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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le wasafi on the one hour bad Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to our story of Nabil Moosa, the story of Moses peace be upon him. And of course the story has now developed into the story of Moses and Harun Musa Musa, heroine and Moses and Auden in the story now Moosa Elisa Sam is now speaking to Allah subhana wa ala at the burning bush on Mount tour. And Allah that has given him a mission to go to Pharaoh, the very person that he doesn't want to go to. And we musasa Tesla makes a number of requests by Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the highlight of it was at least the last highlight was

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that he asks a lot to make nebia rune or to make Harun his brother in Avi to help him in his mission. Now in Surah, to show our our, this same request is given from a different angle. And then the mission is then the mission is dispatched by Allah Subhana Allah himself, who reassures the two of them, and we'll see as we go along in the night Allah so that's surah two Shara and Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number 10 what you've nadar buka what is natural bouquet? Remember when you load code, Moosa rsfsr and Nick kilchoman loyally mean to go to the wrongdoing people fear around and he's and he's people.

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coma fear around the people of your own Pharaoh, Allah yet the code that they will not have Taqwa will not have God consciousness. Allah Robbie said, oh my lord, in me a half I fear a UK the bone, they're going to deny me. So yeah, we get the aspect that there'll be more solicitor Salaam, asked for her rule, specifically because he was worried that he's going to go to fear around and the people and they're going to say, No, no, we can't accept from you. Because you know, you did what you did. On the other hand, we can't accept from you because you come from you, you were born here, you know, you grew up in this house, now you want to come equal as to God, that is a very common

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And hamdulillah we find that many young people, they take the deen of Allah to Allah seriously, and they start studying, they find that the most difficult people in the experience of calling people to Allah are the own family members. Because for family, you know, for older brothers and sisters, parents, sometimes cousins, etc. Who show you growing up and know all the things you did in your life, and you were just you know, you did whatever they did. Now you change your life around and you try and call them towards the goodness that you found, then you are sometimes met with opposition. And it's because you know, you just allow it or you just you know, you're born yesterday and those

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type of things. It is common, or hungry. I didn't experience much of that. But I can relate because of the few incidences that I did come across. However, we need to we need to take heed of the fact that it is reality. And we should try to to always obey the truth No matter who it comes from. So moving on from that.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us while de casa de who said my chest is going to be constricted, and he spoke about this in a previous lesson, while I am Polly coulissante and my tongue will not be loosened. I won't be able to speak for our silly Illa Harun so sin Harun In other words, sin RM my brother Harun as a prophet y la Houma, La Jolla, Dan Boone and for them the people of your own la against me, then Boone is a crime you know, they've got something against me there's a crime for halfway Jaco to loon and I fear that they're going to apprehend me and execute me because of that crime. And this is of course, the killing of the cops. Allah. Allah says Kela No, no fine. How about

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both of you go to now let's dispatching them, both of you Musa and how do you go? Bi Tina and you take our miracles are signs that will it will prove to the people that you are speaking on his behalf. In Morocco we allow we are with you, we stem your own and we are listening we are listening attentively. So this is Allah surety to not be Moosa and Harold that is on the side. Obviously the way we've spoken about this in the past, this is not plural. This is the Royal pronoun, like a king says we decree even though he's one person speaking, and of course, that we don't get an image of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our minds, but that we can refer to Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll with you

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and we are listening attentively. In the habit. Surah Taha again, verse number 42 Allah Allah says to them, in habit go and you were a hookah as well as you brother Be it

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It was my signs while at ner fi victory and do not become neglectful of your remembrance of me Subhana Allah, they are on the way to the greatest army of the time to the titans of the time to the most powerful men of the time. They are on the way to fit around and they have an army to go through and they are being Mousavi has been accused of committing murder. And of course we know you kill the cop accident.

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This is such a huge challenge but Allah is giving them the method. Don't neglect my remembrance. The power comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. either have a go both of you. He left your honor to Pharaoh in Hutto because he has rebelled yes transgressed. akula Allah who both of you say to him, oh, La La Nina, go and say, lenient kind words to him, that Allah who said that perhaps he get that vacarro will take heed, oh yoshua or he will come to fear Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar, this is worse. This is a SLM.

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Let's just reflect on this.

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Allah is talking to not be Mussa and to be heroin. So because they are the profits of the time, they are the best of the best people in the time. And allies combining the two of them to go to figure out who is the worst of people of that time. So the best of people are going to the worst of people, but the command that Allah gives them is go and speak to him with kind words.

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So the command of Allah is that you must go and speak to him with kind words with gentle words. So think about this for a second. How often do we want to reprimand someone or group of people whether that be the use of our children, or any person who did wrong? And the first thing we do is we reprimand them with harshness, but Allah Subhana Allah is talking to the best people to go to the worst people and speak with gentleness with kindness. Subhana Allah this teaches us a lesson that whenever we invite to Allah, whenever we want to teach the etiquette of Deen, we want to teach when to teach someone about the beauty of Islam. We don't go with a harsh approach. We go with a gentle

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approach. I'll grant us the understanding. And furthermore, in Surah Taha Stover Psalm 45 Allah the two of them say robina in Nanana hoffa Ephrata, Elena Otto again at an important juncture they tend to align make to our our Lord indeed we we feel a Ephrata that we feel that we that you will hastin Ephrata, you will you will go in excess, in fact, Elena against us, meaning you will punish us to a degree that is even more than is required, we feel it is going to put us to torture, oh, a Yata all that you will transgress you will go over the boundaries over the limits and really you know, pursue as with all these mines, Allah, Allah says to them, latter half, don't fear in any For verily I

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Allah Akuma I'm with both of you. I smell whatever I hear, and I see to a hand a lot. What should it be from Allah Subhana Allah remember this verse when you feel like you're alone in knee monokuma asthma Oh, well, I'm with you. I hear and I see Allah Subhana Allah always be with us in our darkest of times. What happens next? Do they succeed in the mission? Do they fail in in the mission? What does fear of say when he sees that he moves to a salon? You'll find all of this out very soon be like Allah until next time, or sal Allahu Allah seda Mohammed's handle over Hamdi Subhana Coloma How many can shadow Allah La Land and Estelle fuuka wanted to be like Selam Aleykum warahmatullahi

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