I first announced the topic of this book, a lot of people talk to us about amaretto, hotdogs or gelato. And when I told him it's actually about Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, most of them were like, Who's that? Never heard of him? I think that's a tragedy. I think it's a tragedy that the majority of Muslims that I meet, have never heard of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, because this is a man who many historians called the fifth lat rightly guided caliphs. This is a man who is almost HMR that he was the first McGeady the first revival of the religion. This is a man whom in the ADA heliacal, Olia the book on the life of the Olia, which has like two or three pages on each

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pious person. It has 100 cages on Omar bin Abdulaziz. So this is a great man in our history. And the fact that when I go around, people tell me they've never heard about him. Well, that just gives me a lot more reason to write this book. And now to get this book out there and get as many people as possible to read it because everybody should know anyone who's a Muslim should know their history should know their legacy should know who is Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, and what is the role he played in the history of Islam? So who was Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz? Well, I begin his biography by mentioning his genealogy from both his father side and his mother's side and by the way, with Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz,

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both his maternal and paternal genealogies important most of the time when we studied historical figures, we only look at the paternal history the father's side, but in the case of Omar even Abdulaziz both sides especially both sides are very prestigious genealogies, right. So on his father's side, his honor, son of Abdul Aziz, son of Marwan Santa How come they ask Santa omiya. So he is an omega, right on his father's side, he is an omega omega even Abdulaziz. His father, Abdul Aziz, is the son of Marwan even happen. So his grandfather was the halifa. He was the omega is the one who transferred from the first omega family to the second omega family, right. So they were two

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omega families that ruled early now history. The first was the family of Mahalia rodilla one who and the second is the family of Marwan even hukam. So Omar is the grandson of Marwan even haka is on his father's side, he is the grandson of de halifa. On his mother's side, he is over the son of Laila, the daughter of Asim, the son of Omer, the son of Omer

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caught up, so he is over, right. His father is Abdul Aziz, his mother is Laila BTRC. Why is this important? Layla Binti asked him who is asked him, the son of Omar and no hardtop. So Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, his maternal his paternal grandfather is Marwan even hukam. His maternal great grandfather is over in the hardtop so he has the prestigious lineage on both sides of his family. This is a man who comes from two powerful families merging together to produce someone who is truly an amazing personality in our history.

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Now, he's leaning on his mother's side is very important, because

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he is coming to power

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is a dream of over a dinner hotdog coming through. Because over the top is a very famous story. And I mentioned it on page 50 and 51 of the book, the very famous story, you can find the story online as well. We were in the hot tub. He's walking around at night doing his famous nightly rounds. And in one of these nightly rounds, he has a woman having a conversation with her mother, with a mother's trying to get the daughter to cheat in business. And the daughter says, No, I'm not going to do it. Right. And so Omar is impressed by this woman's piety, and gets her married to his son, awesome. And then he has a dream. American hot dog has a dream that from their descendants comes a

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man with a scowl on his face, who will fill the earth with justice, just like it was filled with injustice before it. And so Omar Abdul Aziz comes from the progeny. He is a man who had a scowl on his face from an accident he had a child and he fooled the earth with justice, even just like his cousins had folded with injustice before him. So Omar example is is a very unique individual in our history. He was raised as an Omega Prince, right because again, his grandfather is the Caliph. His grandfather is the ruler of the Muslim world. So he grows up as a prince but the other princes are growing up in Damascus. They growing up a very spoiled upbringing in Damascus. He is growing up in

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Medina. So he gets a very different upbringing from his cousin's, his parents are in Medina, and when he is young, his father is appointed as the government of Egypt. So his father has to move to Egypt and his mother, Laila, she makes the decision to leave her son behind with her uncle Abdullah, Amara, the famous Abdullah, even Omar, he creates a hobby. Why? Because she feels that Medina is a better environment for a son to grow up then Egypt. So he grows up under Abdullah, even Omar in Medina, can you imagine this? Can you imagine being raised by Abdullah even Omar Rajon are the great Sahabi, a great scholar of Islam, the great muhandis in Medina, the city of the prophets of audio so

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you can imagine the amazing upbringing that Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz has. When he grows up, he gets married to three women out of the three one is famous because she was involved in the politics and some very amazing stories about her. The other two we don't have much information about because, in general, the woman in our history kept their lives private, so we don't know much about him. The famous one is Fatima bin Abdul Malik. Now, why is Fatima Abdulmalik important that famous? Well, she's famous and important because she is a woman who has a very unique position in history. Her grandfather Marwan was the halifa. Her father Abdul Malik was the halifa, four of her brothers,

