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In this 53rd episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Allateef


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to an episode of the 99 names. I'm your host without Han and I'm here with our motto shoukry I said it from everybody.

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This is the strange cookieless episode series. Yes. It's like where's Ahmad?

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Who's this dude? We don't have Yeah, people don't you know, it's interesting people don't even recognize me without it. Like, I'll be standing right in front of them. They'll be like, Oh my god, like I didn't even recognize you.

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And go The reason is because you've got the lowrider goofy. And so like so they only have memorized my face from the eyebrows down.

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It's the same reason why people don't recognize Superman. Without his glasses.

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Excellent. So let's, uh, let's go in Sharla. Our name is a beautiful name of the names of a lot an absolutely beautiful name and that is a lovely, lovely, okay. I love it. Now, Allah thief comes from the word look for LA, ba fat lamb.

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Fat look for not just the word look, okay, and what

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it means the lamb. Lamb ba fafa Yeah. And so a Latif is the one that basically means gentleness means kindness they means.

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Yeah, it means gentleness and kindness. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala is called a Latif. It means the one who knows

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who knows the the most intricate benefits and goodness to a person and brings it to them in the most subtle of ways.

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So he knows who he is who a person is on the inside, he knows what person I mean, there's a lot of layers to this name. So we're gonna go over them. But in general Latif is the one who knows how to bring the most delicate of benefits, okay to you, in the most subtle of ways, all right. And so

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when I was looking up this Naima Latif,

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all of the different books that I was reading, they all kept referring back to a single story in the Quran, that really manifests a lot being a lot different. It's a story that you're very familiar with. It's the story of use for a setup. All right. And so the idea here is that look at how, when you look at the story of use, if you see allies,

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bringing use of so subtly, to where he's eventually going to be, but every single step is, is, if you're looking on the outside, you don't see it happening. You don't see the next step coming. No, you don't. I mean, when you're in it, you can't, it's hard to see what's up ahead. Exactly. But just like, for example, they give the example and they say, you know, Allah subhanaw taala made use of come out of prison, but how did he make you suffer come out of prison, he made the same qingsiya dream, it doesn't get more subtle than that. It's not gibreel coming and knocking down the you know, the door of the prison. So is it the idea that God works in mysterious ways? Exactly that okay,

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exactly that that at last panatela works in the most subtle of ways. And so that's why a Latif is generally translated as the subtle, the subtle, but we're going to unlock a couple of different aspects of that. So the first meaning of a large amount of data being relative is the one who knows the intricacies of everything. He knows the subtleties of everything, the nuances, the nuances of everything. The you know, the, you know, the the passing intention, the one that just flashed in your mind for a second before you said that word. Right? That just moment of anger, or that moment of luster, that moment of whatever, it was just a fraction of a second, a lot. He's aware of it,

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he's aware of it, okay. Okay. So the one who knows the subtleties of things. And that's why and sort of the man or woman is giving advice to his son and he says, Oh, my Oh, my son, if it is, you know, the size of a grain of sand, and it's everywhere in the heavens or the earth or whatever, a loss of panel data will bring it forth. And then he says in a lot of different hobbies, a lot is Latif. Why because the last panel died and no matter how small it is, Allah is aware of it. So that first layer, so be it is like Hubbard, the one who's who's knowledgeable, knowledgeable, okay, and so you, honey, the Latif is even the most intricate of things.

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It's like, it's like, I don't know if it's the same in Arabic, but in order to the newspaper or news about the news. Yeah. Yeah. So the first is the one who knows the subtleties of everything. The second aspect or layer of a lobbying, Latif is that he himself is subtle, okay. He himself is not seen. He himself, you don't see him you don't sense a loss of power of data, but you see his, you see him through his works or you see him through his effects. And so in sort of that, an arm verse 103, Allah Subhana, Allah says that the cause of sorrow, who they call up slot, or Latif will have you again, a loss versus 103. Allah says

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sight does not encompass him, but he encompasses all sight. And he is a lucky leaf of hobbyists. And so a lot of data is in and of himself subtle.

