Seeds of Revival – Principles of Gender Interaction

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The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding interactions between gender groups and mentions the "operational barrier" as being the barrier to avoiding sexual interactions. They also mention that interactions are not allowed in publicity or during sex talks. The speaker emphasizes the need to justify it and not allow anyone to interact unless there is a reason.

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I want to remind you of two simple things. First of all, the essence, the principle of the interaction is the prohibition of the permissibility. That's number one. What does that mean? Whenever you want to interact with the other gender, or the other, the opposite sex, in principle, it is prohibited. Why? Because interaction is part of the senses. What does that mean looking? Touching? And in principle, are you allowed to look at the other gender? In principle? No. That's why the principle of interaction is what? Prohibition not permissibility and that is very important to observe.

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Allah azza wa jal said in Surah, a no to lay more money in your home in Apsara him, why

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don't you believe believing men to lower their gaze, and to safeguard their modesty that is better for them. We're coming in one minute, the next eye and tell the believing woman also. So this is for men and women. So that's number one very important rule. In principle, it's prohibited. So you want to interact with the opposite gender, why? You have to justify it, not the other way around. I can interact unless it is not allowed. No, you cannot interact unless you have a reason.

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That's why scholars discussed when can a man look at a woman who's foreign

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and they classify women to six types.

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The Muslims, mother, daughter, sister, the wife

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looking for marriage, before being married, looking for marriage, Clif Bar

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for necessity, a doctor or a judge

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and then all other woman.

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So everyone has a ruling. But in principle, what is the principle? It is what? prohibited?

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That's number one.

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And you can tell

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I don't know how many of you because all of you are students, right? How many of you have part time job or you work in an environment where you have other workers, man or woman? Did anyone have you work? You have? So did you have female partners or co workers?

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Okay, sisters, anyone? Have you?

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Yes, no?

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Yeah, you don't have to work. All the brothers do the hard work. Okay, so let me ask you this first day of work. You are new. How would you interact with the opposite sex?

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All by the book, yes or no?

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Yes or no? A year from now?

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What happens? And that's what I noticed. I see people laughing, exchanging jokes and as if they are Muharram SubhanAllah. Where are the what is the barrier? Remember first day, that's how it should be every single day. But we got accustomed.

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We knew each other so it's okay. No, it's not okay.

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Even if you work for years. Rules are rules. They don't change.

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In principle, you don't interact unless there is a reason