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Walid, Suleyman, yazeed and hashima. All halifa and her husband Omar was Khalifa. So during her lifetime, she experienced the feel out of her grandfather, her father, four of her brothers and her husband. I don't know any other woman in history who's had this kind of,

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you know, of a relationship with her Libras, where so many of her close relatives became the halifa, one after the other. And

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what's amazing about it is despite growing up in this in this world, and in this, despite growing up as a princess and becoming a queen, she is one of the most pious woman in our history to such an extent that some of the historians call her Amira to Zaha the aesthetic Queen, because she was a woman who lived a life of her life was she had no attachment to this dunya despite being literally perhaps the richest woman in the world at that time, her heart was full of sewage, she had no need and no attachment to this. Dunya so Fatima been dumped in Mali, righteous woman, Melis, O'Malley bin Abdulaziz, her first cousin, righteous man, again, first cousins getting married in royal families,

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so known throughout history. I know nowadays, we think it's weird, but historically, it's a norm especially amongst these kinds of families, right? Where they are royalty or they have an important lineage. So he becomes the governor of Medina, when his cousin Walid is the King. And he rules Medina in such a beautiful way that people begin to migrate to Medina. People are so excited about the rule of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz that they literally are migrating to Medina to live under him. And this makes a large, very

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jealous, right he makes one of the

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other rules of the time. very jealous.

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And one of the other governors very jealous. And so this individual plots to have almost removed from power. So Omar ends up being removed from power and moving to Damascus and he feels like this is a move from Indiana to Damascus. This is like a step down. But in Damascus, if a bunch of events take place that lead to him becoming the halifa after his cousin, surely much so Suleyman takes over the lead, he passes away at a very young age, and he has his children are too small to take over after him. So he nominates his his cousin slash brother in law, Omar to be the next kaliba and that's how Omar even Abdulaziz becomes a Halima Omar Abdul Aziz. He maintains this position of

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Halima for only two and a half years, and he passes away at the age of 37. But during the short time of two and a half years, he accomplishes wonders the amount of Baraka, Allah Subhana, Allah put it into this two and a half years is truly legendary. This is like a karate Allah gave Omar bin Abdulaziz, the amount of things he was able to accomplish in two and a half years. During this time, he reformed taxes. He developed Islamic Spain

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1000s if not hundreds of 1000s of people converted to Islam. He upgraded the status of the AMA. He removed some of the unjust taxes. He gave increased the salaries of all the mining increase the education to outtake the Empire. He leads to justice throughout the Empire. Just the amount of things he accomplishes are so much is just mind boggling. But his cousins get jealous of him. Eventually they plot against him and they have him killed. They have been poisoned. And so he dies at a young age of 37. May Allah accept his deeds and may rank him amongst the righteous and allow us to follow in his footsteps. Well, yes, that's Omar even Abdulaziz that's who the books about Omar

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Ibn Abdul Aziz degrade Holly body eight obeah Caliph who saw the colors quality focused on the rightly guided Colaba.

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Absolutely amazing individual, by the book, read it. spend time learning about his biography make to offer him try to be like him. This is one of my role models from the time I'm a teenager, Boomer even Abdulaziz has always been one of my role models and just sharing the story with the world because I want him to be a role model for all of us. So that's it. That's the brief biography of Omar Abdulaziz. If you have any questions about his life, he posts in the comment section, I handle your questions. Now. Again, if you haven't bought the book, it's available at Amazon. It's available at gumroad in PDF format, in Amazon in both paperback as well as a Kindle. This is the exact copy

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you'd get if you order the paperback from Amazon. And

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I'm also selling it in bulk now. So if somebody wants to resell it, if you want to make a bit of money of it, no problem. Just email me and make a deal. I'll send you 10 copies 20 copies at a discounted rate. You can sell it full price, and be an agent for me distributing the book in your area. You can do it privately or you can do it through a bookstore doesn't matter. I just want the book to reach as many people as possible. So, you know that's a murder bin Abdulaziz. I really hope you all enjoyed the book. I hope you find it beneficial. And if there's no questions, we'll close off now. Circle 100 for your time and attention. Welcome to one and 111 Rebecca Domino Salama

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alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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