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The third meaning of a Latif that we want to go over here is that he is the one who is the creator of subtle and sophisticated designs, and all of creation. Okay, so you see, just see the intricacy and the detail. So we're talking about not only down to the atomic but subatomic particle and particle physics level. Absolutely. Absolutely. Quantum Physics level, everything. Lots of Hana data. I mean, just look at that. There's there Yes, there is such a detail in that level.

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Wow. Okay. The third is Alice. The fourth is Alice goodness to his slaves, okay. Allows goodness to his slaves. And because of his goodness, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says in sort of the short ivers 19, he says a lot of different bit, a bad light is Latif to whomever he wishes, yet Zopa mania shadowhawk realizes he gives to whomever he wishes he provides for whomever he wishes, and he has a thief and he has a phobia. And so a lot of Oh, he is up Korean, he is the mighty. So Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one who's so good to us, is that he leads us to goodness without us even knowing. Okay.

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So he's so good that he leads us leads us to it? Absolutely.

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Absolutely, he leads us to it.

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And hence, you know, that we go back to the story, abusive use of it, cinemas just being led from one stage to another, one stage to another. And this is really, you know, an activity to do. And I would love to actually see your comments, you know, commenting on your thoughts on the story of use of where do you see a loss guiding hand? Where do you see a loss of data taking use of in an incredible, credibly subtle way? So of the subtle difference from what if you're looking at a story of uses, is there a difference between the actions of people and allows guidance of that? Because there's certain many actions that people commit there that are not good actions? But look, yes.

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Okay. All of that is included in that. Okay, so the idea so when, when thrown into the world, the idea of being sold into slavery, the idea of being him being thrown into the world, as opposed to him being killed by his brothers, which was the first option, okay. And so look at that, look at how las panatela guided them away from that dog brothers finally says, you know, what, don't don't kill him. Yeah, but throw him in the well, yeah. And then the fact that the the people who bought them, nor the people who took it out of the world, we should all be someone in bars in our coffee minutes. I didn't they didn't think that he was something that was worth anything. So they just sold them

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for, and then you have small amount? Absolutely. No, she had it even further down. And then you have the wife of Al Aziz and how, you know, this, the look of Allah. You know, it's interesting. Now, you talking about the whole idea, the whole scandal factor that took place and even with the women is like that scandal had to take place in order for his nobility and trustworthiness to shine in the aftermath, when he was exonerated. How so? I'd love to hear that. Okay. So

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if he was never imprisoned, he would have never met the dude, that that ended up working for the king. Okay, right. And so, but at the same time,

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when he interpreted the King's dream, he was like, Yo, I can definitely do this job. But now the thing is, you can't really get to a position or role unless you have the qualifications for it. He had the qualifications because of ICS. He lived, and he understood the entire process, and he must have been trained, obviously, for that. But then the question that comes in, I've heard a number of people say that, but I don't know that to be true, or possibly, but this I don't know where but because the Aziz was himself a minister. Yeah, people are like, Oh, he lived in the house of it. So he must have had training in politics. No, you don't have to have training. Okay. Right. You like

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the idea of observance and how things work is like the idea of a photographer, the photographer, assuming that he had that level of proximity and access to that as well as living with him. I mean, he had enough proximity for the, for him to be close enough for the wife of a disease. Yeah, awesome. Okay. Yeah. So, so coupled with the fact that he was, I mean, I mean, these are things that one can infer. Okay, right. And so but then the issue is, okay, one might be qualified, are they trustworthy? Right, so like, what's their reputation like? And so then that's where the How else would that come to light? Except that people again, I'm sorry. He's totally cool. Right? He's a good

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dude. Whatever came down so you're saying even the scandals existence, yeah. Is to indicate how in how much integrity use of has Yes. Okay.

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That's what I get from it. I mean, definitely the fact that use of it saddam when the king wanted him out and wanted him exonerated in the first place and use it says no, I'm not leaving until until my name is clear. Yeah.

