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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The hairdresser and the host discuss the importance of testing one's immune system to ensure their health and the shortage of food in Mecca. They also touch on the fear of people being in trouble and the shortage of wealth in Mecca. The hairdresser suggests starting small and doing something different to address these challenges.
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When Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam

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was ascending to the heavens during the trip of this random mirage.

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He was, as we all know, with Gibreel, Ali Salaam.

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As they were ascending, he smelled a very beautiful fragrance.

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He said, Yes. Gibreel What is that smell?

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He said that this is the smell of the hairdresser of the daughter of round.

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This is the smell of the hairdresser of the daughter of around sort of salsa seldom inquired what is her story.

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So she read Ali Salam said,

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One time she was

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combing the hair of the daughter of frown, and the comb fell on the ground.

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So this woman said Bismillah, and she picked it up.

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So the daughter of frown she said, My Father, and in the name of my father, she said, No, Rob, be

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my Lord, and the Lord of your father, Allah. She said, I'm going to tell my father, she said, God tell him.

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So the girl went and spoke to her father, and told her told him that there is a woman that my hairdresser she believes that there's another Illa other than you.

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So for our growth, this woman, and he said, you have another ILA, other than me, she said, Rob be Europe book, Allah, My Allah and your Allah is Allah has only one Allah isn't okay. So he got a huge pot, and he put boiling oil in it. And he brought her children, one by one in front of her eyes, throwing them inside until the bones float, one by one. And then the last one was a was a baby, just like the story of the people of the fluid. The last one was a baby.

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Again, she hesitated when she saw the baby, because he kept on telling her to believe in him as an ILA. And then, this is another baby that spoken the cradle. He said, Oh Ma, oh, my mother.

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The fire of this dunya is nothing compared to the fire of the akhira jumped and she fell into the oil and died.

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This woman was so honored that you bring in any his salaam the best angel is narrating the story to the best human being.

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And the salah Salem smelled her and Jana, she's just a hairdresser. Just a hairdresser. But to us just a hairdresser, but to Allah she was elevated to this level that we are here. Only Allah knows how many years we're still mentioning her story and her story will be told to the Day of Judgment

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side of Nabil will cause the hello for Sula, sigh, seldom. He said yeah rasool Allah min Aesha. Do Nassif Tila, who are the most people that are tested the most people he said and BIA the prophets. Then

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the stronger your iman, the more you are tested.

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The more steadfast on your deen the more you will be tested until

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you walk on this earth with no sins upon you nothing on you. Because every time you are patient on the tests, sins will be erased. And if you're weak in your iman your test is weak.

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is that any anyone can handle among us here can handle the test yesterday brother was crying coming and telling me chef

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we had to sleep without air conditioning yesterday.

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I almost cried.

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These are our tests. While our brothers and sisters are under the ruins and under they're seeing their own blood. They're seeing their own children shattered. They have no clue how many people so the test is according to the Eman the higher your test. The more you do it the higher your email, the more and the tougher is the test. Allah subhanaw taala said Yeah, you had Latina

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Yeah, you Khaled in.

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In the Sabri was salah. Over you believe when you're going through any hardship to things from Allah azza wa jal seek help with patience and solid

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weather Taco Lu Lima, Yokota Luffy, Sabine in Mewat. And don't say for the people

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who died in the sake of Allah? Do not call them um what made it no, but

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they are alive but you do not know it. And then Allah subhana wa Tada told us the eye that we all know well and evolution can be che immunol house, will you want to sin sing

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with them or odd where beshear is or be green, and I will 100% the speech is still to the believers 100% Who's saying this, our Creator 100% I am going to test you with what your Allah He mentioned five things you might be tested with 1231 time this one time that first you will taste a little bit shaken a little bit of fear coast a little bit of joy, a little bit of hunger, shortage, loss of

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people that you love, loss of wealth and loss of fruits and food. Right then with Allah subhanaw taala say where the shit is solving

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who's saying this

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he did not say give glad tidings to whom so ever is tested by these five know where the shear is saw the dream. Alevtina either or saw that whom most either God who God who in

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in LA he was in LA he Raji on me and you will maybe we would be tested by one of them. Maybe we get scared a little bit, maybe I lose a job for a week or two. Maybe I lose someone who's dear to me. Every once in a while we get tested by one. Our brothers and sisters and cousins are being tested by five on five at the same time. Is that a feeling because

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it's the shortage of food is the shortage of most of people is the loss of wealth is the loss of everything. They've been tested by all five at the same time. At the same time, well they should have sub it in and give the glad tidings to the people who are patient not to everybody is tested. Because if you are tested and you're complaining, that's a different story. You failed, you failed. That's why they mentioned the Quran in advance so you can understand and prepare yourself. I am telling yourself I am here on this earth to be tested. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not change his mind and said okay, you know what now I'm going to test you know, yeah one if everything is

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beautiful and nice here. So what are we waiting for Jana

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the One who created this dunya said I'm going to test you and the higher grades you get in this test the higher your level in Jana.

