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Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the life and events ofial Musab Prophet Moses during peace, as well as the use of the term "nano" in the title of the book. The discussion then shifts to the incident of the Sharia of Navy Mohammed Salah Salem, where the Prophet sallah had warned against innovation and said that anything new is a beta. The discussion then shifts to the idea of "im merger knowledge," which is the search for knowledge and belief.
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Larry Miller Rahmani Raheem Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le wasapi, Rama whatever bad Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. All days and thanks are due solely to alosa. Behind him with the ilottery says peace blessings and salutations upon our Master and exemplary Mohammed Elisa to Assalam. Welcome to our series on the life of an Abu Musab Prophet Moses peace be upon him, as well as Nebula rune of Orion peace be upon him and the lives among the bunnies for you. So, the Israelites did so many things that we could learn from, but that was not the only interaction that maybe more salicylate wassalam had in his life. We also learn about NaVi musala

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setosa nams incident with a man by the name of headed and he has other pronunciations for his name Hadid. There are many actually variations of this particular person's name. Now, this story appears once in operand sort of calf. And

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as far as the chronology of the of the story is concerned, it seems as though that the musculoskeletal system interacted with hidden after the benissa ear were banished for 40 years in the land and earn the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we learn that there was a time when a be musella citizen was asked by Allah subhana wa Ida, who is the most knowledgeable now after everything that we've learned about NaVi Musa, it's really easy to understand that him you know, being a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a view of the time the Rasul of the time, even with the presence of NaVi Hyrule rsls was Tulum and all of the life experience that he had, and all of

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the wiring that he received from Allah, the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the wisdom, it is easy to to, you know, for him to think of himself as the most knowledgeable person of the time and it wouldn't be arrogance, or any, you know, form of ostentation, from his side? To answer that he is in fact, the most knowledgeable. However, we learn that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to teach a very important lesson with regards to knowledge. And this lesson is, is retold in the poor and in various ways. For example, in Surah Yusuf Allah tells us we're folk Olivia in an M, and above every piece of knowledge is one who is more knowledgeable. Now, that'd be musalla setosa. Lamb is a

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prophet of Allah, and MBA teach people that they should follow the laws of logic behind them with the either to the letter as well as to the spirit, however, allows you behind with the ADA, he's not confined to his own law, left behind with the eyelids laws are applicable to humankind. But like you said, What am I afraid Alitalia is not asked about what he does. He's not responsible, he's not held accountable by anyone. So there are certain missions there are certain, you know, accomplishments that Allah brings about with whichever system he chooses, not by the help of men, but with the help of Baptist Olia, you know, those who are close to Allah Subhana Allah who receive particularly

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divine inspiration from Him, who are not necessarily ambia lm select wassalam and also perhaps without the angels, now Allah to Allah and even needs the help of anyone, but he alone knows why he does certain things, you know, like taking the soul of the dying person using molecular mode as opposed to just taking the soul based Power BI couldn't fire Kuhn, you know, be at ease. So we learn that he did Alayhi salat wa salam, who most of the scholars are, of the view that he was, in fact a valley of Allah, a god, a friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala, while he also means Guardian, but of course you hear the word Wiley means somebody who's really close to Allah Subhana Allah, and he

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received certain laws that fell outside of the framework of the Sharia. Now, this is mentioned in the Quran. And this is an important lesson for us because of the knowledge, you know, and how we are supposed to deal with knowledge, especially Islamic knowledge, but all other forms of knowledge, by extension, that we should become humbled by the knowledge that we have and never consider ourselves that we are the most knowledgeable around or never let the knowledge get to our heads. And

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hidden is reported to be a very special value of Allah Subhana Allah was given was given a mission that fell against the Sharia in all respects In other words, if you look at the the letter of the law and what he did Alicia to some did, then it seems as though he's breaking the law.

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But he had a special set of laws that were given to him by Allah Subhana Allah. And no one can claim that they have special laws from Allah, and we need to follow the laws or that they fall outside of the Sharia. Because this is a special incident. This is a special exception to the rule that I'll let I'll actually mentioned, if someone does claim, you know, I don't need to perform Salah or is not older between myself and females or anything to that effect, then one needs to be very cautious of such individuals because in all likelihood, they are lying. If Aleta either, you know, tell someone in a dream through a dream that they must make certain Africa or whatever the case may be.

