Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 5

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words to describe actions and moments in life, including the man who is punished for his actions and the woman who is punished for her actions. They also touch on the evil nature of the act of killing a woman's father and the potential consequences of it. The speakers stress the importance of knowing the difficulties people experience and not letting them control their own lives. They also discuss the use of Islam and the use of lies and false accusations to motivate actions and behavior. Finally, they touch on the story of Joseph J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J. J
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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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the brothers of Abu Yusuf asking the father yaku ballet salat wa salam, please send abroad the use of the little boy with us. And he's going to play with estimado and we're going to eat well and we will protect him with all sincerity visa his own blood brothers, or appealing to his father to please allow the brothers to come with me Yaqoob Allah salat wa salam knowing what they have within them, says Allah in Nila Yasuni.

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it grieves me, it saddens me for you to take him away from me for such a long period of time, or a half a year Kula hood. And I fear that a wolf might attack him. During this process. Now there used to be shipping. So that would all be hurting the cattle herding the sheep and so forth. And there was obviously a fear of moves in the area. So now we occupied I said to Sam, knowing that the use of is a very small, very young boy feared for his life.

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On the other hand, Abby aku, Bella salatu wa sallam is also just using this as an excuse, you know, probably leave him here by me so that you guys can go and do your thing, and I'll protect him.

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Now, they use these very words of nabee, aku, lsrs wassalam, to turn it against him as the excuse, they would then say,

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Now, just imagine this, the extent at which they're actually going to give them the use of away from his father called Lula in acara, who's

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in the hospital.

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If I move manages to attack him, and we have such a strong group of of, you know, strong young men, then certainly we will be losers will be weak. If a wolf is still able to attack him in such a scenario for them to be when they then lift with an abusive will edge Merrill edge, I do houfy here, but in June, they all agreed that they will indeed, put him down a deep well. And this obviously highlights the evil nature of the Act, because it's not just coming from some of them any longer. Now, they all agreed, this is what we're going to do they have resolve.

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And then they do so. The Mufasa don't explain they didn't just go and place him in the world. They abused the verbally abused him, they beat him up. And this young boy, crying for his brothers. Can you imagine crying who is Buta who is booty, and they was eating him. And he tried to grab on to the size of the world and they would eat his hands away from the side, they loaded him down with a rope. And when he was only halfway down the wall, they cut through an abusive relationship system fell down into a submerged in water, but as a lone wolf, there was a rock and he could climb upon the rock. And he remained. And in this moment of this P, having been separated from his father, from his

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own brothers, having been abused, being now alone in a world in the middle of a desert, just imagine,

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in this moment, as is all other islands that did and he assumed that in this world, that whenever we are at our lowest point, whenever we are struggling the most, we ever we find that it is as though there is no more hopefully if Allah reveals to an abuse of just like a low speak to us, not like in the same sense of why, but just like all the data will communicate through other signs to us in our lowest moments, Allah spoke to him while hayner la, we gave it to him, like Do not be unknown be Emery him has that you will surely remind them of what they doing here today, while home alone. And when you do so they won't even know that it's you. Now, there's so much in this one statement,

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because on the one hand, it is our consoling abuse of La Salatu was Salam in his lowest point. Remember, we see right at the beginning that some of these swords were revealed at a specific time in the life of the prophets Alliance and to console him when he was going through difficult times. For those of you here right at the beginning, we said this was revealed in one of the most difficult times in the life of the Prophet and they said to us,

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now he sees that look, the problems that I'm facing, so behind Allah is not the problems of Nabil Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam. And similarly we learn from this, that Allah is teaching us whenever we go through difficulty. Don't forget to look at the difficulties that others go through. This is a divine system. Allah wants us to look at the difficulties others go through so that we can see our own life in perspective of that, so that we don't become consumed by our own world and our own stress and our own grieving grief which we are going through, but rather we can see it in light of the difficulties other people experience. This statement also holds within it, to never use of an

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answer to a system that you will one day triumph because you don't speak to authority. And remember they are much older than he is

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And they are stronger than he is they're an entire group. You don't get to speak to an authority and tell them you know what you did, you did this, that and the other. Because naturally authority would be able to hold power over you. But because Allah is telling him that you will tell them about what they're doing it today, that means that he's going to be elevated to a status in the studio. And this is now in this video odd. And this is also secretly telling us that you won't die. This is not the end for you. Because obviously you can't tell them about what they're doing whilst you're at the bottom of a wall. So you're going to be rescued from this. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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communicates now doing a B, it's going to be directly. Why? To ask Allah Subhana Allah could allow things to happen in our lives. And we at the time were homeless, we don't perceive Why is this happening, you don't understand why that particular thing happened in and we're always retrospectively when we look upon some incident in our life we can see. So behind Allah, you know, at that time, I thought this is the worst thing that could happen to me, only to see today that if that did not happen to me, then this that me either might have taken place. And this is the system of Allah Subhana Medina and similarly alosa teaches as the when it comes to Deen and dunya, we must

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look at other people as well. If we want to see if you want to see our dunya in perspective, look at those who have less than us. And if you want to see Deen in perspective, look at those who have more than us. This is the system of Allah and we learn through the surah like that. So of course, now they have to come back to the Father, they're not going to say that they throw him in the well, because obviously they will then lose favor with the Father. What about whom I share a buffoon, they deliberately come late at night. So they're not supposed to come home that time. You know, everybody knows you must be at home before mercury. And they coming back after Asia. And now they come back.