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is indicative of just an absolutely

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incredible integrity. And what's interesting is the Was it the commentary of little pseudo latas alum on the story was like, hey, if they told me to get out the promises on him, and he says, you know, if I was asked, I would have responded to the day, I would have I would have, I would have just got it. Got it. What's interesting is they say that that particular comment is for the allowance of taking a plea bargain. Yeah, if a person is is not guilty, for example, so yeah, and then, I mean, they just find themselves in court facing some insurmountable charge. Yeah. And the judge basically just says to them, you know, whatever the court says to them,

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you know, take two years, for example, you'll be guilty. But if you go to trial, you'll face life, right face for whatever reason, right? or whatever, you never, you didn't do the crime, is it? How long for you then to basically say that you did a crime, just to get yourself out of the province of the lightest, and I'm here says, You know, I would have taken up the offer of the King and I would have just walked out, but you'd have it set up he went?

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He went the route of wardrobe. Yeah, I'll take it. I'll take this back to court. Yeah, I'm gonna have to clear my name. Yeah. So they did that. And use of IDs and I'm in the conclusion of the story. He went his family prostrates to him. And this is one of the reasons why they keep saying, you know, what, this keeps going back to the story of use of the story visa, so much of the manifestation of this name of allah leave. He says, Oh, my father, this is that really says this is that we this is the, this is the manifestation of the dream that I had, okay. And my lord has been good to me when he brought me out of prison and brought you out of the bedroom have brought you out

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of the desert because they had a famine, or drought or they considered veterans. No, they're not considered veterans, but

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just that particular area, okay. The outskirts, the outskirts wherever they were at, okay. And then he says, in our ability for Nehemiah, okay, my lord is luckily

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for whoever he wishes. So that's the concluding name that the story of use of concludes with and that is, a lot of handout Allah is subtle and gentle. And look at how Allah brought us all together throughout this journey. Right. And so some of the manifestations, some of the manifestations again, is knowing that a loss of habitat is a lottery if you yourself, you know, we all experience bad things in our lives. We all experience it. That's the human experience. But to recognize that a loss Latif is to see that beyond this bad thing, this whatever difficulty that you're experiencing. I mean, if you were to look at the different stages of use of life, I mean, when you have a guy who's

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in prison, yeah, I mean, do you ever look at this person and say, oh, man, this guy, this guy's destined for greatness. Never look at that. No, you know, but use of it. And I'm just being guided by the last time that I was taking you and I somewhere, you have to believe that Allah Subhana tada is Latif, Allah will see you through, you know, there is goodness behind every step, whether you see it or not. It may just, even in today's day and age, if somebody was an ex con, whether or not they actually committed the crime. Do you think they could ever run for government office? No.

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They can't even vote? No, those are felons, okay. is a convict in the felon, the same thing?

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Because a convict is someone who's been convicted of a crime, not necessarily a felony. So talking about a misdemeanor, I mean, it's either misdemeanors or felonies, right.

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Wait, they can't vote.

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They're really like slaves? Yeah. Ah.

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It's like you go to jail. Yeah. You have to come out. You have to be a you know,

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an active member of society again, get yourself life together. Yeah. But everyone's doing background checks on you. You can't get out of the environment that you're in. And you can't even vote to change the policies that are in place. Exactly. So really, these people need their own champions. And so then they go back to jail, because it's self perpetuating. Absolutely.

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Okay. So, with that depressing note, we

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heard the name of Latif but even for them once upon a time, there's a lot if there is hidden goodness behind everything. And so that's really one of the this is one of the beautiful names and this is a name that people call out to a lot and many people call out to it wrong, actually. Okay. They just simply say you're lucky if you're lucky, if you're lucky, if you're lucky if you're lucky. Okay, and something that we learned when we studied it, it almost seems like they call it like whenever I've heard it being used.

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There, it seems as though they're calling out to him in desperation. That's fine. Okay, that's great. You call out to a loss of power down and desperation but we don't call out to a law by simply repeating his name. Okay. We don't say you're a liar, a liar. Yellow What? Yeah. Latif, what? And so yeah, the etiquette of actually reaching out. Yeah, you have to ask a lot with a complete sentence. You don't simply just repeat a name 1000 times or 2000 times. It's not what the prophet SAW said that did you call upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Yeah. Latif, do this for me. Yeah. Latif, be gentle with me Allah to make this easy for me that is called Yes. Otherwise you're just calling out

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a name. Okay. And then if I were to just call you and say Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, you say What?

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What do you want is that Family Guy clip with the little short guy, Mom, Mom, mom.

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do that all the time. Okay. Allah knows best for cellulitis and hamadryad itis hyper Simpson.