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And that's between that person and between Allah but that person's dream will still be subjected to the laws of Islam the laws of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Sharia so if it's just a matter of you know, making a certain activity better that's already implemented in the Sharia of Muhammad's Assam, then that's fine. That person may follow through, but that person can't command other people to do the same. You know, unless it's odd as soon enough for other people to do that. But never can somebody say you know what, you don't have to make this thicker you don't have to make that Seiler etc. Because I received a dream and profits and told me this all that added told me that if that is

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the case, and it falls within the Sharia in it's applicable to that person and it's not compulsory for others to follow in the footsteps. We have to remember that on the Hajj of the Prophet Allah salat wa salam, Allah Allah revealed a yo Mack multielectrode Dena come to la comunidad de oro de tu de como, la Islam, Medina, that today on this day, I have completed your religion for you, I've perfected my favor upon you and perfected your religion for you. And I have chosen I'm pleased and I've chosen Islam as your way of life. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us against big innovation. And he said kulu, deserting Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah infinite if

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the new thing could be that every new thing is an innovation. And every innovation is a beta, right? And every bit is in the fire. Now, of course, there's a there's a understanding to what exactly a bit at ease, which is a whole other discussion. And we know that people are very sensitive about this, this phenomenon, you know, we have two extremes, the one extreme is to regard everything as a beta, that is bad, or that is miscellaneous and it will be in the fire. So absolutely anything and everything that's new, that wasn't done directly by the prophet, Allah salat wa salam, or the the Sahaba is automatically a bad thing and an innovation. That's the one extreme and the other extreme

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is that, you know, anything and everything that is, is new, you know, we just we just implemented and then of course, there are shades between that between those two extremes. But I'm not going to get into the details of it, because as I mentioned before, it's a very detailed and lengthy discussion and a source of quite a lot of differences of opinion. So, it is based that you know, one equips oneself in knowledge, but on the on the critic platform in Sharla. So this is a discussion and it should be dealt with separately perhaps we can touch on this in a future data's in future lesson beetelite Allah. For now we want to look at, excuse me the incident of NaVi mousse Alice

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fslm. With it, who as I mentioned before, the Almighty God as a way of Allah and not as a prophet. So into our calf, from verse 60 onwards Allah Allah tells us bandana hula will be Lamanna. shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, what you've ILM all said, If I tell a Buddha who had the absolute Obama, Jamal Rainey unbelievable back and remember when Moses said, Be Fattah, who to his young lad to the toilet was with him as a servant, and we know from Tafseer from from narrations of surah Eliot from the from the hood and then I saw that his name was you shall be known. And he said to his to his seven boys with him labra Whoa, we will never ever stop in other words, we want to rest we

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will continue to journey had the abalone imagine as behind until we reach the junction of the two C's, O Anglia, hakuba, or a long long period of time has passed. So what exactly is happening here? So let me moosari set the cinemas was asked you know, who is the most knowledgeable and he said, You know, I am the Prophet of the time. In Allah Allah told him no, there's a servant of mine who has more knowledge than you or who has knowledge that you do not have.

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So, of course now we must address that Islam immediately. You know, being a student of Allah being a humble servant of Allah knows that the search for knowledge is absolutely imperative upon a Muslim and so to in the Sharia of Navy Mohammed Salah Salem, Allah will only for you but in Allah Cooley Muslim the search of knowledge, the search for knowledge of the quest for knowledge

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is a follow up is a compulsory compulsory element for every single Muslim that includes males and females. And we know that nobody Moosa allyssa immediately set off to go and find the servant of Allah, Allah azza wa jal then told him where to find this particular man. And this man would be found at the point with the two oceans meet. Now, immediately, many people in the past and even up until this day, they they claim that the Quran speaks about Cape Town because it speaks about with the two oceans meet. And of course, we we've been running on that theory for many, many years, that two oceans that Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet at a point. So these two issues here, the first

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issue is, though, when Alitalia's is behind bajada doesn't necessarily mean an ocean, it could also mean a large body of water. So when looking and speaks about Bahrain, then it sometimes just means two large bodies of water, so saltwater and freshwater that could be a hurricane. The second issue is, well, in addition to that first issue, there's also the fact that it is not 100%, clear as to where exactly this was that Allah Allah was referring to, because there are many places with two large bodies of water meet. So

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in all four, in all likelihood, this is where the now would meet up with another body of water. The second point is that, in geographical terms, the two oceans here in South Africa doesn't need a Cape Point. It actually needs a cape a Gallus Gallus is the southernmost tip of Africa, not a point even on the map, you could be deceived by looking at it into thinking that it's a point. And there's also other evidences in terms of the vegetation vvv before phone that goes under the seat, that's, you know, it stops at capabilities, and it only grows in one of the two oceans, either the Atlantic or the Indian. So, those are two misconceptions that we need to clarify Alhamdulillah

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