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And they cry. So they put up a whole performance. They come late, obviously they were looking reasonably useful for the time to help him there was some dilemma. And they crying.

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called Who? Yeah. Is it oh Father in heaven and aesthetical we were busy racing. We were busy racing. What are you suffering the Medina and we live in abusive with our goods. He had to look after our property for alcohol. And a wolf attacked him and ate him. Mama and Debbie McMahon, Ilana, you're not going to believe as well. Oh, goodness, oddity, even though we're telling the truth. Look at the style. They really thought this through. And this is the nature of lies. The moment you sin, you tend to have to cover it up with a lie. The moment you lie, you didn't have to cover it up with another line, and another line and another line until you are consumed by the evil. And this is why

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the profits or loss and quotient is one of the most evil things we could do is tell lies.

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By the way, just notice that in this time, they used to do things like we went out racing, they were actually racing, we were not sitting on the Xbox for and playing. What's the games that they play? Forza for? See, I don't know what people know that. Because that's the type of racing youngsters do today. Just an indication of the different types of lifestyles. Why Java IDE alchemy? cB doming. Caffeine. I'm sure we've all heard about the story of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. So in the Christian version of the story, it's all about this marvelous coat and the green coat, and so on and so forth. In the core ends depiction of this story, which is obviously the actual depiction of

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the story. There is also a Khamis, which would mean a share to some form of garments that you would weigh up a garment. But it's not this technical dream code. And this garment is actually very special in the story because it features at least two more times after this. They bring back his garment to the father as evidence of water taking place. So they took the government be done in Carib. They saluted a animal, a sheep board and they've been dipped, he's his committee. So he's up a government into the blood of the of the animal and they presented that to the Father. And this was the evidence that a a wolf I detect abuse of Allah salat wa salam, but

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a wolf when he attacks is not going to first nicely Take off your shirt and then attack and they unfortunately for them, they didn't think about that. So they brought a garment that was intact with blood on it, sent abeokuta knew something was up, callable so well at Lancome and fukumura. He said, No, no, no, no, I'm not falling for this. Your emphasis which is the plural of the word knifes. Your neffs conspired this plot for you. This is a plot that you're coming to me with for sovereign Jamil and he said however, I will practice beautiful patience. Notice on our br kouvola setosa is not acting against them because technically he has no evidence, no solid evidence to prove that they are

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He has a suspicion and he tells them about the suspicion but he's not going to exact vengeance on them because he has no evidence so he's treating them justly injustice is like it's based on evidence you don't see the unseen you can't just assume just because you have a suspicion, but his response to the incident was a sovereign Jamil I will practice beautiful patience while long will muster I know alimento seafood but Allah will be the one who assists that story that you are coming up with alone will help me out with that story alone will reveal the truth to me. So now we are cool by Lisa Watson M is teaching us how we should respond in times of difficulty and in the same time is

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teaching a B Mohammed's a lesson and how he should respond in times of difficulty for Southern Jamil not just patience, beautiful patience do what is right do what is just even though you have been wronged even though injustice is has been perpetrated against you always do that which is correct. The next part of the story

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is now when abusive takes the next phase of his life while at sejarah Coronavirus alua home for adelaida. A group of travelers a caravan pass through they sent the the waterboy to go in lower the bucket into the world. He loads the bucket and what does he pull out? young boy? Yeah, that's not supposed to happen in the world. Call a Pasha hula. He says oh glad tidings. This is a boy. A pain nine. This isn't a time of slavery. You find the young boy sounds like you're going to adopt him how you're going to sell him into slavery money. And this is exactly what they thought.

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What I said Ruby law, they hid him away in the goods that nobody would claim him will love the movie, Maya Angelou and Allah was well away and fully knowledgeable of everything that was taking place. So notice how at this moment that we used to have doesn't know that we reading this ayah that Eliza we have everything that's taking place. He's a little boy, he's worried he received wahiba Can you imagine the fear? What's the most difficult situation you've been in with your family for example, your brothers and sisters ever throw you in a well? Think about how difficult this must have been. But Allah promises he still knows what's happening. And unless plan is much more

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consuming than they plan. Then they sold him but the rest of what happens when they sell him. We'll discuss tomorrow evening, maybe later on

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