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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the Sharia and the use of "monarchs" in the Islamic culture. The importance of privacy and knowing one's own abilities is emphasized, along with the need for students to be more patient with their own learning experiences. The difficulty of learning from people who haven't experienced the experience is also highlighted. The speakers emphasize the need for students to be patient with their own learning experiences and not ask for information until they have been taught.

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So we move on to the next verse, like the aleksis

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philomela bellava measurement and measurement urbini Hema, so in the two of them moose and Lucia reached majima the junction point paint painting Hema between these two bodies of water. nestea hota Houma they forgot the hood, the fish, but the Hoda sebelah who feel Buhari Saba, and then it slipped into the ocean or into the sea serova and it swam away. Now, what we are told from the mufa sirona, the ECG to look for, and is that they were actually carrying a dead fish with them in a basket. When they reach this particular point, the two of them were so tired because of the arduous travel that they decided to take arrest. While they were resting they were so in a in a daze that you shot was

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witnessing what was happening that the fish started moving, and then jumped out of the basket into the water and swam away that it didn't it wasn't it wasn't energetic enough, it wasn't awake enough to inform me musasa to some of that. And and he forgot to inform themselves as well with alysus they forgot the fish. So we move on from the Phantom magia was there but then they you know, they woke up and they carried on with the journey. And when they passed by all alfetta who Vinnie Musashi to his to you shall be known the seven point attina over there and give us our breakfast to give us our meal lapadula pain I mean suffering I had a NASA because we have now met up with a lot of fatigue

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because of this journey of ours, you know, we really tied up company to have something to eat. And at this point, Allah, usually I said,

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you know, do you remember if Elena Illa Sahara when we were retired, you know, at the rock when we took our restaurant, for in Nina cetol hood, at that point actually forgot about the fish, Mama and Sandy Hook illa shaytaan as guru, and nothing caused me to forget about it except shaytaan. And this is something we learn from the teachings of Mohammed sasaram. That forgetfulness or forgetting stuff is from shaytaan shaitaan causes us to forget things not of course, the only source of forgetfulness, they are the reasons why we forget. But

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ucn is from shaitaan according to our understanding from the Quran, and the sooner so he said nothing caused me to forget about it, to mention it to you and as Corrado, except to say what the highlights are below full body algebra and you know, when it happened, the system will say that fish took an amazing leap into the ocean, because we are told that when the fish when the fish swim through the sea, it goes like a tunnel it lifts the tunnel behind it. So the next verse is called a valley come upon anomaly. And have you also seen you know, that's what we were looking for, for that there either as an EMA, so then they retrace the steps also saw following it up very closely. And

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also notice the word that Allah Allah uses is called SOS, which also is the same root letters from the word Alsace, which the first surah that without, without the CDs from Serato cosas, which also means a story so to follow someone's footsteps or to trace someone's footsteps back is actually to to trace the story.

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For Why did I buy them, so they when they reach that point, we you know, the incident of the fish took place, they found a servant, meaning a bad enough from our servants, meaning, you know, from our special servants, if needed of Allah Subhana Allah and this was at a now who Ramadan min andina, Allah says we gave him Mercy from Us, while I let him know who and we owe a lot to him. He did mill aduna mill Laguna means from us, I will man knowledge. Now this term has actually been used this mill udon has actually been used to, to dub a certain category of knowledge as well

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as knowledge that is not it's not earned, but it is. It is inspired, it's divinely inspired. And that's what we refer to in the introduction of this video. You know, when somebody a person is close to Allah Subhana, Allah receives divine inspiration. That's not what he was what he is for a beat or a soul. But divine inspiration can also come in the meaning of ham, which is similar to a high but it's not a letter either revealing something to the person, as in, you know, words that need to be that need to be taught to people, but rather just some divine guidance, and this can happen and it only happens to those who are really close.