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Well, this should have so many who are the Sabreen ya Allah the one when they are first hit by the calamity they say immediately, not after two three weeks of complaining immediately in Lila we're in La Jolla Rajon we always repeat the statement what does it mean? I belong to Allah?

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My children belong to Allah. My business belongs to Allah my home belongs to Allah. What does that mean? He could take them whenever he wants. It's not mine. In Lila we're in Na Na here's your own and to him I should go back and I'm gonna report now what is the gift

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the one whom our patient when they are hit by a calamity on ik I lay him sort of atom Mira be him. Well run well.

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On Allahu Akbar, what an honor. These are the ones who will get their names mentioned by Allah to the angels, and these are the ones who will earn the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal and these are the truly guided who can dare raise his hand and say, I am truly guided Allah defined somebody asked you who are the really guided ones. This is one of the definition is when they are hit by a calamity instantly in your in your own just like we saw in some of those videos, those people whom they were told they just told him

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Your son has gone in early Allah He went on, he went and prayed me to do and try to recall Allahu Akbar Allah workable. Now. What is the after that I would end with this?

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Like I always repeat at this time here

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with a guy like him for what

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they're doing, every Imam say Allahu Akbar, and they go down to the Kula. What's the A after that in our software will matter what I'm in sha, Allah subhanho wa jal beta where tomorrow fella Juna Halle, the idea that we all recite when we stand in the suffer

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the what does that have to do with what's happened?

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is the story of hazrat Ismail.

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Right? This is the story of Azure. What is the similarity between Azure and Gaza? Hi, John was tested with all five

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when she was with Ismael, was there a fear? course there was nobody there was that hunger she was running back and forth looking for water was shortage of people. There was nobody nobody at all. What this shortage of wealth, even if you have money,

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there's nothing to buy. What the shortage of fruits. We were doing, Lady the zero Allah told us it's a worthy there's no vegetation in it.

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But because she passed the test,

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every Muslim till the Day of Judgment, will remember her an imitator when he or she performed our house.

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Now because of her patients, what happened to Micah

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is their fear in Mecca now.

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Is there a hunger and mechanism?

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Is there a shortage of people in Makkah?

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24/7 365 days, it's a joke. When I said to my group, I told him Listen, let's go to Mecca. This is a joke offseason. There's nothing called offseason in NACA, nothing called offseason backed all the time. No shortage of people is the shortage of wealth in Mecca, the most expensive real estate on earth. And the closer you are to the place of hazard, the higher the price.

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So, just like she was patient, and Allah switched every one of the tests to the opposite. Be in the law, just like I'm seeing, everything will be switched our brothers and sisters and Firestein to the opposite. They will be in the latter Allah with the help of ALLAH because ALLAH chooses the people who wants to honor with shahada and Allah has chosen them. May Allah subhanaw taala give them steadfastness, that Allah accept them in the shahada, and listen to this, please. You know, we always ask, What should we do? What can we do? There has to be a change in me in New, there has to be a change. There must be a change in Allah, Allah, Allah you might become Allah does not change

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the state of people until they change themselves. So let's start with this simple change. Please, if this is only for the people who are serious about helping our brothers in Russia, I want to see you tomorrow a treasure in JAMA.

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This is the change that you're gonna make.

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You want to introduce Salah to Fisher and Gemma and your life. Stop saying oh, I want to help and I want to do something make dua or Hamdulillah. It's only done. No do something. Change something start fasting Monday and at the time of a thought. Raise your hands and ask Allah azza wa jal to start coming to you and Gemma, start memorizing do something different change. If you change Allah will change the things for you. And if we all change, the whole ummah will change. But just we keep going with our life and nothing has changed Subhanallah how would we expect to change

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I will not reward my son until he changed his habit I tell him if you change I will do this. How do we expect to have a change in the whole owner while our life is exactly the same? This world will stop in few days or a few weeks or whatever. And then we will go back to the same routine that we had before. You know why? The same exact thing happened in 2014.

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Before all this, when was the last time you made to Alpha

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co2 16 sound like

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina? On et now look on it. The more slogging Pina was wanting bonds he wants this long meeting I was Slavia before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call Shireen before she is the one who tells one btw now one downside the party was all Amy now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one Hatfield one.

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It was good enough long I guess even oh what's going on I don't know hula

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