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Allah subhana wa Tada, whether it be through dreams, or whether it be through just a internal source of knowledge that Allah Allah employs in that person. Now, this ailment I do need is discussed in matters of Islamic spirituality and so forth. But we need to be very careful when people start claiming this because it's, it's near impossible to verify that they're actually speaking the truth. One very key factor in knowing whether somebody is divinely inspired, is you know, is the person one who implements the Sharia of the Quran and the Sunnah in the lives. And you can see it it's, it's easily identifiable in the lives volunteer on about in, in the open public life as well as in the

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private life. If If that is the case, they are not known to break all the time is low, then you could probably trust more than you would from a person who does not follow the lows of Allah Subhana Allah and all of a sudden claims that Allah Allah divine in spices person, and we are not just speaking about the basic level laws. It's not like, okay, the person just barely makes Allah five times a day. And then before he claims divine inspiration, yo we are actually speaking about a person who follows the lows of a low to Anna closely follows the core and does what the mass stays away from heroin and follows the suit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, outwardly and

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inwardly. So the character is is according to the Sunnah and the external conduct is also according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So that is a category of knowledge. So therefore, this, this particular interaction between moose and he that is actually discussed quite prolifically within circles of, you know, Islamic spirituality and the like. Again, we just need to be cautious when people start claiming this and when they make a big deal of this type of knowledge, when the most basic elements of the Sharia are neglected. And Allah knows based on Allah who said, So, maybe Moosa Elisa to Sam tells Peter, tapioca either and to eliminate NEMA linked OSHA, May I

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follow you, so that you may teach me from that which you were taught Rushden in terms of guidance? Now, yeah, we can learn quite a bit between the interaction of moves and he did not necessarily only from what he said and what transpires, but in the conduct that Mussa Alexa to some shows, as a student, you know, we living in a time where the the, it's like a student's world. So the teacher goes out of the way for the student. We in classical Islamic, classical Islamic tradition, the students would go out of their way to seek a teacher, you know, like pursuing one Heidi's by traveling many, many hundreds and 1000s of kilometres, to go and find one Heidi to can listen to a

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particular teacher. And it was always a matter of the teachers go to the student study the students go to the teachers, and they conduct with the teachers was very, very respectful, full of HELOC and adapt. Today, it's somewhat different. Today we have private tuition, we have the idea of a teacher coming to to the house and teaching the kids because there's money involved. And of course, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just a matter of the the respect and the, the type of all that should be given to knowledge is lost in the process. And that's dangerous.

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We find that in Islamic knowledge, it was always a matter of the lucky and melasma you know, taking directly from the teacher and touching oneself to the teacher. And we learn the system from Rasulullah saw a licensed interaction with gibreel Alex represented as well. I'll let the Allah could have just sent the Quran as divine inspiration that he woke up with one day and memorize the output and but he sent the angel Gabriel to actually sit and learn and teaching the poor and so every night of Ramadan, for example, they would be they would be revising the entire code and what if it was revealed up until that point, and this was to teach us how we should learn how we should

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be students? Again, in the Hadith video, we see that same type of conduct we do video is that the sun comes and sits humbly before the prophets I sent him and he asks him questions and the Prophet. So for some answers in any year in this incident, we see that nobody Moosa is asking you that May I follow you? Not? May I come to you? And today, may I meet you once a week? No, can you just tell me something? He says, Can I follow you? May I follow your footsteps, so that I can learn from you. Because, you know, taking from a teacher from in the classical Islamic sense, was to live with that teacher was to spend so much time with a teacher that you don't only get what they say, but you also

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get from from that which they do. And you learn from that and you implement implement that in your life. handler we very far from that these days. I certainly can't imagine anyone following me all day long just to learn from me.

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Because I don't regard myself as you know somebody whose habits or whose actions are worthy of being followed. Now let Anna make us from among those, but we still need to aspire to this level of adapting. When it comes to the teacher student relationship, malice behind us, Allah grant us the understanding. Allah in Netherlands study Amalia Sabra, now he there was a special servant of Allah, Allah and as a special mission, that is not going to be in conformity with it with the laws that have been Moosa has been given, knows that it's not going to be easy, when I'll be Moosa, who is number one very strong world number two, a Navy of Allah, you know, so he has his own divine

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inspiration from Allah. And number three is a confined to the laws that Allah Allah had given him, that it would be very difficult for him to be patient with the lessons that he that is actually going to be teaching him. So he tells him, indeed, you will never be able to be patient with me to panela What are these lessons that that are so unbearable, that he's speaking about? What a Fatah Speedo lm lm to hate to be houbara and how can you be patient with that which you have no knowledge of you have no information about. And this is very important in terms of our own lives, in that when we learn new things, as long as they are from authentic sources, from trustworthy teachers, and from

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from reliable interpretations, then we should be patient with new information. It's always difficult to swallow new information and the knifes might easily stand in opposition to that. So you learn that something that you always did is haram, you know, then all of a sudden, it's like, you know, but I've never learned this before and my teachers never told me this and you know, the people of the past the older the older people in the in the communities, they never did this etc. I recall implementing in a particular Masjid implementing v be too soon as before malherbe Salah, and these are not synonymous academic, they are not emphasized soon. And so the prophets told us, you know,

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perform the Sooners, but he never emphasized it's a never, you never perpetually prayed these two signals. But they are evidences authentic evidences in the most authentic hadith compilations like that of Buhari that indicate that this was a practice of the prophet Elijah to Islam and the Sahaba. So at this particular measure, people find very difficult to believe. And there was some opposition of this as well. So, you know, eventually we ended up having to print the hobbies and having to explain it in lessons. Because for many people, it's just a matter of, like, How can that be if I haven't been doing this all these years, or if my father hasn't been doing this all these years with

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my grandfather, and I never saw this before. And I'm only two or three or five massages that I've been to doing this, but the others are not. So new information doesn't necessarily mean that it's new, as in, it's just born yesterday, it's just new to you. It's just coming to your your ears now and maybe the communities he has now. So this is a very important lesson that we learned from Hitler, and citizens is you're not going to be able to be patient with us. So on the one hand, we learn that when we teach people new things, we need to be careful and wise in the way that we disseminate that information. And on the other hand, we learn that when we learn new things, we also

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need to be a bit more patient in terms of accepting that this is in fact, important and it is something that we need to learn and implement, even like Allah. And we of course don't want to be like the people of the benissa eel the Israelites who know what completely opposite every time they were commanded to do something

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on a Saturday do need insha Allah sobre la si le camera, Avi Moosa elicitors mc to him. You will soon find me If Allah was in Sha, Allah sabi, Ron, I will have suffered, you know, I'm going to be patient while I see like a camera, I'm not going to disobey that which you command any order that you may have. Allah president says, I need the battery. If you follow me for lettuce, Alinea unshaven, then don't ask me about anything, had the fella come in vichara until I inform you they have. So this was his rule, right? You know, just bear with me, I'm going to do certain things, you're not going to understand what's going on. But don't ask me about that until I tell you what it

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is about. So that's a very difficult thing to do. And we I've seen this in classes as well. You know, when you say something you said keep the questions for the end. And if people ask during the class, it's not a problem. I'm just giving an understanding of how this really works. You know that that feeling of Oh, but hold on and your mind can't move past what you just witnessed what you just heard. So you need to find out immediately. So that's a difficult thing to do. And most teachers don't mind but you're either Alexa semi saying specifically. Don't ask me until I tell you.

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Okay. So now

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what is going to happen? Yeah, we learn that now the musculoskeletal system is now being given the Go ahead. You know, you may be mistreated.

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And you can follow me. But listen, you're going to witness some serious stuff. And you're not going to be able to be patient with us. And he says, Now well, I can I'll be patient I want to surveil. And he that gives him a condition and he says, if you're going to follow me, don't ask me about anything until I tell you. So remember those conditions. Because when we when we see now, what is going to transpire? You're going to be amazed if you haven't heard the story before, of just how difficult it was when we moved to LA Sara to Assam to follow these instructions. But what these lessons were will cover in the next episode. Until then, was a low level LSAT Mohammed's have a

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handle on the subhanak alone, we'll be sure to alert Elaine and Dennis stuff heruka wanted to be like Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa barakato